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In this game you’ll take the role of a husband and a father of a 1 year old.
Unfortunately your relationship with your wife is terrible at the moment.
You hardly see each other and hardly spend any time together.
To change this you decided to hire a nanny.
Sarah, your wife, reluctantly agreed to this and gave you the order to arrange it, and so you did.
You hired a nanny, a hot nanny.
How this story evolves is up to you.
Embark on a journey in a growing city with an increasing amount of locations, characters and stories.
It’s going to be a very busy and chaotic time.
Have fun!
And don’t forget:
Live life to the fullest!

This game is now more then just a nanny story. Yes, there is still the nanny story, but now there is more.
There is more then just the nanny story and it will become more as well.
There will be more storylines, more characters and more locations.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-20
Release Date: 2022-06-20
Developer: Royarus PatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.05
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Anal sex, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Handjob, Male Domination, Masturbation, MILF, (avoidable) Ntr, Oral sex, Rape, Sex toys, Sleep sex, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Sandbox, Simulator


Windows, MAC:
Extract and run.

Mobile Devices:


Rebuild version v0.05d, 22-06-2022:
– Fixed the part where the stripper won’t take you in the VIP after giving her money. This only happens when you use an existing (old) save. Unfortunately I can’t fix the problem for current saves and you need to use a save game from before you went to the stripclub.

Rebuild version v0.05c, 21-06-2022:
– Fixed the below bugfix Sarah and Noelle livingroom scene

Rebuild version v0.05b, 21-06-2022:
– Fixed royalties bug
– Edited stripper scenes
– Fixed Noelle livingroom scene
– Old saves can now be used in the bugfix version

Rebuild version v0.05a, 20-06-2022:
– Fixed the bug where Sabina keeps calling.

Rebuild version v0.05, 20-06-2022:
First off, I keep this and future changelogs as low key as possible so I don’t spoil anything. So it might not look as much, but it is more then it looks at first hand.
– So to give everyone an idea of where this game is going, I have kept expanding the city, and added a bar and a strip club. I want to expand on this sandbox feeling, by giving the player more options then just the ones around the house and the main characters. Both locations will be expanded in the future.
– Added credits with all the pornstars involved who have sex scenes in the game.
– Added a total of 6 new characters. Not al characters have interactions or content yet.
– Strip club: There are currently two strippers. It’s a 50/50 chance which one you get. Currently one of the two has a scene (the brunette). If you can’t find the scenes. Just keep paying them (tip: the fitter you are the cheaper everything will be later on).
– Bar: 4 new characters, 2 with actual interactions, 2 will get more interactions in the future.
– Once you found the ‘special’ one in the bar (once you played it, you’ll know which one I mean) you can receive a phone call at any moment on any day. This is a bit experimental, but my tests where successful so it should work, I might need to balance it a bit, but for now it seems good. At the moment there is one phone call you can receive. More will be added in the future.
– Continued Christel her storyline
– Some small fixes.
– Made some scenes better available with Sarah in the bedroom
– Fixed a Noelle scene in the livingroom
– Changed the in game instruction text

Rebuild version v0.04, 02-06-2022:
Added more pictures all around.
– Fixed the empty screen when searching Noelle’s room.
– Rebalanced searching Noelle’s room:
10% chance of finding panties
20% chance of finding the club card
30% chance of finding her laptop
40% chance of finding nothing
– I’m also busy with expanding the city and as a start I added a Casino in the city center with, two basic games:
– Blackjack
– Roulette
For now it’s just the games, in future versions I will add more interactions and story to this.
– You can now watch movies in the cinema. This will also be expanded in the future.
– Fixed the Christel storyline, which was completely unavailable. You should now be able to have dinner at Christel her house and more.
– Added Christel to the Journal
– Continued the main story, but only a little. The end of the update will literally say: The end.. For now. This will also introduce a new character.
– Due to the very small possibility, but still a possibility, that you won’t be able to continue the main storyline, you now need to have completed the Christel storyline (which ends with: For now this is the end of the Christel storyline.) before the main storyline can be continued (see Journal). This might cause the requirement to start a new game.
– Some cosmetic fixes.
– Fixed Noelle garden scene (when relation is lower).
– Added some small random events around the house (20% chance per location).

Rebuild version v0.03b, 26-04-2022:
– New event not triggering with certain old saves is now fully fixed and fully tested with saves from previous versions
– Sarah’s sleeping pill fixed
– Gym week subscription fix

Rebuild version v0.03a, 25-04-2022:
– Park fix
– Search Noelle room no result fix
– Cook for everyone fix
– New scene fix for old saves: I found out that the new event would not trigger when saves from older versions are used. This is now fixed as well.

Rebuild version v0.03, 25-04-2022:
– Added something in the park
– Main storyline continued which includes a new scene.
(hint: keep on trying with Noelle)
– Added Life Goals Journal: this contains hints to progress in side events and stories. At this moment, only Sarah has these since the main / Noelle events trigger automatically.
– Text fixes
– Balancing fixes
– Video, images and text should now adjust size as per your screen size (within reason and limits)
– Max stats that do not have a 100 as max show as Max instead of a number
– Fitness / Energy link made clearer
– Fixed sleepill issues
– Removed Noelles sleepingpil option
– Sarahs sleepingpil now only works once
– Removed Darkness, might come back later, but it has no function for now
– Removed Faithfulness as it has no function in the Rebuild, I left it in the game still in the background in case I want it back later, but you don’t need it to start events. So it doesn’t do anything anymore.
– Noelle MIA and double Sarah fix
– Double Noelle and Sarah MIA fix
– Extended the cheat menu
– Added events in the cheat menu
– The gym will take your money now
– Small fix in the Sarah bathroom scene
– Added current location
– Added a fast travel menu (for patrons)
– Skip day cheat menu fix
– Side bar image can now be hidden
– Improved salary for work
– Also implemented a royalties system, now every time you get paid for work, you gain a royalties level. Every royalties level you go up you get an certain amount of money per day without you needing to work for it, with a maximum of $25 a day. The money will be added once you go to sleep.
– Fixed the Noelle entering guestroom bug at certain relationship levels.

Rebuild version v0.02, 11-04-2022:
– Added something in the Uni lobby
– Dinner with Christel
(Sarah relation high, met Christel at Uni)
– Start of Christel storyline
(Christel relation above 75 at Uni)
– Main storyline continued
(Relation Noelle and Sarah almost max, must have had full sex with Noelle)

Rebuild version v0.01, 04-04-2022:
Basically I changed everything:
– Gameplay
– Layout
– Storylines
– Replaced all image scenes with video scenes.
– See dev notes for more information.

Developer Notes:

(Copied from my Patreon as a message to my Patrons)

Hi all!

So I guess this is it, it’s finally here, the rebuild of ‘To the Fullest’ v0.01.

So I’ll start with the bad:
Not everything the old game had has been implemented (yet). Some are still in progress, some are being rewritten. So technically we stepped a few versions back (comparable with v0.19 give or take) when it comes to content and storyline progress.

I have tested it fully and, as always, it should be bug free (fingers crossed), the thing I worry most about is the balance and the time to get things done and progress in the game, but I hope to get feedback on that from people who play the game.

Now then, let me tell you what happened.

Months ago (I can’t believe how long it has been) I had some personal stuff to deal with, which caused me not to be able to work enough on the game, so I repaid all my patrons and put the game on hold.
Then when I wanted to work on it again, I didn’t know where to start. The game was such a mess and I already noticed before, that making, buggless, updates was really hard because of the state of the game. And honestly, it was very demotivating as well.
Another thing I realized was that I started to hate the storyline I made and had planned for the future, which was also very demotivating. That in combination with a majority saying they prefer video scenes instead of image scenes (which I totally get), made me realize I had to do something about all of it.
So, I decided to rebuild the game completely. At the start I thought, oh, I’ll just copy most of it from the old to the new. But, that didn’t happen. I looked at some of the more successful HTML games, took a good look at the comments and ratings, learned new things about twine and I started.

The result? I almost rewritten and recreated everything. Every scene has been replaced, the storyline has changed, looks have changed, systems have changed, gameplay has changed, everything has changed and, personally, I’m quite satisfied with the result.
What is also not unimportant, the game is not a chaotic mess anymore. I can now make updates without having to figure out how to implement it for hours to find out it is still a buggfest.
So this is the initial result and I really enjoyed rebuilding the game and I am also very happy with the new storyline (which I haven’t implemented yet, but will come soon). So I hope you can enjoy the game half as much as I enjoyed (re)building it, I think I did a good job then.

For now, this is the first of the rebuild release, so there are probably some bugs here and there, please report any in the comments so I can fix them (there is nothing more frustrating then people complaining about bugs without reporting where and when). Also typos, weird sentences, weird interaction, anything where you think, this should be done better, please let me know in the comments (here or F95)!

Also, if you miss anything from the old game that you like to see return, please also let me know in the comments. There is plenty planned still, but please let me know. Given the chaotic state of the old game, it’s very much possible that I forgot to implement something.

What I know that is not implemented (mostly because I’m rewriting a lot) but is on the to do list are:
– Sarah’s threesome scenes
– Sarah’s bdsm scene
– Work (NTR) event

Again, missing something? Please let me know and I will clarify or add it to my to do list.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy the game and I’m looking forward to the new updates and your opinions.

Best regards,


Some side notes:

– Time has changed, there is no minutes and hours anymore. A day has now 10 phases. Weekday and weekend differences are still there.
– I turned off the autoplay function of the videos. I did this on purpose after seeing this in other games. I did it to prevent players from missing content, or have to restart clips once they scroll down, let me know if this is preferred or if you rather have autoplay turned on.
– Added a cheatmenu for Patrons (please don’t overuse, you’ll miss a lot of content, also I’m not responsible if you break the game using this).

All Rebuild saves are compatible with eachother, but due to the storywriting there is a small chance that you’ll get stuck so a new game is advised as of v0.04 (see changelog).
Apologies for this.












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