[HTML] Transylvania [v0.3.12] [XFiction]


You are Alex, a poor student that decides to take a summer job working as a receptionist at the Crooked Elm, a hotel in a faraway mountain village deep in the Transylvanian region. Quickly you realize that nothing and no one in the village is what it seems, and every passing hour has you more embroiled in the mysterious happenings…

Transylvania is a game that allows you get yourself into all sorts of trouble, leaving you the choices to overcome obstacles and try to return to normal, or give in to your desires and change into something more.



Thread Updated: 2022-04-21
Release Date: 2022-04-21
Developer: XFiction PatreonOfficial WebsiteTFG Page
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2dcg, Male protagonist, Genderbender, Monster girl, Monster, Milf, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Interracial


Spiders, Werewolves, Vampires, Worms, others;


BDSM, Oviposition, MtF, Degradation, Body modifications, Pregnancy;


1. Extract and run.



-a new background has been added for Alex’s room;
-a new background has been added for the top floor;
-added night version of Alex’s room;
-added night version of floor1;
-added night version of floor2;
-added night version of floor3;
-added a special version of floor 3 when meeting Elise at the end of Chapter 1;
-Meeting Mihai after a new cycle begin has been redesigned to offer a larger variety of options and avoid repeating scenes;
-opened an alternative route to bonding with the Elder if you complete the conspiracy without falling in the pit;
-improved repeated interactions with the Elder;
-Yaga (the kindly old woman at the inn) has been redesigned;
-new character portrait;
-new art for the milking scenes;
Fixes and improvements
-unlocking the tower with Ionut’s keys will now correctly send you to the appropriate Elder encounter depending on what you have already done;
-Leaving the Elder’s tower will not automatically send you to move the box if you’ve already done it;
-improved choice order and formatting on some locations;
-JS notification errors when loading will not be displayed to players (these errors have no impact on gameplay)


-added new background for the library (+2 variations);
-improved the opening screen of the game;
-improved the transparency on some UI elements;
-fixed a large amount of typos;
-added a notification for feats;
-updated existing feats to show notifications;
Location backgrounds
-added background for the library;
-added variations for the library background;
-added background for Yaga’s hut;
-added background for Elise’s lair;
The Elder
-added new character portrait;
-new scene: Elder’s toy;
-new illustration: Elder’s toy;
Chapter 2
-Secret Epilogue: added a possible early conclusion to the story at the end of Chapter 2;
-added a lengthy sequences with several scenes, choices and consequences in the Secret Epilogue.
-added a new scene for acquiring demonic eyes;
-it is now possible to escape the pit of death on your first visit if you have already acquired demonic changes.
Fixes and improvements
-fixed a critical plot issue where taking the pact before visiting the lair in Chapter 2 would result in the chapter becoming unwinnable;
-the Lavius lair investigation will now be properly removed from the journal when resolved;
-fixed a bug where finding out Elise’s motives last would not trigger the next phase of the grand conspiracy under some specific choices;
-fixed a bug where under some circumstances the conspiracy could be reset a step back when being reborn;
-added the ability to export, import and delete save slots;
-added end of Chapter 2 to the quick navigation options;


-improved dynamic backgrounds: passages that change their background via story choices (and not fixed bg) now properly scale with resolution and will not create white stripes in some instances;
-new background added: the village;
-new background art added;
-new illustrated scene added; gothic submission;
Inventory and items
-new art for keys;
-new art for spider necklace;
-new art for Ruxandra’s necklace;
-clicking an item to inspect now shows you a higher resolution version with the description;
-added a new background: throne room;
-you can now escape from the pit of death;
-you can now optionally enter the service of the Elder;
-new scene added: The pledge;
-new illustration added: The pledge;
-new minor interactions added to the Elder;
-alternative branches added for completing the main quest when in service of the Elder;
Ionut – Chapter 2
-Ionut can now be found in the kitchen in Chapter 2;
-Ionut’s keys can be obtained in Chapter 2;
-improved Ionut’s blowjob’s art and description in the basement;
-added a new dominant-trait scene in the kitchen;
-added a few mini-scenes in the kitchen as a follow-up from the basement;
General Chapter2
-entering the cemetery now requires Ionut’s keys;
-the tower can be entered at any time of day using Ionut’s keys (as opposed to only following Mihai in the morning);
-added a new (invisible) tracking of the progression of your succubus transformation;
-applied many typo fixes;
-you should not be able to follow Mihai in the morning after pledging to the Elder;
-fixed a rare browser issue causing you to sometimes not see any options during the Ruxandra dialogue;
-fixed a rare bug where you’d get stuck after reading about the antique cat in the prologue.


-added a new minor scene to the dreams sequence, with variations;
-updated the engine to segregate content. This was a key change that we were forced to do due to Patreon’s content policy threatening the closure of the project. As such, we have prepared the necessary changes to comply while on Patreon, but to be able to revert when possible.
-New background art: The Game Room;
-new illustration: rebirth (2 variations);
-added a new illustration to the dreams sequence (vampire bride)
User Interface
-reworked the Inventory section;
-added art for the following items: Runic Necklace, Spider Amulet, Thistles, Green Bottle, Phero Bottle, Diary, Jar of Worms, Magic Potion;
-items can now be examined;
-added a miniature succubus decoration to some system menus;
-Polished “Mind” section and added a new “Notes” section
-reworked Save Slots: there are now 6 pre-defined save slots that you can use or overwrite;
-Added new UI for Save slots;
IMPORTANT: Due to Patreon’s content policy, some scenes have been removed from the Patreon version of the game;


-added background for the kitchen;
-Chapter 2 now properly gives and tracks secrets for discovering new things;

Chapter 2
-The “Find Felicia” quest in Chapter 2 can now be completed;
-Felicia’s shop is now open after completing the “Find Felicia” task ;
-added new possible minor scenes with Elise, Felicia, Lavius and the Werewolf associated with this variation;
-changed the “Investigate lavius’ Lair” branch;
-changed the “Second Chance” event and added new storyline;

The Crypt
-added background for the crypt stairs + variation;
-updated crypt descent event;
-now accessible in Chapter 2 as well;
-The first event can be triggered directly in chapter 2 if you didn’t do it in chapter 1;
-added new scenes and terrors that lurk beneath;

Character Relationships
-characters in the journal are now clickable, leading to an individual page with more details;
-new entries and avatars for the Wolf, Sabrina, Ruxandra, and The Elder.

-added a bonus event if you go back with Ionut after fishing for worms;
-added new art and polish to the basement devil gown scene in Chapter2;

The Innkeep
-added new character portrait;
-added new mini interactions at the inn;


-rewrote the sidebar UI from scratch – the game sidebar should now be (more) visually consistent across different screen resolutions;
-the sidebar is now fixed and will not flicker during choice transitions.
NEW TECH – Image Layers: The engine now supports layered images, paving the way to more interactive scenes and better support for clothes and other customization within scenes.

-New trait has been added: dominant;
improved scene “Ritual-tentacles” using new overlay tech;

The Path
-added new background: “Mountain Path”;
-added new background: “Mountain Path – Night”;
-added new background: “Mountain Path – Warped”;
-added backgrounds to many transitions between The Crooked Elm and the village;
-Improved Gwyllgi’s encounter on the path – polished descriptions and dialogue, added new backgrounds;
-Improved The Wolf’s encounter on the path – polished descriptions, added new backgrounds and improved flow of the scenes;

Chapter 2
-new story branch: you can now learn Elise’s motives if you stayed loyal to Felicia;
-new scene added with Elise;
-added backgrounds to path travel;
-improved the second chance stat reset.
The henchmen
-added new interactive, repeatable scene with dominating the henchmen;
-added new art for the scene;

Ionut in the basement
-redesigned scenes and added new options;
-added more control over how the counter progresses;
-added a dominant option;
-added new art: Teasing Succubus;
-added art variations for every outfit;
-added cum variation;
-made the art interactive.


-updated the Elise piercing dialogue to better synch with Sabrina plotline;
-updated round piercings art to match Elise’s spiders;
-added a quickload option on the starting screen;
-updated stat changes across multiple events;
-some deaths will now drain sanity;
-added more behind the scenes stat tracking (to be used in the future);
-added a Felicia dialogue if your last death is from the Ritual;

-added new background for The Garden;
-added a variation for The Garden – Evil tree;
-added new background – Lost in the Forest;

-reworked the navigation of Sabrina’s hub;
-your limit of training sessions you can do at once now starts at 1 and increases up to 3 with your visits to Sabrina;
-added transitions between trainings (when Alex has the capacity to take more than 1 at a time);
-added a new training: Accepting your female side;

Sabrina’s final Trial
-added a final test: Sabrina’s trial;
-added erotic sequence: angry tentacles;
-added erotic sequence: provoke the tentacles;
-added erotic sequence: futile escape;
-added erotic sequence: suicidal sacrifice;
-added erotic sequence: elder acolyte;

Sabrina Art
-added new art: The Ritual;
-added new art: The Ritual – tentacles;
-added new art: The Ritual – the ancient one;
-added new variation: The Ritual – accepting the ancient one;
-added new variation: The Ritual – the ancient one – after;
-added bonus cuts and variations to Trial art;

-added Sabrina training limit to cheat menu;
-added Sabrina’s Trial and new training to the gallery.

-fixed Lavius bj sometimes leading to a dead end;
-fixed Felicia’s debt settlement not persisting after death;
-fixed multiple descriptors firing in Lavius’s bj scene in the garden;
-various typo fixes;


-reworked the starting screen;
-polished opening passages;
-updated colors of UI components;
-added animations to some of the buttons;
-added a dedicated menu for save slots (still available as a sub-section of cheats as well);
-hints are now enabled by default;
-instead of flying off after giving a hint, the Raven now stays and can be questioned multiple times. But beware of annoying him too much.
-improved image compression for backgrounds by around 60% (loading should be much faster);

Chapter 1
-added new art when being killed by Ionut;

Sabrina and lab
-added background art for Sabrina’s room;
-added background art for underground lair;

Chapter 2
-the win condition for surviving the attack has been changed with an additional requirement;

Lavius in the garden
-polished dialogue and added new options if you reply this branch more than once;
==>added new scene with Lavius in the garden;
-added 3 new pieces of art, depending on what Alexandra is wearing;
-added dynamic descriptions based on stats;
-added Trait-unlockable options;

Wolf in the garden
-polished existing scene with new outfit variations;
-added the outfit-appropriate art to each variation;
-added an alternative encounter if you do this branch more than once;

The Henchmen
-added new story branch: meeting the men in the forest;
-added new challenge to branch;
-added new erotic scenes to the challenge;
-added new art to the challenge;

-added new Lavius scene to Gallery;
-added new Henchmen scene to Gallery;
-made Stat Edit buttons hitbox much larger and easier to click;


-Replaced the color of unimplemented options from red to grey-blue to avoid confusion with permanent choices.
-added new background art: the dining room (day);
-added new background art: the dining room (dark);
Chapter 2
-improved navigation nodes and event triggers around the game room and the library;
-The Grand Conspiracy questline can now be advanced one more step
-added a quest recap after moving the box to the basement;
-updated waking up recap after a death;
The Mermaid
-has a new interaction node for all actions and can be found in the basement at all times of day;
-meeting her for the first time no longer leads to a dead end;
-new challenge added;
-it is now possible to uncover Lavius’ motives in the “Grand Conspiracy” questline.
-new erotic scene added;
-new art for the erotic scene added;
The Elder
-updated interactions;
-can now be convinced to help you if you have the right pieces of information;
Pit of Death
-added new location: certain actions will lead you here;
-added new erotic event: the slime;
-added new art: the slime;
-added new erotic event: the lurker;
-added new art: the lurker;
-the Elise x Felicia branch no longer terminates in a dead end;
-it is now possible to uncover Elise’s motives in the “Grand Consipracy” questline.
-updated some icons
-typo fixes;
-updated a few more interaction nodes in Ch1 to prevent potential stats being re-applied when exiting a menu;

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