[HTML] Dukes & Dildos [v0.55] [Sara]


This is a story set in a fantasy kingdom ala Dungeons and Dragons. In this story you play a thief tasked by an old friend to break into the Duke’s castle and steal, of all things, a magical dildo.​

Thread Updated: 2021-04-24
Release Date: 2020-04-24
Developer: Sara04 Discord
Censored: NO
Version: v0.55
Language: English
Length: 619,000+ words

Text-Based, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multiple-Endings, Anal Sex, Bdsm, Creampie, Lesbian, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Rape, Sex Toys, Tentacles, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Turn based combat, Adventure, Fantasy, Mind control, Monster, Rpg, Beast


1. Extract and open in web browser.


v0.55 –
– Story: Add Event if you took client’s money and didn’t recruit
– Story: Quest 6
– Story: Add event for Client sub path when you don’t follow instructions
– Bug: Fix issue with chest binder vanishing when become a guard
– Bug: Allow characters not interested in Duke’s daughter to not make a move
– Bug: Fix bad set macro in Drevish battle
– Bug: Fix some hardcoded genders
– Bug: Fix hard coded companion name
– Bug: Fix issue with woods and more than one party member
– Bug: Fix sentence spacing
– Bug: Fix invalid variable about client name
– Bug: Stop third hypno quest from triggering if you have completed the quest
– Bug: Fix typos
– Bug: Fix bad ending flag on new thief line
– Bug: Fix not recording partner species in sex stats
– Bug/Enhancement: Make M Client and M Player interaction gay after recovering dildo
– Enhancement: Add Discord Server Link
– Enhancement: Add Beastiality enablement at start of the game (may be buggy!)
– Enhancement: Add map for Duke’s Castle
– Enhancement: Add ability to put map in screen
v0.54 –
– Story: Get to capital
– Story: Duke Sex Slave Kings Court 3
– Story: Add ability to willingly whore yourself on client business path
– Story: Add ability to sneak in with petty court
– Story: Add ability to climb into the Duke’s Castle
– Story: Duke Sex Slave 9
– Bug: Fix errors when equipping and unequipping the collars
– Bug: Fix book of Zarus typo
– Bug: Fix client path money and pronouns
– Bug: Complete hypno cave quest correctly
– Bug: Heal party members during off days
– Enhancement: Comment on party members once captured
– Enhancement: Add some more flavor text describing the castle
v0.53 –
– Story: Add Hypnotist Event 3 and Associated Quest
– Bug: Fix leaning -> learning typos
– Bug: Make it more clear you can go back the way you came
– Bug: Fix direction typo in Quest 5
– Bug: Fix missing function ‘getPartyMemberByIndex’
– Bug: Fix party size issue in Quest 2
– Bug: Fix unknown variable issue
– Bug: Fix map issues in Quest 5 dungeon
– Bug: Fix undefined variable issue
– Bug: Fix she instead of actual client gender
– Bug: Fix bug in woods where Avantis was listed instead of Canderous
v0.52 –
– Story: Demon Pet 5
– Story: Dungeon Next Thief Happy
– Story: Demon Pet 2 Service Commit
– Story: Add Kings Court Day 2
– Enhancement: Add item tooltips for armor, weapons, and some potions.
v0.51 –
– Story: Add Wizard Apprentice Demon Day 5
– Story: Connect Demon Day 4 Escape to Abyssal plane
– Story: Add Demon Day 4
– Story: Add Hypnotist Event 2
– Story: Add option to offer yourself to the goblins
– Story: Add New Thensbannald event
v0.50 –
New Survey
– Story: Independent Wizard Day 2
– Enhancement: Add Pre-filled bug reports
– Enhancement: Map for Quest 5
– Enhancement: Add Enchanters Shop
– Enhancement: Add Adventurer’s shop
– Enhancement: Add female clients to brothel
– Bug: Add back button to history page
– Bug: Fix incorrect output location after searching priests quarters
– Bug: Fix issue with alert level in the woods
– Bug: Fix bugs with random encounter on the way to Ravensholm and Everdew
– Bug: Fix scorpions unable to deal damage
– Bug: Fix ghoul infinite bug
– Bug: Fix issue with rapist still wearing chest binder
v0.49 –
– Story: Add hypnotist event
– Story: Add day one of countess escape town path
– Story: Add Guard Day 3
– Enhancement: Add battle speed setting
– Bug: Fix wizard path question completion bugs
– Bug: Remove ending text that shouldn’t still be there from a few places
– Bug: fix deprecated element uses
– Bug: fix some spelling/grammar issues.
v0.48 –
– Bug: Fix missing case on successful barter with fence
– Bug: Fix extra if on independent day 1
– Story: Add Countess path day 8
– Story: Add Second Client Sub Artifact Event
– Story: Add Duke Wizard Goblin Event
– Story: Add Elena’s Bitch Goblin Event
– Story: Add Quest 5
– Story: Add Quest 5 Side Quest
– Enhancement: Add party level up
v0.47 –
– Story: Add King’s Court Day 1
– Story: Add Independent Wizard Day 1
– Enhancement: Prevent leaving hubs without clothing
– Enhancement: Add Sex Data Tracking
v0.46 –
– Story: Add initial Dungeon 5 expansion
– Story: Remove ending from Dungeon 5
– Story: Add First part of countess/client path
– Story: Add ability to have Essa as a companion
– Bug: Fix bug if you buy out the armorer
Event: Add countess lesson 1 event
– Event: Add client sub BJ
v0.45 –
– New Survey
– Story: Added Quest 4
– Story: Added beast options to Revenholm encounter
– Story: Added countess escape path
– Enhancement: Allow pick up from storage even if player already has an item in the same slot
– Enhancement: Start of Good/Evil and Chaotic/Lawful scales (currently only one evil act, will add more)
v0.44.1 –
– Bug: Uninitialized variables in some of the paths of the wizard demon paths
v0.44 –
– Story: Add Harem Day 8 to King’s Court path
– Story: Add Wizard Apprentice Demon Day 4
– Story: Add ability to get drunk at Ravensholm tavern
– Bug: Fix bug in wizard path quest 3 not completing
– Bug: Fix bug getting to independent wizard
– Bug: Fix selling full bags
– Bug: Fix issues with chest binder and male sex scene
– Enhancement: Add Quest Items
– Various typos fixes
v0.43 –
– Enhancement: Add Battle Difficulty levels
– Story: Add Day 6 & 7 to Harem Path
– Story: Add Demon Day 3
– Bug: Fix unequip ring bug
– Bug: Fix unable to start quest 3
v0.42 –
– Bug: Fix issues with forest after code update
– Bug: Fix a few typos including “sweat” instead of “sweet” several places
– Story: Added harem day 5 (non-countess)
v0.41 –
– Story: Complete Day 7 for Countess Corruption Path
– Story: Add Pregnancy 1 and 2 for Demon Breeder Path
v0.40 –
– Enhancement: Prevent inventory access during battle
– Enhancement: Allow use of items from inventory between battles
– Enhancement: Party management screen with ability to heal allies
– Enhancement: Fix back button in Inventory, Party Management, and Character Screen to work correctly
– Enhancement: Warn before going on a mission with out bag, armor, and weapon
– Enhancement: Ensure player has a place for item before selling it to them
– Enhancement: Greatly simplify code
– Story: Add discovery of Nam’s turn undead talent
– Story: Add companion reaction if player chooses to loot the temple
– Story: Add event for Client Sub Path with artifact
– Story: Add start of relationship with Nam for Client Sub path
– Story: Add Quest 3 for all Hub paths
– Bug: Fence variables
– Bug: Fix Ch2 shops after save
– Bug: Correctly fail maid1 quest
v0.39 –
New Content:
– Some Countess Day 8 -> Kings Court Path (Some of the countess path still stops at Day 7)
– Kings Court Day 1 Content
– New Event Framework – Currently only one event in Elena’s Bitch Path between quest 1 and quest 2
Bug Fixes:
– Add ability to send items straight to storage from inventory when in hub
– Quest 2 – Fixed it so grabbing artifact can only be done once
– Quest 2 – Fixed bug in encounter on way to Revensholm
– Exempt rings from safe place check. You can now put them on and remove them at any time
– Fixed issue when dropping items that stack (like health potions)
– Maid Path – Fixed a random “undefined” showing up
– Fixed typo on Fence screen after declining the job
– Abyssal Plane – Fixed waitress bug
v0.38 – Fixed a bug in the card game with the countess, added initial abyssal plane content, plus added more content to the demon sub path of the wizard’s apprentice path
v0.37 – Added a dice game to the tavern (there are future plans here, they are just low priority) plus added Day 7 to the Duke Sex Slave subpath with the countess
v0.36 – Added Day 6 to the Duke Sex Slave subpath with the countess
v0.35 – New way to build the story + lots of spelling fixes + new content for the guard path up to day 3
v0.34 – Lots of changes. Added 2nd quest of chapter 2, companions, major overhaul of the battle system to add companions + thrown vials + used items + status effects
v0.33 – Fixed some typos + expanded the Demon Preg path to it’s conclusions + added ability to disable miscarriage type content .
v0.32.1 – Fixed a bug with the hubs when they allowed level up and disallowed other functions on enter.
v0.32 – Fixed a Firefox bug with the forest wolf and toadstool gathering + start of chapter 2 there is a whole new quest to get something from a wizard’s tower for people with the Duke, Elena, Your Original Client, The Count Wizard, or The Old Woman as quest givers
v0.31 – Added more to the wizard path up to chapter 2 for all non-demon paths
v0.30 – Added new card game in Tavern and on countess corruption path
v0.29 – Various fixes + Expanded Maid Paths till Chapter 2
v0.28.1 – Fix small bug in decline job path
v0.28 – Added history to side bar + extended decline the job and Duke Theif job paths to their future hub + small extension to Duke Sex Slave path
v0.27 – Expanded the Elena’s bitch path with option beast content
v0.26 – Added trigger warning + Expanded the Duke Sex Slave Path + Made the wizard forest gathering easier
v0.25 – Expanded the Demon Pet path
v0.24 – Expanded the Guard Paths by most of a day
v0.23 – Expanded Maid & Wizard Pet Paths
v0.22 – Added an FtM route for the guard path + expanded the Duke Apprentice path
v0.21 – Added more to the Duke sex slave path
v0.20 – Added more to the Elena’s bitch path
v0.19 – Fixed a bunch of spelling errors across the whole game + consolidated some dungeon paths
v0.18 – More typo fixes + Removed Duke Harem Won Path (it only leads to the dungeon now) + extended some of the harem paths and merge them as appropriate
v0.17 – Fixed some typos + Expanded Demon Pet Path + Expanded Wizard Pet Path
v0.16 – Fixed some typos + The forth day for the Maid Path
v0.15 – Expanded Wizard Apprentice path
v0.14 – More save fixes + The first night of the Guard Path
v0.13 – Various bug fixes + The second and third day for the Maid Path
v0.12 – More save fixes + The second day of Duke Sex Slave Path
v0.11 – Fix save loading bugs
v0.10 – Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Hi this is my first attempt at a game. It’s inspired by a few different sources. First off, it has a RPG rules engine including battles based of D&D. Next, it has some elements loosely in common with a Dance With Rouges (Module for Neverwinter Nights), and I’m also trying to setup some Game of Thrones esc politics.

If all that sounds pretty ambitious for my first game, well it is. The way I’m trying to do it is to pay attention to user feedback. I have surveys setup that I rotate every 5 version of the game or so to tell me what paths you wanted expanded and what you want to see. That way I can actually tell the story you guys and gals want to play as opposed to just whatever strikes my fancy, though I will do some of that too.

It’s currently about 619,000 words. For comparison, if it were a single straight novel it would be longer than all three Lord of the Rings books at this point. However, since it is broken up in many different paths you can finish a single path a lot quicker than that. It also has about 6300 different options for you to choose from so there should be lots of ability to replay and try different things. Finally it currently has 67 distinct spots that are temporary endings that I intend to expand upon eventually. There are also a handful of real game overs that don’t have any planned follow ups.

Parings included in the game right now:
MC is Female: M/F, F/F, M/M (you watch), Monster/F, MDog/F, MWolf/F
MC is Male: M/F, M/M, Monster/M

Some fetishes the game covers: Anal Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Creampie, Lesbian, Male Dom, Mind Control, Monster Sex, Oral Sex, NonConsent, Sex Toys, Vaginal Sex, Pregnancy, Corruption

Oh if you ever feel stuck and it doesn’t say you’re at an ending you aren’t at an ending. Just keep looking remember you are sometimes at the mercy of dice rolls under the covers and may not get what you need the first time entering a room.

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