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Free Cities: Origins (FCO) is an HTML game developed using SugarCube 2 based on the famous Free Cities HTML game by FCAuthor. While FreeCities was a management-centric game, we wanted to give an RPG spin on it. In FCO you are thrown into the world years after the fall of modern civilization. The Gregorian calendar while still in use, has reset its year sometime in the past. You start as an unfortunate soul who is enslaved by slave owner Shintani Hiroyuki, who, unbeknownst to him, is obsessed with his Japanese heritage and seeks to rebuild the civilizations from the myths of old.

The game takes the player on a journey from slavehood to eventually the main character in a power struggle between settlements and the last centralized power, the Trade Union. From here, the player can align themselves with a particular faction, affecting the entire game world. The world itself is dynamic and constantly changing, many of these changes are completely unknown to the player until they receive higher status and thus intel. The world also features a dynamic economy that operates on Supply-and-Demand and simulated Brownian motion.

The final phase of the game (in development) is to build a settlement from the ground up which will be the first Free City. We plan to have complex diplomatic and economic actions against other settlements, and of course, complex actions with player vassals and subjects.


Currently, gameplay is limited to areas within Nipon (the main starting settlement), and the game follows two subphases (of Phase 1).
Subphase 1: The player is a low slave and thus needs to grind their way up by maintaining a high trust and obedience. This part of the game is slightly grind-heavy (but should be easy on a lower difficulty [maybe 5-10 minutes?]) and meant to be some-what monotonous as we wanted to show how terrible being a slave actually was!

Subphase 2: Once you raise your status you will be able to leave Shintani’s home and explore Nipon. Here you can interact with the economy and make money by working at the Mines. You can train at the barracks as well. You will be able to start molesting Shintani’s slaves by increasing your willpower (from being outside) and interacting with them past 12AM. While you could do this earlier, it’s only feasible now since you can raise your willpower. Finally you’ll also be able to purchase your own slaves and manage them.

Phase 2: (In development) Exiting Nipon and exploring the world

Phase 3: (In development) Build own settlement (Free City) from the ground up.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-01
Release Date: 2022-06-01
Developer: mimusstudios – WebsiteSubscribestar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

HTML, 2DCG, 3DCG, Anal Sex, Character creation, Corruption, Cum Fetish, Dystopian setting, Female Protagonist, Footjob, Humiliation, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Management, Oral Sex, Rape, RPG, Sandbox, Slave, Sleep Sex, Strategy, Text-based, Trainer, Vaginal Sex


1. Extract and run.


– Quest “Cycles of Abuse” to own a slave
– You can now buy an infinite amount of slaves (not tested for lag yet)
– Ability to buy first slave at 10% the price
– 5 new assignments
– Rules for punishments and rewards
– Ability to adjust weight of slave through diets
– Ability to change names of slaves
– Revised default “Ask” action to give different responses based on disposition
– Asking about what someone likes can now unlock their sex preferences (if disposition is good)
– Finance tracking
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed issue where Emily did not recognize the Namm Insignia
– Removed ability of slave to enjoy rape
– Made back button not redirect all the way back to main menu in Shintani’s Home
– Fixed some distance calculations not working
– Recompressed audio (this time without sacrificing quality)
– Fixed arousal bar not showing up during molest scenes

– Divine Touch Brothel in the Slums
– Auction House in the Market District (slaves refresh every 7 days or so)
– Unable to buy slaves for now. That’ll be included next update
– Framework for owning slaves (not fully operational yet)
– Made quit button redirect to start page rather than close the window if you just want to restart
– Added two books that can be found and studied in the library given the Lost Knowledge title
– Can complete “Knowledge is Power” quest which gives access to “Something Lost” (requires Lost Knowledge for now)
– Added renders for Audrey, Will, and Bartender at Divine Touch
– Furthered the “Power Struggles” quest by a couple of stages
– Can now side with Shintani or Lia
– Can now equip Namm Insignia to visit Emily’s place
– Added render of Lia without her dress if you blackmail her with high manipulation
– Added manual bypass for screensize
– Added “Pass Time” button on the main maps in Nipon
– Added Sonder Ville
– Added Emily’s Home (but you can’t do much right now)
Bug Fixes:
– More grammar and text
– Issue where slaves assigned to train or study caused an error
– Audio quality (makes file sizes big again, but I couldn’t deal with bad audio sorry)
– Force player weight to 0 to counteract the negative sex-value bug

– Implemented Sol Brothel
– Can now do that favor for Himari to access the library
– Can work for brothel if either did favor for Himari, or have a sex_value higher than 25
– You can increase sex value by increasing sex skills
– Can check on slaves assigned to Sol Brothel during hours of operation
– You can now increase sex skills by continually fucking slaves
– The gain in skill probability goes down as skill increases
– Added “Hours” button in map navigation
– Slaves on assignment now are no longer available to interact with during work hours
– Rebalanced obedience, now different difficulties need to work different amount of hours (in the home) to not lose obedience. Removed need to have low stamina (0 hours for very easy, 1 hour for easy, 4 hours for normal and hards)
– Added dialogue for Shintani that explains this
– Made some chance-based events 2x as likely for very easy difficulty, and 1.5x for easy difficulty
– Made training at Barracks probability-based
– Caps at skill level 49 and probability of increase decreases with skill level
– Changed password (good luck to people trying to crack it)
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed issue where studying a subject always led to growth
– Fixed issue where exploration always led to injury in the mines
– Fixed error on setting orders to Shintani’s orders
– Fix lots of grammar and typos

– Sex engine that includes rape that allows raise/lowering affection, willpower etc.
– Bars for other characters no longer show numerical values with the exception of health and stamina
– Changed RSA from 8bit to 16bit for patron/supports
– Changed the requirement for not losing obedience when sleeping to be working at least 4 hours per day
– Added finances tab for the player
Bug Fixes:
– Grayed-out the location buttons that are WIP
– Made slave traits pull from gaussian instead of generating all from zero (will require new game to take effect)
– Fixed issue with slave fetishes generating as NaN values
– Fixed invalid math calculation for whoring at the brothel
– New inventory system
– Ability for female MCs to rape people if they equip a strap-on (search Himari’s room with high dex)
– New background
– Full working dialogue for Lia in her tower for quest “Power Struggles” (this is the quest before the quest towards freedom) – Quest Power Struggles updated to stage 3 (not done)
– Ability to study in the library
– Some renders for molesting Mei (not all, some cum-actions may not have any image)
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed issue where audio volume reset on load
– Fixed an issue where assigning a slave to the brothel did incorrect text display in summary
– Fixed issue where raping a male still allowed you to mess with their nonexistent “pussy”


– Added the ability to set the diet for slaves which you can make assignments for
– Added the ability to learn a slave’s likes, dislikes, and fetishes
– Added some more dialogue and some better indicators for when things are not done
– Changed discrete SDE approximation of commodities to use the explicit formula rather than Euler Scheme to increase performance
– Added a global interest rate
– Added a preliminary engine to automatically convert between old and new save files
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed issue where having a high affection or low will power slave broke the molesting scene
– Fixed issue where going directly to high slave without asking Shintani what to do broke “The Nipon Economy” quest

– The importance of status, now no need to have raw stats to force slaves to do something. Use your status against them for rape etc.
– Higher status slaves now can manage lower status slaves
– You can now give assignments to slaves which will affect their stats, skills, etc. in sort of the same way as the original FC (note this is not fully fleshed but it should work) (you have to sleep for the changes to occur)
– The search function is now implemented and you can steal from people’s rooms at night, but it also depends heavily on suspicion and dexterity the same as molesting does
– Randomized the tea scene and added status to it
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed issue with Emily’s text crashing the game


– Scene with Emily if you don’t have enough money to pay for the initial barracks fee
– Iron and silver roll changes when exploring the mines
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed issue with saving on exit menu
– Fixed issue with selling certain commodities eating your items without paying money
– Fixed issue with loading audio when loading a save
– Fixed issue with mainLog floating out of the div for some users

Developer Note:

This is my first game ever, so I’m always open to feedback and pointers. If you have suggestions please join our Discord. This game is also in pre-alpha, so it is VERY new. Expect fast iteration times and bi-weekly updates that overhaul the game engine significantly. The overall roadmap of Phase 1 can be found here.

I know a lot of people doubt my ability or tenacity to see this game through, and I know I have huge shoes to fill. While I can’t make any assurances about the latter point, I wanted to let you guys know that I personally am a software engineer at a very well-known tech firm, so while this is my first game ever, it’s not at all my first rodeo at huge projects. Anyways, looking forward to proving you guys wrong



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