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Getting to college while still being a virgin is not the plan for most people, especially for a young gay men like you. As a new school resolution, you promise that you will stop being boring and get your cherry pop. However, living in a middle of a conservative town and in the same house with your workaholics father and demure older brother, this goal isn’t easy to achieve. Or is it?

Erotic, choices-matter interactive games with multiple endings

Thread Updated: 2022-07-22
Release Date: 2022-03-19
Developer: onionlover – Itch.io Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1a
OS: Window, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Text Based, Male Protagonist, Real Porn, Gay, Incest, Handjob, Oral Sex, Sleep Sex, Anal Sex, Male Submission, Masturbation


1. Extract and run.



  • A lot of bug fixes.
  • Adding the missing fondling scenes in memories of bro.
  • Sleep is now more logical – i.e they won’t scold you even during the sleep or react terribly when you grope them from pent-up lust.
  • Adding the button to go back up to 10 pages.


Adding the following scenes:

  • Bathroom blowjob with both characters
    • Watersport content – requires LOVE or HATE affection rate with the characters and first fuck initiated.
    • Non-watersport content – just requires first blowjob initiated.
    • There is a chance you may encounter the characters in the bathroom. Once you see them, you won’t be able to for the next
    • 2 hours. The longer you wait, the higher the chance (min 2 hours, max 8 hours).
  • Bro drunk fuck at work: semi-exhibitionist content.
    • Requires first fuck.
  • Bro fondle
    • Requires first blowjob.
  • Sleep fuck for both characters (static scene)
    • Requires first fuck.

Adding rocket pills:

  • Temporarily lower the lust threshold by 10 for 5 hours
    • 1-time use. After the character orgasms, the effect will expire.
    • Force the character to stay in their bedroom during.
    • Will set lust to 20 if the value is less than 11 and cannot go over 40 lust.
    • If you engage in an activity that you have yet to do with the characters, the bonus lust will persist.
    • Comes with a high and flat suspicion gain (30 per use).
    • There are also some changes to the scenes to depict the situation appropriately in the context of the pill.
    • There are some small unique dialogues for each character depending on how many time you drug them.

Change the name of settings to preferences (you should check it out before playing).

Adding the toggle for watersport content.

Adding the toggle to switch between 24 hours and AM/PM clock.

Bug fixes


– Fix the known display bugs.
– Fix the problem when you faint when there is still 24 hours left on your sleep.
– Fix some critical issues with endings.
– The memories after good endings now shows locked scenes which you have to see it once to unlock.
– The memories after good endings now showcases all the scenes from all of the characters instead of locking you to just one character.


– Bro route.
– New system of lust, hunger and sleepiness.
– Setting menu for options such as removing the pictures or videos in the game or block some kinks in the future.


– Change the description of the fast food restaurant to display the work hour correctly.
– Fix the bug of not being able to nap right after looking at the Character tab.
– Fix the bug where you nap for 20 but actually oversleep for 9 more minutes.
– Fix the bug where sometimes you can see 2 back buttons when you sleep with dad.
– Fix the part if you skip intro you have 5 extra minutes than starting with intro.
– Fix some major bugs in regard to drunk dad.
– Characters will react more appropriately when they catch you fooling around depending on the amount of suspicion gained.
– Fix the known display bugs.
– Another round of editing. (Sorry, I lied there were still some POV errors)


– Fix a critical bug that locks players out when they press the back buttons.
– Fix a critical bug that makes players lose the first handjob scene.
– Add an intro skip option at the start of the game for a better replayability.


– The character stats tab now has some additional descriptors so you can make more informed decisions.
– Drinking beer with the characters will decrease their suspicion (20) instead of increasing affection.
– Chatting with your bro now increases his affection.
– The texts have gone through a round of editing. There should be no POV mistake now.
– Fix some bugs (display errors, brother’s suspicion gain, etc.).

– Fixes some typos.
– Fixes found dead end.
– Increases salary from $20 to $30.
– Now if you proposition your dad in front of your brother, he will react.

– Game release

Developer Notes:

  • Lust: helps you unlock more actions with the characters thus reaching the “good” endings. Using actions against the characters without meeting the lust requirements causes suspicion gain and affection loss. Here are the checkpoints:
    • 00: You can only tease that character.
    • 10: You can accidentally touch their crotch.
    • 20: You can offer them handjobs.
    • 30: You can offer them blowjobs but requires initiation from the handjob scene.
    • 40: You can have sex with them but requires initiation from the blowjob scene.

  • Affection: affects ALL the sex scenes, how they will treat you (love-making or hate-fucking). The scenes will dynamically change depending on the affection value:
    • 00-09: Scenes will be changed to the tone of hate-fucking.
    • 10-19: Scenes will be changed to the tone of dislike.
    • 20-39: Scenes will be changed to the tone of good-nature and casual.
    • 40-45: Scenes will be changed to the tone of desire and love.

  • Suspicion: once you reach maximum you will get the bad endings. Some notes:
    • Affection of the characters will influence the amount of suspicion they gain. i.e with 45 affection, you will almost never get any suspicion. However, with 0 affection the suspicion gain is devastating since if they hate you that much, they will be extra wary of you.
    • You can lower suspicion by drinking beers with the characters.
    • If you unlocked sex with the character, there will be a passive suspicion gain daily:
      • After 1st handjob: 2 suspicion/day
      • After 1st blowjob: 3 suspicion/day
      • After 1st fuck: 5 suspicion/day

  • Endings: there are now three for each of the character.
    • Bad ending: simply get the suspicion to 100. It is 100% worth exploring this ending if you like a little bit of heartbreak.
    • Good “hate” ending: requires you to have 0 affection to a character and 50 lust. You can talk to them and there is an option to reach this ending.
    • Good “love” ending: requires you to have 45 affection to a character and 50 lust. You can talk to them and there is an option to reach this ending.
    • There are the memories menu after the ending to serves as a gallery for all the scenes. Please note that if you don’t see it during the playthrough, they will not show up.

  • Misc systems:
    • Horniness: if you go on for 12 hours without a release, you will spontaneously grope other characters leading to suspicion gain and affection loss.
    • Hunger: if you go on for 24 hours without eating you will get a trip to hospital which will lead to suspicion gain to bro & dad. You can eat during breakfast (7-8:00), lunch (12-13:00), dinner (19-20:00) at home or whenever at the fast food restaurant at the cost of $10.
    • Sleep: if you go on for 48 hours without sleeping, you will get a trip to hospital which will lead to suspicion gain to bro & dad.

MEGA (Click on download as ZIP)




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