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In “The Claim”, a young man takes on a summer job watching over a home. This turns out to be a less ordinary experience than he was expecting. He may choose to prove he is worthy of an astounding inheritance, but it won’t be easy. Fortunately, he will get some help along the way.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-04
Release Date: 2022-07-03
Developer: yeomanR – TFGamesite
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Animated, Simulator, Sissification, Transformation, Anal sex, Oral sex, Sex toys, Lesbian


1. Extract and run.


v0.13.1 Bugfixes
-Fix bug of re-adding task on reading Stacey Paris email
-Apply whitespace for bathroom shaving option on early stage of game.
-Regenerate Reference Saves
-Expose Day count numbering
-Set up tasks to make details around Days 4-8 clearer.
-Add clothes Filtering to Mirror

v0.13.0 – (SAVE-BREAKING UPDATE) Some Tweaks & Continuity Fixes
-Update text for motivator plug use, to emphasize connection to MC’s bodily transformation, and that transformation won’t happen without it.
-Tweak text on use of swim cap.
-Prevent access to ballet studio before MC has visited it in addition to existing policy.
-Prevent Sea-Station story line from re-starting when re-visiting the dollsuit.
-Add feedback for MC when restless until they have gotten guidance from computer and Sue.
-Tweak text on sleeping text to account for shaved/unshaved status.
-Tweak player arousal model, so major sexual releases are also considered to satisfy minor releases.
-Some readability fixes on DoH first visit and introduction to dollsuit.
-Skip-auto dismiss on modal dialog.
-Fix unintended dead-end of Succession planning path for a late transitioning MC.

UX Refinement:
-Add shortcut links between bedroom, inner chamber and fitness room
-Block internship on sufficient physical training fitness with plug!
-Sequencing – Delay Ansible mission availability to after MC has established themselves at company.
-Provide mention about the upcoming 5K race, if player hasn’t participated yet, when sea station is an option.

-Add triathlon prep-training moment
-Set up inventory preparations page for triathlon story.
-Allow player to go back to MarisTech campus after talking to Dr. F about the temporal ansible. Player can resume from their self-driving car when ready.
-Start on “Succession Planning” Report from the console in after late-mid game experiences have converged. Here the player will be able to be introduced to likely exec attitudes/challenges for MC to successfully controll the company.
-List a task for MC getting a health checkup for chest growth, to make sure it isn’t cancer.
-Add minor relief for MC after sex with Margaret.
-Add Task for MC to try meet with Stacey via drone + mention on email.
-Update verbiage for dollsuit work stat.

-Numerous test coverage “catch-ups” on new and optional paths

V0.12.3 – Bug Fix Upate
-Make sure MC is dressed to leave house, when using the ballet studio shortcut. Hide it otherwise.
-Fix MC name use.

-Refactoring of images code folder.
-Reduce history limit to 20 slots for better performance and save-sizes.

V0.12.2 Bug Fix Udpate – React to recent feedback.

-Fix misnamed animation reference.
-Restrict outfit names to alphanumeric + dash, for application stability.
-Verify MC is NOT WEARING SOCKS when wearing yoga outfit to first enter basement. (Basement check was ignored, but front door check would complain later which was tripping up first-time players)
-Update basement check for socks to be better worded.

UX Refinement:
-Update landing page to more aggressively set expectations about experience.
-Change flavor text for sleeping in the pod.
-Drop restrictions on bra and underwear for fem-casual and work outfits.
-Start up a set of 5 “reference save games” covering key checkpoints. Add a landing page to access the saves from the start screen.
-Allow filtering at stores on basis of Clothing Type, slot (Body part), and activity.

-Add generalized filter model page scoped reset support for limiting view content.
-Update automation to generate reference saves at milestones

Bug Fix Update v0.12.1 – Unblock a major decision…

-Fix Unexpected identifier error after visiting Temporal Ansible Messages page.
-Give spoiler alert warning on “Ask your manager about temporal ansibles” for players who also have a pending 5K event. (I’ll look at a better fix later)
-Block departure from womens changeroom at mall – on both links if player is not decently dressed, and add new warning if not suitably dressed as a girl.
-Fix typos reported by players so far.
-Apply computer formatting of text on male identity restoration storyline.

Bug Fix Update v0.12.1 – Unblock a major decision…
-Fix Unexpected identifier error after visiting Temporal Ansible Messages page.
-Give spoiler alert warning on “Ask your manager about temporal ansibles” for players who also have a pending 5K event. (I’ll look at a better fix later)
-Block departure from womens changeroom at mall – on both links if player is not decently dressed, and add new warning if not suitably dressed as a girl.
-Fix typos reported by players so far.
-Apply computer formatting of text on male identity restoration storyline.

* Fix passage encoding issues
* Ensure MC doesn’t work at computer during weekend.
* Block Dollsuit work on weekdays.
* UI formatting minor cleanups.

* Billy is given a new choice with the delivery of the temporal ansible data.
* Allow MC to regain masculinity, even after gender confirmation surgery.
* Allow MC to start endurance training for triathlon. Restrict exercise to Tues, Thurs, Sun.
* Allow MC to buy racing bike from Mariella.
* Introduce drudgery flavor text for routine Dollsuit work.
* Introduce option to use “Aldopril” a performance enhancing drug for improved human-machine synergies when operating the dollsuit.
* Set up initial flavor text for MC “decoupling” from Dollsuit after work.
* Add first stacey encounter while in Dollsuit.
* Allow MC to OD on Aldopril, with severe consequences.

UX Refinement:
* Flavor workplace images for early dollsuit suit work.
* Enable quick nav on Triathlon days from exercise room.

* Normalize job flows to reconcile inconsistencies on process.
* Factor the Work model into separate classes to better support job-specific customizations and growth.
* Move twine job code to use job scripts
* Clean up 5k Race event code.
* Update tests to catch up to latest content.

v0.11.5 – Refinements + Elaboration on world lore

* Mark latex clothing for first time wear passages.

* Further MC+ computer elaboration on motivator plug + animation of MC’s imagination on the perks from being super fit
* Refine Marissa logs and temporal ansible messages in preparation for next chapter.

* Extra security validation on zip file & contents to address MS Defender false-positive warning. More details here: The Claim – Page 71 – TFGames.Site
* Update Marissa Messages + Temporal Anisble Logs to show unread status

v0.11.4 – Download Size Reduction + Bug fixes
* Allow latex babydoll for sleepwear
* Treat leggings as lower body clothing, not hosiery.
* Fix an issue with loading save games from early stages of game.

* Delay availability of exercise batching until after MC gets the motivator plug. Expand computer explanation about motivator plug.

* Convert gifs and usages to webp for smaller download/install footprint.
* Standardize item images to 400*400 for smaller download/install footprint.
* Factor action images folder structure to consolidate common categories.

v0.11.3 – Continued refinements + Sue’s Fetish attire Inventory expansion
* Massively expand selection of fetishware at Sue’s shop with contributions from Valsorim.
* Block continuity breaking SRS for MC until first day of intership is completed & hormones reach min bar of 20
* Add backup-restart option for computer imposed “Option 1” endgame in early game.
* Continued typo-grammar fixes
* Fix missing estrogen application during batched exercises.
* Add fade in animations for Exercise montage.

* Fill in a bit of dialogue during temporal ansible data retrieval.

v0.11.2 – Research station Bugfixes


* Ensure intern training isn’t offered on weekends.

* Change measurements on player to be visible as long as player has smart watch. (This is earlier in the game – it could expose new bugs!)

* Repair savegames for clothing slot rename (typo rename of “hoisery” -> “hosiery” broke legacy slots)

* Fix Casing for Hosiery label

* Fix prose in some early game passages

* Fix first time display of mc using makeup


* Align new and older story passages on matters of canon wrt sea station.

* Tweak the dive to temporal ansible passages


* Add mechanism to support correction of old savegames at load

v0.10.3 -Exercise Montage and QOL Tweaks
UX Refinement:
-Remove restrictions blocking work on console on weekends. Sleep still doesn’t require weekend work. Give a “work-life balance” warning.
-Add shortcut between Pod and Computer Console.
-Allow Player to use “exercise montage” mode. This bypasses flavor text for folks who have already seen the exercises.
-Increase the exerciseable fitness skill limits to 400(Most stats peak at 100). The fitness numbers don’t mean much yet except for a few checks, but this allows exercises gains to not be lost.
-Fix bug where the blonde wig wasn’t being correctly removed from active head-slot when MC’s girly-hair threshold is reached.

v0.10.02 – Bugs/Accessibility:
-Fix mangled text errors in the dialogue passages(typically they’d involve a strings with long sequences letters and “or”).
-Fix blocker for Weekend sleep if no work has happened.
-Fix many recent Typos/grammar issues
-Changed computer’s text style when operating the drone to be closer to human style/not all-caps green. It will probably get a slightly tweaked appearance later.
-Links on top and bottom of mirror UI for QoL
-Improve state dependent continuity of texts at Mall basement & bathroom
-Replace some of the largest gifs for ~10% download reduction
-Allow sleeping on weekends regardless of work
-Add (PENDING NEW CONTENT) markings for tasks which are not implemented/Cannot be completed in current version

v0.10.1 – Bugs/Accessibility:
-Only give MC the dollsuit task once. Don’t re-add it if MC is partially progressed through it.
-Tolerate for duplicated dollsuit task from earlier saves when taking ballet.
-Make sure dollsuit link stays visible as preparations advance
-Ensure Dollsuit measurement is properly enforced at 24″.
-Accelerate MC mass shift from exercise by ~10% to keep timing of waist readiness close to baseline.
-Re-apply MC makeup after shower, at end of dollsuit training.

* Seed more hints about MC having a history of blackouts and social anxiety.
* MC can attempt to decieve computer about true cause of blackout in mall, rather than blatant freak-out.
* Evaluate MC dimensions and Ballet skill to start dollsuit
* Introduce player to dollsuit with a first time donning passage.
* Add Dollsuit training sequence.
* After dollsuit training, MC can go to DoH to report computer as a violator the Butler-Hancock Act.
* After dollsuit training, MC may request gender confirmation surgery from Pod health screen.

0.9.1 – Minor Improvements from Player feedback

Minor enhancements
* Minor tie in of ballet skill to initial dance situation at Vault.

* Add initial bikini Swimwear + first time bikini passage

UX Refinement:
* Replicate bedroom options in cell
* Style emails + unread notification
* Expose App Info button on sidebar
* Add Version info to load screen
* Have IC shower remove + Add standalone makeup removal action + new animation on apply in IC
* Limit max image height for exercise images
* Add new coffee animation for feminine mc.
* Add animation for first time thigh-highs.

* Fix typo on date with Sue
* Fix image filename casing
* Provide insufficient cash warning for ballet studio
* Fix avatar hair base image.

0.9.0 – Start Internship and Ballet Lessons
* Implement Monday Internship
* Add Stacy Email 4
* Basic work events of Tuesday

* Ballet Lessons, Images & attire

UX Refinement:
* Blockwork at the computer once internship starts

* Fix “first-time” clothing passages to account for location
* Mon Morning reminder for start-internship-on-Monday
* Fix timing of emails to occur on Sundays

Version: 0.8.2
Bug Fixes/Refinements

Version: 0.8.1
Bug Fixes/Refinements
Be more explicit about needing to use the Tasks page on left pane when dropping luggage.
Provide swimcaps as an attire option for swimming.
Allow Wig when swimming
Fix timing of panic attack warnings when in Grand hallway.

Version: 0.8.0
Feature Additions: Stacy Emails, Girls Night With Sue, Hair Salon, Swimming Pool.
Introduce swimming pool location at Baldric House w/swimming exercise
Add ballet studio location (No activity yet)
Introduce Beauty Lounge location at mall

Create first email from stacy to MC prior to start of trip
Create Day 6 email from stacy about london + cleaning Pool
Day 6 (Monday) task to check for london Email
MC adds email account to watch, to allow for subsequent notifications.
Make reveal of swimming pool conditional on stacy’s London Email
Day 13 Glasgow Email
Day 20 Belfast Email
Add Pool cleaning task-gated on stacey’s email
Introduce Computer message to start internship after sufficient exp + hair length
Suppress baldric house front door messages once player looks like a girl by default
Set up 1st Spa day Sequence with Sue
Sat Task Morning reminder for Hair styling
Lounge outing passage with Sue
First visit to “The Vault” nightclub + dance floor encounter
Allow Hair styling change, dying and existing style trim at mall

UX Refinement:
Set up MC’s email UI on laptop
Add shaving to inner chamber bathroom
Add Color Shift convention for Hair styling options
Allow for selection of Hair Styles at salon
Allow selection of Hair Color at salon
Add Shortcut between MC bedroom and Email
Provide Email status indicator in bedroom
Add remove all wardrobe option at mirror
Allow for auto changing to casual outfit when leaving baldric house

Text: Fix up usages of “discretely” ->”discreetly” for subtle actions (Reported by mimi69 – Thanks!)
Continuity: Make sure relief task with Sue is only available after player has had cage in place (Reported by mimi69- Thanks!)
Don’t repeat morning message about logistics the morning after meeting with Sue + Require player to complete logistics work day task for that day. (Reported by mimi69- Thanks!)
clean up some minor typos
Change Work opportunity for cleaning to occur after 6 days at factory, rather than gate on skill level.
Fix mangled dialogue passages with many interleaved “or”‘s
Fix erroneous feedback of wearing boyish attire for girly MC
Disallow wigs for use when swimming
Introduce UI toggling mechanism for chatty pages

V0.7.1 – Fixes of recent Player reported issues

* Polyfill String.replaceAll() for constrained/non-modern browsers which don’t implement it. This error was blocking for some dialogue passages for folks using Internet Explorer or possibly some proprietary browsers.
* Fix formatting errors on Marissa’s Personal Logs.
* Fix links from Marissa’s Personal logs to not jump to console.
* Fix formatting error after some dialogue passages.
* Tidy up some minor grammar issues in text passages.
* Updated dev notes and start page to reinforce the importance of players reporting issues.

Story expansion + prep for MC Hair styling

* Round out inventory of Shoes at Shoeboxx (Ankleboots, ballet flats, block heels, dress sandals, knee high boots, loafers, pumps, stilettos, wedge heels)
* Add task to Allow player to access a partial set of Marissa’s personal logs at threshold + previews of corrupted files.
* 2nd bedroom encounter with Sue
* Define initial latex outfits for MC
* Oh no, 2nd Breast Growth Incident Morning Event! MC can still cosplay in boy clothes.
* Hair growth Milestone – morning event + Styling Tasks
* Allow wig-less outfits after player reaches girly hair threshold.
* Only allow MC to fast forward to Inner chamber, if wearing a feminine outfit.
* Allow MC to manually enter the inner chamber in any feminine outfit, not specifically the Final yoga outfit, as long as inner chamber was previously visited.


✨UX Refinement:
* Add “Ass” metric for body details
* Add “EstroMet” tracker for body details
* Expand variety for yoga + cardio exercise grind imagery
* Fix presentation of fractions.
* Fix Player profile image resetting to day 0 appearance
* Consistency: Change issue motivator plug to be given based on # of visits to Elliptical, rather than performance from elliptical training
* Enable of Save last outfit to game state + Restore outfit from game state
* Enable masked/partial undress of items
* Define item creation template in ItemGenerator +
* Update Developer Notes doc to address recurring topics

V0.6.1: Tiny bugfixes
* Fix shower error with makeup removal
* Fix transcription bug – Move sports bra to go back to bra slot, not underwear
* Fix transcription bug – Re-enable missing athletic shoes in item generator
* Prevent availability of outfit assessments until after player has visited inner chamber for first time.
* Refine player avatar transitions to appear slightly more quickly, but still at a reduced pace.

V0.6.0: The self-aware wardrobe update (Minor, mostly quality of life improvements)
* N/A

* Add alternate messages for drone and warehouse work + automatic outfit switch text.
* Cover Chest soreness as a health topic for the computer
* Shift facial drift to be hormonally induced each day, not merely a consequence of on time.
* Add simple first-time wear message for babydoll outfit

✨UX Refinement:
* Provide a Mirror in basement
* Provide expanded hover images for clothing
* Provide declarative explanation model for why an outfit was or wasn’t accepted + Expose as dialog from mirror UI
* Auto switching to Exercise Outfit if available
* Set up auto-switching of Work and Sleep Outfits, if available.
* Label clothes by supported Activity with emoji & tooltips.

* Stockings @ Covert – Populate for missing stockings item 41
* Refine message for chest sensitivity
* Fix up scaling of wedge shoes
* Apply Item sorting by ID not name in stores and wardrobe

* Major code housekeeping! Clean up of dead variables. Consolidate logic into appropriate modules. Kill off dead-end classes.
* Create metadata for clothing categories in internal Model to describe uses of clothes
* Generalize outfit recognition filters for casual, sleep, work, fitness, etc.

V0.5.0 Misc Minor Expansion:

  • Provide initial HR onboarding for drone operation.
  • Fill in more context abt Maristech departments.
  • Introduce Player to Marissa’s dollsuit after first day on drone ops


  • Add blouses at Olddorf
  • Add Turtleneck tops at Olddorf
  • Add hoisery at Covert Natasha
  • Add boyshorts & briefs at C.N.
  • Add Babydoll nightwear at Covert Natasha
  • Provide first example of bodily state indicators on status screen (Chest)
  • Populate initial stock of heels & wedges at Shoeboxx
  • Refine dildo use text for repeat use


  • Fix verbiage for tendril to be specifc underwear agnostic
  • Provide explanations for blocked sleep
  • Factor mirror to be usable from Gym
  • Fix exhaustion threshold to retain motivator “benefits”
  • Warn about socks at door.

v0.4.0 World building update:
* Add womens formal wear store at mall + populate Outfits
* Define Covert Natasha storefront
* Add Yoga exercises
* Add lore around Maristech domestic services
* Add Department of Humanity registration interview for “drone operator” license

* Expose work skill levels from status screen
* Generalize exercise model. Track for cardio and flexibility stats.
* Provide “motivator-plug” for improved fitness endurance and gains.
* Increase chest sensitivity in presence of min hormone threshold. Bra no longer optional.
* Warn about shaving + Provide shave action from Mirror
* Provide new image for showering at day 10
* Block ambiguous outfits at front door of house
* Continuity – Introduce male name to sue at beginning
* Add positive feedback from Sue to female PC when player has been exercising today.
* increase player endurance with motivator plug active
* Add bra-requirement from increased hormone induced sensitivity.
* Track initial body attributes for weight, height and waist from status screen. Adjust daily based on fitness status.
* Wire up work model to wrap up warehouse job
* Give initial variable feedback at work & Gym
* Add conversations with computer and experience with Sue wrt “relief”
* Add arousal tracking for main character
* Add work productivity penalty and reduced capacity for exercise due to poor sleep

* Allow player to shower and launder from Mirror

* Provide click-zoom view for currently worn clothing & portraits

v0.3.1 – Newly reported bug fixes and Clothing experience improvement

* From the closet, provide the player with feedback about the outfit’s effectiveness (after the player has reached the inner chamber)
* Allow quick toggling makeup from the Mirror, once the player has reached Inner Chamber

* Reject outfits as non feminine if there is no head accessory/wig (for now)
* Block library cleaning, until player has dropped off their luggage

v0.3.0 – Story Expansion + Quality of Life improvements (Less clicking!)
*Add shortcuts to bypass multi-hop paths between major locations (Grand Hallway, Bedroom, Inner Chamber, Strip Mall, Central Mall)
*Auto-Clean clothes when showering.

Story+ Continuity:
*Enforce non-removability of special clothing
*Implement the “Consequences” of Day 6
*Allow sleeping in the pod in day 7+
*Allow repeated visits to elliptical + work
*Block sleeping for mandatory “today” tasks
*Add Mall dialogue for added confidence on second visit.
*Block purchase of specialized clothing until player reaches a higher level of clothing tolerance (Racy clothing tiers/styles to follow a similar model)
*Treat swimwear as first example of “contextual” clothing
*Force extreme path of day 6 as the canon path for now, to allow for player to reach Open world phase of clothing tolerance 2. (Support of the more “reasonable” branches will come in time)

*Fix broken day 1 reference to main character image references
*Require task for shaving, before player can successfully learn.
*Add $ prefix on prices
*Expand status page to cover clothing tolerance

v0.2a.1 – Story expansion + Minor bug fixes (May have minor save compatability issues)

*Provide player character with their first “trainee job+daily income” at Maristech.
*Add Exercise room + initial exercise mechanic with repeatable Elliptical Exercise.
*Allow character to sleep after work and/or exercise after 7th day. (Purely mechanical, no story from there yet)
*Add first “experiences” in the pod for day 6.

Worldbuilding+ Continuity:
*Provide high level background about what Maristech does
*Add HR Rep and Warehouse supervisor characters
*Provide basement bathroom+ Shower

*Make more subtle transitions of player portraits

*Stabilize for robin hood movie task order
*Fix for known occurrences of hard coded player character name use
*Fix for know file path issues
*Mirror – Tweak introductory experience slightly, to make use more obvious.
*Mirror – Fix for removing multi-slot clothing in all slots when putting on other clothing.

0.2a.0 – A significant internal update and preview of what is changing. (Multiple bugs were reported in early evaluation, best to wait a couple days for 0.2a.1 update to cover fixes from early testing.)

Note: Task tracking support and major refactorings break compat with savegames format of earlier versions.
Early Bugs:
Linux/Mac os script loading is busted due to a case sensitive name issue on scripts/Version.js.

UX Refinements:
*Clean up presentation of store inventory
*Move Mirror to Player’s room
*Add Task Tracker page + Integrate tasks in with existing experiences
*Provide red overlay for outfit items which are now removed.

Story: (No big story/experience additions yet- adding capabilities & cleaning tech side first)
*Add context about globe during dusting
*Require cleaning of theater + library on day 1

*Break up css to Sass
*Split code usages from twee
*Separate codefiles for maintainability
*Enable modular loading of scripts.
*fix image paths for dialogue
*Provide interface for sugarcube variable usage.
*Factor common player logic to shared functions
*Start validating save games for compatability.

*Populate store inventory at sporting goods

*Fix Reddit link which broke flow
*add html based Prompt + Stabilize Prompt for keyboard input

0.2.2 – (Streamlining the clothes experience)
(This version jump may contain inconsistencies from old saves, such as no saved outfits with new wardrobe model. No known game breaking issues. )
* No New Scenes, yet.
* Supplemental case Sensitivity fix for character images – Moved usages of profile images to strictly use lower case
* Upgraded clothing system to support creation, update, rename and deletion of named outfits with previews.
* Changed individual clothing change mechanism to only provide messages on first wearing of new clothes, and to only provide player commentary on first occurrence.
* Normalized location images towards ~600px width
* Cleaned up Inner Door logic to better handle wardrobe issues.
* Updated jogging cliffhanger message.
* Updated tests to handle Mirror-clothing system overhaul.

0.2.1- Key bugfixes
* Fixed bug where clean house wasn’t triggering tiredness, and player could never sleep. Moved the day 4 “Clean House” action from the left side bar UI to occur in the Grand Hallway. Re-Tested flows to make sure the player can (watch movie, clean and sleep) or (clean, watch movie and sleep).
* Standardize image paths to all use lower-casing, to hopefully resolve any broken images arising from case sensitive handling.
* Updated developer notes section to provide link to actual forum page for feedback.
* Make init stage more strict + suppress presentation of in-game details on Left-bar, when viewing the Developer notes which is “out of game”. (Fixes left pane errors when viewing dev notes)
* Defined Version Log page.

V0.2.0 – Initial public preview rollout.

Developer Notes:

What’s on the horizon?

  • Preparations for the player’s summer “internship” with MarisSpook. (Clothing)
  • Long term training/Preparations for player to use advanced Drone interface (Ballet + Waist training)
  • Detailing of drone work and exercises for more variety.
  • Planning of first endgame scenarios
  • Feedback:

The Devs time is woefully limited, he can use some wisdom from the crowd to help prioritize where improvements would be the most helpful. Bug reports in particular are much appreciated, especially where they are specific and reproducible descriptions of previously unknown problems.



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