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My Destiny (aka Blowing Wind) is a game where you start as a boy who will be exploring a lot of new things in his life. The idea of the game is to make it a “Life-Sim” and every choice matters.​

Thread Updated: 2022-02-26
Release Date: 2022-01-31
Developer: SHOOTINGSTAR F95zone
Censored: No
Version: 0.24
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Male protagonist, Real Porn, Futa/Trans, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Sissification


1. Extract and run.


– Slave Managing mechanic implemented in Noah’s route:

* How to get there?

You have to start Noah’s route by avoiding every other route trigger, and tricking him by making him fall asleep with sleeping pills…

Through this route, you’ll have to choose the most “punishing/dominant” option you’re offered every time or most of the time. If you do this, you should start experimenting all kinds of things with Noah, and eventually moving out of your house…

When you move out of your house you’ll unlock the Basement, this is where this current Mechanic lies

– General:

• NutLand Cafe updates:

+ Added more Scenes fitting to the Post-Game Content

+ Each of the older uniforms gets a new and sexier variant

• Interface update:

+ On the “Look at Yourself” tab, there’s a new button that lets you see every tattoo you’ve gotten, along with a brief description on each of them.

• A Major bug fixed where after calling the Restaurant’s boss to get a new feminine Uniform you wouldn’t be able to see it on the wardrobe, now you should be able to use it without problem

• Minor bug fixes

Master Route:
• Solo Route (Post-ending Content):
– Introduction to the content
– New job offered
– New Side-Story, you’ll be able to deliver Noah to Master and work with him in different ways

• Expanded upon NutLand Cafe job
– New Uniform: Police Officer
– Added new corresponding scenes related to the new uniform

• Minor changes
– Fixed a bug with checking when clothes get “dirty”
– Fixed a bug where some uniforms’ images wouldn’t display correctly on the wardrobe
– Changed placement for the NutLand uniform choices

– Self-TF Route
Robert’s path
• Added more steps and scenes
– Further progression is now based on the money you have saved
– Endings are determined by how many times you had sex to get the money needed to progress
• Added a new place to be found: The Casino
– You can play Roulette and try your luck out, whether you bet on red, black or green

– Noah Route
Rough Master path
• Added a new investigation scene
• You will now be able to have a new home
– Home has a Basement, in the future, this will be used to install new toys to use on Noah (Some examples are currently teased in it)

– General
• General bugfixing and some oversights
• Several small writing changes

v0.17 Public

– Self-TF Route:
• 1 more step now available to the Self-TF exclusive path
– As usual, watching the hypnosis videos before completing the other tasks usually triggers different results

– General:

• ‘Glorious Satisfaction’ gloryholes now are compatible with Sex Change Surgery
• Bar job now compatible with Sex Change Surgery
– 2 more scenes in the Waitress job
• Piercings now available at the Tattoo Parlor
– Similar to Tattoos, these have different locations where they can add some points to femininity/sluttines of your overall outfit. If they’d be hidden underneath some piece of clothing, they don’t affect any stats.
• Cumskirt now craftable, made from 30 used FreshGoo condoms, only during the post-ending/corrupted stage
• More scenes added during post-ending/corrupted stage
– New set of random encounters with more interactions (The encounter related to fulfilling an event in the bathroom enough times has 3 different dialogues at the end depending on if you had a Master, if you still have a Master or neither)
– 2 new random encounter event related to wearing a Cumskirt (Depending on if you’re on the Master’s route or Mistress’ Red Drink path, you’ll trigger one or the other)

– Bugfix

• Fixed a scene popping up during wrong settings
• Made some ‘requirement’ checks less restrictive (like a revealing outfit requirement)
• Some code optimization to stop unnecesary variable updates
• Replaced variable’s generalized “setters” to better individual ones to avoid possible bugs and improve optimization
• Replacement of several methods of updating variables to avoid certain possible conflicts

v0.16 Public

– Self-TF Route:

• 2 New steps unlocked into the Self-TF exclusive path
– As always, each “task” has a series of alternate outcomes or descriptions according to watching or not hypnosis beforehand
– For the “Non M2M” alternative there is only one new step with a fully alternative scene

– Mistress Route:

• Gave an Ending to the Black Drink path
– Has an alternative ending depending on if you took the sex change surgery or not

– General:

• Complete rework of the Wardrobe UI, along with the Stores UI
– The Wardrobe will now use a unique box to display the items from an interactive tab where you’ll select what kind of clothing is displayed inside the box
– Wardrobe sets are untouched
– Interacting with clothing (ex. Modifying it or undressing) and extra clothing information may be found in the “Extra tab”
– Stores have less separation between sections, and are now presented in just one passage using a similar mechanic to the one used for the wardrobes

• Rewritten some of the prologue
– Removed brother’s “bet” and increased amount of money gifted from father by 100

• Rewritten Brother’s storyline and added a number of scenes
– Now he won’t get mad straightaway at MC having sex before him
– If no romance is started before MC accepts into being a girl, his storyline will be locked

• Some tattoos added to list of reactions in random encounters (Please Don’t be Nice tattoo and Dirty Whore tattoo)

• Added a new place to work: “NutLand Cafe”
– You’ll be able to work here straight away from the early stage of the game
– Has some events/scenes to unlock further uniforms
– Scenes will vary slightly depending on your uniform
– Being a girl also allows for an extra possible outcome during work
– More mechanics and uniforms to be added in the future

• Added methods to control pregnancy
– You can buy birth control pills (They work during the day you’re using them)
– You can get a surgery that prevents any pregnancy at all permanently

• Reworked how condoms are used in the gloryhole (Glorious Satisfaction)

• New scene at the beach after Corruption/Post Ending content
– To unlock it, you first need to have/buy any pack of condoms

• A lot of code optimization and replacement of old ways to increase/decrease variables to prevent some bugs
• A number of different fixes that I forgot to document
• Changed money earned in cleaning the beach from $9 to $7

v0.15c Public

– Self TF Route:
• Added a new path to continue the exclusively Self-TF route (Before, after turning into a girl, you’d have to choose a character to follow their story, and eventually choose them to help you transform even further)
– If you want to get the details, look into this pastebin, since it’s too extend to explain here: https://pastebin.com/v6yZhFEG

– General:
• Finished up the Breeding/Pregnancy mechanic:
– You can get pregnant from anyone who has an available scene (This means that most of the main characters you meet won’t have a chance to do so yet. This will come when the time for their sidestories to be developed enough)
– When counting up the possible suspects, if there was a group during the breeding, everyone in that group will count as ‘possible fathers’ (This is to represent a lack of proper memory)
– When in a group, only the creampies will count towards the chance of pregnancy
– Chance of pregnancy will vary depending on the given day. Right now, I only take the last 3 days of the cycle into consideration: Third to last day: 50% chance, Second to last day: 75%, Last day: 100%.
– Condoms will properly stop any pregnancy from happening if they’re available to use
– As of now, there isn’t a way to proper way to play during pregnancy, instead, it triggers an ending and you have the option to continue playing, but there isn’t anything done yet to represent this (If there’s enough demand, I’ll look to work on it)
– If you want to look into detail how to get each possible ending and how the variables work, look at this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/v6yZhFEG
• Reworked some of the Time mechanics. Now it should dynamically detect the passing of days and update your values accordingly instead of only updating your variables when you go to sleep (This helps to avoid having to include a more restrictive sleep mechanic, which I didn’t want to do)
• Added a couple new pieces of exhibitionist/risque clothing (Attachable Vibe, Buttplugs with tails, etc)
• Added a new event at The Club unlocked after Sex Change surgery
– You get to meet someone when dancing, the outcome will be slightly different depending on if you took the Sex Change surgery or not
• Added a new event at The Beach unlocked after Sex Change surgery
– If you wear a bikini, you can lay down on a sunlounger with a blindfold to relax. Outcomes differ based on the bikini and if you took the Sex Change surgery or not
• Added detection/compatibility for the Sex Change surgery in the next events:
– Bar Whore job (Now guys will be more likely to take your pussy instead of your ass)
– Cumdump bathroom (Same effect as before, but here it will also increase the overall number of ‘clients’)
• New outcomes when streetwhoring after taking the Sex Change surgery
• Added 2 scenes with the dog (One of which is unlocked after the sex surgery)

• Added a section in the end of the prologue of the game explaining each tab in the sidebar
• Added 2 extra settings to make the game a little more easy to get into:
– Dev tips: This will make clear what the most important choices are when they are shown to you, and also what you’d be expecting from each one
– Less Grind: Eliminates or lowers some limitations about the people you can meet on certain days
• Made a pastebin to enter a little more in detail about the added routes/paths and the variables that may play out in the more important things I added on the current update: https://pastebin.com/v6yZhFEG ( The idea will be to make one for every update coming from now, but I can’t promise I can keep this up )
• Polished the writing in the Sex Change surgery, fixing a couple mistakes and making it a little smoother to read

– Bugfix:
• Found a couple of bugs that could make some clothing appear in the wardrobe more than once. I fixed this and added a fix for you savefiles in the Help tab that you could use if this happened to you before.
• Code optimization to avoid repetition
– Also, added proper indentation to different parts of the code and passages to improve readability
• Fixed small bug where an item from the clothing shop wouldn’t update correctly as “bought”

v0.14 Public

0.14 The Third Hole Update

– Self TF Route:
• More scenes with Liam

– Mistress Route:
• 2 more scenes for the Red Drink path
• One special scene after the events of the last added scene
– You will just have to walk outside the house to trigger this scene

– General:

• Added new random events when travelling to a location while wearing revealing outfit
– New random events are based on which tattoos you have. So far, there are 7 unique events
(Facial “Free Whore” Tattoo, “Whore Stamp” Tattoo, “Fuck Me” Tattoo, “Slut Life” Tattoo, “Must Be…” Tattoo, Cum Dumpster Drawing Tattoo, and “Fuck Hole” Tattoo)
(Warning: If you have any other tattoos than this it will add to the list the code checks for. Since some of the tattoos aren’t added yet to have a proper scene of their own, they will lead to another “default” scene not related to them, so if you don’t get any of these new scenes when you feel like you should, it could be because of this.)
• Added introduction for the College Proffessor for the girl stage
– 2 different introductions depending on how much you talked to him prior transformation (Only triggered if you’ve “hanged out” with him before)
• Added new Surgery: Sex Change.
– This feature’s still in a pretty early stage, mostly what it does at the moment is open more opportunities for new scenes, but still doesn’t change much any of the older scenes
– New scenes may be found in these places: Random events when dressed with exhibitionist clothing, Whoring at the Red Light District and Camming.
– Pregnancy is half-done at the moment, so it isn’t possible to get pregnant yet. However, most stuff related to this feature is already explained inside the game.
• One new event you can unlock after reaching one of the endings (I’ll start calling this the Corrupted Stage)
– You will have to go to any men’s bathroom to unlock the event (The MC will get an “idea” there)
• 1 New piece of extremely risque clothing added (As of now, it’s exclusive to the Mistress’ Route Red Drink Path, but it will have a method of unlocking it in the future)
• New achievements added.
– “The Virgin Killer” : As of now, the only way to get this achievement is in one of the random scenes that’ll trigger when travelling around in exhibitionist clothing while having a pussy
– “For Public Use” : The only way to get this as of this update is the event in the bathroom mentioned earlier
– “Popularity: Town” : This will be a part of a series of achievements of ‘Popularity’. Right now, this one can only be unlocked by going through the new events in the Red Drink path of the Mistress Route

– Bugfix:
• Jobs should now be working properly and be accesible
• In the Self-TF route, opting out of wearing a cage should be working correctly now
• Minor bug fixes regarding the wardrobe’s sets
• Fixed wording and writing details on some scenes
• Nick’s introduction should be showing up now


– Noah Route:

• One more ‘stage’ with different outcomes
– This ‘stage’ is where your past choices mostly come into play, as you will either fall on one path (Rough Master)
or choose between two in another scene (Gentle Master or Neutral Master)
– The scenes and tasks availables will vary depending on the path you’re on

• Noah’s greeting on the menu changes depending on the stage and path you’re currently on

• Around 12 new scenes distributed around the different paths + some extra scenes of ‘investigation’ when you’re on the Rough Master path.

• Minor changes to the writing on early scenes

– General stuff:

• A few new story scenes for John and Friends
– After the first new scene, you will have to had make some progress into the game, usually, past the first sex experience or hookup.
– Last scene requires you to buy a nurse outfit found at the Fantasy Store at the Mall
– Also, some text added and changes in writing in the early scenes

• Added a few new scenes for the professor at college during the early stage of the game (Girl stage doesn’t have any scenes atm)
– Triggers for these scenes should be unlocked about after the first available sex scene on any route.
– These scenes will trigger at random after any class if you’re still caged and have met the professor before (From using the phone too much during class)

• Added second part for the tendons shortening treatment (it will lock you to only using stripper heels or ballet heels)

• Watching Hypnosis videos now increases hornyness

• Added a number of new risque clothing options and a swimsuit

• Added Slut score requirement for slutty clothing (25 slut score required for most of them, 10 for fishnets, 35 for ballet heels)

• Added ‘Do Nothing…’ option in the scenes of the first attempt at breaking the chastity with Brother

– Bugfixing:

• Added a small fix to some scenes that could have been affected/interrupted by the exhaustion mechanic

• Small changes in writing and formatting in the prologue

• Fixed a bug related to the clothing display on the sidebar where it showed the chastity cage twice

• Wardrobe sets should now store dresses properly





– Alone/Self TF Route
1) Skip Master’s Route
2) Investigate more about crossdressing, will eventually find another partner who’s also a crossdresser, since he didn’t seem shady you believe him
3) He will invite you over to his place and give you a bit of an introduction into crossdressing

– On the Self TF route you can mail the key to yourself to force discipline ( May have consequences


;) )

Girl Stage:

– 2 New scenes in the Black Drink/Slave path of the Mistress Route

– When entering Male bathroom, you’ll have a chance to find a guy inside, if you have high enough sluttines score, you may do something with him

– Masturbation Scene in the Park

– Alternative Rape Scene in the Park when using a very revealing outfit

– New dildo added in the Sex Shop ( Deepest Desires )

– You can prostitute yourself if you have a high enough sluttines score

– Experimental Treatments: You can now grow more of your body parts even bigger!

– Added some restrictions to Treatments, now you need a required sluttines score


– You can buy Buttplugs on the Sex Shop’s Lewd Accesories tab, inside the Clothing section

– New place to visit: Beach

– Added Swimsuits

– Added Laser Treatment at the Beauty Salon

– 2 New Wardrobe Sets

– Appearence tab now has more details about you, including some description for the Surgeries


– Changes to the code, overall more optimized and efficient

– Fixed some stats that didn’t increase properly

– Updated Changelog in-game

– Fixed a major bug that prevented progress on the Alone Route


– 4 more scenes on the Mistress’ Red Drink/M2M+M2F path

– 1 more scene on the Mistress’ Black Drink/M2F path

– 5 more scenes on the Master’s Normal path

– Added new path to Master’s route, named Duo/Slave Duo path

– Exclusive scenes with Noah on Duo Path + unlock of an alternate way to earn money with him

– Added introduction to a side story before becoming a Girl (Different scenes for both Mistress and Master route)

– Added introduction to a new side character you will find on the park after becoming a Girl

– Alternate Masturbation scene after becoming a Girl

– Introduction to the Experimental Surgeries (More will be added)

– One fuctional Experimantal Surgery done, plus some small consequences

– Added every Master’s task on the Help Tab on the sidebar

– Added a new “Stats and Achievements” tab on the sidebar

– Redisign of the Help Tab

– Small redisign of the Sidebar + Now you can hide the clothes display

– Male clothing shops won’t be accesible after entering becomen a Girl

v0.07d changelog

– Broken images
– Fixed some wrong warps

– Mistress route (Up to around the same point where the Master route was left)
– Some alternative text and more stuff for the mistress route
– Reworked the Sleeping mechanic, now you should wakeup at 7 AM always
– Rewrite on the Appearence tab, added more changes and descriptions
– Rewrite on the Help tab, added a task/objective tracker, so it’s less likely that you’ll be stuck somewhere
– Gloryhole scene, it works and random and you’re more likely to find a girl that will suck you at the Club rather than the Bar
– You can now visit John and his friends (Only the basic mechanic done, more things will develop from visitng him)
– Added more clothing options at the Red Light District
– If you go dressed like a girl to the Club you’ll pass free, if not, you’ll have to pay
– Random Event at Waiter Work ( You are called by your Boss, meet him and get an offer from him )

– Some new scenes with brother (Now he has 2 paths, a loving one building a relationship, and a dominant one)
– Finished the Beauty Salon
– Option to use Dildo on your own.
– Placeholder for the sexshop
– 1 New scene for every character in college ( 2 for Katie )
– New middle tasks from “Master”, one including you to start renting a place of your own
– Cam shows ( You make more money the more shows you do )
– Timers, Notifications and Effects for Shaving and Beauty treatments
– New street to find more stores, a bar and a club ( Still to be finished )
– Introduction to a Teacher ( Random event, triggered by using the phone too much in class )
– Random Events walking at the Park ( Finding money, plus an extra one while wearing a mask at night and experienced at camming )
– Bully encounter now will take some money each time after the first one
– You can now go outside dressed up as a girl after a certain point

– Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t be able to go to work ever again if you tried to go on a time you shouldn’t
– Fixed a bug that locked Sam’s fourth scene, where you give him a surprise.

– Sleep time and different room location for parents based on days and hours
– Work on the College section, fill it with some random events and people to meet with
Introduction for: New Male Friend, New Female Friend, random chance to meet a Bully
– Introduction for Old Friend
– Added more clothing options
– Added tabs for shop clothing sections
– New shop for socks shoes and more
– Customizable sets of clothing in the wardrobe
– Two New scenes with brother
– Changed introduction to forums, Master and Hypno material.
– Three new middle tasks from the master and rewrite of some details while meeting him and more.
– New scene with the master where you tell him about your experience on having sex.
– You can get a job as a waiter on a restaurant. (Not any random/extra events here at the moment, just the job)
– First Shaving pubes scene

– A bug where you could take the money from your brother’s bet as many times as you wanted
– A bug where some clothes wouldn’t appear on the wardrobe after buying them
– A bug where you’d be allowed to leave while wearing female clothes, that wasn’t intended at all, and I just left the code there for the future.

first release


Extra: Walkthrough

Zyryth thanks for the link




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