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Love and Corruption is a text-based, turn-based combat game where you’ll be able to explore a growing universe, discover a world with different types of creatures, races, spells, and locations to explore. You will play as a man who has just suffered a wave of loss, and finds himself in the midst of a total change in his life, and you will make the decisions that will affect his life after all that.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-28
Release Date: 2022-06-26
Developer: Airell – PatreonDiscordItchWikiNewgrounds
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Average gameplay: 12-15 hours


Vaginal sex, female dom, male dom, male protagonist, big tits, milf, Character creation, Fantasy, Combat, Turn based combat, Virgin, Romance, tittyfuck, Pregnancy, Furry, Oral sex, Adventure, Monster girl, TF, Milf, Slavery.

More slavery, more Pregnancy…

Never will be… Seriously, don’t ask!
Loli, Shota, Necro, Beasty, Scat, futa, gay content


1. Extract and run on the browser.


Ver 0.2.2 Changelog

– Added ending part and completion of the “Helping Fellise” story mission.

* Accessible from Elyien’s Palace in Lyra.​
* Added “Hills Orc camp” map, combat and final boss with a surprise and story challenge.​
* Morbash, Orc leader​
* Aketh, the Wyvern​

– Rewritten the entire Renelis storyline. New dynamics for the nymph sisters, new scenes, more content and dialogues.

* Oral sex (Unique and repeable), tittyjob (Unique and repeable), vaginal sex (Unique ‘virgin’ and repeable)​
* New dialogs and new plans for Renelis.​
* Soon I will share Renelis’ story, where she will be able to live in Skystone as a follower and lover.​

– Evelyn now can be a follower and live at Skystone.

* At the end of the quest “Helping Fellise”, she is one of the 3 key girls.​
* Unique and repeatable events for her. Sexual and non-sexual.​
* Training, breakfast, unique dialogues for you to get to know her.​
* If you cultivate enough love, you can become Evelyn’s lover.​
* Unique relationship intro scene, with artwork.​
* After that, she can sleep with you in bed and more repeatable sex events.​
* Bathing with Evelyn itnro scene, and repeable dialogs and events after that.​

– Post quest events added to Fellise, new potion set added to Fellise Heart and new armor added to Ore Rings.
– New special set of potions, Lust pot and Lustless pot.
– Added new random opponent as Skystone forest, wolf pack and alpha wolf.
– Improvements to the “wait” system, extended to more locations. Sorry for not adding this sooner.

– Also added specific waiting points in hostile locations. (Reagent collection locals)

* Masturbation, wait, and nap options.​

– Added unique dialogs for Violith to the sex system. (3.6k words)
– New unique scene with Usanna, after the tribe rebuilding Festival, if you fight for her and win.
– Polishes and improvements to the game code. Always very important…

Ver 0.2.1

– Added content for Violith, lots of content. I would say she’s kind of the star of this release. From the second unique event with Violith, after the protag repairs the castle.

* Bath events with violith. Single introductory event, and repeatable events and dialogs.​
* You can take the gargoyle to warm your bed, sleeping in your room and interacting intimately.​
* Repeatable events in the morning… If you have high enough love level.​

– Added new NPCs for Fellise, with new dialogues, potions and equipment.
* Fellise will have a lot of cat people, my favorite furry species. lol

– Biggest addition to the “Helping Fellise” story quest. Added the second part of the mission.

* 2 new maps added.​
* Lyra, wild elven town.​
* Ancient Forest, Forest of Fellise.​
* Mysterious character with the biggest impact on the story, Rayssa. She is introduced during the quest.​

– Added two new opponents, Gnoll hunter and Gnoll huntress. They are opponents that can be found on the plains, and participate in the “Helping Fellise” mission.

* When generic opponents, female gnolls have a few scenes.​
* Oral, doggystyle, or use the sex system.​
* Special scene if you lose to the Gnoll hunter.​

– Content with Belle has been polished and improved, a few additions setting the thing up with Eileen and Belle for a major expansion in the future, when Eileen becomes pregnant and they both go to live at the castle.

– Added reagent collection regions at each special spot. Different reagents can be sold to alchemists.

* Some reagents must be collected at specific times, so be careful.​

– Added new swords/potions/armor. Including artwork for them. (Except the new line of potions, I don’t afford to commission the artworks for this…)
– Added artwork for breast service scene with Violith.
– Added unique action/pose variation for Usanna to the sex system, 3.8k words.
– Added artwork for Marco and Adalyn in Ingmery, and Helesys, Fellise’s alchemist.
– Drop rate increased, new drops added. They are items that are worth more, so this is good for farming more gold.
– Code structure improvements that left my head and spine hurting like hell.

Ver 0.2 Changelog

– Initial expansion for Ellaryel. She is the main star of this release, and you can now interact with her in different ways. Everything with Ellaryel has been polished and improved, now you can find out more about our elf girl.

* New dialogs and interactions​
* Train in the castle​
* Interact with her in the west tower​
* Breakfast interactions (Repair kitchen required)​
* Sex scenes added…​
* Love starting scene (20 love points)​
* Blowjob scene​
* Have her to sleep at your bedroom​
* Bathing chambers with her​
* You can have her to serve you​
* You can have a taste of her…​

– Added new skill tree.

* New skills and traits​
* New skill for the past “Mother heritage” and “Magic heritage”​

– The game received a balance rebalance for combat and attributes.

* You get 10 stat points per lvl.​
* Receive 1 skill point per level, every 5 levels 3 skill points.​
* More skills/traits to be added later.​

– You can collect Blessing root and Rebirth pollen, and you can sell the reagents to Reneh. (Eventually I will add new reagents for Eldrin as a way of extra income)

* Rebirth Pollen is a random encounter during the night, where the flower can be found.​
* Blessing root can be collected at the proper place once a day.​

– Artworks added

* Ellaryel bathing​
* Ellaryel bed servicing​
* Shel artworks​
* Anellie artworks​

– Usanna small variables

* Cum outside generates loss of love with Usanna! If it gets too low and yougive her no babies, she will end the relationship with you. Watch out!​

– Ardass map improved
– Added Fellise quest (First part, more at 0.2.1)
– Added Fellise outskirts map
– Fellise city map
– Evelyn introduction (More later at 0.2.1)
– Structural improvements to story missions/polishing

Ver 0.1.11

Castle updates
– You can restore the next part of the castle, servant quarters.
– 10 rooms to be restored, 3 different qualities. This causes a daily effect on servant’s love.
– Cheap room, simple room, comfy room.
– Changing the quality of rooms costs money, beware of that.

Violith new event
– After repairing this small wing of the castle, Violith will have a new interaction.
– A unique event, and then a new repeatable scene.

Ghorza next story part – Transformation (Purification) event
– If you have the servants’ quarters restored, the library restored, and you saw the library opening event with Gwen, you can bring Ghorza to the castle.
– Initial event, a unique special scene involving magic, sensual transformation and a light touch of drama.
– After that, you have the new servant for your castle.
– A lot of interactions, scenes and dialogue with Ghorza after her introduction and transformation in the castle.
– This includes taking her to sleep in the master bedroom. – Sex in the bath chambers!
– A unique intro scene, and two repeable scenes.
– You can spend time with your girl, just relaxing with her in the bath. It increases love.
– All dialogue and interactions with Ghorza at this point vary depending on her love level.
– If love is high enough, you can drink good wine with your servant.
– Ghorza artwork
– Ghorza pure, after castle introduction tuft
– Ghorza cowgirl sex scene!

Usanna new events & artwork
– Added two scenes for Usanna, one pregnant, and one non-preg. – Usanna received artwork for the missionary scene. – Pregnant, lightly pregnant and heavily pregnant variations.

Ver 0.1.10

Rasha content
– Repeable pregnancy (5 kids)
– Cute content with Rasha’s kids, when they’re old enough.
– Added new sex scenes to Rasha. The new set now includes…
– Missionary. (Preg and non-preg)
– Cowgirl. (Preg and non-preg)
– Doggystyle. (Preg and non-preg)

Usanna content
– You should feel the player more dommy now, this was done to better suit Usanna’s scenes with her personality/desire.
– Polishing and review.

Black Axes whore pens content
– Along with the addition of the edge map, much of the content of this has been redone and improved.
– Radasha, Moggana and Shelana now have more content, dialogs and interactions.
– Gharol side interactions added.
– To unlock this milf orc’s sidestory, you can interact with the girls on the edge and try to flirt with her. Persist, and she will fall.

New maps
– Black axes tribe.
– Tribe’s brothel. (Whore pens)
– Rasha’s home.

Revisions, modifications, additions to hostile NPC scenes.
– Female orc scenes. Revisions and additions.
– Corr. female orc. Revisions and additions.
– Removed the timer for Eileen’s quest.
– Slight change in Eileen’s quest intro, you can start this on Hazel Arrow.

New art
– Gharol.
– Added Rasha doggystyle sex CG.
– Pregnant and non pregnant variations.

Ver 0.1.9

  • New character, Eldrin, and new alchemy shop in Ardass with new potions.
  • Added side quest related to Eldrin, you can start this after completing the quest “Rescuing Skystone” by going to the alchemy shop in Ardass.
    • – New side NPC unlockable during the quest, Merin. You can find her at the INN in Ardass after completing this. (Interactions with her will be expanded in the future)
    • – New myth and hostile NPC added, it’s a powerful enemy, be careful.
  • Expanded interactions with Naomi, you’ll be able to enjoy some more warm weather and some drinks with her at the INN during the evenings.
  • Initial interactions with Gwen, part of the main story, she now moves to the castle, introducing the protagonist to the knowledge of enchantments.
    • – Dialogues and early events with Gwen.
    • – Adding prototype enchantment system. You can cultivate energy and use it to enchant weapons and equipment with whatever element you prefer.
    • – NPCs have different racial resistances, be careful when using this.
    • – You must reform the library to get the event releasing this.
  • Now you can reform the library at the castle.
  • New artwork added.
    • – Khae stand sex scene.
    • – Khae busts, dressed and nude.
    • – Belle rework.
    • – Male and female thieves busts, nude and dressed.
    • – New itens images.
    • – I won’t remember them all here, but I like to decorate my game with items in the same style.
  • Polishes, code tweaks and improvements. You will need to start a new game.
  • Layout adjusted to support different resolutions, so you should play more smoothly.

Ver 0.1.8

  • Quest “Restoring skystone” added.
  • New character added, Khae. Quest related, she is one of the girls you can meet in Ardass.
  • It has a couple of repeatable scenes, and a unique scene that you can unlock at the end of the mission. (Her novel is optional)
  • Continuation of Violith’s events, when you finish “Restoring skystone” mission.
  • Hot events. A unique scene, and a couple of repeatable events when the gargoyle girl decides to warm your bed.
  • First sex CG in the game, with cum/orgasm variation to spice it up.
  • Added the girls’ journal, in case you want to monitor their love/obedience status, or get some tips on romance with them. (Only for romanceable girls)

Changes and improvements…

  • Added cum inside/outside variants to all sex scenes, including the sex system. Whether you would like to cover your girl with cum, or avoid pregnancy.
  • If you have the breeder trait, you will never cum outside.
  • Depending on the girl’s personality, she will be deeply disappointed if you do outside. (Harms love/obedience)
  • New layer for sex system, now you can easily play with all the girls using it.
  • Added busts for Gwen. (She will focus on the next version, I don’t want to leave our mage girl hanging on INN forever lol)
  • Tons of system improvements, especially the save system. You should feel the game more stable from this.
  • Added some extra functionality to the game.
  • New tiles for the map. (should help locate relevant/mission locations)
  • Zoom in and out.
  • You can click on the tilemap and get a big version of it.
  • Multiple creampies in the sex system now produce the same result.

Ver 0.1.7

  • Rasha is the star of this release! Wrote route of pregnancy for her, unique events for impregnation, and variations of sex scenes during pregnancy.
  • Romantic special scene after accepting her proposal… You will need a bottle of wine. If you have “breeder” trait, you won’t be able to say no to her! (repeable…)
  • Rasha can be brought into the sex system now if you want to make it fun by adding exclusive content for her.
  • Art variations – Rasha pregnant (light and heavy, nude and dressed).
  • New character, Kory, Rasha’s child. Interactions and dialogs added to it.
  • Added additional dialogues and morning sickness for Rasha and Usanna. I took the liberty of polishing Usanna’s pregnancy too!
  • Combat system review, you should find it more stable now. Percentages are calculated properly, stability increased!
  • Sex scenes now have no restrictions.
  • Lust system has been changed, now the more lust, the greater the possibility of insemination. (consider this a boost)
  • Added artwork for the plate armor set, Kory, and the male goblin.
  • Added zoom to the tilemap. Added larger map version if you click on it.
  • You can now leveling anywhere.
  • Fixes and system improvements!

Ugh, that was long time… Well, for the new version changelog we have… I’ll probably forget some details, but there’s a mission, and a lot of new content, plus system changes.

  • New opponent added, male and female goblin. They are found in Skystone Forest, beware they are tricky.
  • New scenes added for the female goblin, in case she wins or loses combat.
  • Change in sex system, now all hostile females can be sexable through this.
  • Addition to the sex system, general content for girls. This allows them to be sexable with this system.
  • New unique NPC, Violith. A gargoyle that can be found in the castle after finishing Skystone’s quest.
  • Mission completed, Skystoen Rescue. You can complete the skystone mission, and get castleo, the new home of the protag.
  • The castle system has been added, along with new maps, descriptions, and a new place you can sleep, level, and interact with your followers. (For now only Ellaryel and Violith)
  • Content for Violith. You can find the gargoyle on her perch after a hot scene in Skystone, unlockable the first night the protagonist sleeps there.
  • Added dialogues with her, and two hot scenes afterward (repeatable).
  • Conversations for Cedric, for those interested in reading more details about the game, and Ingmery.
  • New bad ending added. Ghorza fuck toy! This is unlockable if you lose the fight to Ghorza or her minions, a somewhat unexpected fate… And tainted.
  • Added art, Violith, female goblin, and two new items the protag can sell for coins. (Dropable if you beat the goblins.)
  • System improvements, changes and adjustments in general. I have tested everything before compiling, but if you find any bugs please report!


  • Lisbeth story added, interactions with her reworked.
  • Naomi history and interactions added.
  • Reneh interactions can now go further, you can get to know this character better.
  • Added side quest, “Supply Delay”. The quest is available to the blacksmith in Ingmery, before completing “First Call”.
  • Some random events in the city were added.


  • Generic actions added to the sex system. Now each girl has different scenes, in addition to their own stuff.
  • Lisbeth added to the sex system, you can have some time with her… If you pay, of course.
  • Tons of changes, stock additions, improvements to the sex system.
  • System improvements, code changes, improvements and usual polishing. Important work!

  • Sex system added, controll of poses and actions. Severalactions added,more to be added eventually…
  • Continuation of events with Ghorza, if she is your servant. You can now visit her and see a few more things, she is the first girl to be in the sex system. Two writen scenes to her too. The stats that move Ghorza are obedience.
  • New characters, Gilford, Ruby, Gwen, and Annalyel. (At Ardass)
  • New map, Ardass city. (Next story mission related,most placeholder yet)
  • Tons of fixes, improvements and enhancements to the system. Now, you don’t have to worry about save incompatibility anymore. Worst of which the variable bug was fixed. The game should work a lot better now.
  • The events with Usanna have changed a little bit, now you can follow the festival event without being her lover, and there, you’ll decide if you want to have her. (Or not, in this case, closing her romantic route)
  • Added art, Ghorza, Durya, Katherine, Rhenelis and Karilya.
  • Added font size and difficulty options, easy/normal. In easy, all hostile NPCs will have 20% less on all stats, for those who want casual gameplay

  • New map, Ingmery Outskirts. (Accessible after completing First Call)
  • New opponents, Thief. (Man and woman)
  • The thief girl has some scenes, like seductresses, they can appeal to sensuality if defeated.
  • New side quest, “Farmer’s Fall”. It can be started after completing “First Call”.
  • New characters, Eileen and Belle. A young farmer with serious problems, and a young Taurus who works on the farm. Eileen and Belle have individual lines of romance, if you make the right choices. The biggest work was on Eileen, with about 20k words.
  • Shel, an last opponent of the farm mission. She has a few options on how to proceed with her, be careful with that… She’s a tamer! Also, a bad ending for her if you lose the battle.
  • Bad ending of corrupt alraunes in mission “Cavernous Problems” has been expanded, I wanted to make it more dramatic.
  • Rasha’s line has been revamped, now you can step forward and see more in-depth events and dialogue by going to her house.
  • Polished codex info, and some new stuff added.
  • New gear for gear and characters, Belle, Eileen, Usanna, generic orcs, wolfs (wargs), Orakh, Ansye, Rasha.
  • Adding the canon appearance option to the protagonist, this includes a art of him.
  • Polishing and corrections as usual.

  • Added the ending of the initial quest, this opens up continuity for later events in the tribe of Black Axes.
    • Usanna romanceable. Depending on your decisions throughout the events of the initial mission.
    • Added pregnancy line for Usanna. This is directly related to the situation of the tribe and her new position after finishing the first mission.
    • Usanna’s first child is unique.
    • Unique events and dialogues for her.
    • The pregnancy for her is repeatable.
    • Some random events for all children, according to age.
  • Added Wilderness Cave local, and secondary quest “Cavernous problems”. (Minor story event)
    • This happens after the initial quest, you have the opportunity to explore the cave network and what was going on there.
    • New unique NPC, and new race added to game lore.
  • The Black Axe Tribe has now been reformed, especially the Slaves Pen.
    • The main focus was the Slaves Pen, which now has its own intro, new characters, new scenes and dialogues.
    • You can known Rasha better now, after the restoration of the tribe, she will be working in the afternoon in the treasury of the tribe.
  • Some new scenes/events added for enemies and NPCs…
    • As I recall here, some scenes for the corrupt/non-corrupt female orc warriors. I decided to take a shot at the more aggressive anal, I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on this one. lol
  • Added masturbation scenes, some scenes with the girls you know. More will be added gradually.
  • Special scene with Reneh, possible after completing “Cavernous Problems”.

Tons of system modifications and improvements. Old versions will not work, you will need to start a new game.

  • Starter Content, Complete Intro, First Call Mission. About 30,000 words.
  • Added ingmery, with all the NPCs that make up the city.
  • Added systems, invent, maps, statuses, attributes, and everything else that makes up the game.

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