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Battle Quest
is an adventure RPG with a transformation and erotic spin! Begin a quest to save the Deep Woods – gain gold, experience, and new abilities.
All the while form friendships, alliances and relationships as you strive for power and dare to stop the Dark Redeemer.
Beware, the Deep Woods is a strange place.
Prepare to be transformed in body and mind as you wrestle with this cursed, magical land.

This game tries to balance story, combat, and erotica.
The sex scenes should be as fun and frequent as the boss battles.
The idea is you come for the lewdness, but you stay for the engrossing storyline and challenging (but fair) gameplay!

Thread Updated: 2022-06-25
Release Date: 2022-06-10
Developer: lobsterman9999 – SubscribestarTFgamesDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

HTML, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Big Tits, Big Ass, RPG, Turn Based Combat, 2DCG, Text Based, Fantasy, Pregnancy, Lactation, Real Porn, Rape, Multiple Endings, Animated


1. Extract and run.



Important hotfix!

  • Keybindings have been added! No more need for 10,000 clicks per playthrough. Use the numbers on the keyboard to navigate the game.
  • The max history state limit has been reduced, which in turn has signifcantly reduced the ‘lag’ or delay between passages in the late-game
  • The game now recognizes the MTF gender change more consistently. People will comment on you being a different gender at various points.
  • Related to the point above, flashbacks will show your original gender
  • The bug where a female-to-futa MC would speak to Scyllia and Naya before meeting them has been fixed
  • The bug where drinking a potion would make you impossible to hit has been fixed
  • The bug where wearing more than 1 item that has a once per battle effect would prevent those effects from occuring has been fixed. So, Bloodknight Armor, Shadow Pants, etc. are all actually good now
  • The bug where ‘the Thief’ title gave you armor that doesn’t actually exist has been fixed
  • Holy Staff has been buffed. Full heal once per battle
  • The Paladin skill ‘Nullify’ costs more mana because it’s pretty busted. Still really good, just more expensive
  • The Soldier skill ‘Heroic Strike’ doesn’t give you quite as much of a stat boost, but it’s still a really effective late game skill for soldiers
  • Zabil the Betrayed is less brutal with his armor gain. He also won’t use that ability that hurts Babar and ups his armor quite as much
  • The Gatekeeper has a bit less agility, meaning his battle won’t be quite as long or difficult.
  • Some text fixes throughout


Important hotfix!

  • Defiling Lilith’s shrine as a woman for a second time will no longer lead to a blank screen. Instead, you’ll become a futanari as intended
  • The Soldier ability Counterstrike now works instead of producing an error
  • The Rogue ability Cloak of Shadows now actually increases your evasion
  • The troll fight in Chapter 1 has been made slightly easier. His stats are a bit lower, and he won’t armor up quite as often. It will still be the first ‘wake up call’ challenging fight in the game

Developer Notes:

If you’ve played an old-school RPG, you’ll be fine. Venture forth into the unknown, do battle, complete your quests! Some general advice:

  • Once you gain access to a merchant, be sure to always equip the best weapons and armor available, and sell your old items. Gold is hard to come by, so use it well to make sure you’re strong.
  • Potions are useful. Don’t hoard them – use them! A well-used potion can be the different between victory and defeat.
  • Experience is useless unless you spend it. Upgrade your attributes, but new abilities. Once you gain access to Scyllia, visit her often to enhance your abilities, too!
  • Save before boss battles. You have just one life.
  • Visit your companions every now and then – they might have side quests for you to complete.

One important note: Battle Quest generates what you encounter each day in a semi-random fashion. Sometimes, you might not advance the main quest because you just haven’t ‘rolled right’ when you venture forth in the morning. Keep questing. Keep exploring. You’ll get there soon. And extra gold and exp doesn’t hurt!!!

Romance walkthroughs:


  • You must be male (and remain male)
  • Find a way to expand your cock – Naya’s a size queen and her romance will end if you’re not packing serious heat.
  • When you hunt for her in chapter 2, express interest in her at every opportunity
  • Be nice at the Tower of Zyr
  • In chapter 3, buy a gift for her at the shop
  • Eventually, you’ll be able to visit her at her tree during the night
  • If she visits you the night before the Winter Palace opens, then you’ve locked in her romance – congrats!!!


  • You must be female (starting male and becoming female works too)
  • You must be fully female (nothing long and thick between your legs)
  • Investigate the glory hole at Babar’s shop.
  • Masturbate
  • Investigate the glory hole again, at night
  • Keep doing this (and masturbating) until Babar gives you an indecent proposal.
  • Wear his gift when you accept the proposal.
  • Wear the necklace he will give you later on, and be sure to wear it to bed for 5 nights.
  • Sleep with him (don’t reject him) when you confront him about the necklace
  • Kiss him in the Winter Palace (after the skeletal dragon battle)
  • This will lock in the romance! Congrats!


  • Starting as a male or female, become a futanari / dickgirl / whatever word you’d prefer.
  • To become a futanari, you must defile Lilith’s shrine at every opportunity
  • Once you’re a futanari, visit Scyllia and discover her dark secret
  • Go to sleep and have a dirty dream
  • Visit Scyllia about your new urges
  • Advance the main plot until you have another dirty dream (in Chapter 3)
  • Visit Scyllia again and begin a relationship
  • Visit Scyllia the next day and learn about Lilith’s Kiss
  • Find Lilith’s Kiss in the Winter Palace (in the study, near the book). Take it, despite Babar’s warning
  • Giving Lilith’s Kiss to Scyllia in Chapter 4
  • Congrats, that will lock in the romance!

List of Titles:

the Quick = Heirloom Blade
the Lucky = 500 gold
the Thief = Leather armor, gloves, and pants
the Scholar = 500 exp
the Hero of Hadamshal = +5 strength, agility, and willpower
the Silverblooded = +20 armor
the Hedge Knight = set of iron gear, including sword
the Crusader = set of blessed gear, and holy weapon
the Insane = 25str/agi, 1 will
the Arcane Preserver = Arcane Scythe and Cloak of Zyr
the Bloodborne = Karhan’s Rebuke(end game str weapon)
the Shadowsong = Silence and Fury(end game agi weapon)
the Lightbringer = Faith’s Promise(end game will weapon)
the Dragoon = Dragon hunting gear set(gauntlets, armor, axe)

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