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Farenta revolution is ambitious sandbox game. Where you accidentally came to some unknown island-country with their own rules .
You can be cruel or merciful. Or mix this together. You can be hero or renegade. Or stay outside other peoples trouble.
You can make this island country free or slave it even more. You can obey others will or became a ruler yourself.
It’s your life, your decisions and your responsibility.
Good Luck!​

Thread Updated: 2022-11-10
Release Date: 2022-06-21
Developer: ShanStarborn PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Male Protagonist, Real Porn, Bdsm, Corruption, Group sex, Harem, Humiliation, Male Domination, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Big Ass, Creampie, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Spanking, Vaginal sex, Blackmail, Rape


1. Extract and run.


Version 0.9
Hi. Almost 4 days withour electricity. Interesting Halloween this year in Ukraine.
And I can post update only today. In this situation and being a King of Farenta I declare:
“People of Farenta you can celebrate Halloween this year as long as you want”
Formality is over, so Halloween event transformed into a Halloween update)
-A lot of new scenes and people.
-Check dark street(you can go there from Central square)
-It’s new location for Halloween celebrating
-Also some party will wait you in college library(you need build it first)
-Illusive cave scene(you can go there from your phone(tier 4 patrons))
-Before going to Halloween party be sure to enter your patreon code
(if you have one of course)
-All patron codes were updated, check your private messages in Patreon(I’ll send it to you)

P.S. Stay safe, be happy and of course, enjoy the game.
See you soon!

Version 0.8

-603 new gifs and pics, 156 new scenes
-120 girls in the market
-whole girls market was reworked(panels, pics , scenes, interaction, parameters)
-new reward-punishment system
-also teaching system:
1. Girls have different sex skills. By teaching they will upgrade it.
2. Bigger skills, bigger satisfaction.
3. Sex skills have 5 levels (<200, <400, <600, < 800, >800)
4.Each level has different sex scene and description.
5. Teaching is only patrons feature(all patrons: revoltionary, comandante, hero and illusive man )
-now we have unique patron tier 4(illusive man) location, with unique scenes, story and people(story will be later)
-most of main location visual was changed and now looks pretty
-left panel with phone, avatar and some parameters was changed too(looks cool, i think



P.S. I always try to do more than I planned.
And always, always is some small thing I wanna change, make it better. It takes time and energy. That’s why release takes more time than I thought.
But I believe result is worth it. Have a good time playing, see you soon!

Version 0.7

Update 0.7(0.6 includes)
-Whole prologue was changed,
it contains new story, choices and of course
sex scenes
-Big main quest part
(Open sms on your phone)
-Main quest contains queen Zena’s mansion and some interaction in it
(with scenes, sex scenes and desigions)
-also new girls with sex scenes
(All of them will be important in story later)
-skills panel was changed and now it looks prettier
-also was changed people panel(check it in your phone)
-some of old videos and pics was optimized and changed a little
(less weight now)

P.S. This update contains 0.6 and 0.7. I wanna released it couple weeks ago. But I had a lot of not nice things happend in my life.
I was really sick about week and a half, still feel not quite good.
Then job problems. Why life hating me so much!?
Maybe it’s just rhetorical question!
Don’t know why it’s happening all the time, when I am trying to release new update. But whatever, since I promised this release twoo weeks ago – free version will be availalble immediately(no need wait a week).
Also I wanna see how you’ll like new prologue)
Enjoy! Love you all !!!!!!
And thanks for support, it means a lot to me and helps me survive.
See you soon, stay safe. And don’t get sick(it sucks).

Version 0.5

-356 new gifs and pics, 32 complete new scenes or 64 separate

(bj and sex)

-11 new students with sex scenes(also all previous have sex scenes now too)

-big interface changes:

1. On left panel will be shown you(personally)

(in the folder img you can find picture named “avatar.png”

it’s example how to crop your own picture.

If you want, you can change this one by yours and will have more deep game experience(seeing yoourself like main hero on the panel and passport in game))

2. Phone was changed, now it’s looks like real phone and interactive too.

3. Your stats shown in page passport(you can open it from your phone).

4. Patreon code input is available from phone too.

5. If you are a patron, you will recieve personal code from me on patreon.

Which gives you unique interface look, give you access to cheats and Shoulder mark(wich is shown on the left panel and passport will grown every month as long as you are patron)

This will affect on gameplay in future.
-shcool was reworked(now it looks way more attractive)
-student can give you her phone number(if she loves you enough)
If you have her number – you can call her from phone and go on a date
(what can end in bed:))

P.S. This update took a lot fo time and work(cause I tried to implement to much new things). Next one will be faster(Cause I improoved my skills)
At least I hope(Hope that my skills is better and I’ll have les work in real life)
Anyway. I need a rest and you can enjoy the game

See you soon!

Version 0.4

– 227 new gifs and pics, 40 new scenes
– new part of main quest, you can become a citizen!
– sex harem release(need be a citizen) – 26 girls available at the auction. You can buy one per day.
(For keeping them you need rebuild old wing in your home. Ask Rosalva!!!)
– all girls have their own scenes(will be more in future)
– also you can change thier names and how they will call you
– 2 new scenes with Sunny
– 2 new scenes with Samantha
– also now we have inventory systems(Jnly clothes avilable for now)
– 5 new traders on the market(You can buy only clothes now)
– all clothes have some bonuses (S – strength, E – endurance, Ch – charisma, Int – intelligence, Ag – agility, L – luck)
– clothes generates in game start and more after every sleep(if it will be too much tell me in discord(room for bugs))

P.S. I had some troubles with my pc, so thanks for your patience.
Also thank you very much for support(It’s mean a lot for me).
See you later. Enjoy!

Version 0.3

– 75 new gifs and pics, 8 new scenes
-Fighting system release
(on main street and Dark street you have 10% chance to be attacked by enemies.
If you lose – they will stole some money from you.
But if you win – you can stole money from them and enjoy some sexual scenes(5 types))
-Rosalva have new scene when she is in her room after 16.00
-Rosy is sexually available now
(Build library in college and be there after 13.00)
(P.S. be sure Rosy loves you enough)
-New premium person Penny and scene with her

P.S. Thanks for playing my game.
I really want to make update every week but it’s to rough. Real life job takes too much time.
So, I’ll try my best. But now, officially update will be every two weeks.
If I can do faster I’ll release it faster. I’ll inform you in Discord(join if aren’t already)

P.P.S. Love you all. Have a good day and see you soon!

Version 0.2:

-100 new gifs and pics, 9 new scenes
-Now we have skills system:
Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck.
And some starting points.
On your skills will based success in different situations
(Now you mostly need Luck and Charisma)
-Training in home was reworked. Now you can have strength training and Agility training.
-Also Charisma is growing when you teach your students
(If you have better suggestions, tell me)
-Also we have panel where you will choose your clothes and gear(It’s not working now, just presentation)
-First casino are open on Farenta – Casino Royale.
Now you can earn more money.
(P.S. Thats why you need more luck)
-2 more brothels are working too:
– Ebony Pearls
– Silken Flute
-Also we have random events(it’s two of them now, but I will add a lot more)
-Hero panel in your phone(Contains supporters names. P.S. Thank you:))
-Now for premium game version you just need to activate patreon code
-New quest person for tier 2 patrons and sex scene for her

P.S. Fighting system in progress now. I could implement it now but I don’t like how it looks. I will make it better for next update and it will be there. Inventory and more clothes stuff(with some unique effects) to buy.

Version 0.1b:

-All gifs and video were reworked(Compressed and made in better quality)
-Most of locations(with no implemented image) now have their own look
-Brothel “Maggies Horn” have now three girls:
-Clock and wait button was updated. Now when you click it, all numbers and locations change correctly.
-Also if you wanna wait for some event, you can just click wait button. No need change location and come back again:)
-Added new only tier 2 patrons character and started her storyline

(I already have patrons so they deserve some special content. As I promised on patreon. Tier 2 and higher)

P.S. Next update will be next Sunday. I will work on some gameplay and visual improvements. Of course on new fap content too:)
Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoy it! See you soon!

Version 0.1:

-Created main locations and structure of game world
-Created main storyline and game prologue
-New personas:
-Cindy, Rosalva, Samantha, Sasha, Mary, Sunny, Suzy, Rosy
-Added Characters panel(people you know will be shown there with all characteristics)
Panel will be improved in future updates
-Added Hero/Renegade system
On your decisions depends who you could be, good , bad or neutral person
With some level of hero or renegade points will be available new options in dialogs,interaction with people and important decisions.
(Functionality will be able in future updates)
-Sexual scenes with Rosalva and Sunny
-One available brothel “Maggies Horn”(One blonde available yet:)
-Gift system. It’s simple now but willbe upgrade in future(For now gifts are in local shop)

P.S. Too many stuff I wanna add to this game already but sadly don’t have time for all of it(
But it will be as fast as I can do it.
Thanks for playing!
All comments and bug report you can leave in Discord

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