[HTML] In Her Own Hands [v0.6.4a] [Surprise & Delight Media]


I could never have imagined the life that I have now. I live each day with no regrets, but that wasn’t always the case.

I was always the “good girl” who did everything perfectly. I colored inside the lines and never knew what I was missing. When I caught my boyfriend cheating with my best friend, I decided enough was enough. I left college and moved to the city, taking my life in my own hands. Now each day is an adventure, especially for someone as inexperienced at…well, everything…as I happen to be. Moving in with two hot guys started me down a path of temptation, and I’m only looking forward from here. I can’t wait to share all my experiences with you.

In Her Own Hands” is a compelling, HTML-based, adult game featuring a young female protagonist and the temptations that await her in the city. This immersive life sim was intentionally created to offer a sex-positive exploration of a woman’s sexual journey. Her erotic adventures know no bounds but are grounded in consent. She retains full agency over her decisions, no matter what consequences might follow. The IHOH story will continue to unfold as you connect with her personality, molding her character and journey according to your own will as you are presented with meaningful choices at every turn.

Note: This game will not contain coerced or forced sexual activity, nor any incestuous relationships.

Thread Updated: 2022-05-11
Release Date: 2022-05-11
Developer: Surprise & Delight Media PatreonDiscordBuyMeACoffeeitch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.4a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real porn, Female protagonist, Text based, Dating sim, Animated, Romance, Virgin, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Corruption, Cheating, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Interracial, Creampie, Stripping, Teasing, Cosplay, Drugs, Sex toys, Sleep sex, Prostitution, BDSM


1. Extract and run In Her Own Hands.html.



Implemented new scenes for paying rent on time or late. Now leads to consequences (bad end) if rent not paid on time several times.
Added ability to purchase a vape at the hemp store.
Added ability to use vape at home (on balcony), on roof deck, at park.
Added intoxication levels associated with vape.
Added several randomly appearing scenes based on vape intoxication levels at home and at park.
Added ability to drink alcohol (purchasable at liquor store) at home in kitchen.
Added randomly occurring “encounters” with customers when working at Spencer’s or the Diner. The protagonist can choose how to respond.
Added background image to phone passages.
Changed format of Contacts/Characters page, added shortcuts to text or call.
Re-coded Camera and Gallery functions. Re-coded Settings function to incorporate new Camera code. Added several new selfies.
Changed appearance and function of calling people and sending texts.
Added three new event-triggered phone calls from Emily (your sister).
Changed and updated Tutorial.
Added “End Show Early” button to cam shows.
Minor changes to appearance of left sidebar.
Added Beauty and Fitness bonuses to bar and diner tips. Added brief mention of bonuses to Tutorial on Statistics.
Several bugfixes.


Added Beauty Bonus and Fitness Bonus stats
Increased walking and scooter times to go Uptown or Downtown
Added FuckR app menus, account information, matches
Added Match 1 and Date 1
Added Match 2 and Date 2
Added Match 3 and Date 3
Added banner ad to NSFW website
Added live cam menus/text
Added camming options and media
Fixed bug with convenience store allowing protagonist to spend more money than she has available
Fixed bug with missing links in Kitchen
Fixed missing image in Tutorial
Fixed bug with variables at Club with Shaun
Fixed bug with wages when being re-hired for jobs that were previously quit

The “Band Guy” returns to the Record Store (finally!) – 2 scenes
The “Dare to End All Dares” with Abby, including several variable scenes during the course of the week, and three possible NSFW endings
New work scenes at City Shadows (adult bookstore)
New work opportunity at City Shadows
Scenes if you meet Shaun in kitchen after club when MC does not go with him
Short new scene with Shaun
Short scene with Scarlett
New random scenes possible when changing uniform at the Bar
Fixed bug in RideMe car service, so that you can only go to other locations
Fixed bug in “Waiting” feature
Fixed several bugs causing conflicts between events in different paths
Fixed other minor typos and bugs

Fixed bug with Update Saves feature

Jasmynn follows up with Becca (after Gala)
Cassidy follows up with Becca (after date)
Timing bug fixes on Cassidy events
Randomly appearing scenes with Bobby and Shaun in their rooms
Wardrobe-connected scenes watching TV with Bobby or Shaun
Wardrobe-connected media/text on Balcony
New short progression of scenes with Shaun
New scene with Bobby
New work scene at Bookstore (begins new path)
New phone apps, image-mapped: RideMe (car service), FuckR (dating app), Alerts (TBA) [Apps functionality still works in progress, will be finished in next update]
Cigarettes added to convenience store
Smoking added to balcony, roof-deck
Shoplifting added to convenience store (success and failure scenes)
New records added to record store
Nightstand added to bedroom (sex-toy inventory)
Items added to SUGAR
Bedroom options expanded
Personal hygiene item added to convenience store, can use from backpack or nightstand
Tips adjusted if wearing temp uniform
Changed initial calls to Jasmynn and Devilish Dad to work from phone (in addition to backpack)
Allow Scarlett’s Friendship statistic to decrease into negative
Adjusted frequency of several random events
Adjusted certain statistical gating of scenes/options/events
Fixed timing bugs with Tyler scenes at Spencer’s
Fixed several bugs related to drinking at Spencer’s
Edited Dylann scene at Spencer’s
Fixed bug where bartender or waitress uniforms remained in wardrobe saved sets after quitting job
Fixed bug where bra and panties would stay on when changing to an outfit that did not have them
Several other minor bug fixes and edits
New media to increase variety in repetitive scenes

Series of events for the first “real” date for Jasmynn.
The next date with Mr. Jones (“Devilish Dad”), including the introduction of a significant new function for customizing this path (Kink Diary).
Scenes for visiting Bobby in his room reflecting certain wardrobe choices.
New items added to the Wardrobe.
Purchasable items added to the Liquor Store.
Added ability to be rehired by jobs that had been previously quit (with some strings attached).
New way to avoid scheduling conflicts across different paths, so that two events are not scheduled at the same time.
Removed some “special” links for Abby events, so that they will now trigger in appropriate locations when expected.
Added interaction with Abby to introduce Dive Bar.
Added ability to invite Abby to hang out at Dive Bar via text message at any time after it is introduced, with three new variant scenes.
Added ability for Abby to invite protagonist to Dive Bar at random times after it is introduced.
Added Dive Bar as a functional location where protagonist can drink alone after it is introduced, with two variant scenes.
Added new variant scenes for protagonist peeking on Shaun.
Added new porn and literotica options on laptop.
Added two extended sample erotica ebooks, in partnership with (real) erotica authors The Secret Submissive and Alexa Sommers.
Various new wardrobe-responsive images around apartment.
Modified calculation of “Romance potential” for characters to also reflect protagonist’s Romance statistic.
Modified Cassidy’s invitation to occur automatically when prerequisite statistics have been met, rather than randomly after prereqs met.
Limited impact of various activities on Inhibition and Corruption statistics.
Fixed error where Bobby would try to collect rent after midnight, so that he will now only try to collect rent after 6:00am.
Fixed error where you could visit James for booty call if Naked (which allowed you to be outside naked).
Fixed error where the day of Cassidy’s date would repeat if protagonist spent the night.
Fixed numerous minor bugs and typos.


Plot development:

  • A series of events leading to Becca’s first sexual experience with a woman (it is now also possible to play entirely as a lesbian, and even lose her virginity to a woman)
  • A sexual encounter with an intriguing new man (the first of what will be a new “quest” in future versions)

Major changes/additions:

  • Completely dismantled and re-worked the Halloween party, including more freedom of action while at the party and several new scenes and images
  • Added a “Ladies’ Night” to the bar, when Becca is either working or just drinking (sets up future scenarios)
  • Adjusted the events with Tyler in the bar to make them avoidable and more accurately reflect their relationship statistics
  • Refined entire series of events with Jasmynn, including changing how first one-on-one meeting triggers, relationship statistics for her “girls” and the first date, added a hint about the business card
  • Added several new selfies to the phone in various clothing choices, added ability to make some of them her phone background; added “standard” text messages with Emily and Abby that are not tied to events; updated and refined the Text Message Archive
  • Added several new records; embedded Spotify players and links for all records when listening alone or with Bobby
  • Added new “splash page” and title page; added backgrounds for all scenes
  • Refined the CumPoints system to more accurately record experiences during events; adjusted statistics for learning skills and preferences; fixed bug where CumPoints status bar did not reset when Becca came; added that when Becca does not come, her Arousal statistic is affected
  • Removed the “Update Saves” function out of the TitKok app to a stand-alone menu item in the side bar
  • Added a button to “Save current outfit” to the Wardrobe

Minor changes/additions/bugfixes:

  • Added several new wardrobe-based images around town (walking uptown/downtown, at park)
  • Refined code and statistics when watching “adult entertainment”
  • Added Bobby’s girlfriend Scarlett to the relationship page
  • Updated Progress Tracker/Hints for all paths
  • Adjusted scene where James first appears to end entire path and to avoid ride home so that you can just return Downtown
  • Added drunk status to all older scenes where she is drinking (with Abby, roommates, etc.)
  • Added ability to “Keep hanging with Shaun” rather than having to leave and return
  • Fixed bug with appearance of drunk status in sidebar
  • Made sleep more restful so that more Energy returns with fewer hours of sleep
  • Fixed numerous typos/grammatical errors and minor conditional bugs throughout the game

Revised conversation about Bobby’s interests, introducing clues to new scenes.
Two new sex scenes with Bobby.
Expanded “special” sex scene with Bobby.
Updated general scenes in Bobby’s bedroom so that you can do different activities without leaving and re-entering.
New records added to Record Store.
Purchasable items added to Hemp Store.
Bedroom masturbation scenes expanded.
Aesthetic changes to eBookStore
Adjusted statistical requirements for leaving bedroom in various clothing choices.
Directly connected certain minor activities to specific statistic requirements.
Added variant media and text to kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, connected to wardrobe and/or relationships
Randomly appearing “special” events in living room with Bobby, Shaun, and Bobby’s girlfriend (Scarlett)
Randomly appearing “special” events in bathroom with Bobby, Shaun, and Scarlett
Fixed bug with phone and text alerts
New Abby dare in clothing store
Fixed bug with last Abby dare (from v. 0.5.0)
Fixed bug with exploring the city at night

Two new scenes progressing Jasmynn path
Added intoxication tracker/sobering up over time
Adjusted frequency of Tyler scenes in bar
Adjusted several scenes (text, images) to better define bar
Added additional bar work scene
Added intoxication if drinking in bar
Added ability to purchase record player, records in record store
Added ability to give records as a gift to a character
Added three new books in bookstore, reading in bedroom
Added ebook-store to laptop, two ebooks, reading in bedroom (laptop)
Refined “TitKok” function to update save games, added instructions to tutorial
Added “Romance potential” to Characters/Contacts (function of Friendship and Attraction statistics)
Added flirting skill
Converted scene with James at his apartment after leaving coffee shop to CumPoints system
Added ability to text message James at night (booty call!)
Added new aesthetic changes to CumPoints system
Adjusted photo of MC on Statistics page, progressive profile photos based on personality changes
Added new images to downtown/uptown locations, day/night
Fixed minor bugs with Shaun sex scenes
Fixed timing bug if sleeping in Shaun’s room after scene
Fixed bug where notice to transfer money to Dad appeared before he called
Fixed several text passages that referred to certain optional scenes that had not occurred
Fixed timing bug if sleeping at James’s apartment after date
Fixed bug so incoming text links disappear after message is viewed
Updated Progress Tracker to reflect all new scenes

Scene with Shaun in kitchen after the club converted into the CumPoints Sex System.
Scene with Shaun in his bedroom converted into the CumPoints Sex System.
Progression with Tyler in bar now available when drinking at the bar but not working there.
New scene with Jasmynn.
New dare from Abby.
New purchasable item at SUGAR.
Phone call and text message notifications in left sidebar are now clickable shortcut links.
New system for managing masturbation options in bedroom, shower, and bathtub.
New “Check version” function in TitKok app.
Adjusted statistical requirements for leaving bedroom and apartment without intimate apparel.
Adjusted statistical requirements for sleeping without sleepwear.
Added three new text variants when drinking at bar.
Added several new images for dreams when sleeping in bedroom.
Fixed bug where Bobby scene after getting first job was assumed to have occurred when opting out.
Other minor typos and bugs fixed.

Bugfixes and minor changes



  • New plot point added to preface, corresponding scenes added and edited
  • Bad ending related to the new plot point

S&D CumPoints© Sex System

  • New pop-out right sidebar during sex scene(s), with “CumPoints” status bars to track progress toward completion for Becca and her partner(s)
  • First date sex scene with James completely reconstructed in sex system (to be universally implemented in future versions)
  • Choice of actions within scenes for full agency and autonomy
  • Multiple options for scene completion
  • Becca now has “learnable” skills and preferences that affect options within scenes; these will interact with skills and preferences of different partners
  • Ability to lose virginity to Shaun or Bobby, in addition to James; scene text edited
  • Ability to wear condoms during most sex scenes added; scene text edited

Progress Tracker

  • “Progress” tracker provides “non-spoiler” hints for each open path (“To-Do” List); notifies when end of current content achieved


  • Inhibition and Corruption statistics redefined
  • Some scenes now raise Romance statistic
  • Removed minimum for Inhibition and maximum for Corruption
  • Generally re-adjusted all statistic affects in whole game, to balance with new calculations


  • Wardrobe items defined with statistics measuring Comfy, Naughty, and Professional; these statistics affect Inhibition/Corruption stats; designed to affect future scenes
  • Several clothing items removed from beginning wardrobe; moved to Clothing Store
  • Two additional “saved sets” added (now total of 5)

Phone Function

  • Fully functional cell phone with ability to send and receive phone calls and text messages; take and view selfies; social media apps; select phone background from several options (will be expandable in future versions)
  • Moved “Characters” from side menu to “Contacts” in phone
  • Moved “Map” from side menu to phone
  • Moved “TitKok” from side menu to phone
  • Added text message archive to view text messages already received
  • Moved all text messages and incoming phone calls into new phone system, adjusted triggers accordingly (can now be received in any location)
  • Bank app added if account opened; limited banking capabilities added


  • Ability to “quick-travel” from “Map” screen (relocated to cell phone)
  • Several newer locations made fully functional (updated from last version)
  • SUGAR (toy store) can now be located through “Explore the city”
  • Notification when all currently available locations have been found
  • Bank added, ability to open account, deposit and withdraw money; bank transfers related to new plot point; app included on phone with limited capabilities


  • Resolved several scheduling conflicts between different paths (for example, cannot schedule hangout with Abby if already scheduled date with Mr. Jones, and vice versa; cannot schedule any conflicting events on Halloween)
  • Ability to create custom names for game saves
  • “Wait a bit” function added; can wait for up to two hours with no energy depletion
  • Becca will now dream when she sleeps
  • All paths now have ability to end at beginning of path, will prevent all future event triggers in that path
  • Limited sidebar menu while on menu screens to prevent “loops”
  • Numerous text edits for grammar, syntax, typos, etc.
  • Numerous minor aesthetic changes

Major bug fix in loading saved games from previous versions
Minor error/bug fixes

Minor error/bug fixes

New events with “Devilish Dad” (several dates, BDSM content)
New repeatable events with Shaun at home
New repeatable events with Shaun at Club
New repeatable event with Bobby at home
New events with Abby
New event with Jasmynn
New activity in Park
Random events/new locations exploring the city
Random, repeatable text messages
New books in bookstore, bedroom
Improvement to Wardrobe system (removal of Laundry requirement)
Several bug and error fixes, text corrections
Experimental system to update saved games from one version to next (see Developer Notes)

Minor error/bug fixes

New events with Bobby
New events with Shaun
New friend (female) with several events
Random work scenes at all four potential jobs
New character at bartender job (male), several events
New character at bartender job (female)
New character at record store job (male)
New character at waitress job (male)
New events and mini-game at bookstore job
New purchasing ability at clothing store, new clothing items
New location (store)
New text message system (incoming only for now)
New mode of transportation
New reading, books in bedroom, bookstore
Improvements to Wardrobe system
Brief Tutorial text available at start & from sidebar
Several bug and error fixes, corrections

Bug fixes

Bug fixes – video files

Added ability to save clothing sets
Statistics adjusted
GIFs converted to MP4s
Minor bug fixes

First Release

Developer Notes:

The “In Her Own Hands” experience presents a unique opportunity to play an interactive adult game conceived and created by Surprise & Delight Media, a female and male team. Current version available through Patreon.

While the game has been tested extensively, it is in active development. Please report any issues to our #bug-reporting channel on Discord (direct link: https://discord.gg/Bn8WhJKj7e) or email at [email protected].

If you are a fan of “In Her Own Hands,” please support us by becoming a patron. Patrons will have exclusive benefits at every level, including access to game releases, official walk throughs, voting authority in polls, and even opportunities to submit media as well as character and story ideas. Your generosity will allow us to continue to develop and design IHOH with a focus on high-quality media, complex characters, and fresh storylines that explore all aspects of sex, sexuality, and gender.


Extra: Play Online

Note: While some non-storyline content is “stats-gated,” there is a lot of content available that is not triggered at all by statistics. If you can’t find any of the storylines, try visiting different locations and get a job. For a more detailed discussion of the game “concept,” read this public Patreon post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/53409410

Sneak Peek:












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