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Welcome to Corrupt Life you and your girlfriend moved back into the suburbs to help support your family shortly after your dad passed away.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-30
Release Date: 2022-07-30
Developer: Kinkzgames Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.75
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Big ass, Ntr, Footjob, Masturbation, Cheating, Face sitting, Creampie, Interracial, Oral sex, Anal sex, Handjob, Sex toys, Multiple penetration, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teasing, Group sex, Vaginal sex


1. Extract and run.


-Videos are now starting to use .mp4
-Added Action Meter (You get 10 actions before you have to sleep)
-Added Sleep events every 10 levels for All characters till 50 ATM
-Added Mom Events (Till -70) Events
-Added Mom Events (Till -70) Random events
-Added Night bedroom (Will expand on Night stuff in a later update probably)
-Replaced pictures in 4 different gf kitchen scenes
-Changed Lust Meter to 9-11 lust per random scene (At 100 Lust you will have to watch porn)
-Changed Watching porn Now Removes -35 Lust
-Removed the No Event Sleep scene so you get better odds of seeing more scenes.
-Fixed MAJOR bug preventing Step-sister livingroom scenes to be watched though her random event.
-Fixed button error on mom (-11s)

Corrupt Life 0.7
-Added GF scenes for (-61 -70) (( like around 7 Ntr sex scenes)).
-Added Random GF scenes for (-61 -70) (( like around 5 Ntr sex scenes)).
-Added 15 sound effects/sex sounds.
-Added Volume Slider.
-Changed gf bathroom random scenes (-51 -60) is now located (51 60) added 2 new random events for gf (-51 -61) (-61 -70).
-Added Random scenes for gf and Step-sister in the kitchen as a {peek} button until I can figure out what is breaking the random events in that room.
-Fixed Major bug in sisters room scene broken (-41 -60).
-Fixed Major bug in kitchen preventing random events.
-Fixed a Step-mom bathroom scenes missing Rep Notifications.
-Fix 2 Bathroom scenes not giving mom rep.
-Resized more Images.
-Removed password for cheats.
-Step-sis livingroom random links are broken will try to have fixed next update
-Fixed 2 gf basement scenes missing sounds
-Fixed 2 missing go back buttons
-Fixed 4 sound effects playing the same audio track

Corrupt Life 0.62 ((Public Release))
-Replaced all room pictures with page backgrounds.
-Replaced all Events with Dark room Backgrounds.
-Replaced all room navigation links with buttons.
-Replaced level -4 Step-mom hallway scene.
-Replaced Step-sister bedroom level 0 Help scene.
-Added 3 new Step-mom random bathroom scenes.
-Added 4 new Step-sister random bathroom scenes.
-Added 5 new gf random bathroom scenes.
-Added 4 Bathroom Event scenes for all characters
-Added dialog to Bathroom Event scenes all characters.
-Changed all Random bathroom scenes leveling using lust to reputation.
-Rearranged a few bathroom scenes.
-Added Reputation Notifications In all rooms.
-Added Reputation Event options to Random Events in the bedrooms, Livingroom and Kitchen.
-Fixed Bugged Webp on Step-sister Bedroom +(11-20)
-Resized some pictures.
-Updated Title Screen.
-Updated cheats menu to level up characters by tier
Cheatcode is still “null” at this moment.

-till level 60 all characters will get a new basement scene every 10 levels
-till level 60 you will have a new random basement scene every 10 levels and at level 40 you will get a new select random scene depending on your reputation.
– I added a a new gif to mom livingroom rep level -51 to -60
– Notifications added to Basement
– Changed Hallway Random event’s To allow you to still pick a room during a random event. (Huge convenience Will try to make this for every room next update.)
– Sucessfully doubled the size of the game file

-GF livingroom scenes till 51-60
-GF livingroom Random events
-Random Event Notifications
-reduce random event occurrences in the hallway
-Foundation for the gallery added

-Outside, Livingroom are currently unavailable
-0.35 Raises level cap of girls to the 50’s (major)
-Around new 24 scenes w/ some new random scenes(major)
– Now has color coated dialog for most scenes.(major)
-Menu Fix Thanks to EAngelinaC

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