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Paths is a text-based erotic adventure made in Twine 2, set in a fictional approximation of mythological Earth; in particular, an area greatly resembling ancient Greece. You play as Alexis, a young man who wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and finds himself thrust into a strange trial overseen by a whimsical god. How far is Alexis willing to go to pass this ordeal, and what will his life look like afterward? Both questions are in your hands.​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-28
Release Date: 2022-05-27
Developer: Stratos SponsusWebsiteDiscord
Censored: No
Version: Release 10
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Text-Based, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Monster Girl, Religion, Ahegao, Bestiality, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Female Domination, Footjob, Groping, Handjob, Humiliation, Incest, Male Domination, Milf, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Spanking, Teasing, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Lesbian, Virgin


1. Download, unpack the zip file and open the html.


— Korinna’s encounter completed.
— Minor Fixes

It contains around 140886 words across 375 passages

— First half of the second floor added
— Expanded resting scene so you’re not so shocked by the fact that you’re pregnant after the first.
— Small obstacle encounter
— 2/3’s of Korinna encounter added, missing two paths currently

It contains around 134429 words across 364 passages

— New Optional Encounter
— Made locked Charis scene easier to get
— Added an extra C point to the party encounter to assist with the above as well

It contains around 120183 words across 314 passages

— Guard Dog encounter
— Tiny miscellaneous changes and fixes here and there

It contains around 111565 Words across 291 Passages

— New Map System
— Added an array to track your births for future use.
— Added alternate text to giving birth after the first, so it’s not such a surprise to mother’s who’ve already been through it.
— Added Fatigue and Lust readout to sidebar.
— Fixed a bug that could allow a player pregnancy to be overwritten with a new one.
— Fixed a bug that could prevent the acolyte sex scene from displaying for female characters if you told her no at first.
— Updated old dialogue to conform to format of newer writing.

Hotfix release 6b: Added ability to toggle minimap for people it was causing trouble.

It contains around 106282 Words across 276 Passages

–Satyr Party scene added. This includes choices for eating, drinking, and dancing, as well as an implied sex scene after drinking too much that can result in pregnancy for female characters. Also introduces the ability to alter your body “thickness” depending on what food you eat.
–Changed guard encounter so female characters who fail all three “rounds” transition to the rape scene even if their fatigue is under 100. This should make it simpler for people who want the scene to get it.
–Added Nymph reaction if you change genders on her.
–Altered menu passage exits to return you to the last game passage instead of just taking you back one step
–Added colored text denoting whenever your fatigue, lust, or lewdness change, as well as dick and breast size.
–Basic system for adding your own pictures to character profiles added. This was very slapdash, and there are no default portraits. More instructions are available in the image folder.
–To accommodate the above, option menus have been added where you can toggle portraits and the hint system both when starting a new game and to the sidebar, once the game proper begins.

It contains around 104929 Words across 273 Passages

–Standardized the order of room links, they all now proceed clockwise from North at the top to West at the bottom, N-E-S-W, hopefully this will make navigating a bit easier.
–Choices that are unavailable due to unmet requirements are now announced rather than just not appearing at all
–Charis Encounter
–Sphinx Encounter
–Minor Bugfixes
–Possibly other tiny changes I didn’t think warranted a specific note, it’s Been A While since the last release.

Hotfix Release 4b: Fixed many Charis scenes using incorrect variables, resulting in always female scenes

It contains around 100445 Words across 257 Passages

Release 3
–Release 2 scenes proofread
–New hostile encounter with a temple guard. Has 2 sex scenes for female Alexis, just an obstacle for male Alexis.
–Player impregnation, pregnancy, and childbirth to go with the new scenes.
–The ability to masturbate at any safe resting place (this may be removed in future versions once more way to control lust outside sex are added)
–The character screen now notes who deflowered a female Alexis once it occurs.
–Rooms now have clear titles to aid navigation
–Minor scene tweaks and bug-fixes here or there
It contains around 81451 Words in 207 Passages

Release 2
–Completed new versions of 10 scenes for a female MC
–The ability to name your character early on
–The ending, if you choose not to do the trial, is complete
–Minor text improvements to some male scenes
–Small amount of back-end stuff to handle female MC virginity and loss thereof
It contains around 74298 words in 187 passages (Not all of this is viewable in-game. Some are under construction or system/development passages.)

Release 1
2 Main Events, 1 Hostile Event, 1 Obstacle Event, 4 Side Events, and 30 rooms across 1 floor.

It contains around 60503 words in 175 passages (Not all of this is viewable in-game. Some are under construction or system/development passages.)

Developer Notes:

One important note is that all scenes/choices/themes/transformations are optional or avoidable, and if you make a choice you regret and don’t want to live with it you can just hit back. Although some events might force you into a scene if you haven’t managed your Lust/Fatigue/Lewdness.

*The version here uploaded here only contains characters explicitly age eighteen or older.
**Hebephile Edition available on the wordpress blog linked above

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