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Time Shifter:
An open world game for adults about time travel.
You play as a guy who lives a gray and routine life. But at some point he finds an unusual watch that takes him back in time! What are you going to do? Will you start life with a clean slate, take advantage of missed opportunities, or try to return to the present?

In future updates, we will expand the theme of time travel, but in the meantime, you can enjoy your journey into the world of the past. Meet different characters, build relationships with them and have fun!

Thread Updated: 2022-04-30
Release Date: 2022-04-30
Developer: HotLoad – PatreonWebsiteitch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real porn, Male protagonist, Text based, Animated, Voyeurism, Sandbox, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Incest, School setting, time traveling, milf, big tits


1. Extract the archive.
2. Open the HTML file with your browser.


What’s New?
2 New sub-scenes
-Amelia: 6 New sub-scenes

-19 new scenes
-1 new sex scene
-Now available for a date

-Fixed a problem with resetting characteristics after saving
-Fixed problems when importing old saves
-Fixed a bug when displaying a sex scene with Violet

What’s New? New scenes: 43 | New actions: 7
Stepmother: 3 New sub-scenes
Mia: 6 new scenes

New Character’s
-Amelia: 9 new scenes
-Rose: 4 new scenes
-Jack: 11 new scenes
-Jesse: 3 new scenes

Now when you sleep you will have erotic dreams (7 new scenes)

-The game map has been changed
-Various bug fixes and improvements

What’s New?

-10 new scenes and 1 new sex scene
-Sarah Became available for dating

New Action’s
-HeroHouse: 2 New action
-Night Club: 1 New action and 1 GloryHole action

-Fixed a bug when starting the game
-Fixed a bug with displaying some backgrounds in online version
-Now the Stepmother’s “Spend the night together” action is displayed correctly

What’s New?

Sub-Events: Small events that depend on the day of the week
-Kim: 3 new events
-Stepsister: 3 new events
-Judith: 3 new events
-Rebecca: 2 new events
!These events are repeatable!

Violet: 19 new scenes +Shower scene, and sex scene
-Violet Became available for dating

College update:
-Rooms: 2 New rooms
-French class
-Art class
-New actions
-New events
-Some actions have been improved

-Now some events unlock unique actions
-The interface has been improved

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed the display of character names in the “Reputation” menu
– Sleep no longer skip 2 days

New content:


-10 New scenes
-1 New sex scene

-Events have been changed

New character: Sarah
-8 New scenes

New character: Violet
-4 New scenes

-New actions in Hero House, Comics store

-The Garage room was changed to the Father’s Office

New location: Comics Store
-1 New room

New Mechanics:
Changing character names:

-Now when you click on a character’s name in the Reputation tab, you can change it.

Bug Fixes:
-Errors in the text have been corrected
-A bug in stepsister events has been fixed

New content:
Prologue: Rework
Mainstory: The first chapter has been added
StepMother: 5 New events +HandJob scene

The entire interface has been changed
All character avatars have been updated
Event icons have been updated
Buttons have been added to go to: itch.io, Discord
“Sponsors”: a list of people who supported the game on the Patreon

New features:

1. The storyline has been expanded and changed

1. The storyline has been expanded and changed

1. The storyline has been expanded and changed

1. More choices in Events

New location: Club
1. MainHall
2. Club toilet

New rooms in: Hero House
1. Basement
2. Garage

1. ‘Sleep’: Has been changed
2. ‘Read Comics’: Has been changed
3. ‘Watch TV’: New event
4. ‘Peeping into the women ‘s locker room’: Has been changed
5. ‘Watch: Stepsister in shower’: Now available without passing the plot
6. ‘Watch: Stepmother in a hot tub’: Now available without passing the plot

Erotic magazines:
1. Now you can find various erotic magazines in the locations

1. Now dating has become more unique

Game balance:
1. Now actions that increase stats always give 25 points
2. Now actions that increase reputation always give 25 points
3. Now the lessons give 50 intelligence
4. The reputation for passing events has been increased
5. Removed reputation requirements for events
Stats and reputation:
1. Added new levels of stats and reputations

1. All the backgrounds have been updated
2. The icons on the map have been updated
3. All icons have been updated
4. There are more unique icons
5. The dialogs have been updated
5.1 Now each character has a unique name color
5.2 There is a selection of important text in the dialogs

1. Errors in the text have been corrected
2. Some incorrect names have been fixed
3. Fixed a bug with duplication of Stepmother events
4. Fixed confusion of character names in dialogs

New content:

5 New events
2 New sex scenes
Rebecca is now available for dating

Some main story events have been changed.
2 New events
1 New sex scene
Stepsister is now available for dating

New character: Mia
2 New events

Fixed a problem with duplicating events.
Fixed descriptions of some events.

The interface has become more adaptive to phones.
New Reputation Window
Corrections of errors in the text of some dialogues.

Game balance:
In some events, the reputation requirements have been removed.
Now some story events also give characteristics.
Now “Observe” actions skip time, and also give a reputation.

Bug fixes:
Judith’s 1 sex scene works correctly
Various minor improvements.

-v0.1.4.1 HotFix

Bug fixes:
Fixed problems with displaying Judith’s events.
Fixed a problem with Judith’s final quiz
Fixed issues with Rebecca’s events

-v0.1.4 Dating update

New content:
New character: Rebecca
New 7 Events and 1 Action

2 New Events and 1 Sex scene

2 New Events and 1 Sex scene

Dating system:
After completing all the events of the character, you can call him on a date

Available characters for dating:
1. Kim
2. Judith
The list of available characters will increase!

New location: Restorant
New rooms: Hall, Bar, Toilet
New action in Restorant

Game balance:
Reputation from lunches was been increased
Strenght from training was been increased

The interface has become more adaptive to small monitors.
The “Continue” button has been changed.
Changed the background of the map.

-v0.1.3 Stepmother update

New content:

Added 3 new events
Added 1 new erotic scene in bathroom
Added 1 new actions

Increased intelligence points per lesson.

Bug fixes:
Various minor improvements and bug fixes.
Fixed errors in the text of Judith’s events.

Performance update:
Removed animation when switching between locations.
Now the transition between locations takes less time.

The avatar of the stepmother has been updated.
Updated the age verification screen.
Now you can skip the prologue

-v0.1.2.1 HotFix

Bug fixes:
1. Now the “Have sex: Stepsister” action is not duplicated
2. Now the “Have sex: Judith” action is not duplicated

1. Fixed errors in the text

-v0.1.2 Judith update

New content:
A new location has been added to the college: “Locker Room”
New action in the locker room “Peeping”

Judith content:
Added 4 new events
Added 2 new sex scenes

Added 4th level of intelligence
Increased intelligence points received
Increased charisma points received
Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

-v0.1.1 Minor update

New content:
1. Added 1 new action with a Stepsister in livingroom.
A new character! Stepmother.
1. Added 2 new events with a Stepmother.

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed a problem with backgrounds in scenes.
2. Now the “F95” button is working correctly
Various minor improvements.

– v0.1
Initial Release.

Developer Notes:

Please report any bugs here. We will fix them as soon as possible!
Also, please share your comments and suggestions about the game here!

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