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To the Fullest Rebuild.jpg

In this game you’ll take the role of a husband and a father of a 1 year old.
Unfortunately your relationship with your wife is terrible.
You hardly see each other and hardly spend any time together.
To change this you decided to hire a nanny.
Sarah, your wife, reluctantly agreed to this and gave you the order to arrange it, and so you did.
You hired a nanny, a hot nanny.
How this story evolves is up to you.
Just don’t forget:
Live life to the fullest!

Once upon a time this was meant as a remake of Unfaithful Rebirth since I really liked that game, but has been abandoned for quite a while.
By now, the only thing that remains from Unfaithful Rebirth is the character Noelle, the nanny, the rest has been changed completely.

Especially since I now completely rebuild the game. But for more info on that, please see the developer notes.

Thread Updated: 2022-04-14
Release Date: 2022-04-14
Developer: Royarus Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Rebuild 0.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Anal sex, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Handjob, Male Domination, Masturbation, MILF, Ntr, Oral sex, Rape, Sex toys, Sleep sex, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Sandbox, Simulator


1. Extract and run.


Rebuild version v0.01:
Basically I changed everything:
– Gameplay
– Layout
– Storylines
– Replaced all image scenes with video scenes.
– See dev notes for more information.

Release Version 0.23b:
Same bug as 0.23a, but now actually fixed. Apologies for this.

Release Version 0.23a:
Fix for where the mail from William is triggered to early and that Sarah starts talking about William.

Release Version 0.23:
Continuation of the Career Opportunity storyline (aka continuation of Jack the agents call) with matching scenes of course (save before making a choice to to both). See details in the walkthrough if required.

Release Version 0.22:
Added 2 new Noelle blackmail scenes, one in the garden (grab her boobs) and one at the pool.

Added a function where you can edit how you want to call Noelle during all the blackmail scenes. This option will show itself after the first full sex scene after you blackmailed her. If you already played this scene or you want to change her sex name, you can edit this in de character sheet of Noelle.

Release Version 0.21b:
Small update. I have had a feeling for a while now that many people are missing out on several scenes, so I introduced a scene list. All the scenes are in there and once you completed a scene it will show in the list. You will not get a notification or anything. See in game for a little more information. This is separate from achievements.
If you really can’t find a scene and you still want to see it, feel free to ask me.

Release Version 0.21a:
Bugfixes (see page 18).

Release version 0.21:

Some major changes this update. I rewrote the game a lot, not the story but the game itself. I made it more harem, this was a lot of work. You can, for example, now cheat with Noelle as well as going all the way with Sarah. There are no limitations there anymore.

I also changed the decisions you have to make with Noelle after you went all the way with her.

I rewrote also some lines towards the blackmail line.

And I did more rewriting in general.

Changed some other minor changes.

I added 2 new scenes, 2 threesomes with Sarah, MMF and MFF. Don’t forget to talk with Sarah after these events.

I did the changes in a way that old saves should be playable. I hope the rewrite is bugless, I tested it a lot, but if you encounter any, let me know.

It should be all progress with scenes from here, so updates should come more regular from now on.

Release version 0.20:

A major decision has to be made if you followed the Noelle Love Line (without the blackmail). This is a major decision for how the game will play out for you. Consider carefully. (Not all consequences are implemented yet.) This will happen after the full sex scene in your bedroom with Noelle. Watch the left sidebar for the initial message.

First small event where you can see what Sarah is planning to do with Noelle now you decided to blackmail her together (livingroom).

For sake of the story I made a small change with in the ending of the scene where you have full sex for the first time with Noelle.

Redid some of the coding when it comes down to the stats. I decreased some of the negative impacts of ‘bad’ choices and made the game less grindy overal.
Among those changes are:
– Made the anal achievement and anal sex with Sarah easier to get.
– Only have to work 3 times before you get paid.
– Increasing fitness will now also increase your daily energy.

Added an option where you sometimes can take candid pictures of Noelle and ‘use’ them in your office later for a decrease in faithfulness.

First blackmail scene with Noelle in her bedroom if you blackmailed Noelle (you need high darkness).

Several minor bugfixes.

Release version 0.19b:
Extra bugfix release.

Release version 0.19a:
Garden shed cleaning bug fix.

Release version 0.19:
So the most time consuming but quite imported part of this update is that from this update on, you will be able to use old saves. You can already use your 0.18 save in this version. No more starting over every update.

Added a bondage scene with Sarah. But, and it’s a big but, this is only for the loyal to Sarah players. Your faithfulness has to be high and you can’t have done the first kiss event with Noelle.
As I said from the start, in this game, every action will have consequences.

Then the game changer, again for the loyal to Sarah players. We all know by now that you can blackmail Noelle. Now Sarah can and wants to join you in blackmailing her (actual actions in future versions). Just keep making Noelle doing your chores.

Added a time skip feature.

Added a sort of phone function, you can now receive messages, which will be displayed in the left bar.

Which leads to the message you can receive from Noelle. This text will appear after 10 days once you had your first time sex with Noelle and keep her relation above 190.

I also noticed that my fast travel function (right bar) was not a success on every screen. Every size screen had another effect. I (hopefully) fixed that by adjusting some of the coding.

Also did some standard bug fixing.

Release version 0.18:
So, I decided to add a new (visible) stat called darkness. This means that Faithfulness is now indeed only faithfulness to Sarah. This was necessary to implement my latest ideas for the game. Darkness speaks for itself I think.

Another thing I added for the sake of the story are chores around the house. And no worries, they are not mandatory, they won’t cost relation points if you choose not to do them. They will get you relation points with Sarah if you do do them (they will be added at the end of each day when you go to sleep). Added to this, the toilet has returned! Happy cleaning!

Another addition which relates to the darkness and the chores is that you can make Noelle do the chores for you and claim the relation points with Sarah yourself (hint: new Noelle story line).

Then the last addition to this new storyline: I made a small change in the choices that start this storyline.

Added more achievements.
Extended the fast travel function to outside of the house as well.
Meet Sarah at her work.
You can now meet a new character.
Edited the talks with Sarah in the evening in bed.
Added a lesbian scene.

Release version 0.17:
Continuation of the new Noelle storyline (once you found the item in Noelles room you can start this line).
First actions / scenes for the new Noelle storyline.
You can add relationship by leaving money in her room (only in the new Noelle storyline).
Unlocked new option (good ending) in the Noelle pool sleep scene.
I implemented a fast travel function which will reduce clicking. It is only active within the house for now. Also you can’t miss it.
Many typos fixed. Thanks to 9245776

Release version 0.16a:
Fixed finding passport in Noelles room bug.
Fixed similar Sarah at the pool bug which now unlocks another scene as well.

Release version 0.16:
New Noelle garden and pool sex scenes added or current scenes edited / extended.
New Sarah bedroom, pool and garden sex scenes added or current scenes edited / extended.
Naps now also add arousal.
More hints regarding Noelle’s second event.
Some bug fixes and minor changes.
Intro to new Noelle storyline. You can find the start of this storyline in Noelle’s room. And no, it’s not on her computer.

Release version 0.15a:
Fixed the talk with Sarah when stats are maxed.
Made the anal scene in de bedroom with Sarah replayable.
Updated Walkthrough.

Release version 0.15:
The character sheets now contain a short summary of your progress and / or current situation. This will be adjusted and edited as your story progresses and your stats change.
New full sex scene with Noelle in bathroom and guestroom, guestroom includes anal if the player chooses so and meets the requirements.
Added anal lube to the erotic store.
Added Sarah anal training and first anal fuck, with a very special ending if the requirements are met.
Added Sarah bathroom fuck and anal if the player chooses so and meets the requirements.
Adjusted the cum addict requirements.

Release version 0.14a:
Kissing limit fix.
Edited developer notes.

Release version 0.14:
Updated stores and gym.
Sneak peek on a new character, if you can find her.
Fixed the fitness / relationship issues.
New full sex event with Noelle in bedroom.
New full sex scene with Noelle in livingroom and kitchen.
Changed a bunch of other stuff.

Release version 0.13a:
Fixed energy and happiness.
Fixed spying on Noelle.

Release version 0.13:
You can now masturbate using Noelle’s panties if you found a pair in the guestroom:
– This will give you faithfulness -1.
– It will use the panties.
Made a temporary fix for the fitness / relationship issues.
First full sex scenes with Sarah in the livingroom and kitchen.
First sex scene with Noelle which will also activate the option to kiss Noelle.
Some other minor changes.
Updated the walkthrough

Version 0.12b:
Noelle cheat storyline bug fix.

Version 0.12a:
Talking count fix.

Version 0.12:
Added new Sarah scene.
– This is quite a hard one to get, but it is a preview and indication of things that can happen and are going to happen in this game. Normally would just happen if you neglect Sarah. For now, I’ve added a safe game so you can try the scene without having to spend time. Just use the safe game and go straight to the bedroom.
Adjusted work payments and shop prices as suggested by Haspes
Fixed sidebar:
– Inventory, Characters etc. now have a back button, which will get you back to the livingroom as suggested by: S1T355
Fixed talking count, resets after you sleep.
Added tracking system as suggested by: khumak
Updated walkthrough.

Version 0.11:
Increased gym output for less grind.
Added Achievements.
Added inventory.
Added sleeping pills, unlocks events where sleeping pills where required.
Added more info in the walkthrough. Among a sort of checklist of scenes.

V 0.10 release.

Developer Notes:

(Copied from my Patreon as a message to my Patrons)

Hi all!

So I guess this is it, it’s finally here, the rebuild of ‘To the Fullest’ v0.01.

So I’ll start with the bad:
Not everything the old game had has been implemented (yet). Some are still in progress, some are being rewritten. So technically we stepped a few versions back (comparable with v0.19 give or take) when it comes to content and storyline progress.

I have tested it fully and, as always, it should be bug free (fingers crossed), the thing I worry most about is the balance and the time to get things done and progress in the game, but I hope to get feedback on that from people who play the game.

Now then, let me tell you what happened.

Months ago (I can’t believe how long it has been) I had some personal stuff to deal with, which caused me not to be able to work enough on the game, so I repaid all my patrons and put the game on hold.
Then when I wanted to work on it again, I didn’t know where to start. The game was such a mess and I already noticed before, that making, buggless, updates was really hard because of the state of the game. And honestly, it was very demotivating as well.
Another thing I realized was that I started to hate the storyline I made and had planned for the future, which was also very demotivating. That in combination with a majority saying they prefer video scenes instead of image scenes (which I totally get), made me realize I had to do something about all of it.
So, I decided to rebuild the game completely. At the start I thought, oh, I’ll just copy most of it from the old to the new. But, that didn’t happen. I looked at some of the more successful HTML games, took a good look at the comments and ratings, learned new things about twine and I started.

The result? I almost rewritten and recreated everything. Every scene has been replaced, the storyline has changed, looks have changed, systems have changed, gameplay has changed, everything has changed and, personally, I’m quite satisfied with the result.
What is also not unimportant, the game is not a chaotic mess anymore. I can now make updates without having to figure out how to implement it for hours to find out it is still a buggfest.
So this is the initial result and I really enjoyed rebuilding the game and I am also very happy with the new storyline (which I haven’t implemented yet, but will come soon). So I hope you can enjoy the game half as much as I enjoyed (re)building it, I think I did a good job then.

For now, this is the first of the rebuild release, so there are probably some bugs here and there, please report any in the comments so I can fix them (there is nothing more frustrating then people complaining about bugs without reporting where and when). Also typos, weird sentences, weird interaction, anything where you think, this should be done better, please let me know in the comments (here or F95)!

Also, if you miss anything from the old game that you like to see return, please also let me know in the comments. There is plenty planned still, but please let me know. Given the chaotic state of the old game, it’s very much possible that I forgot to implement something.

What I know that is not implemented (mostly because I’m rewriting a lot) but is on the to do list are:
– Sarah’s threesome scenes
– Sarah’s bdsm scene
– Work (NTR) event

Again, missing something? Please let me know and I will clarify or add it to my to do list.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy the game and I’m looking forward to the new updates and your opinions.

Best regards,


Some side notes:

– Walkthrough is not (really) necessary anymore, main storyline events will trigger automatically once certain requirements are met. But there are still plenty of things to do outside of the main story and this will only increase and won’t be triggered automatically.
– Time has changed, there is no minutes and hours anymore. A day has now 10 phases. Weekday and weekend differences are still there.
– I turned off the autoplay function of the videos. I did this on purpose after seeing this in other games. I did it to prevent players from missing content, or have to restart clips once they scroll down, let me know if this is preferred or if you rather have autoplay turned on.
– Added a cheatmenu for Patrons (please don’t overuse, you’ll miss a lot of content, also I’m not responsible if you break the game using this).

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