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My Secret Desire is meant to be a free roam game, in which you choose the character you want to focus on. The story is about a young person, who decided that it’s finally time to start living his life to the fullest. You, as a player, decide what that will exactly mean for him.​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-01
Release Date: 2022-05-01
Developer: plawy – DiscordPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.18
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Big Tits, Corruption, Cheating, Creampie, Footjob, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Milf, Oral sex, Stripping, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, School setting


1. Extract and run. Files downloaded from links labeled as UPDATE – extract into the folder with game and run.


– 13 561 words
– 9 sex scenes
– 3 Summer’s quests
– added 9 default scenes with Summer
– in her room (07:00->07:59, workday)
– in her room (08:00->08:59, weekend) (after reaching corruption lvl 2)
– in her room (16:00->16:59, work day)
– in her room (15:00->17:59, weekend) (two variations, the second one is unlocked after giving her the tablet)
– in her room (20:00->22:59)
– in her room (20:00->22:59, both) (after reaching corruption lvl 4)
– in the kitchen (17:00-17:59, workday and 18:00-18:59, weekend)
– in the bathroom (06:00->06:29)
– in the bathroom (18:00->18:59, workday and 19:00->19:59, weekend) (after reaching corruption lvl 2)
– in the living room (19:00->19:59, Thursday and Friday) (unlocked after giving her the laptop)
– added 2 random scenes with Summer
– 1. – after reaching corruption lvl 3, go to your room immediately after showering
– 2. – 33%, after reaching corruption lvl 3, take a shower
– added 2 massage scenes with Summer (ask her on work day after school, then go to the living room)
– added a new requirement for Summer’s corruption quests
– doing homework together (weekend, in her room, 15:00->17:59) (can be increased with cheats on the ‘Character info’ page)
– added counters to quest steps about dates and massages
– you can now reset Summer in the ‘Character info’
– Summer is now available in default
– added an option to show active quests of focused characters at the bottom of the page (when being at major locations)
– added an option to turn off the gaining stat limit and 1sex/room/day limit
– you now have to own a lotion before asking Michelle for a massage
– you can now work out at any time
– you no longer do double shifts when triggering Pawn shop story event
– “My Stepmom Is A Teacher” quest now disappears from active quest tracker when completed
– pool scene with Michelle won’t be trigger when she’s in school or at night anymore
– the one who visits you while showering is now random and they visit you only if they are home and awake
– added ‘sleep if it’s not active’ tip to some quests
– in Pawn shop’s event with the bride you can no longer get into negative amount of money
– the first weekend event in Pawn shop is now unlocked right after unlocking weekend shifts
– Kiley doesn’t call for Paul in the morning if you already got rid of him
– it’s now guaranteed that Michelle will massage you after reaching 3 massages with her
– Summer’s quest “Exemplary Relationship” now starts after reaching day 2
– fixed an error when playing games in MC’s house
– fixed broken option in Michelle’s scene in her office at school at lunch break
– fixed an error during sex scene with Michelle in the kitchen at Duncan’s house
– fixed a bug that let you paint the cellar’s walls before buying the white paint
– fixed a corruption level up notification showing on the sidebar
– fixed a bug that messed up MC’s money after restarting a Pawn shop story event
– fixed various typos and changed a few weird texts

– + 3 938 words
– 3 sex scenes
– added 3 random scenes with Kiley (all available on “Replay scenes” page)
– lesbian (33% chance, Monday, you need to install a spy camera (Pawn shop) in your living room, 15:00->18:59)
– threesome (two girls) (33% chance, Tuesday, in your bedroom, 15:00->18:59)
– threesome (two girls) (33% chance, Wednesday, anywhere in your house, 23:00->23:59)
– added a ‘Settings’ page at the start of the game where you can:
– change the relationship with Michelle, Kiley and Summer (read developer notes)
– enable/disable Summer’s content, enable/disable NTR scenes and enable/disable cheats
– this can be accessed again from ‘Phone’
– added a “Spy cameras.” option to MC’s computers (currently just one scene with Kiley)
– “Bookworm” quest – added a hint on where to find the erotic novel
– fixed Michelle’s scene in her office after school not unlocking in the “Replay scenes”
– “Corruption of Michelle Duncan 4” quest – the quest was being completed without meeting every requirement
– (bugfix1) the game now saves automatically whenever you reach a major location (Duncan’s house, School, Town, etc.)
– (bugfix1) added a “Phone” button under MC’s stats when you set focus on at least one character so you don’t have to scroll down
– (bugfix1) fixed a warning shown when playing around in “Inspect”
– (bugfix1) when you complete the first Kiley’s and Michelle’s corruption quest by sleeping, the game gives you a notification
– (bugfix1) “Crossing Line” quest – now correctly requires just 3 dates instead of 5
– (bugfix1) “Highschool Passion” quest – fixed being able to teach Kiley football even if you didn’t learn about it on your computer yet
– (bugfix1) “Highschool Passion”, “Exemplary Relationship” and “Lost Passion” quests – added counters
– (bugfix1) “Absent From School” quest – going to school on Friday now correctly adds a day to the attendance
– (bugfix1) “First Date” quest – added ‘Reach 15 grades.’ as a requirement and added ‘grades’ to the sidebar
– (bugfix1) “First Date” quest – added a hint on where to find the book about cooking
– (bugfix2) buying your house now actually unlocks the house
– fixed a few typos

– + 17 871 words
– 2 Pawn shop quests
– 9 sex scenes
– added “Replay scenes” to “Phone”
– removed character’s schedule from “Character info” and added an option to set a character as your focus
– this adds the character’s stats (with their current location) to the sidebar (underneath fast travel buttons)
– you can add three character’s as your focus
– added Michelle’s, Kiley’s and Pawn shop’s scenes
– you can now revisit character’s one-time story scenes and other random/unique scenes
– every scene has a tip on how to be unlocked (note that these are sex scenes and can be unlocked only after achieving corruption level 4)
– note that “UNIQUE” category works with new variables, so they won’t be unlocked if you’re loading from old saves
– “UNIQUE” category has a “Unlock” button (if cheats enabled)
– 6 random events when working (1/10 or 1/5 if you chose “Clean the shop.”)
– added an option to skip to sex scenes in every Pawn shop event (if cheats enabled)
– added a hint for “Snoop around her bedroom.” quest step in Kiley’s “Support her desire” quest
– when you restart Pawn shop quest scene your gained stats get reseted
– added spycam to Pawn shop inventory (currently used for one Kiley scene)
– Kiley’s sex scenes in your house now increases your relationship
– now if you acquire your own house, the “Home” fast travel button will take you to your new house and there will be a new separate button to for the Duncan’s house
– “Phone” page is no longer available before completing introduction
– added pornstar’s names into “Character info”
– added a choice to not buy the New House immediately, you can buy it later from your room
– changed chances of random events:
– Kiley’s random scene in your backyard (50% -> 33%)
– Kiley’s random scene when she’s supposed to be in the office to (10% -> 33%)
– Kiley’s random scene when she locked herself out of her house (6,7% -> 10%)
– Michelle’s random scene when she’s over at your house (6,7% -> 25%)
– Michelle’s random scene when she visits you in your room (10% -> 25%)
– other minor fixes/edits/errors
– fixed a missing html tag when opening “My Stepmom Is A Teacher” quest in Quest tracker
– fixed a badly written trigger for the last step of “Corruption of Michelle Duncan 1” quest
– fixed compressed version in which Kiley’s content wasn’t properly named
– fixed the last step of Kiley’s “Annoying Obstacle” quest saying that you agreed to go clubbing with her even though she hasn’t asked you about it yet
– fixed an option for a dialog between Paul and MC about Kiley’s hat (“Old Memories” quest) showing before initiating the quest
– now you shouldn’t be able to get soft locked in “Old Memories” quest when you already got rid of Kiley’s fiance
– fixed reading a book in your house and being teleported into your old house (Duncan’s house)
– fixed Kiley’s workday living room scene at her house which allowed you to fuck her even though she wasn’t at the right corruption level
– “Sleep together” option in Kiley’s bedroom is now always there if you got rid of Kiley’s fiance (it has 50% chance if you haven’t)

– + 17 812 words
– 1 Kiley’s quest
– 4 Pawn shop quest
– 9 sex scenes
– added three ways how to approach your shift
– you can ask your boss for a raise (based on work experience)
– added Pawn shop to the “Character info” page
– 2 random scenes when working (1/10 or 1/5 if you chose “Clean the shop.”)
(quest “Risky Business” TRIGGER – corruption lvl 5 with Michelle and Kiley, your house, week day, 06:00-08:00)
– 1 threesome scene with Kiley and Michelle in your gym (weekend, 08:00, after completing “Risky Business” quest)
– 1 scene with Kiley in your gym (work out while she’s in the backyard)
– 1 random scene with Kiley in your bedroom when she’s supposed to be working (1/10, bedroom, corruption level 5)
– added a counter when giving Michelle time in “Confusion” quest
– added buttons to increase the number of dates and massages (Character info)
– you can now work out in your gym
– added perception into the sidebar
– added Patreon and Discord widget
– fixed a softlock when you are trying to complete “Old Memories” quest while Kiley is staying at your house
– set a proper time for a scene in which Michelle visits your house for the first time
– swimming now shifts the time by one hour
– fixed an unreachable sex scene with Michelle when she’s reading an erotic book

– + 20 424 words
– 7 Kiley’s quests
– 18 sex scenes
– 1 interaction with Kiley in her living room (Thursday, Friday, after completing “Gamer Girl” quest)
– 1 interaction with Kiley in her living room (Weekend, after getting rid of Kiley’s fiance)
– 1 interaction with Kiley in your backyard
– 1 interaction with Kiley in your kitchen
– 1 interaction with Kiley in your living room
– 2 interactions with Kiley in your bathroom
– 2 interactions with Kiley in your bedroom
– 1 random scene with Kiley in your house (1/10, 15:00-16:59)
– 1 scene with Kiley when you play too much on your game console
– you can now play video games on your game console (after inviting Kiley to stay at your house)
– you can now sleep together with Kiley in your house
– added a button to skip a day
– reading books at New House now doesn’t teleport you to Duncan’s house
– fixed error in one of Michelle’s scenes in the kitchen
– fixed a bug that prevented starting “Exemplary Relationship” quest when Kiley locked herself out

– + 8 622 words
– 10 sex scenes
– 2 Kiley’s quests
– 1 Summer’s quest
– 1 massage scene with Kiley
– 1 interaction with Kiley in her backyard on Sunday (also on Saturday if not corruption lvl 4)
– 1 interaction with Kiley in Duncan’s backyard (must have at least corruption lvl 1)
– 1 interaction with Summer in living room on Saturday
– 1 interaction with Summer in living room on Sunday
– 1 interaction with Summer in living room on work day
– 1 interaction with Summer in Duncan’s backyard on Sunday
– 1 interaction with Summer in Duncan’s backyard on Saturday
– 1 default scene with Summer in kitchen, morning
– you can now sleep together with Kiley in her house (must have at least corruption lvl 3)
– you can now read books in New House’s Bedroom
– added a button to enable/disable Summer’s content (Dakota Skye) (disabled defaultly)
– added a button to fully reset Michelle
– added Summer’s “Corruption of Summer Duncan” quests
– added Summer to Character Info
– added a computer into New House’s Office
– fixed typos here and there
– fixed “Corruption of Kiley Duncan 0” quest which wasn’t completing after meeting the requirements
– dance pole for “Support Her Desire” quest now properly shows in Pawn shop’s wares
– Kiley now correctly spends 09:00-09:59 in her backyard on weekend
– fixed player’s name not properly showing in Kiley’s introduction event
– Michelle talking instead of Kiley in Kiley’s introduction event
– completing “Support Her Desire” quest using the cheat system now works
– fixed Kiley visiting MC on the weekend even though they haven’t met before
– completing Michelle’s quests using the cheat system now also correctly resets her stats
– fixed error occuring when you talk to Paul in Kiley’s kitchen

– +19 158 words
– 15 sex scenes with Kiley
– 3 Kiley’s quests
– you can now date Kiley (3 sex scenes, every corruption level has a different dialog)
– 3 scenes when interacting with Kiley’s fiance while Kiley is at home
– 3 interactions with Kiley in the kitchen (her house)
– 5 interactions with Kiley in the bedroom (her house)
– 1 interaction with Kiley in the backyard (her house)
– 3 scenes when peeping on Kiley in the bathroom (her house)
– 1 scene when you stay in your room while Kiley is over (Duncan’s house, weekend)
– 1 scene when showering at the Duncan’s house while Kiley is over (weekend)
– 1 random scene (1:15) when Kiley locks herself out of her own house
– changed Kiley’s ‘schedule’ on the weekend (she spends 1 hour in her bedroom in the morning)
– travelling around school now forwards time by 5 minutes
– added Dad and Kiley’s fiance to the Character info
– added a button to reset Kiley’s story

– + 4 275 words
– added Kiley’s introduction event (triggers after 10 days in game)
– added 2 sex scenes with Kiley (accessible only by cheating – completing her quests)
– added cheats (enable on phone) – you can complete quests by clicking a button or increase your stats
– character stats on phone renamed to characters info and ‘schedule’ of available characters was added
– from now on saves should be compatible between versions
– added interaction with Kiley in living room, her house
– added interaction with Kiley’s fiance in living room
– added day counter
– added ‘Thank you’ page for future patrons
– added an indication if Michelle (or any future character) is already been asked out
– added many hints for most of the quests
– added default dialog with Kiley’s fiance
– added default dialog with Kiley at Duncan’s house, backyard
– added a disclaimer to the intro
– game now starts at 17:00, introduction now make sense
– adjusted colors of text and background when increasing stats
– you no longer need 1200$ to complete “Final Countdown” quest, but there is a new dialog between dad to pay off the debt if you do have 1200$
– deleted blank row showing after advancing to the next day
– hint in quest tracker is now shown only if 15 days has been passed
– if player has not bought New House, Duncan’s house is called ‘Home’ in the Town travel map
– you can’t no longer travel between rooms in school while it’s closed
– clicking on “Leave school.” now teleport you to the town page
– Michelle won’t show you her butt in school at corruption lvl 0
– added three buttons to the sidebar to quick travel between Home (Duncan’s house), Town and School
– New House scene with Michelle now happens only after entering the property and not after leaving the house
– fixed phone back button to work properly when it is clicked on while still being on phone
– fixed actions in New House teleporting player back to the original house (sleeping, watching tv, swimming)
– fixed massages with Michelle not working at all
– fixed crashing after completing “No Way Back” quest
– fixed internal monolog in crossing line if new house scene with michelle already happened
– fixed “Take a shower.” option at Duncan’s house not appearing at all (there’s a random scene with Michelle now)
– fixed Michelle’s speech in “Crossing Line” quest
– fixed unclickable button after she refused to have sex with you when she’s reading erotic novel
– fixed option menu in sex scene in living room (sniffing panties event)
– fixed div tag showing in option menu while having sex with Michelle, New House, bedroom
– fixed a typo when asking dad about Michelle’s phone calls

– first release version
– one character
– 27 160 words
– 32 sex scenes

Developer Notes:

I don’t recommend you to use anything other than ‘mother’ (for incest) and ‘step-mother’ (for step-incest) for the relationship with Michelle, Kiley and Summer.
The game currently features (as of v0.18):
– 3 characters
– 1 place of work
– 132 821 words
– 107 sex scenes

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