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Shaken from your self-deprecating routine you embark on a journey to find your place in the world. It’s up to you to choose your path, and how you treat the people you meet along the way. Perhaps you want to be charming and irresistible to the ladies? Or do you simply want to twist them into your playthings?

This is a free roaming game with multiple paths to take, both personally as a character and how you decide to progress with love interests. Pursue a character romantically or corrupt them until they are willing to follow your every whim. Perhaps put in a little extra effort to do a mix of both. You’ll influence them through your daily interactions, progressively unlocking their story and inching yourself ever closer to the ultimate goal.

Thread Updated: 2022-05-07
Release Date: 2022-05-07
Developer: MakinWaves PatreonSubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: Release 7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android (beta – see below)
Language: English

Real porn, Male protagonist, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Masturbation, Male Domination, Milf, Ntr (sharing), Sex toys, Spanking, Stripping, Teasing, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Titfuck, Anal sex


  1. Extract Release 7 folder
  2. Run the html file


Release 7

Sorry for the long wait. Things got way out of hand, but it is probably the largest of the lot as a result.

Thanks to Molle for providing the R7 start save file!

Lydia Content
– New Party Content, with the drinking game working a bit differently this time around
– (manual game ending after 5 rounds, or forced ending @ 20 mc drunk)
– Also includes new Krissy content, and some generic girls
– Party end cheats also updated
– New cheat code for supporters, thank you all so much!
– New Gym Content, multiple options and introduction of some new NTR stuff
– New fitness level, unlocks a bonus christine event that should help you with her content


– Fitness cheat updated for new level
– New Job events, for both the strip club and office
– First Level of the stripper extra stat, available through events at the club
– 5 New story events, 2 for each path and a shared intro with variance
– New home content – a couple events change once the story advances, so make sure to check them again
– New Location Descriptions, some based on her stats

Christine Content
– Bunch of new reward events, longer and more involved than those before :)
– A bonus event, voted for by my high tier supporters, find the shower option in the hall of lydia’s home

Misc Content
– New scene replay gallery, finally!
– Only contains Jen’s story events for now, find it on the computer

– fixed a bug where jen was giving club income despite not being hired, thanks to Aioto for the report and save!

Release 6.5

Sorry for the long wait, but Christmas/New Year made scheduling complicated. But this should be the largest .5 release yet!

Atonia Content

– First Stage of Atonia’s content, done entirely from the office manager job, check the goal screen for info on getting started!
– you may need to work a day then come back again to trigger everything!
– Bunch of story, events, and some new office mechanics!
– and a dose of lewdness at the end :)

Jen Content

– Jen will now make an appearance in the gym (Req: Lovers/Slut stage minimum, pc fitness level 5 – after Lydia yoga intro) when she is in Town
– Features a few events with a public exhibition requirement
– Chosen by a high tier patron poll, thanks to those who voted!
– New porn career scene, focused on public exhibition
– if you have already started the porn career content, just head to the modelling studio to select the scene!
– scene voted for by the supporter community, thank you!
– Prostitution Stat Expansion, focused around the office for now. Once you have finished the Atonia content, you can put Jen to work as an escort
– Also some new finance control events, for the purposes of training her prostitution stat
– check the goal screen for details!

New Background Art
– New kitchen Night, and MC Bedroom day/night backgrounds, produced by floops art! [https://twitter.com/FloopsArt] – check them out if you are looking for an artist :)


– New patreon/subscribestar cheat code, along with a new prostitute stat cheat. Thanks for your support!
– Added buttons to office manager job that hide/unhide lydia + atonia event dialog, for less scrolling and repetition
– Added a popup that displays when receiving a new text message – doesn’t appear for all, so if it doesn’t show its “probably” intentional
– Some ugly ass sleeping and napping icons
– Nerfed Atonia’s dialog picture by ~15%. Simply too powerful. RIP cleavage


– Fixed issues with lydia not appearing in sandbox content – Big thanks to everyone who reported this one
– Fixed an issue with party love/lewd rewards – thanks to Klaptrap for the report and save file!
– Fixed an issue with gym content being locked off when it shouldn’t, thanks to Morphuret for the save file!
– Fixed an error message with the office manager job, thanks to wisthep for the report!
– Fixed issue with an error message appearing in lydia’s kitchen , thanks to exter for the report!
– Fixed issue with manager job buttons duplicating when pressed, thanks to exter for the report!
– Gym events should now all have a progression cap, so you shouldn’t be able to outpace character progression. Thanks to everyone who reported this issue and my apologies!

Release 6

New Love/Lewd level for Lydia, and a special Jen event. Sorry for the long wait!
Lydia Content

– New Story Content
– Only one for each route, since it’s what made the most sense for the pacing.
– Lewd Story event has two slightly different routes to take
– New daily home content
– Lydia can now work at the club or office if you are a manager at either, check the goal screen after leveling her up
– New weekly party event, available once you level Lydia up
– Features a whole bunch of stuff, with multiple outcomes depending on your choices. Scenes with Lydia, her friend Krissy, and some generic girls
– Fitness skill now maxes out at 7, with a new set of gym events to get you there (you will have to do old events to get to level 6)
– Fitness Level 7 reward, and fitness cheat uncapped to level 7 (after meeting reqs)
– New Christine task system, available once you level Lydia up. Check the goal screen for details
– features a couple scenes with Christine, more to come as things progress

Jen Content

– New special event, available in the bedroom during the evening
– Has multiple outcomes/options depending on how far you’ve progressed with her :)


– New code and cheat function for patrons: A small cheat menu for the party content that allows you to select endings if you missed out on something
– Fitness cheat also updated for the new cap + reward
– Thanks for the support :)

New Background Art
– New kitchen background, produced by floops art! [https://twitter.com/FloopsArt] – check them out if you are looking for an artist :)

– Redid all the overlays for the backgrounds, this seemed to fix performance issues on chrome. Do let me know if you still experience bad performance!


– fixed error message while sleeping if the player hasn’t prgressed mel’s content – thanks to Klaptrap for the report!
– Fixed mel’s story event not being marked viewed, thanks to valkyria13 for the report!
– Fixed sheer suit special outfit apperaring as an option in the living room special outfit request – thanks to Wisthep for the report!

Release 5.5

A small update, largely focusing on Mel content. Next Release will be full sized and focusing on Lydia. Regular in depth progress reports available on patreon ;)

Mel Content
– New intros for both routes, advancing her to the next level [Head to the club and find them under the Mel interaction button]
– 2 New story events for both Love and Lewd Route (4 in total) – Check the goal screen for details after doing the intros
– Mel’s home is unlockable by completing either one of the first pair of story events
– Has a schedule with new daily interactions, not all have available content sorry!
– More to come down the line
– A couple new club actions

New Background Art
– Just for the MC Home hallway for now, produced by floops art! [https://twitter.com/FloopsArt] – check them out if you are looking for an artist :)

Office Manager Content
– Small intro for a new character, to serve as the Mel equivalent for the Office.
– Reach 70 department performance, and you should get the event after working
– More to come soon :)

– New Office Manager department stat cheats for patron/Subscribe Star supporters, along with a new cheat code. Thanks for your support! [You still have to purchase upgrades/do events etc to advance some caps]

– Fixed modelling career triggers getting outpaced by jen stage levels, thanks to everyone who reported this problem and especiialy HaseoOfDeath & longjohngold for the save files!
– Fixed lydia dinner advancing a whole day – Thanks to SilverFire for the report!
– fixed lydia hud button appearing too early
– added some white space to lydia’s locations to prevent the hud from overlaying important info, pleaser let me know if you find any instances where this still occurs!

Release 5

CHROME USERS NOTE: L&V seems to run like complete shit on chrome right now. I am aware of the issue but can’t say when I’ll have it fixed. Hopefully soon. For now I’d suggest playing on firefox.

There’s a lot more code work in this Release than usual, so if you find a bug, do please report it, ideally with an attached save file. Thanks!

Jen Content
– New sex system actions: You can now queue up some accessory actions to do alongside position selection
– NOTE: Very basic change, might want to wait for more before checking out :)
– New Modelling/Porn System: Decide what modelling and porn work Jen does, featuring two different sets with sub options for fine tuning! Requires Lewd Level 4, simply finish the old modelling content, sleep, and then you should get a text asking you to come to the agency (sorry for the lack of goal screen hints!)
– Photos are delivered the normal fashion to the rest of the modelling content, videos can be watched in the evening on the computer (a new link should appear after 6pm)

Gym Girl Content
– New fitness Levels with associated gym events – sorry for the grind but I think every gym trip does have a unique event at least :)
– 3 Shared/Mixed Route story events (with some love/lewd variations here and there)
– 1 Love and 1 Lewd Route story event to finish off
– Unlockable sandbox gameplay – Unlock the ability to visit her at home, where she has a schedule and various daily actions like Jen does
– Another character, just present during a few events right now but she’ll have her own content eventually
– Cheats for patrons: Love and Lewd gain cheats, thanks for your support!
– NOTE: Quite light on the sexual content in these early days of the character, sorry :)

– New MC fitness cheat for patrons: Should help you skip through some of the gym visits if you wish, has various caps where you need to go to the gym and do events before continuing to use it. Thanks for your support!
– New background overlay for some of the backgrounds, please report if you find a background that’s fucked up/missing!
– Added a BMAC Link to the sidebar, for anyone who may wish to make a one time donation, you can get the latest cheat code as well! Thanks for your support :)
– Fitness skill now goes to 5, and levels 3-5 each have a small reward. Find the links in your bedroom once you reach the level.


fixed inconsistant dialog in lewd s0 kitchen compliment
clothes shopping event: added time progression to nav leave button when pointing her toward an outfit (was exploitable)
fixed small bug with mel goal screen
fixed a bug where a lewd text message was setting a modelling event availability when it shouldn’t – Big thanks to Sancho1969 for this and above super helpful bug reports!
fixed phone not appearing properly in some story events where it’s used

Release 4

Any returning players using a save at Jen’s current max love/lewd levels should head to the mc bedroom at least once before attempting to do any of the new content!

Jen Content
– New strip club events, both for MC and morale events (some are locked behind her stripper level)
– New daily task system, you can start this with a convo when eating (Lovers/Slut Req). Allows you to assign her tasks at breakfast, and get a report of what happened later at dinner, or you can just leave her to it and get the reward passively while sleeping
– New Anal training content – Check the goal screen for details on progressing
– Two New Story Events, one for each path
– New anal training cheat, along with a new cheat code for patrons, thanks for the support!
– New repeatable interactive sex system, currently only has a few positions, but more actions will be added in future updates
– ^ You can try out the above by reaching Lovers/Slut levels, find the “Fuck her” link in the hall at 10pm, at the same time you would usually join her in her bedroom
– also you can use the right arrow on your keyboard to progress through the content once you have selected a position ;)

Club Content
– New upgrade: VIP rooms which allows you to have private dance shows and other activities, only 1 stripper for now
– ^ Reach 60 club morale and then the upgrade is available for purchase in the upgrade menu
– ^ Simply select the new vip rooms job action, then start your day as normal, you’ll find a link near the bottom to navigate to the vip room after the shift.

New Character
– Check the new goal screen for some details on getting started
– Can unlock a new gym and continue your fitness training to level 3
– Just a small tease for now, had to cut back the amount due to time constraints – More to come soon!

fixed an office condition bug checking for un-inited property – Thanks Tentacle for the report!
fixed an error message in jen’s new goal screen – Thanks tyranade for the report!
fixed a bug in the lewd s4 transistion when the sex shop hasn’t been unlocked – thanks TruckerGuy for the report!
fixed not being able to trigger the whole modelling job intro series of events if jen started working at the office – thanks to Rhino for the report and save file!
fixed a bug with the sexshop not letting people buy outfits incorrectly – thanks to RedRidingWolf for the report and save!
fixed goal screen club -> office multi job objective not being marked as completed – thanks to RedRidingWolf for the report and save!
fixed a bug with a modelling return event – thanks to Wisthep for the report!

Release 3.5

A smaller than usual update. As I explained in my post. The R4 release was split into two parts to avoid a massive wait time. Much of the 3.5 content is strip club related.

Goal Screen Improvements
– now has sections for jen, mc and mel
– mc section contains job related goals, ie what you need to reach next promotion/extra rewards (office + club manager only)

Jen Content
– New level up intros (the stage she levels up to is coming in R4, but it gives you access to the following)
– Public Exhibition Stat, training and content (Once she’s leveled up, check the goal screen for details on how to get started)
– You can unlock the sex shop on the love route once you reach the new level [Lovers] then catch up her lewd level to [Slut] – this will likely change in the next release but it works this way for now so you have access to some of the public exhib content

Jen Club Content
– you can now train her to become a stripper, featuring a small story progression and a story event like end
– new work task to strip on stage
– caps out at this point, but more to come as the club gets upgrades
– you’ll need to have her lewd level at naughty milf (release 3 content) at least to start this process, and lewd level slut to finish the event chain

Mel Content
– New story events for mel, finishing her first love/lewd stages
– new pc -> mel club events that are unlocked by the first story event
– new UI elements to provide info on her progression
– her own section in the goal screen
– her own section in the character settings window

Misc Stuff
– Club -> Office Multi job – You can now move to the office job from the strip club path if you wish, check the goal screen for details on receiving the offer.
– Car promo reward for office route, just get to 60 department performance and you should receive the event after working one day.
– Cheat menu overhaul, now remembers your code, new mel cheats and jen stripper level + public exhib cheat – Thanks for your continued support!


fixed being able to skip some of the intro steps to the modelling job by snooping for photos early
fixed infinite progress bug using reward points @ >3 lewd stage (can only do once a day now) – Thanks to dole for the report!
fixed some bugs with kitchen convos – Thanks to dole for the report!
fixed lv special evening goal hint having the wrong time of day – Thanks to dole for the report!
fixed some old/out of date text in the early game – thanks to Wisthep for the report!
fixed an infinite reward bug with Level 2 convo about stripclub – thanks Wisthep for the report!
fixed a bug in the character settings displaying ntr enabled when it wasn’t
added code to convert a player to love clothing progression if they are on the jen love path and don’t level up her lewd level, surely now the clothing system will be completely bug free! ehehehe… – Thanks to Tilur for the save file
fixed a bug with the sex shop just delivering things for free without buying

Release 3

Apologies for the long wait for this update. There was a lot to get done with the stripclub on top of the typical jen content.

*** Jen Content ***
– A new love and lewd level
– 2 Story Events per route
– New daily actions (Some R2 content is reused, but marked with the lighter coloured links )
– New Modelling Job content (both porn and non porn, depending on what you chose – check the character settings to switch between the two)
– New Office Assistant content
– A new job :slight_smile: (see: stripclub)
– Clothing Stage content (the levelling up etc) is now finished on the lewd path, but continues in a new form as follows
– New Sex Shop mechanic – Once you max out her clothing level, you can unlock an online store from which you can buy special outfits and other items. These unlock new events. There’s only a couple outfits for now, and the sex toys aren’t really functional. But this store will play a bigger role in the coming content.
– New Special Extra Stats, Stripper, Prostitute and anal – Limited functionality for now, but will control access to coming content. There a couple events that give experience in these levels, but I’d suggest you don’t bother grinding them just yet 😉
– New Extra stat button in the side bar for jen’s new stats
– New Finance control system – Those on the lewd path can now take control of the household finances. This gives access to a couple events where you can pay her for sexual favours. Currently limited, but will play a key role in future content.

*** Stripclub Update ***
– You can now become manager of the stripclub, either by progressing from the Jason job route or through the new multi-job system
– Features management gameplay similar but different to the office manager content
– Strip club promotion event – allows you to purchase a car (60 rev cap (just cap, you don’t need the 60 rev), 30 morale, 15 appeal)- the car itself currently doesn’t do anything (ran out of time) but will unlock some jen content in a future update, office job will be getting one of these as well in a future update
– Jen can be recruited to work at the strip club, req: 2 lewd level (embracing) & clothing stage 6 (no stripper content yet, just as a waitress) – as is typical, you can find the offer link when you are eating with her
– Bunch of Jen Stripclub content, similar to the office manager you can get her to help out with your stat increases, or just mess around with her personally
– Mel Stripclub content – Mel plays a big role in the club, and as such has a number of events similar to Jen
– Mel Progress – You can now start working on Mel’s love/lewd stats. They cap out pretty early, and there is not much reason to, but you can start the process regardless for the coming content. You do get some text messages once you get enough points in either love or lewd. More to come!

*** Office Job Changes ***
Those of you with ntr turned off can now automatically be awarded the morale/fund cap increases Jen’s events provide, so you aren’t forced to do that stuff to progress. Simply make sure ntr is toggled off, and level up her love or lewd level and you should automatically receive whatever cap increases are appropriate for those levels. Apologies this took so long :) (Stripclub will be getting a similar system at some point)

*** Multi-job System ***

-Those of you on the office manager path can also become the stripclub manager once reaching 45 department performance, this is optional. It allows you to do the stripclub content in the evenings alongside your typical day job (basically you have access to both)
– Features a small intro, through I would say you won’t get the full story/context of the stripclub without going down the Jason job route.
– Stripclub manager will be getting a similar ability some time soon, allowing them to become the office manager.

*** Misc Stuff ***
– some edits to jen’s stat display in the side bar, including a new button to display the extra stats added this release
– some of the random misc repeated dialog for various parts of the game have been updated to be more appropriate at this progression level
– new clothing stage cheat for patrons, allows you to skip over buying outfits and grinding the levels (up to the maximum for jen’s current love/lewd level), cheat code also changed
– compressed some of the assets to cut down the total file size

*** Bug fixes ***
– Fixed a bug where players can get locked out of progress on the love route by skipping outfits using the lewd route progression method, thanks for lusteh for the save file!
fixed a bug with the reward request outfit menu not appearing correctly, thanks to PyoT for reporting!

Release 2.1

Android Support

I made a section in the OP to guide you in getting the game to work on android.

  • The game should now be far more phone friendly. You’ll probably want to have a screen size around 6 inches or more, played in landscape view. Some parts of the game may have been missed, so if you find something off please let me know!
  • New hud button in the top right, intended for phone users as an alternative to the side bar. When opened you can display the most important info that is usually found in the side bar. Should save having to open and close the side bar constantly just to change the time or check out stats :)
  • This new HUD is hidden in some parts of the game, this is intended and not a bug (typically hidden during events, special locations etc). It should be available everywhere where it’s important. Let me know if you think it should be available somewhere!
  • Overhauled most of the games links with new styles, should make pressing the links on a phone far more easier.
  • As ever, I appreciate your feedback on your experience playing on Android.


  • Fixed a kitchen convo not appearing correctly when working at the strip club, thanks to Kaliban for the report!
  • fixed error when you try to exit a phone convo early, thanks to Jando30 for the report!
  • fixed error in intros when a player had started modeling content but not progressed far enough in it, thanks to diddler531 for the report!
  • It should now be possible to continue progressing the modelling content if Jen’s Love/lewd level outpaces it, theres a large amount of variances here so please report any further problems with this!
  • Fixed jason job route not promoting properly for returning player’s who maxed out the job progress in the first release (make sure to visit your bedroom and sleep, the script will reset to you to where the first promo occurs, all you have to do is go work for jason again and it should continue properly) – big thanks to kaliban for the report and save file!

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs!

Release 2

Returning player’s save files should be fully compatible with the new update.
Two new Jen levels, one for love and one for lewd route

  • New daily interactions
  • New story events for each route
  • New perverted things to do :devilish:

Some promotions for Jason Job Route, mainly just PC related/non sexual story
(The jason route is still not in parity with the office one in terms of content. If you are a returning player with a save file it’s probably not worth starting again to check it out just yet. Next update should bring things in parity, and I’ll add a means to switch jobs if you wish)

A sprinkling of new content for the office route if you have Jen as your assistant.

Added a cheat menu for supporters (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

You can now set NTR/Sharing options visibility in the computer (as ever, nothing is forced on you, this is simply if you wish the options gone all together)

  • fixed some location descriptions using the wrong character name, thanks to Zirenaz for the report and screenshots!
  • third modelling set message should now only appear once in the phone (this was bugged, if you are using a save file from last update you may see it once more before it fixes itself) – thanks to konabwo for the bug report
  • Some misc UI/Info changes and highlighting based on feedback, thanks to everyone!
  • added a script that should fix jen leaving the bathroom in the kitchen when she is an assistant, thanks to RudeBoyUk for the report and save file!
  • goal completion icons should now update properly, please yell at me if any are still broken (some require sleeping before they will update)
  • Goal screen can now be accessed from the side bar
  • added some links to the sidebar

Release 1

First Public Release

PC Criminal Career path (basic, no stages)
PC Office Career path (multiple stages, with management gameplay)
1 Female character to pursue, 2 out of ~5 story stages available for both love and lewd routes (currently only teasing and foreplay sexual content)

Developer Notes:

BUGS: If you experience a bug please post about it in the thread, giving as much detail about when it occurred and the circumstances. If you can, make a save where the bug occurs (save to disk option at bottom of save window) and attach it to your post.

Android Guide:

You likely need a screen size of 6 inches or larger, and should play in landscape view. I suggest you prevent your browser from opening/closing it’s address bar via scrolling while playing if possible. If you experience problems, please report them in the thread and make sure to specify you are playing on android.

Android support should be considered a beta for now, it might not work and requires a bit of work to get it running at all. If you just want a hassle free experience, I’d suggest waiting until a web version is available.

Due to some nonsense with the way android deals with you running html files from a browser, you may experience difficulty getting the game to run properly. The easiest browser to get the game running on for me was Opera.
Try to download and run the html file from your browser, if you experience an error message, missing images or event text, try the instructions below.
(This is based on android 10)
All directories provided in this guide are based on my own phones. You may have to adjust the directories if your device places files in different places. As a general tip, downloading a file explorer app like X-plore can help you locate and manage your files better than the default file browser.

  1. simply type/paste the address to the download folder in the address bar

  2. This should open a simple file explorer, just navigate to the game’s html file and run it

writing the entire address to the game’s html file, mine was at

/storage/emulated/0/Download/Love & Vice R2/Love _ Vice.html

Make sure to verify the path to your own file if you experience problems!

This may not work at all depending on your device/Firefox version. I tried to get it running on two phones, one older, running a slightly older version of Firefox, and a newer one. The older one works but the newer does not.
Based on what I found online, it appears Firefox no longer supports opening html files on internal storage for the time being.

  1. In the address bar, type/paste the following:

  2. This should bring up your phone’s internal storage files for browsing, or it might not, depending on the version being ran, if it doesn’t work, you’ll have to try another browser
  3. press the download folder (or if your device saved the game folder some place else, you will need to navigate to that folder from here)
  4. find the game folder, press it, locate the Love _ Vice.html file and press to run
  5. If it worked, you should be at the age warning for the start of the game without any nasty error messages (obviously the warning disclaimer doesn’t count)

Chrome seems to need the files within it’s own directory, by default they just go into a general download folder on your phone. If you try to run it from this location it will not be able to access any of the files needed for the game to function properly.

  1. Locate the game folder in your file manager app of choice

    this could also just be

    /Internal storage/Download/

    depending on your file browser

  2. copy/move the game folder to the following directory:


    /Internal storage/Android/data/com.android.chrome/files/Download/

  3. in the chrome address bar, copy paste the same directory

  4. this link should take you to a plain file explorer page (ensure chrome has permissions to access your storage – you can do this in app management in your phones settings)
  5. find the Love _ Vice.html file, press it to run
  6. If it worked, you should be at the age warning for the start of the game without any nasty error messsages (obviously the warning disclaimer doesn’t count)


For patching your R6.5 version to R7 ONLY

Copy the Contents of the patch to your R6.5 folder, overwriting when prompted

Extras: Save File MEGASave File MediaFire

Save for R7 Content. Check character settings on the computer to customize to your liking (can’t change your name yet, sorry!)

* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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