[HTML] Become Alpha [v0.3.29] [Grave Mercutio]



Harry Panuchkin is a cliché kid from the suburbs – skinnier than the lamppost, whiter than bleached asshole, and a mouth full of gangsta rap trivia.
You can say he’s a moron with boring life, but just so happens that he’s on a verge of a great adventure.

And like every great adventure it’s a great opportunity for life transformation.
So help Harry become the alpha male he always wanted to be. Long story short –
Become Alpha is a porn game with kick ass branching story line, quests, RPG-like experience system, and possibility to have sex with many partners.
It’s also pretty damn funny.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-15
Release Date: 2022-07-06
Developer: Grave Mercutio SubscribestarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.29
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Male protagonist, corruption, titfuck, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, male domination, female domination, graphic violence, sandbox, strategy, life simulator, RPG, Real porn, HTML, Adventure, Animated, Gay, Humiliation, Management, MILF, Multiple penetration, Sex toys, Voyeurism, Group sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Landlady


1. Extract and run.


1. Gloryhole
Remember that one time, when you visited a gas station toilet, and noticed this strange hole in a stall wall? What you witnessed professionals call “The Glory Hole”. And thanks to your two favorite porn game creators you can now enjoy the benefits of it from the safety of your own home – just hop in Become Alpha and visit college toilet. It’s fun for entire family!
So how it works? After you finish “Bad Karma” quest, you can visit the college toilet for some additional anonymous fun. Just stick your dick in there and wait for someone’s mouth.
As for the content – there’s couple straight, as well as some gay and trans scenes that you can check in there. Obviously to view gay and trans content you have to have it ON in the options. Have fun!

2. Amia visiting the toilet
The news about students doing immoral things in the toilet spread widely across the college, and upset some of the more uptight staff members. So from time to time, Ms. Amia Miley might come in and check if everything in the toilet is as it should be. Who knows how she will react if she find you with a dick in a glory hole?

3. Peeking in the toilet
Apart from using the gloryhole, there’s one more activity in the college toilet that might be interesting for each pervert – you can now peek at what’s going on in the stall.
You will be able to see couple straight scenes, and if you turn on the options for additional content in the setting, you will also be able to view gay, trans and pissing scenes. Remember to not get caught, peeking can have very bad consequences!


4. ONE MORE fix for the database for Paypal donors
It’s third time that I’m trying to fix it… I think it’s getting better with each fix, but still I got emails from you about errors. We’ll see now.
5. Fix for “Different Kind of Meatbags” quest
There was a problem with this quest, when player started it on Sunday. It basically got stuck at the last task, because Daphne is not in her room during Sunday night. This should be fixed now, players are only able to start this quest during week.

1. New Supporter code

We’re introducing new Supporter code for our SubscribeStar patrons. You can get the new code here: Reminder

2. New writer in the team
So we have a new writer in the team – locodahmerio. Let his perversion rise off the charts!

3. Reoccurring holidays
In this update we introduce a new feature – reoccurring holidays! They’ll be quests that will activate every time when a set number of days pass (customizable in the settings menu), so you don’t have to worry, if you fail them at the first try! What goes around, comes around and you’ll be able to try the holiday quests again and relive your fond memories!

4. XXXmas is here!
The first reoccurring holiday is XXXmas! ‘Tis the season of joy and you’ll be able to celebrate it with beautiful Daphne, Mia and Kelly!

Get in the holiday spirit and help our ladies make it the best XXXmas they ever had. After all, no good deed goes unrewarded on this night!
One important thing to know here is that this quest was almost entirely written by locodahmerio. Tell him something nice in the comments to encourage him to write more stuff like that;)
Yeah yeah, I know it’s fucking April, and this quest was originally aimed to go live in December… What can I say, it was hard 4 months. Big thanks for you all for staying with me and your continuous support.

5. Fixed database for Paypal donors
Ok, so FINALLY, after months of looking for the problem, I think I finally fixed the problem with PayPal donations not generating Supporter code. The issue have been fixed and everything should work as intended now. If you encounter any further problems, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Minor changes
6. Updated the code to be compatible with the newest versions of the SugarCube engine.

Bug fixes
7. Fixed a bug that allowed players to skip Supporter code checks;)
8. Fixed a problem with chat buttons in Church for Daphne and Kelly.

1. Getting caught at Daphne’s house fixed.
While testing I discovered a problem with getting caught during peeking and other activities in Daphne’s house – basically, when player gets caught during stuff that he is doing, he should be redirected to a sub event, in which he gets caught. But this wasn’t working, and instead – when player got caught an entire event was just ending abruptly. This is now fixed, and it’s potentially quite important, because what it basically means – you might have missed some getting caught events in Daphne’s house, and there’s some cool stuff in them.
2. Console clean up.
I’ve turned off popup size reporting to console, which I left on accidentally.

1. Miss-matched sex positions during lvl ups.
When player had sex encyclopedia, and he discovered new sex position, it was correctly saved, but it was incorrectly displayed as different sex position. This is now fixed.

2. Promising fuck up in the yields script.
So while fixing the first bug, I stumbled upon a strange phenomenon, where the script to remove player effects after they run off, was taking over the role of a yields script, to process player gains. It was an easy fix, but I realized that maybe it’s the cause of many errors that players were reporting, about missing gains from quests etc. (like cellar key). So I’m hopeful;)

1. Popup missing scrollbar fix.
So after last update I noticed that the save screen still doesn’t have scrollbar. This should be fixed now.


1. New beta traits for player.
So the way the game was built, to become an Alpha you need to have balanced level of dom and love. If you go full dom or full love, you will become Cult Leader or Messiah, but you will not ascend to an Alpha. This basically meant that players need to stay more or less balanced throughout the entire game, which as a result meant – staying Beta almost until the end.
Now this is fixed!
Well, kind of. You’re still beta for the most part… but it’s way cooler! Check out the new traits:

  • Wuss
  • Doofus
  • Beta Prospect
  • Beta Male
  • Beta Prime
  • Beta Rex

You start the game as a Wuss, but as you ascend on the social ladder, you gain new beta skills, and finally, you’re Beta Rex, one step away from the Alpha.
This is how it looks in-game:

2. Higher requirement to become an alpha.
Until now, to become an alpha you needed 20 levels (dom + love). From now on it’s going to be 30 levels. Which means you’d be beta for longer… Sorry dudes, but becoming alpha needs to be hard. Hopefully, with new beta traits (Legendary Beta Rex FTW!) you’d still find it cool to follow the alpha path!:)
3. Effects in the sidebar.
One of the players suggested the idea to add effects also in the sidebar, so I did exactly that. This is how it looks:

This change might potentially impact the game performance, so let me know if you notice game working slow or something.
4. Exams for the masses.
Exams are no longer Early Access. Have fun!
5. Masturbation in the college toilets evolved.
So basically you will be able now to masturbate with the same features (choosing genre and toy) in toilets (in College and Market Center)!
6. UI changes to the player stats screen.
I’ve noticed that the level up mechanic is unclear and people are unsure why after going full love, it’s so hard to lvl up in dom (and the other way around). Basically – it doesn’t matter if you lvl up in dom or love, the price each time goes up in both. So basically if you go full love, it will be hard to go back, because the lvl ups will be very expensive.
Anyway, I’ve added info about the cost of next level up to the player screen to make things more clear. I’ve also moved some stuff around. This is how it looks:

Minor changes
7. 3 stars give 100% hint chance in College

Basically, so far having 3 stars in a particular class gave player 75% chance to get a hint about an answer during test. Now this chance is raised to 100%.
8. Info about being under influence
I’ve edited the information that appears on top of the screen about playing being under influence. It basically was connected to the visual effects. The thing is – those effects were not alway happening from drugs/alcohol, so I’ve changed the descriptions to be more general.

Other bug fixes
9. Another popup fix

So I’ve fucked up last time, and the popups on desktops were kinda broken. Now it should be fixed, the popups should be adaptable to the screen size.
10. Saves popup on title page fixed
There was an information about needing to finish current event first, which was unnecessary on title screen anyway.
11. Shitload of other stuff
Yes. Shitload.

1. Fixes for hints.
Added some changes in the hints script, that should make the window properly open up in all sizes, with scrollbar working and pics displaying properly. Let me know if it works.

2. Fix for top stats bar
So basically there was an error when the player received some yields (dom/love or other stats), and the top bar (where the stats are) was not loaded. This shouldn’t happen anymore.

3. Fix for script that compares versions
Basically the link in changelog to compare versions of the game with the latest official one, was sometimes not working. It should be fixed now.

4. Added a hint
So basically I was getting a lot of questions regarding finding envelope in Kelly’s “Higher Powers” quest. Now there’s a hint that will help you find it. Please let me know other spots in game where stuff is hard to find, I’ll try to add a hint for that too.

Other bug fixes
5. Missing Ash pic for hints.
6. Clicking support ads will now open up a support popup.
7. Quest buttons will now display properly on all window sizes.


1. Police interventions
Finally, as promised, the police will be a bit more pro active in fighting crime! This means that they might not like you buying drugs or hiring a hooker.
And as always… there’s sex involved (hetero + optional gay).


2. Drug effects
This is pretty crazy, but I had this idea, to make it visible in the game, that player took some drugs or is drunk. So I’ve developed a system of visual effects, that kick in when you’re on something.
At the moment you have 4 different effects:

  • When you’re drunk the text gets blurry and you have to hover your mouse over it to see it.
  • When you smoke weed, everything looks like a comic book.
  • On LSD, the text is pulsating.
  • On Crack and Speed the headers are on fire.

And the fun part it… they all can work at the same time, so your game might end up looking like this:

Ok, I know what you’re thinking – Grave mad! But, come on, I was laughing so hard when implementing this… I just love to troll my players!
But don’t worry – I’m a very forgiving troll, so you can disable the drug effects in the settings.
And I wanted to say one thing here – drugs are bad for you. Like, seriously. And also – there will be a system of addictions too, I’m working on it, so till then – have fun!

3. Difficulty settings
So in one of the previous update, I raised the multiplier on Fap Mode to x3. But when I tested it, it seemed too much – I was able to become The Alpha in 2-3 weeks.
So I didn’t wanna the game to be that easy, but also didn’t want to take away something that I already gave. So instead I came up with Difficulty settings.

The default for supporters is now 200% (Easy) but you can switch it to 300% or 150% if you want.

4. Support ads
So, as said in the last release – the external ads are gone. And instead – you’ll see some much less intrusive banners for supporting the game (obviously only if you’re not a supporter).

5. Good, bad, neutral effects
One of the players on F95 zone suggested that the effects are confusing, because all are in the same color, despite having very different functions. So I did this:

There are three types of effects – Good (Green), Bad (Red), and neutral (Yellow). I hope you will have easier time figuring it out now!

6. Another attempt at balancing economy
So I’m keep trying to balance the cash in game. In this version I’ve change the cost of fines when Police arrests you (they will be way smaller). Additionally, I’ve balanced the amount of cash taken by the muggers one more time (it’s also smaller now).
On the other hand, I’ve changed the amount of cash player can get from tray duty in the church (unfortunately – it’s also smaller now).

7. Shitload of new porn (Alexa and Daphne)
So thanks to a user on F95, chiekat, I managed to add shitload of new sex clips. As after last updates by default during sex player only sees the positions that the character has sex clips for, having a variety in sex clips is even more important. Here’s what I added:

  • Alexa
  • blowjob: 1 new clip
  • congress: 1 new clip
  • cowgirl: 2 new clips
  • deepthroat: 1 new clip
  • doggy: 4 new clips
  • missionary: 4 new clips
  • piledriver: 1 new clip
  • pussyfingering: 1 new clip
  • ridingbull: 2 new clips
  • your orgasm: 1 new clip
  • Daphne
  • anal: 6 new clips
  • blowjob: 3 new clips
  • cowgirl: 6 new clips
  • doggy: 3 new clips
  • pussyfingering: 2 new clips
  • ridingbull: 3 new clips
  • your orgasm: 1 new clips

8. Button to compare version
This is a small change, but it’s important for players who are playing offline, or on sites like Gamcore, instead of the official site – now you will be able to compare your version with the one on the official site with one click. Look for it on the top of the changelog popup:

Additionally, I’ve rewritten the changelog script, so that it would be more clear and visible what is new.

9. Shitload of changes in the effect script
This is a huge rewrite, that potentially has small impact on the gameplay (at least – if I didn’t fuck it up). Basically, I wanted player to be able to use items to get effects during events and activities (you can now basically drink a beer in the middle of the event, and the game should instantly give you drunkness effect). It was important to make the visual effects work properly.

Minor changes
10. UI changes and fixes for hints

Basically, hints should now work and look better.
11. Notifications about going in and out of jail
Basically, the moment you get in and out are special, and you will see a special vid to accompany it.
12. #noFap
So if you stop fapping for a longer period of time, you’ll get a #noFap effect in game. It gives you slight boost! The effect will turn on after around 10 days without fapping, and will turn off instantly when you fap;)
13. Sleeping pills enhanced
Sleeping pills will now make you magically instantly teleport to your bed and go to sleep, no matter what. At the moment it’s not very useful, but it should be in the future.
14. UI changes on Settings page
It’s just a visual fixes for people without the Supporter code.
15. UI changes on Reminder page
I don’t even remember what I changed… sorry.
16. Text edits in the trip event
It’s the event that happens when player takes LSD. It should be now slightly better.
17. Text edits in the intro
Just small ones, to make it flow better.
18. Text edits in sex scenes
Just small ones, to make it flow better.
19. Rewrites in the strikes module
It’s the module that counts the number of times you fucked up with Daphne and Police, and in the end make them call your parents.

Bug fixes
20. Fix for Bathroom knocking events.
21. Another fix for fuck ups with Ash and Mia quest, this time caused by the last fix for the same issue, which was, unfortunately, fucked up.
22. Fixed a problem w help menu not working in some cases.
23. Fixed a lacking Relaxed effect after masturbation.
24. Fixed a problem with players not getting yields from actions during Early Access events/quests.
25. Shitload of other stuff. Like seriously, a lot.


So basically I added a whole new system in the game that lets players buy hints. No more asking yourself whether you’ve seen everything – the game will help you figure it out. The hints screen is accessible through a button in the sidebar.

There’s around 60 hints to be disovered split in 3 categories. Each category has a different hint cost. Additionally, you can see what everyone’s doing at that moment.
What’s important is that you will only be able to buy hints that are accessible through the game. So basically all the conditions need to be met, to see the hint.
Let me know how it works.
2. Ads… are gone
Ok, so here’s the deal. You hate the ads. I hate the ads. Everybody hates the ads. I added them because my financial situation was fucked up, but now, thanks to you Guys, it’s better. Not to mention that they were very little money, so… fuck the ads. I’ve wasted couple days to implement them, but, well, at least I learned something.
So at the moment I’m removing the ads completely, but in the next update I will add back 1 or 2 spots to advertise supporting the game. It will be way less intrusive, and I think it’s going to be cool – no external shit, just your favorite perv nagging you about dropping me a coin.

Minor changes
3. About the game page changes

Moved polixnick to the active member category;) Sorry dude…
4. Detention event expanded
Karma random event will now happen also during exams.

Bug fixes
5. Fix for players who encountered a problem with Mia in 0.3.18.
6. Fix for yoga event with Rose.
7. Fixed a problem with events that prohibited players to see a Karma random event during test.
8. Fixed a problems with starting of “Shopping with the smile” and “Key quest”.
9. Fix for generating character schedules.


1. New fap mode codes.
First things first – fap mode code changes so all Patreon and Subscribestar supporters need to change their codes to the new ones. You can find the right links here: Reminder.
Finally, after a long wait, the hookers are in BA. You can find them in the park, and at the moment there’s 5 of them (but the number will be growing):






So as you can see – some of those girls are not very pretty. These are street girls after all, you shouldn’t expect anything too fancy. But don’t worry – the uglier they are, the cheaper they are!
I had big plans for this feature – I wanted to turn it into a mini brothel-management game. Player would be able to build up hookers loyalty and make them work for him. I also planned to add some pimps that will fight over prostitutes, and many other things like that. But at the moment, I decided to slim down this feature to the minimum. There was too many problems and bugs, and there are things with bigger priority literally everywhere. But we’ll come back to that!
3. LGBT content
I was promising LGBT content in BA since day 1, and finally, after a loooong wait – it’s here! That wouldn’t be probably possible without a huge help from one of the fans, who was literally chasing me about it for last 18 months (thanks man, and sorry it took so long).
To access the gay content you need to go to the park during daytime and do some activity (walking, running, tanning, buying drugs, or looking for trouble). There are 3 different gay random events, and 1 with a transvestite. I think they turned out pretty cool, below there’s a screenshot from one of them to peak your interest.


Of course, all the gay and trans content is optional. You can switch it on or off in the settings (default is on).
Important info – the plans for LGBT content were big, but I doubt I’ll be writing much more of it. I’m not gay, and it’s just not much fun for me. But I’d still like my game to have as much versatility as possible, so if some of you feel the strength to write the proper gay content for BA on your own – send me a private message. I will explain how to write events and quests for the game, and if your content would be ok, I’d happily add it!
4. Masturbation evolved!
I’ve completely redone masturbation activity which players can start in their rooms. Basically now instead of images, players will see videos. Also, players will be able to choose which genre of porn they want to watch (they can choose a genre in which they have unlocked at least one sex position)!
Additionally to that, players will be able to use toys during masturbation, like dildos, cucumber or crucifix. You can basically put it up your ass for additional exp;)
5. New random events
Apart from LGBT content – there’s 2 more random events that you can encounter in the park. One involves a cock hungry nympho, and the other a girl who really needs to piss;) You can access them same way as the gay content – by doing any activity in the park (walking, running, tanning, buying drugs, or looking for trouble). I think those events turned out pretty good, check them out!
6. Changes in the sex videos
Ok, so probably not everyone will love this change, but I wanted to do it and see what happens. Basically – in the previous verions player during sex saw all the positions he unlocked, even if the character he was having sex with didn’t have videos for this sex position (random clips played instead). But I was never a fan of this solution, because I think immersion is crucial and seeing some random girl during sex with Daphne is not a good thing.
So after thinking it over, I decided to rebuild this mechanic. From now on, during sex, you’ll only see the sex positions which you have unlocked AND the character has videos for. This means you will usually see less sex positions during sex, but it should also mean sex should become more interesting and immersive.
Don’t worry though – if you don’t like this change you can revert it in the settings menu!
7. Huge rewrite of the script handling videos
Many people told me that they have issues with videos. The problem was – when player displayed the event/quest/etc. all the vids for the entire event were loaded automatically in the background at the same time. Unfortunately there’s sometimes so many of them, that downloading chokes, and when player displayed some of the vids – he saw just a still frame.
In current version I’ve rebuilt the video script so that video is loaded when it’s displayed. This should (hopefully) fix some problems. I’m still experimenting with it and unsure what repercussions it might have, so I’d be happy to hear your feedback – did it help? Or maybe it created some other problems? The game is crashing or stuff like that?
8. Early Access content unlocked
I’ve unlocked old early access stuff so that it’s now available for everyone.

  • “Karma is a bitch” quest, where you meet Karma.
  • “Studying in the library” activity in the college library

Minor changes
9. Less negative random events

I reworked the script for generating random events, so that the amount of times player is getting caught during different events (like peeking at a character in the shower) is now lower. So it’s easier now to be sneaky like a ninja;)
10. New settings options
The game is growing, so settings screen is growing too. I’ve added options to turn on or off gay, trans and pissing content. There’s also a possibility to turn on or off random videos during sex (the random videos are off by default now).
11. Hidden buttons during events
Basically, many quests and events had some hidden buttons that were appearing only if the prerequisites (like player level) were met. The problem is – they weren’t appearing, so many people didn’t know they are there. Now those buttons will always show up, but if the prerequisites are not met – they will be disabled with an information (eg. “Level too low”).
12. Additional vids for Mia
I added some additional sex vids for Mia – 3 cowgirl videos and one orgasm vid (provided by polixnick).
Important info – if you notice a sex position missing for a character, and you happen to know where to find it – shoot it over on Discord. It’s especially important now, because of the changes in sex videos described above.
13. New effects
Added 2 new effects to the game – “Wrecked asshole” and “Crackhead”. First happens when your asshole gets wrecked and the second one after you smoke some crack.

UI changes
14. Time displayed on buttons

From now on, if clicking a button will consume time, you’ll see a proper icon of a clock on it.
15. Reorganized sex cat
I’ve changed the names of some of the sex categories for better readability.

Bugs and fixes
16. Another fix for Different kind of Meat Bags

Fixing this fucking quest becomes a tradition… So again I discovered a problem that made some people stuck. It should be fixed now. The quest will be resetted, and you need to restart it (by going to sleep at night).
Additionally to that, I fixed another problem that caused players to get negative bonuses even though they had a clean t-shirt during the quest.
17. Fix for dialog during weekly stats
Some players reported errors in the dialog during weekly stats. It should work properly now.
18. Performance improvements
I’ve rewritten a lot of the scripts that impacted performance. Let me know if the game works better or worse for you or if you’ll encounter any problems.
19. Other fixes
Shitload of other small tweaks and fixes.

v.0.3.12 Hotfix #2

1. Fix for broken love and domination experience
Some of players reported that their love and/or dom exp turns into “NAN”. I was already trying to fix it in last release, but now I think I finally found the problem. It shouldn’t happen anymore, let me know if you encounter any other problem with this.
2. Multipliers rebuilt
To fix the issue above I had to seriously rewrite the script that manages multipliers for dom and love. It should work better and faster now.
3. Random multipliers every day for crazy characters
So in Become Alpha characters have traits, like MILF, Whore, etc., and those traits have different multipliers for dom and love (so when you interact with MILF you’ll get more love, and with a Whore you get more dom). There’s also a trait called “Crazy”, which works the same, but characters with that trait reset their multipliers every day, so you’re never entirely sure what the character is into at the moment.
Currently the only character that can have a trait “Crazy” is Bridgette, because her trait is random (it’s set in the beginning of each new game).
4. Another fix for Different kind of Meat Bags
There was another problem with this freaking quest, now the players couldn’t get to the cellar even though they had a key. This should work now.
5. Problem with urgent quests not turning off sleep
There was a problem that during urgent quests (when the game clock is stopped) players could go to sleep and completely fuck up the time schedule in the process. This should be fixed now.
6. Problem with night mode not turning off
When I removed the energy stat from the game I added instead something called night mode, which turns off every button in the game, besides the “sleep” button. The problem was – sometimes night mode got stuck. This shouldn’t happen now.
7. UI fix for player’s backpack
There was an error with the way items in the backpack displayed – it should be fixed now.
8. UI fix for level up labels
There was an error with the way labels for level up appear in the top stat bar. I think it works properly now.
9. Performance improvements
In the process of fixing the multipliers script, I managed to improve the game performance quite a bit. Let me know if you’ll encounter any problems.
10. Other fixes
Shitload of other small tweaks and fixes.

v.0.3.11 Hotfix

1. Different kind of Meat Bags fix
People were getting stuck during this quest – this is fixed now.
2. Fix for broken night mode
Sometimes night mode (when player needs to get to sleep) was broken, it shouldn’t happen anymore.
3. Fix for broken love/dom exp
Players reported that sometimes Love or Domination got fucked, and displayed NAN instead of a number. I’ve spent hours on it, and I think I’ve fixed it, but if this happens again – PLEASE SEND ME YOUR SAVE GAME.
4. Performance improvements
I’ve tried to improve the way the game works on slower machines. Hopefully it would be better now.
5. Other fixes
Shitload of other small tweaks and fixes.


1. Exams fixes
I’ve rewritten exams so that it should work properly now, especially on Chrome and Opera GX. Let me know if the bugs disappeared.
2. Fix for Bridgette and Amia names mixed up
So there was a problem that Bridgette was named Amia by accident. For those of you who encountered this bug – the names should be correct now.
3. Fix for missing key to Daphne’s house
So there was a bug that made the key to Daphne’s house missing even if the player completed “Tits of fortune” quest. Hopefully this won’t happen anymore.
4. Other fixes
Shitload of other small tweaks and fixes.


1. New location in the college – mess hall.
You can drink healthy soda and eat delicious burgers there. In the near future you will be able to sit with teachers and students, and maybe even spike their food and drinks with some extra spice…

2. Bridgette
As a part of 25$ tier on Patreon/SubscribeStar there’s an option to choose your fav pornstar for an NPC. One of the subscribers from that tier choosed Bridgette B (you thought I forgot about you, huh?!). I’m a boob guy, so you know I looooove Bridgette, and having her in a game was a no-brainer. But I decided to upgrade her role, and give her a bit more to do…

So Bridgette will be a lunch lady in the College mess hall. At the moment all she does is making burgers, but you can also meet her in some other location, where you might get a bit of luck if she likes you enough. And, trust me if I say, this girl has some hooooot sex clips (thanks to our wonderful Allmuted).
For now – that’s it, but some more content for her is coming in next weeks.

3. Big Discord updates.
I’ve updated my Discord, so that there’s way more info for you there, including walkthroughs! You can find it here: Discord.

Bug fixes
4. Fix for Key Quest.
If you had problems starting Key Quest – it should work now properly.
5. Fix for Higher powers.
If you had problems starting second Nun Kelly quest – it should work now properly.
6. Character photos missing.
In some locations character photos were missing. It should work now.

Minor changes
7. Edits in the game intro.
I’ve made some text edits in the intro to make it smoother for new players..
8. Small UI tweaks in the location header.
Period and day won’t disappear during activities now.
9. New item – soda.
You can buy it in the mess hall and it will give you sugar rush effect after you drink it.


1. New fap mode codes.
First things first – fap mode code changes so all Patreon and Subscribestar supporters need to change their codes to the new ones. You can find the right links here: Reminder.

2. Say goodbye to Kandii.
As mentioned previously – Kandii is removed from the game. I know, it sucks, but we tried, and it didn’t work out, so what can you do…

3. Say hello to Nina.

Those of you who remember 90s porn, remember Nina Mercedez. Good news – she’s now part of Become Alpha too! Nina is a new student in College. She’s a bit old for that, but there’s some story behind it. I hope you guys like her, I will add some more content in next weeks, but you can already try your grind skills with her;)

4. Exams.

You can now take exams in classes. It’s basically a memory mini game, with some porn pics;) The good news is – it can really bump up your class ratings if you’re good at it!

Important bug fixes
5. Another important bug in quests was slain.

Thanks to your bug reports I found another nasty bug in quests. This was a real deal. I even gave him a name – Fartimer. You know what Fartimer did? This guy moved the quest forward, when the quest shouldn’t be moved forward. Which made the quest incomplete, even though player seemingly completed it. Bad, bad Fartimer. He had to die.
6. Fix for Mia not appearing.
If you couldn’t find Mia after finishing “Alpha’s confidence FTW” – she should appear after this update. Just wait couple days and go back to the store.
7. Fix for church key missing.
Fixed a bug with church key missing after finishing “Higher power” quests. The key should be automatically added to your inventory after loading this update.
8. Fix for Different kind of meat bags not starting
There was a bug, that made “Different kind of meat bags” not starting even if player finished “Daphne’s secrets” and “Take Mia on a proper date” quests, and waited the required week. This shouldn’t happen now.
9. Fix for angry Karma
So there was a bug, that if you piss of Karma, she will go mad and kick you in the balls every time. This shouldn’t happen anymore.

Minor changes
10. Some new sex clips for Mia.
11. A lot of changes and tweaks to the button conditions for talking, flirting and fucking the characters in College. Basically now you can always chat if the character is in the same location, and if you’re alone with her, and she likes you enough, there should be additional options too.
12. Adjusted the character schedule in college, to give a bit more variety.
13. Some changes in College yields for tests and exams.


1. Amia is in da house

Based on the your votes in the poll, Amia Miley was selected to “play” sex-ed teacher. Technically she was added in 0.3.05, but when I was writing the changelog it was a middle of the night and I forgot about her. Sorry.
In this release I added shitload of sex clips for her, and ability to flirt with her or fuck her if she likes you enough.

2. Detention.
So after finishing “Karma is a bitch” quest there is a random event during tests, where Karma tries to cheat from the player. What is important is that the teacher might spot you helping her, and if she does – she will send you both into detention. This means you’ll have to come to school in the Saturday mornings to study really hard. But, as you imagine, there are plus sides to that.

3. Unlocking Daphne’s doors.
A lot of players reported that they cannot get to Daphne’s room, because it’s locked. She locks the doors if she gets angry on the player, but so far there was no ability to reverse that (apart from finding a key). So in this release I added a feature that makes Daphne reconsider her decision each week (during weekly stats) and MAYBE unlock her doors. But she needs to like the player, and player has to have 0 strikes with her (player gets 1 strike when Daphne gets very angry at him, and when it reaches 3 strikes – she calls player’s dad, locks the doors, and strike count goes to 0 again).

4. Important bug in quests was fixed.
I’ve found a huge error with the way quests worked. I mean – really huge. It might be a reason of maaaany other problems.
Basically the way quests work is that after player finishes each quest fragment, there is an information passed to the game, about moving the quest forward, together with other info. Turned out in some cases this info got partially lost, which resulted in players often getting strangely stuck in different quests. That resulted in Mia not appearing after Ash disappeared, no cellar or car in Daphne quests, or other stuff like that. So I THINK this should be fixed now. Fingers crossed, this was a motherfucker to track, and thanks for all the bug reports.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PEOPLE WHO GOT STUCK IN GAME – the above fix fixes the bug so that it shouldn’t happen again, but it doesn’t fix your save game if you’re stuck. BUT! I added separate script that attempts to fix the most popular “stuck” places. So if after loading your save with this update you’ll find yourself unstuck – hurray! If not, well, you might need to restart the game completely. Or at least report your stuck spot, and maybe I’ll fix it too in the future.

5. An important bug with college ratings dropping to 0 each week.
You’ve reported a problem that college ratings drop to 0 each week. That shouldn’t happen anymore. The drop is still there, but way smaller (the better you are, the bigger the drop).

6. An annoying bug with Karma not appearing in the toilet.
Yes, I know, you all wanted to fuck Karma, but it turned out impossible. Well, now it’s possible. Karma will be appearing in College toilet from time to time. Hint: you can fuck her there if she likes you enough.

7. Unlocking old Early Access content.
I’ve unlocked old early access stuff so that it’s now available for everyone.

  • Quest – “Higher powers”
  • Activity – “Wait for prospect nun”
  • Flirting with Kelly.
  • Sex with Kelly.

Minor changes

8. Mood swings
During weekly stats there’s a chance to get a mood swing. It might be good or bad, and give you appropriate effect.

9. Amia in the library
Amia will now appear in the library from time to time. I suspect she might like if she sees you studying of those unlucky players who were caught cheating.

10. Amia in the College on Saturdays
I’ve changed the schedule, so that Amia will now visit College on Saturdays before noon, to deal with detentions. It might also be a decent occasion to stay alone with her.

11. College open on Saturdays
College now is open on Saturday Morning and Late morning.


12. Additional info about urgent quest for players playing without the sidebar (mobile etc.). It should help understand what is happening and why sometimes buttons disappear during quests.


13. Alexa won’t be that easy to fuck when player catches her masturbating.
14. Changed weekly allowance penalty for Daphne complaining to dad to -25% (was -10%), and lowered the “no complaint” bonus from 2 to 1%.

Bug fixes

15. Fixed a bug with missing photos of Karma in the market and in the club.
16. Fixed a broken name of character in one of the teacher dialogs during the weekly stats.
17. Fix for “Cummed” effect appearing sometimes before player actually cummed in the story;) Now the order of things should be correct;)
18. Bug with Amia’s character trait and other information not loading properly.
19. As always – shitload of other small bugs and problems.


1. New activity – “Meet with prospect nun”

So in the last part of the “Higher powers” quest, you set up an ad for the prospect nun. Now all you need to do, is go to the church on Tuesday evening wearing a priest robe, open the doors with the key and wait for a prospect nun to come. If you’re lucky, you’re going to meet one of the 3 girls.

Minor changes
2. Better media optimization to make the game run better. I’ve basically converted the biggest media files so that they are smaller (eg. the infamous Rose’s football match, who was crashing on some slower devices).
3. If you have a key to the doors, you can now use them many times per day, not only once.

Bug fixes
4. Cooking for Alexa should properly now display an event for Alexa and not Daphne.
5. Fix for “Different Kind of Meat Bags” quest with players getting stuck after dropping first meat bag.





1. New quest: “Key quest.”
So a lot of you was asking – how to get to the cellar. The problem was Daphne, who was keeping her eyes on the key. But worry not – in this quest, in which you’ll interact with Daphne, Alexa, Mia, and some wild animals, you’ll finally get your hands on your own cellar key.
Oh and just for the record – this quest is the longest quest in the game. It has over 4000 lines of code. In comparison “Different kind of meat bags” had 1700 lines! This also means I need to figure out a better way to write those quests, because 4000 lines of code is at least 1 month of writing.

2. New quest: “Alpha’s confidence FTW.”
This quest is an intro quest for Ash. It’s focused on presenting this character, before other things happen…;)
Important note for those of you who are playing old saves, and you already met Mia – this quest will be automatically marked as finished in your quest log.

3. New fap mode codes.
So all Patreon and Subscribestar supporters need to change the codes to the new ones. You can find them in the usual places.

Additionally, the game will check from time to time if the Fap Mode code you use is still active. So if you see a notification, that your Fap Mode was turned off, it’s probably because you need to enter new one.

4. Saving in locations.
A lot of people were having problems when they saved the game during the quest, or while doing activity in the game. This turned out to be a huge problem, that forced me to completely block saving during quests and activities. From now on – you have to be in location to save the game.

5. Raised minimum desire for all characters.
After playstesting the game for last couple weeks, I’ve decided that with amount of content the game currently has, the required desire levels are too low. It’s basically too easy to get close with characters. So I raised minimum desire required to advance your relationship with each character. Let me know if you think it’s ok now?

Also, if you’re playing old save, the status of your friendship will drop automatically during your next interaction with this character, so don’t be surprised that even that you gain desire, the status drops.

6. Increased the cost of level up
My impression was that with the amount of domination and love that player gets, the level cost is too small. So I increased the cost of the first lvl up, and also steepness of the level cost progression. This means you’ll need much more experience to become alpha!

Minor changes
7. Cellar is now open for visitors (if you have a key). At the moment there’s not much you can do there (you can search it for some viagra, cash and meat-tornados), but more is coming.

8. You can now flirt and chat with rose in the gym.

9. Small interface tweak: the buttons with info that you lose something will be more clearly recognizable now.
10. Small interface tweak: sex, chat and flirt icons are now marked with icon.
11. New effect: Almost dead. For when the character gets really brutally assaulted. Like by a bear…

12. Performance tweak: the media loading will be now delayed to the moment it’s actually displayed, and the game will be stopping the playback of media files once the player advances the story further. Let me know if that changed something for the better, or not?

Sex tweaks
13. Changed the yields from each sex position during sex. Let me know if that helps and makes sex better?

14. If you stop sex before finishing, your partner will lose 5 desire (was 3).

15. If you decide to continue sex after partner’s orgasm, then your partner will now lose 8 orgasm points (was 5).

Balance tweaks
16. Running in the park, while Rose or Alexa is there, will raise their desire.

17. Sunbathing in the park, while Rose or Alexa is there, lowers their desire.

18. The wake up from your dream event, in which Daphne or Alexa are having fun with your dick, will now happen only if they really like you.

19. Both Alexa and Daphne will be less easy to convince to let you in the bathroom while they’re taking a shower.

20. Buying info about characters is now 2x more expensive.

21. You now need to wait 7 days after completing “Daphne’s secrets” to launch “Different Kind of Meat bags”.

22. Changed the yields after successful chat with a character – the yields will be smaller if you knew that the character knows a particular thing (movie, song, etc.), and way higher if you didn’t know that.

Bug fixes
23. Huge bug, that made characters screen broken. And that’s the only thing I’m gonna say about this fucker, because I don’t want to even remind myself how it’s possible that I fucking wasted my entire Saturday on this fucking thing.

24. Fixed a bug where you’d see an info about learning something about character, even though player already knew it.

25. Fixed default orgasm values for sex.

26. Bug with groceries not disappearing from your items after you cooked dinner for Daphne or Alexa with them.

27. Bug with notifications about new friendship level and new status of the player not appearing correctly.

28. Tens of bugs with saves made during activities and quests. As said before, I had to limit the saves to locations, but if you have an old save that you made not in the location – you should be able to load it without problems.

29. The strikes system, which was built to log when player does something really bad towards another character (at the moment – only works with Daphne), so that this character will remember those situations, was not working properly. Now this should be fixed. Note that you won’t see much difference until the College update.

30. Bug which allowed player do the same activities unlimited time each day.

31. Compressed some vids, to make them work better on slow connections.

32. Hundreds of small bugfixes and changes.


1. Another fix for a problem with “Different kind of meat bags.” quest;)
So it seems there was another problem that made some people stuck on first task of the quest. Just in case, if you were currently on the first task, I’ve resetted the quest, so you need to go to sleep again to start it. If you already finished it, it will stay finished.


Fixed a problem with “Different kind of meat bags.” quest
So as it turns out there was a problem with the quest that didn’t allow player to progress. Now that should be fixed, but I had to reset the progress of this quest just in case, so you need to start over. If you guys will encounter any more problems – hit me up.


1. Changelogs.
So when my Patreon got wrecked, I started having huge problems communicating the updates to my Patreon supporters. In the end I decided that the best would be to move those updates to the game itself. So now you have a cool button in the sidebar, called “Changelog”. Click it and you’ll find information about latest content there!

2. Tracking last save game.
So now, when we have changelogs in the game, I thought about a cool feature – if you load an old save, the game will automatically show you a changelog and mark all the new content that appeared in the game since that save. Awesome, right?!


3. Locked content instead of Public/Early Access versions of the game.
I had a growing problem with the fact, that I had to maintain two versions of the game – Early Access for supporters, and the other one for Public. So I decided to simplify it – there will be just one version now, for everyone. But instead – not-supporters will find that some of the content in the game itself is locked. You can always see what exactly content is locked on the changelog list.


In the end, it will work more or less like it does now. But it gives a better experience for the user – for example I can roll out bugfixes quicker, and everyone will get them without the need to wait for next Public version.

4. Reorganized Fap Mode.
So there are two versions of Fap Mode now – Regular and Unlimited. The first one acts more or less as before (gives you better yields), but the other one also unlocks the locked Early Access content.
Same as before, you need the codes to activate it. The codes themselves didn’t change, and you can still find them in same spot on my SubscribeStar and Patreon accounts.

Minor changes
5. Automatically removing spaces from Fap Mode codes. A lot of people had problems that they copied the code with space and it didn’t work – now it will.
6. Patreon is back as a support option. Basically, I thought that now they’re ok with me, I can add a link to the game. BUT It’s still better to support me on SubscribeStar if you have an opportunity.

Bug fixes
7. Aphrodisiac is now available in the store. AGAIN. But now it works;)
8. Hundreds of small bugs in the popup and chunks macros, that I use to generate the content.


This is another public build and again – it doesn’t have any new story content. I kinda feel sorry for that, but I really need to focus on the financial aspect for the moment. Instead of new content this release brings support of PayPal, which was highly requested to complement SubescribeStar.

PayPal implemented in the game
So basically you have the ability now to pledge using PayPal. To do so you need to go into the game and click “Support the author” either on the title screen, or in the left side menu. On the popup that’ll show up you can select PayPal, after which you’ll be taken to a PayPal website where you can configure your pledge. After the pledge is successful (usually up to 15 seconds) you’d be taken to a page where you’ll find Fap Mode code! It’s that easy!


1. Goodbye Patreon.
This release of the game doesn’t have any new features – just changes needed to replace Patreon with SubscribeStar .


1. Praying activity
So you can pray in the church, and if you’re lucky, you will also see a random nun cleaning up a pole that belongs to a local priest;)

2. Attend the mass activity.
So you can attend the mass in the church, and if you’re lucky, you will also see a random event with a young lady that seems to be really enjoying her time in the church.

3. Search the church.
So you can search the church, and if you’re lucky, you will find something that you can use afterwards. I won’t spoil it, but trust me – it’s fun;)

4. Confession activity.
So this is something a bit bigger then the rest. First, you can simply confess your sins. But there’s also other option there, and if you discover it – you might be surprised by a completely new dimension of Catholicism. I mean 3 awesome NPCs that you can meet in confessional:




Bug fixes

5. There was a bug with searching the room, when player would randomly get the object he found twice. That shouldn’t happen now.

6. Another problem with searching the room, when player found something, and then get caught, the character object that player found should be taken away from him, but sometimes it wasn’t. Should be fixed now.


1. New fap mode code.

2. Random events while peeking in the garden.
So basically, peeking at the girls in the garden was not really dangerous, because they couldn’t catch you. Now it’s changed. There are 4 different events for couple different situations (while they have sex or sunbath). In next releases I’ll add some more for when they girls are in the pool.

3. Possibility to wake Daphne and Alexa in the night in their rooms.
This is a small scene, but it required some serious rewriting, so I mark it as main feature. Basically – you can wake the girls up. It’s not very complicated, and there’s not much you can do after waking her up, but more options will appear in the future.

4. Sunbathing activity plus random events for Daphne and Alexa.
So basically now you can properly sunbath in the garden, and what’s even more cool – Daphne and Alexa can interrupt you. The Alexa event is pretty slim, but I think you guys will really appreciate the one I wrote for Daphne. Check it out!

5. “Swim in the pool” activity.
Basically, now you can properly swim in the pool, without all this “End of content” bullshit. Random events are coming in next releases.

6. Different bg during nighttime.
This is obviously a small change, but I like it so much, that I wanted it to be here!:) It should help people organize their day in the game a bit more clearer.

7. One more period each day.
So I’m not sure if it’s a good change or not, but I added one period each day – “Sunset”. This means that players can do one additional action each day. I think it’s cool, but we’ll see.

8. Totally rewrote the way buying information about character works.
I was quite shocked to discover that player had to pay with both desire and dom/love – it was not intended like that. Now player just pay with dom or love, and I also lowered the costs.

Minor changes

9. Changed the sidebar interface so that when it displays current quest it’s actually the last quest that was active. Basically I just hate features that are not reaching it’s full potential. I just realized that for most players sidebar information about the quest is stuck on some meaningless, work in progress quest, like “Corgis!” I would prefer them to see something that’s useful to them. So I’ve rebuilt this feature. Now the panel in the sidebar will switch each time you update a quest, to the last update quest (but not done).

10. You can now fuck Daphne and Alexa without foreplay when your relations are 5/5. I think it’s a nice shortcut, as going through the foreplay each time was annoying.

11. Garden chores received a bonus/penalty points if Daphne/Alexa is around. So basically – if the girl is in the garden while you do the chore, she’ll notice it.

12. No one will probably notice it, but I made new icons for day periods;) I hope they are more readable than the previous ones.

13. New copyrights. I was trying to write down in the “About” page all the porn porn studios and actresses that have their content in my game. Please send me links to the ones you spotted.

14. “Help Daphne around the house” quest is now “Chores for Daphne”.

15. “Hag magnet” is now ongoing effect. It’s a small change as I prepare to implements the hag system, but for now – it doesn’t really change anything.

16. Million of small text updates, fixes and changes.

Bug fixes

17. Fixed a bug in “Shower” activity. Basically – when Alexa interrupted player in the shower and he asked her to join, the game was checking whether Daphne likes him enough, instead of Alexa. That shouldn’t happen anymore.

18. Fixed missing desire yield in “Help Daphne around the house” quest.

19. Big script rewrite to fix the problems with Mia not appearing in the store after Ash disappeared. To see her player had to visit the store again. As it turned out this was connected to other problem (the pictures of the garden were not changing immediately when player fixed the garden or pool), and a lot of other small problems that went unnoticed. Basically the problem was – I wanted to display the notifications in the location because it looked better. But the way I wrote the script, is that notifications had to be displaying just after the new stats from yields (buttons etc.) are calculated. This meant stuff that changed after player finished quest was calculated after the location was already loaded, and the player had to reload the location to see the changes. Now I calculate yields on the beginning of generating the content, and then display notifications when player is already in the location, so there’s no delay.

20. I’ve noticed that some effects like “Bam”, “Stinker”, “Beard” and other sometimes don’t disappear after player uses shower or shaves. This should be fixed now.

21. Problems with learning Alexa’s kink from searching her room was solved. Basically some items didn’t trigger the kink thing, and now they should.

22. Fixed a problem with quest “Shopping with a smile!” that made player skip one part of the quest.

23. On different screens help menu for the buttons was appearing before content – this was fixed now!


Main changes:

1. Special event – put LSD in Rose’ water. So, if you have LSD on you when you train with Rose in the gym, you’ll get an option to put it in Rose’ water. Doing so, will unlock a special event with couple different endings;)

2. Special event – LSD trip. So basically it’s something connected with the first point, but it’s also a completely separate unique event that you can reach by buying LSD and consuming it. I hope you guys will like it, it’s pretty crazy, lol;)

3. New NPC in the gym! So basically while training in the gym, you have a chance to either see something sexy (during the weekend), or meet one of the 3 NPCs that would consider fucking you (this will only happen during the workdays).


Romi, played by sexy Romi Rain. She comes in with a variety of sex clips, mainly: asseating (2), blowjob (5), cowgirl (5), deepthroat (5), doggy (4), facefuck (3), handjob (2), pussyeating (3), pussyfingering (2), ridingbull (5), spooning (3), titjob (4), teabagging (2), your orgasm (2), her orgasm (2).


Lashawn, not sure who that girl is (if someone knows – tell me, I’m gonna add her in the credits). She comes to us equipped with: anal (7), blowjob (5), congress (2), cowgirl (4), deepthroat (4), doggy (4), handjob (2), missionary (5), pussyeating (6), ridingbull (6), your orgasm (2), her orgasm (3).


Kristina, played by incredible Kristina Rose. Honestly, you gotta check her out. She has a variety of action in the area of: anal (11), asseating (4), assfingering (4), blowjob (4), cowgirl (6), deepthroat (4), doggy (7), facefuck (3), handjob (3), missionary (3), pussyeating (1), pussyfingering (2), ridingbull (3), teabagging (4), your orgasm (3), her orgasm (8).

Minor changes:

4. Blocked consuming items outside of the location. So basically now you can only consume while in location, and not during quest or activity.

5. Rose new individual sex clips – your orgasm (2), missionary (1), pussyeating (1), titjob (1), her orgasm (1)

6. Ability for effects to open new passages. So now effect can have an unique event connected to it that kicks in when player gets this particular effect. I don’t think I’m gonna use it often, but I think it’s kinda cool with how it works with LSD. Let me know.

7. Added possibility to NOT masturbate on the short random encounters in the park during walking and sunbathing. I’m sure this option won’t be very popular, but still…;)

8. Added missing weekend event during sunbathing in the park. I thought it was there, but I was wrong, so I added it. Also – some new clips with sexy tanning ladies:)

9. Raised chances that a random encounter with an NPC park will end up in sex. So basically – it’s easier to fuck girls in the park now.


Major Changes:

1. New activity in the gym – “Train with Rose”. So if you meet Rose in the gym, you can now try to train with her. It might get hard, but if you succeed there’s quite a reward.

2. LSD. So this might be a bit strange, but I added LSD to the game. If you eat it what it does is that it halves your yields for dom and love, but in return you have a way bigger chance for a random event (like 70% instead of 30% or sth like that). So I think it’s an interesting mechanic and wanted to share it with you. And there’s also other things you will be able to do with it, but that would be implemented in next couple days.

Minor Changes:

1. New names for some of the quests. So I noticed the quest names are dull, and decided to change them to something more exciting.
– Old “Get to know Rose” quest is now “Phisio with Rose”.
– Old “Get To know Daphne” quest is now “Tits of Fortune”.
– Old “Get to know Alexa” quest is now “Under one roof with an angel”.
– Old “Make Mia like you” quest is now “Shopping with a smile”.
2. New individual sex clips for Rose – her orgasm (4); blowjob (2); cowgirl (2); your orgasm (2); doggy (2); speedbump (2); spooning (2).
3. Added option to have sex instead of cumming during Yoga event. So if Rose agreed to have sex with you during yoga, and she really likes you, instead of cumming you can now take it to another level and sex her up.
4. Raised minimum desire for Rose and Mia. So here’s the thing. Minimum desire sets the amount of desire needed to reach level 3 of friendship. Why level 3? Because it’s the level which usually is needed for a character to fuck with you. When I added Mia and Rose to the game I reduced their minimum desire, because there was not enough content in the game for player to raise it effectively. But now there’s plenty content so I decided to raise it a bit (but it’s still lower than it should be based on their traits). This means that your level of relationship with those characters might decrease after this update. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get it back with all the new activities;)
5. The Dude in the park now sells LSD. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.
6. Some cleaning to backwards compatibility script. I basically removed the parts that were not needed anymore.

Bug Fixes:

1. A dirty bug with the locked prefix. So you noticed those prefixes to you trait name? Like Meager Beta, or Promising Nerd? They’re actually not only prefixes – they describe the overall level of your character, which I use for many checks in the game, or rolls based on strength/skill. It turns out in some situations this prefix was stuck on “Meager”, which is lowers possible. I think I fixed it now, you just need to level up to unlock it.


Major Changes:

1. New activity in the park – “Yoga with Rose” So if you meet Rose in the park during the week, you can now try the competitive yoga with her. If you succeed there’s quite a reward, especially if you’re into bouncing. If you lose… well, there’s something there too;) At the moment it’s actually the biggest activity in the game in terms of length of text, so I hope you Guys will like it.
2. Skip Intro. You asked for it, you got it. You can now quickly skip the intro from the screen with terms of service. And don’t worry – I’ve kept all the choices, so you can still get the yields.

Minor Changes:

1. New notifications when you’re super low on energy to get some sleep. So this one will be a bit longer. Basically some players said that it’s an error that you can’t use options that restore energy (like take nap or walk in park) if your energy is 0. I thought about it and I’m not sure if I want to fix it. Basically – you’re so tired that at this point you have to go to sleep. Instead I added some notifications that will tell you you’re tired when energy is low. I know it’s not the same, but for me personally what irritates me about my game is how it doesn’t have this feel of day passing by, which breaks immersion for me. So I want to make that moments kind of clear, like, you HAVE to get some sleep sometimes. But I’m pretty sure I need to figure out something better at some point. I wonder what’s your opinion about it?
2. Delay between the meetings with Rose. So to make things a bit slower, you cannot meet with Rose everyday. There’s a delay after you do something together, until she agrees for something more. So after you play footie with her, don’t expect her to do yoga with you the next day – wait couple and then come back.

Bug Fixes:

1. A bug with Quest Mode that almost made me insane. So quest mode is basically this thing when during a quest you have this notification that says “urgent” in the sidebar, and all the time passage and distractions are blocked, so you need to follow this one particular quest. I made it to avoid situations like in one of the quests, where Daphne asked you to bring her the scissors, and you could do it 3 days later, and she’d be still waiting. I think it will be a needed feature in the future quests, and will allow me to narrow down pathways and still leave player with some control over what he does in the game. So basically – I barely even used quest mode and it already managed to break my game, lol. But fortunately, after spending 2 days on it, I fixed it!!!
2. Dead end, when the player enters a quest that has a quest mode with no energy. So this was another quest mode bug, this time related to energy. At the moment this shouldn’t happen anymore – during quest mode energy requirements for buttons should be ignored.
3. Fixed a bug in Playing footie with Rose. So no one noticed that footie is actually broken. If your team scored the first goal, and Rose the second, it actually cancelled your goal. Now it’s fixed.
4. Fixed a bug in searching the rooms. Turns out search was kind of broken – if you get caught, and Daphne tried to take the item you found from you, there was an error. It happened in all the rooms, so it took a moment to find all the spots. But it should be fixed now.
5. Fixed a bug with broken buttons in the garden during “Versus the hoarders” quest. So one player on F95 sent me a screenshot of this bug. Quite honestly I don’t even remember how I fixed it. But I have it on a list as done, and it works now. Not gonna lie, I might have been drunk.


Major Changes

1. It’s not really a major change, but for sure important one – there are new Fap Mode and Supporter codes, that you can find here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/36301776

2. New quest – “Get to know Rose”. So after you meet Mia and finish “Get to know Mia”, you can kick off the intro quest for Rose. To do so you need to go to the park during weekend and find her there. I really hope you’ll find this quest interesting, there’s a lot of new content for it. It is also pretty crazy from the side of the code, so it might need some debugging. Let me know what you think.

3. New activity – “Footie with Rose”. It’s basically a simpler version of the quest, that will allow you to have a rematch with her on each weekend.

4. New location – “Prestige Gym”. At the moment there’s not much to do there, but you will be able to meet Rose there and train with her.

5. New activity in the Gym – “Prove you can lift”. It’s basically a simple training activity, similar to the one player already can do in his room. The difference here is that you have to pay, but also in return you’ll get a huge yield in domination.

6. New activity in the park “Take a walk” So if you’re in the park, you can now go for a walk and get a bit of energy. But more importantly – you can meet 3 new NPCs during your walks.

Tanya: blowjob (3), cowgirl (4), your orgasm (1), deepthroat (1), doggy (4), facefuck (1), handjob (1), missionary (4), pussyfingering (8), riding bull (4), spooning (3), her orgasm (5).

Charlotte: 69 (3), anal (9), ass eating (1), blowjob (5), your orgasm (2), deepthroat (2), doggy (3), missionary (5), pussy eating (3), riding bull (5), spooning (1), teabagging (2), her orgasm (1).

Aisha: blowjob (4), cowgirl (5), your orgasm (2), doggy (5), facefuck (3), pussyfingering (3), ridingbull (4), spooning (6), her orgasm (1).

Minor changes

7. NPCs have now kinks that add bonus during sex. Some of those kinks are random (decided on the beginning of each game), and some are static.

8. I’ve change the input way for fap mode and supporter codes. They will now work independent from the letter size, so it won’t matter if you have caps lock on or off.

9. I’ve changed the way urgent quests are displayed. Basically moved the notification to the side bar, I think it’s cleaner now.

10. New individual sex clips for Rose – blowjob (3), cowgirl (3), doggy (2), pussyeating (2), pussyfingering (1), speedbump (2)

Bug fixes

11. So last week I said that I changed the randomization of the random events to make them more often – turns out it wasn’t working because of the bug. Now I fixed the bug, so new randomization should work.


Major changes:

1. New activity in the park – “Lie on the sun” So if you’re in the park, you can now go now lie a bit in the sun for a bit of love and an effect – “tan”. But what’s more important – during the sunbathing there are random events.
For example – if you sunbath over the weekend, when the park is more crowded, you have a chance to get a glimpse of a nice big pair of tits. But if you sunbath during the weekdays, when the park is empty, you can actually meet a girl that’s interested in jumping together in the bushes!
At the moment there are three girls you can have sex with during sunbathing, each with a ton of individual sex clips:

Erica: assfingering (2), blowjob (3), cowgirl (3), your orgasm (2), handjob (1), pussyfingering (1), riding bull (5), spooning (5), her orgasm (1).

Veronique: anal (8), assfingering (3), blowjob (5), cowgirl (4), your cumming (2), deepthroat (3), doggy (7), facefuck (3), missionary (5), pussyfingering (9), ridingbull (4), spooning (4), her cumming (5).

Britney: anal (11), assfingering (2), asslicking (1), blowjob (4), cowgirl (3), your cumming (1), doggy (5), handjob (1), missionary (5), pussyfingering (1), pussylicking (2), ridingbull (2), speedbump (2), her cumming (1).

2. New activity in the park – “Go for a run” So if you’re in the park, you can now go for a run for a bit of domination. But what’s more important – during the run there are random events that you can trigger if your lucky. It works the same way as with sunbathing – run during weekdays if you want to get a real action.
At the moment there are three girls you can have sex with during running, each with a ton of individual sex clips:

Amanda: anal (5 clips), blowjob (1), cowgirl (4), doggy (1), handjob (2), ridingbull (2), her orgasm (1).

Roohana: blowjob (8), doggy (6), pussyfingering (1), her orgasm (1).

Shanice: blowjob (2), doggy (3), handjob (3), missionary (2), riding bull (1), spooning (2), her orgasm (1), teabagging (1), titjob (3).

Minor changes
3. Shitload of changes in the sex mechanic to allow NPCs have normal sex.
The good news here is that adding new NPCs like the ones above is now streamlined, so I can do it fairly quickly (couple hours of work per NPC).
4. Changed the randomization of the random events. They should appear a little bit more often now.
5. Another bunch of changes to make the new characters work on old saves.

Bug fixes
6. Problem with incorrectly loading characters to sex screen.
7. Tons of text edits and fixes in the existing quests and activities.


Major changes:
1. Changed the way you can sneak into the bathroom.
Previously it always worked, now – Daphne or Alexa can catch you and there’s a random event with some choices if they do.
1. Added ability for a player to take a shower. Also, if you take a shower, you have a chance that Daphne or Alexa will interrupt you. Obviously this also results in random event, with some choices that will help you shape the outcome.

Minor changes:
1. “Cleaning the pool” activity.
So after you fix the pool, you now can clean it for additional money.
2. Insomnia. So I’m sure you noticed that after not sleeping for a night, you get a sleepless night effect which diminishes your yields. So what will happen if you still won’t go to sleep for couple nights? I will reward you with another cool mechanic – insomnia! Obviously, it will further diminish your yields, hurray! And what will happen if you’re stubborn and won’t sleep even longer? Well, let’s just say I only recommend it to super humans…
3. New descriptions and photos after you fix the garden. So now there’s a different photo after you fix the garden (by doing “Versus the hoarders!” quest) and after you fix the pool (“Make the pool upper class again” quest). The description also changes accordingly. I know it’s a detail, but it took a while to do, and I actually like little details like that to make the world more immersive;)
4. Garden deterioration. So now it’s not enough you’ll fix the garden by doing the two quests, you need to be attending it regularly or it will deteriorate. The pool will get dirty and the girls won’t be able to use it, or the grass (and piles of trash) will grow and they won’t be able to sunbath. It’s best if you do at least one chore in the garden every week to avoid that.
5. Rewrite of the intro for the Dude. The Dude is an NPC that you can meet in the park. But so it happens that he’s also one of the coolest dudes on the planet. So I decided to give a slight rewrite of his scene. Nothing fancy, but it flows nicer I think;)
6. Added persistent effects to the game. This means that to end some effects you need to do something (like for example – to end “Sleepless Night” you need to get some sleep).
7 . Added growing beard if you not shave. So from now on you can grow a viking beard, but obviously it will impact your multipliers, so watch out.
8. Added growing stench if you not shower. So from now on if you don’t shower you will stink, and that will impact your multipliers.

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed a bug with domination route on “Daphne’s secrets” quest.
It made the quest restart in some cases.
2. Fixed a bug in the intro for the hags quest. The quest itself is still in development, as well as the entire Hags system, but you can start it in the park sometimes.
3. Fixed irritating error message when displaying characters in location. It didn’t happen for everyone, but there was a small problem with it, that shouldn’t appear anymore.
4. Fixed a bug in quests panel. You could basically open up a quest panel during quest, to forward the quest. This shouldn’t happen now;)
5. Fixed the problem with effects not working properly or stuck. This happened only if you played on old saves. Effects usually go out automatically when the number of days left fall to 0, but in some cases they went past 0 and got stuck. It shouldn’t happen anymore.
6. Fixed a problem with Daphne knocking to bathroom doors just a moment after she left the bathroom. This is a minor problem, but it was annoying me;)
7 . Fixed a problem with “Make the pool upper class again” quest starting up without Alexa in the garden. Now she has to be in the garden for player to kick off the quest.


Minor changes:
1. Removed the test buttons from Daphne’s bedroom;) Sometimes even the best craftsman forgets to clean up his tools. Sorry about that;)

2. Turns out iOS users have disabled ability to save to file via browser. So in bug report popup I added you an ability to save your game as a text string. It’s mostly for bug reporting, but if you Guys want I can add a feature to load a game from a text string too.

3. Added some info about College on City Center screen.

Bug fixes:
4. Fixed Daphne catching you masturbating and choosing a love route. It took me 2 hrs of looking into the code, and it turned out to be a freaking typo…

5. Fixed a bug where you couldn’t meet mia when playing with a trait Cult Leader. This was a big tricky to track, but it should work ok now. Messiah also had this problem by the way, but from what I see nearly nobody goes for the Messiah, lol;)

6. There was a bug in a game which made you able to finish “Corgis!” and “See what Alexa is about” quests by just repeatedly watching memes in your room;) This is now fixed, and I’ve reverted those quests for everyone who had them started, as both those quests are not ready yet.

7. A lot of you had problems with meeting Mia, so I thought there’s a bug with that. But each time after I contacted those players, it turns out that it was just a matter of timing. Remember to go to the store, see Ash, and then after 7 days come back. You should get an event with Ash missing, and Mia should appear (you should be able to see her on the characters screen). Then, after 1 more day, come back to the store to get the quest. Let me know if that works.


Major changes:
1. New activity in the bathroom – “Wash Alexa’s ass”
So if Alexa lets you into the bathroom, you can take a shower together. The more desire Alexa has towards you, the more you’ll see in this activity.
2. New activity in the bathroom – “Wash Daphne’s back” It’s basically the same thing as the above, but with Daphne.
3. New activity after sneaking into the bathroom – so after you break in you can hide in the bathroom, and watch Alexa or Daphne having shower. So it’s basically similar to peeking through the doors, but this time – you see much more. Oh, and remember not to get caught!
4. Ton of new sex clips for Mia: anal x8, asseating x3, assfingering x1, blowjob x13, congress x1, cowgirl x3, cum x5, deepthroat x3, doggy x10, handjob x5, missionary x8, pussyeating x3, pussyfingering x2, speedbump x3, spooning x1, squirt x14, teabagging x2.
5. Ton od new sex clips for Rose: anal x3, asseating x5, blowjob x14, cowgirl x15, cumshot x6, doggy x11, handjob x10, missionary x11, pussyeating x7, pussyfingering x2, ridingbull x8, squirt x3, titjob x1.
6. New fap mode and supporter codes – I’m gonna change them up more or less monthly. YouI’ll get new codes in Patreon message in a minute.

Minor changes:
7. Changing the way Mia appears
– instead of day 20, which you reported was too long, it’s now a week after you meet Ash. So basically what you need to do to trigger Mia is to visit the local store, and wait around a week. Same way, after you get to know Mia, you need to visit her again some time after to trigger the first quest with her.
8. Counter system – this is something that would stay invisible for you, but it helps me to track things in a game by setting up counters, that can easily tell me how much time passed since an events. Example of it is in previous point, with Mia.
9 Boosts for fetish sex positions – so you reported that fetish sex yields are underwhelming, so I added couple points here and there. Is it better?
10. Boosts for oral sex positions – same as above but with oral. Now, when Mia (hint!) is in the game, it makes sense to balance it out. By the way – if you have some balancing ideas for the game – let me know!
11. One additional sex clip for titjob with Daphne – it barely registers as a change, but still;)

Bug fixes:
12. Knocking on the bathroom door and asking to wash back sometimes puts you outside bathroom even on success
– this hopefully is fixed now. This one was a tricky motherfucker.
13. Huge bug with the way backwards compatibility treats characters. This is another episode of this fuckin problem, not even sure which. Basically i’ve spent 3 days rewriting the game to make sure everyone sees the new characters in a game. I probably said it already, but I honestly think my newest approach is the best so far, and it should fnally work!
14. Reworked Back button system for patrons – now it should work properly, and not break your game in certain situations;) Also, the back button will now properly show to supporters too, not only in the fap mode.
15. Fixed a bug with leveling up stuck after first level up. It was pretty rare, but still – it shouldn’t happen now at all.
16. Fixed broken max orgasm problem for Mia and Rose – so some players had problems during sex with those girls. Now it should work.
17. Fixed missing media – daphne_cry.jpg and alexa_sex.jpg.
18. Fixed a bug where you could finish “Daphne’s Secrets” without a drill – now you need to buy a drill to cut a hole.
19. Fixed errors for Mia and Rose not having traits, or having them bugged out.
20. Fixed getting stuck while snooping in Alexa’s room.
So apparently if you get caught snooping in Alexa’s room, show her your dick and then fuck her brains out, it’ll loop back to the beginning making it a spammable event. This shouldn’t happen now.
21. Fixed the permission system, which tells the game if you are allowed in the location. I’m surprised not many people reported this bug;)
22. Weird bug when sex partner had uneven number of Orgasm points (eg. 2.7) – this won’t happen now.
23. Turns out some of you met a cat – Fluffy – in the house. That shouldn’t happen yet – so I hide him. But don’t worry, he’s coming back, and it’s tied to Alexa’s storyline.


Major Changes:

1. New quest – “Make Mia like you!” So if you met Mia, and then revisit the store – you should be able to start this quest. I’m quite happy with it, it was real pleasure to write something for Mia, as she’s a real beauty.
2. Added Rose Monroe to the game! You can meet her through Mia. She’ll be around in the park. At the moment there’s not much content with her, but I added two activities, that you can do in the park while she’s around. They will display the “End of content” text, but they will still work and give raise her Desire.

Minor Changes:

1. Changed status of Mia and Rose to characters instead NPCs. Basically – the game is built in a way that NPCs have very limited interaction possibilities. And I really liked writing Mia’s quest, and Rose is cool too, so I decided it would be best to have them as full characters. From the perspective of the player what changes is that both girls are now visible when they’re in a location, they have their own stats (desire etc.), and the most important thing is – you’d be able to fuck them both, if they like you enough;) Awesome, right? At the moment they don’t have any individual sex clips though, but I should add them pretty soon.

Bug Fixes:

1. Another backwards compatibility issues – this time with new characters not appearing on old saves. This one was one nasty motherfucker. It took me hours to even figure out what’s wrong. The problem is – I’m unable to fix it without huge changes in the game core, but I think I figured out a workaround. So basically – let me know if you encountered Mia in the game, and if everything went fine (to encounter Mia first time you need to go to S-Mart store after day 20, to kick off the quest – go there second time after day 25).


Minor Changes:

1. New title screen. Basically more boobs and butts:)

Bug Fixes:

1. So there was a problem with Daphne’s Secrets – if you went down the route of love with her, you actually couldn’t finish the quest, because the cellar wasn’t revealed. I fixed it now. It should reveal the cellar after you load the game.


Major Changes:

1. “Daphne’s Secrets” quest. This one activates the Cellar in the house, and brings some cool story and a lot of visuals. It’s pretty long, and there’s a lot of decision, so I think you Guys will like it (though I might have gone too far at one spot, lol). One note here is that you have to make the right choices to get to the craziest parts;) Oh, and also you have to be 20 days into the game to launch this quest.
2. New possibilities to peek at Daphne in player’s room. Basically you can peek at Daphne in the Cellar after you finish “Daphne’s Secrets” quest.
3. New possibilities to peek at Alexa in the garden. Basically you can peek at Alexa in the Cellar after you finish “Make the pool upper class again” quest.

Minor Changes:

1. Urgent quest mode. This is a big change actually, but small from the perspective of the player – it basically allows me to turn off the time passage and all the distractions, so that player had to follow the quest. I was thinking about it for a while, and decided to add it here.
2. Another pack of individual sex clips for Daphne: 2x handjob, 1x cumshot.

Bug Fixes:

1. Peeking at Alexa having sex in her room won’t result in an error, and will allow you to discover her trait, if you won’t get caught.
2. Cooking for Daphne with roofies should now work properly.
3. The error that showed up during peeking at Daphne in the shower should be gone now.
4. Peeking at Alexa in the garden didn’t work
– now it should be ok.
5. Fixed a problem of always getting caught after breaking into Daphne’s and Alexa’s rooms.


Minor Changes:

1. Buying quest items won’t use up your time now. This is a small change, but I noticed that buying quest items uses your time, and buying beer – doesn’t. So I decided to unify it, and make it that buying products in general doesn’t take time.
2. This is just cosmetics, but I’ve changed the name of some of the important buttons. Basically – “Foreplay with…” is now “Flirt with…” and “Talk with…” are now called “Chat with…”. The reason for this change is that often quest buttons are also named “Talk with…” and they were often getting confused with regular “Talk” buttons.
3. Another pack of new individual sex clips for Alexa: 2x handjob, 1x anal, 1x assfingering, 1x blowjob, 1x deepthroat, 1x facefucking, 1x missionary, 1x teabagging.

Bug Fixes:

1. Deep changes in the function that draws buttons in the interface, to make some of the places where there’s a lot of quest buttons (like garden, living room, kitchen) work faster. This is a big concern, because, even though it sounds simple, the buttons are actually super complicated, so if they weren’t working right, it could cascade into this huge problem, where going to the garden could even crash your game.
2. Fixed missing clip for wet dream when you’re an alpha male.
3. Changed the way search works in each room.
This was another big rebuilt. It started as a way to address problems with “undefined” search results in Kitchen, but in the end turned out to be a full overhaul of search function. In new version each room has separate unique items that you can search only once, and a bunch of items that you can find each time.
4. Cucumber paradox part 2. Basically – some of the users couldn’t buy Cucumber for Alexa, and it turned out to be another bigger problem. In my game there’s a “pocket” function, where you put everything that needs updating – starts, cash, etc.. The problem is – as it turns out – pocket sometimes clogged itself. I made a function that clear pocket and makes it faster.
5. Anal accident during sex won’t happen to Alexa, because with her – anal is never an accident, it’s a part of life;)
6. Effects that work during sex and add player Vigour or Orgasm now should work properly.


Small changes:
1. Improved bug reporting.
2. Help panel in your room.
3. Some changes and new media in “Versus the Hoarders” quest.

Bug fixes:
4. Missing images in “Peeking” and “Enter without knocking” activities.
5. Cleaning the yard after you finished “Versus the Hoarders” now works.
6. Fixed some problems with the way time works.


Small changes:
1. Added settings screen in the left menu.
2. Ability to turn off the Patreon nagging, without turning on the Fap Mode.

Bug fixes:
3. Another fix for levelling up when maxed out.
4. Some further backwards compatibility improvement for old saves.


Main changes:

1. Another attempt at complete media conversion, this time to MP4. So the previous media conversion to WEBM turned out to be a success in terms of quality and reducing the game size, but it turned out to be problematic for Safari and Edge users. So with a huge help of Zurkei we’ve managed to convert all media to mp4. Please let me know if the issues you were experiencing are fixed, and if the game plays ok.

2. Quest “Get to know Alexa” is finally finished. It was actually quite a demanding piece of work, as it required a lot of coding. But it’s finally there. Hope you guys will like it!

3. Homework activity with Alexa. So you can now help Alexa in her homework, while she’s in her room.

4. 2 new random events. Additionally to homework activity, I added two random events, that might occur when you’re doing homework with Alexa. I think you’ll enjoy at least one of them;)

Small changes:

5. Additional “knocking” event for Alexa Room. I added it because it was a bit problematic that you’d have to pay her each time you wanna come in and help her with homework. Now it should work that sometimes she wants money, and sometimes she just lets you in.

6. “About the game” button instead of “Copyrights”. So I changed the “Copyrights” popup into a bigger section with additional info like list of team members and people who helped along the way, as well as the names of Alexa and Daphne.

7. Raised the required desire level to have sex for Alexa and Daphne. So as the game progresses and new content appears I’ll be slowly raising the bar in this area, because the game will become too easy. Though I think that old saves won’t be affect by this change anyway.

Bug fixes:

8. “Corgis” quest will now progress only once when showing memes to Daphne, not each time. The quest itself is still not ready, but the memes event is what starts it.

9. Alexa’s Orgasm yields from anal sex were broken, and now they are fixed.

10. I think I fixed the bug where sometimes you get a “limp dick” on the beginning of sex. Hopefully that won’t happen anymore.


So additionally to the above, I want to publish a list of bugs that were reported but I wasn’t able to recreate them. If one of those bugs happen to you – please send me bug report.

– Some users reported that sometimes when you knock on the doors, and you get a positive outcome, the game doesn’t let you in the room anyway.

– Double events – one user reported that when he was peeking on the girl in the shower, and finished it, the same event started all over again.


Bugfixes and support for Mozilla Firefox


Initial Release




Developer Notes:

Current state of affairs:
Become Alpha is currently in an early access version. This means that it’s not finished, but I’ve spent a lot of time making sure there are no huge bugs, and the gameplay works. The main things are there, and there are 2 fully featured characters you can date

The future:
– Multiple routes for the main storyline,
– Individual sex clips for each character,
– Strikes system that penalizes bad behavior towards a character,
– Weekly dad conversations with bonuses depending on your behavior during the week,
– Minimum 10 fully-featured characters with individual quests and storylines (currently 2),
– Additional features for player screen (wheels, crew),
– Minimum 30 quests (currently 2),
– Minimum 60 activities (currently around 15-20),
– Minimum 20 fully featured locations (currently just Daphne’s house),
– NPC system.
And much, much more…

Unlimited Password:

Open index.html on a text editor (i.e Notepad++) and search for:

} else if (fapCode.hashCode() == setup.fapUnlimitedCode) {

Replace it with this:

} else if (fapCode == "F95Zone") {

Then go to the extra content section, select the Unlimited mode and insert the password “F95Zone”.


Extras: Cheat CodeOnline

*This port is not released by Developer, Download at your own risk








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