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The Good Son is an erotic game where the main character – a young man in his last year of university – is asked to pay off the mob in order to save his father. To keep up with the mob’s ever increasing demands for cash, he’ll have to get creative – and creative means crossdressing as a woman in order to work as a waitress in a nightclub! What comes next is a gradual progression into a new, feminine, and submissive way of life. His life will forever be changed through the guidance and support his cheerful and talented supervisor (Katie), his gorgeous and empathic girlfriend (Susan), and his incredibly kind and well-built best friend / personal trainer (Todd).​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-05
Release Date: 2022-03-12
Developer: Lobsterman9999 SubscribestarTFGamesSite
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Sissification, Transformation, Breast enlargement, Vaginal sex, Text-based


1. Extract and run.


This update is about laying the groundwork for the late game events that will be built up over the next few updates (the ‘final’ few updates, you could say). Key additions to the game include: – A brand new disloyal path for Susan. Start the game from Day 1 to find out more. – A brand new visual inventory system! See what you’re wearing on the sidebar! – Experience the ‘post-masquerade’ consequences at the Cauldron, gym, and at school!

As this update adds a new path to the early game and switches a few variables around, v0.6 saves are generally not compatible with version of the game.

Public Release v0.6.3
After a whole lot of work, v0.6.3 is here at last for the public to enjoy! Full change log below:

  • Massive expansion to the main story! Literal in-game weeks’ worth of new content to explore.
  • The new main story content culminates in a huge masquerade and auction event. Your choices truly matter – the masquerade can end in six different ways based on the choices you make before and during the event!
  • Sick of the early game? Skip it! New ‘mid game skip’ function allows you to jump right into the game at day 60 (not recommended for new players)
  • The time has come to make a big romantic choice! To stay with Susan, or become Todd’s girlfriend? Or neither? Or both? The choice is yours!
  • Bring your feminization score to 8 by undegoing facial feminization surgery! You have as many as 18 options to choose from, but some might be locked behind the choices you’ve made so far…
  • Lose your virginity (for a second time)! This time, as a trans woman!
  • Expansion to the Beach event from v0.5! More to do with Todd! You can invite a loyal Susan to the beach on her own for some girl-on-girl fun!
  • More to do for Todd and Susan at the gym!
  • New date with Lexi! Welcome to the runway!
  • New date with Jack! Your sugardaddy is getting possessive…
  • New content with Cade! The romance deepens as secrets are revealed…
  • A ton of new content for Olivia on both of her paths!
  • Two really fun scenes with Heather for those on the disloyal Susan path
  • A fun new ending, accessible at a femininity score of 8!
  • More achievements!

For those of you who have played v0.6 already, v0.6.3 has a few minor bug fixes. No new content from v0.6.0.


  • Date Todd’s dad! Jack has a few new scenes, and the closer you get to him, the more envious he’ll be of your relationship with Todd. Good luck balancing the affections of father and son
  • Build a business with Lexi! Visit her apartment, build up the Becoming Me brand, and – if you’re not careful – become her submissive servant!
  • Take Susan out on dates! This update is focused on the Loyal Susan path, so prepare to get romantic with your girlfriend at such mundane locations as the movies, a bowling alley, and a restaurant. Of course, Susan knows how to turn even the most mundane activity naughty…
  • Spend more time with Olivia! Olivia’s received a massive amount of new content on both her matchmaking and corruption arcs!
  • Pursue a romance with Cade! The star quarterback also received a bunch of new scenes – just be careful, as pursuing two guys at once can have consequences…
  • For those on the Disloyal Susan path, you’ll get to hang out with her mom, Heather! Introduced in v0.4, Heather is a little bored with her housewife lifestyle, and is dire need of romance and excitement. Introduce her to social media and the give her the attention she deserves from younger men!
  • Spend time en femme at the Cauldron! Maybe you’ll run into mysterious young man with even more mysterious intentions…
  • Nurse Ashley is getting even more creative, with new ways to milk you…
  • This update includes a HUGE beach date, with an unprecedented amount of choice and variation involved. No matter which path you’re on, there’s something to discover on your day in the sun!
  • New clothing options!
  • More achievements!


  • Dates with Jack! A.k.a. how to score yourself a sugar daddy. The closer you get to Jack, the more envious he’ll be of your relationship with Todd. Good luck balancing the affections of father and son.
  • Building a business with Lexi! Lexi’s story is now ‘stable’ in v0.5. If you progress far enough along it, you’ll be able to visit her apartment whenever you want, and collect the profits that come out of your joint venture. Remember, the more scandalous the product, the more money… but careful you don’t lose Lexi’s respect – she can be very domineering.
  • Taking your girlfriend out on dates! While v0.4 really brought disloyal Susan to her steady state (via her deflowering and the introduction of REP) – v0.5 is all about loyal Susan. Take her to the movies! Check out the library! Get all romantic with your lovely girlfriend and – if you’re feeling naughty – encourage her growing interest in getting off in public
  • Olivia! If this wasn’t the side-content update, I might just call it the Olivia update. Her ‘corruption’ path has been SIGNIFICANTLY expanded, as has her ‘romantic’ path, where you pair her up with Cade. Both of these arcs are, I’d say, about 66% complete. In later updates, they’ll conclude, and Olivia’s final status will impact the ultimate finale of the game. I really like where Olivia lands at the end of v0.5 in both her paths – you really get a solid picture of where she’s going to end up, and what kind of person she’s going to be.
  • The Cade romance path also has a few new scenes! It’s not so much that you need to choose between Cade or Todd… but playing two guys at once does have consequences…
  • Heather! The one big piece of disloyal Susan content added to v0.5 is more content with Susan’s mom. You might think it’s similar to Olivia’s corruption arc, but you’d be sorely mistaken. As you reintroduce Heather to the world of romance, you can push her towards a wholesome path (if you can call a bit of romantic infidelity wholesome), or a darker path where she really gives herself up to her sexual urges. In v0.5, you’ll see how those paths differ, and you’ll make your first big choice along one or the other. I’ve really enjoyed Heather’s content. Just the idea of turning a MILF into a ‘social media thot’ (to quote someone from The Good Son discord) is a lot of fun.
  • Fem at the Cauldron!!! I’ve been meaning to do this since v0.3, and it’s finally done. At the point in the game where you’re comfortable crossdressing outside, you can hang out at the Cauldron en femme (if you don’t have a shift that night), and see if you have any fun or memorable meetings. Lots of fun scenes here. I don’t want to spoil anything here, but there is a really, really fun scene to find if you do this enough (and get lucky).
  • Ashley! Our favorite nurse is back, and she’s bringing in new equipment to milk you with. She’s even willing to pay extra for good behavior.
  • $1 a month patreon can get you early access to releases, everyone who has played previous releases of this game know that it is very good quality. I personally(ADIDAS not Lobsterman)ask that you donate to him/her so that they may dedicate more time to the production of this game.

It is just a small hotfix for v0.4. Many small errors and typos have been corrected. I won’t bother listing them out here.

v0.4.1 of The Good Son is here and finally ready to be played by the public! At nearly 2GB, the game is getting sizable thanks to this rather massive update. There’s a lot to explore, here. Highlights include:

  • Big extension of the main plot – get on the mob’s good side as you strive to save your dad!
  • Tattoos and piercings – accessorize your body to be as bold and fem as you want!
  • Revised and expanded whoring system – become a certified lady of the night in this brand new sub plot
  • New ways to make money – become a masseuse at the gym, under Todd’s careful tutelage
  • New cosmetic surgery – give your chest the upgrade is deserves!
  • A ton more Susan scenes on both paths – some will even meet Susan’s lovely mom!
  • Turn Todd’s dad into your sugar daddy! Free stuff never tasted so sweet!
  • A brand new secret character to meet and flirt with – make sure to hang out at the Cauldron early in the game to run into her!
  • More achievements!
  • A brand new ending!
  • UI improvements – check your schedule and contacts with a single click!
  • New quest tracker – check your notepad to find out the next step in the story!

For v0.3 saves to be compatible, you need to load a save from before the end of v0.3 content.

This update truly is massive, and I sincerely hope you enjoy everything there is to discover.

v0.3.2 Public

v0.2.0 Patreon

Version 0.1
Initial release!
– Sexy images, fun scenes, working links! Though an initial release, this has been copy-edited and bug-tested.
– All basic systems in place. Weekly schedule flows from Monday to Sunday – keep up with your classes and appointments!
– Four endings to find already! What happens if you don’t pay the mob? That depends on your fem and sexuality scores!
– Version currently ends when your heterosexuality score falls to 6

Developer Notes:

The game centers on the themes of feminization and sissification. That being said, it is not focused on humiliation, and does not involve any direct blackmail. The main character goes on this journey on his own volition (and can stop at any time, though of course his father’s life is on the line). This is a story of sexual awakening and self-discovery, as the main character finds himself (or herself) more at home in panties and heels than jeans and sneakers, and finds his (or her) sexual orientation shifting at the same time. It’s kinky, it’s hot, but most of all it’s a positive spin on the tried-and-true feminization trope.

First Walkthrough:

– Your goal in the game is to make enough money to pay off the mob each Monday night. Earn cash by any means necessary
– To continue to earn more and more money, you’re going to need to progress along your journey of feminization and self-discovery
– To progress along your journey of feminization and self-discovery, keep attending your appointments. Specifically:
– Go to class each weekday
– Work at the Cauldron whenever you have a shift
– Meet up with Todd at the gym when your sessions are booked
– Enjoy a date with Susan every Friday evening
– Sometimes you’ll need to buy an item or article of clothing to advance. There are stores located at your university campus

Second Walkthrough:

– Fem 1 – crossdress at work for the first time
– Fem 2 – crossdress at work in panties for the first time
– Hetero 9 – wear a woman’s sports outfit at the gym
– Fem 3 – shave off all your body hair
– Hetero 8 – head to the gym after shaving off all your body hair
– Hetero 7 – have a date with Susan after failing to get hard for her. She has a surprise for you…
– Fem 4 – do your makeup and nails, and get rid of all your male underwear
– Hetero 6 – Wait for your first sex toy to be delivered, and then try it out!


You – a young, unimpressive man in his last year of university
Katie – your beautiful and creative supervisor at the Cauldron – a halloween-themed club near your university campus
Susan – your gorgeous and sensitive girlfriend. She’s recently gotten really interested in social justice
Todd – your kind-hearted and super-jacked best friend. He’s recently become your personal trainer at the nearby gym
The mob – the criminals who have captured your father! They’re not cool and no one likes them

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