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Bunnygirl Succubus is an RPG simulation adventure game about a Bunnygirl named Lily, who mysteriously becomes a succubus, and must travel to the city of Aphrodisia to learn about her powers.​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-10
Release Date: 2022-04-05
Developer: Snekbites – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English

2d game, 2dcg, animated, female protagonist, monster girl, prostitution, vaginal sex, oral sex, big ass, big tits, bdsm, anal sex, tentacles,lesbian, glory hole, adventure, fantasy, slut,


1. Extract and run.



-Buffed cat mood from 5 to 15
-Nerfed the stress damage of Noire’s cheering from 300 to 250
-Fixed glitch where repeatedly pressing a room change button would cause the game to not change room until you stopped repeatingly pressing.
-Added room: Mansion Floor 2
-Added room: Service Room 1, 2, and 3.
-Added room: Mansion Floor 3
-Added room: Balcony.
-Added room: Lucy’s Bedroom
-Added a little animation on it.
-Fixed glitch: hooker encore wouldn’t show the correct sprite.
-Reworked how Stress work, now you’ll receive more Max Stress at low levels, but the gains will lower at higher levels.
-Also now spa shows how much Stress you have to recover using the spa to level it up.
-Also added 2 new spa events, only one is animated.
-Fixed glitch where the hooker encore event wouldn’t play, now it does.
-Please do not open EventList.ini with notepad
-Gave SFXs and VCs to a bunch of animations that lacked it, courtesy of @570RMP1R473#2125.
-Changed the way SFXs and VCs worked, changes not in effect yet.
-You can now sleep with Lucy in her bedroom in afternoon, night, and late night. Sleeping at late night causes you to sleep there until tomorrow.
-You can now repeat the animations (not the writing) of Lucy’s sex scene at the mansion foyer.
-Note, there’s currently no requirement to access upstairs, you can literally do it ASAP without following the questline, this will change on future updates.
-Added MP bar, currently useless.

-Nerfed the daily decay from 15 to 0
-Initial INT req to equip one perk/lewdity is 0 now.
-Max lewdity limit upgraded to 3
-Lily will now get an initial 200$ for the start of the game
-The whore outfit will now cost 500$ instead of 300$
-Added Maid Job, with 5 events
-Added lily desk maid sprite
-Added MaidEXP to the savefile
-Maid job is now tied to the mood system
-Maid job is now tied to the unlock system
-Maid job is now tied to the luck system
-Added Mood to Money Gain, you will gain extra money depending on your mood.
-Sleep screen will now show how much debt you have accumulated.
-Added standing masturbation sprite.
-Base value of Luck Coins changed from 0 to 5
-Luck coins increase luck by 5 for every coin picked that day
-Changed Luck Coin limit from 5 to 7.
-Added mood system.
-Added icon to Lily Cheering
-Fixed minor glitch where the animations would start late when having public sex.
-Added oral sprite to the public sex skill
-Added visual moans
-Added outline to the text of the obj_coin
-Added Lupe at the lobby counter
with two new sprites
-masturbating on your bedroom now does an special animation that requires no one to be there.
-Added new masturbation sprite
-Added a cheat button on the bedroom, you can edit the stats given in the .ini file provided in the game.
-Fixed bug where Noire would stay cheering at late night
-Nerfed rest from 50 to 45
-QoL: Sleeping early will reduce stress equal to the amount of stress recovered if you had used the rest skill multiplied by the amount of time slots.
-Added Cats: When clicked they will increase mood by 5
-SignEXP required to open the BDSM mansion from 50 to 60.
-Max Stress changed from 200 to 250
-Changed the scaling of the hooker job
-Nerfed base stripper money from 200 to 50
-Added stress requirement text to the “double offer” encore on the hooker job.
-Charm needed for the Noire encore changed from 100 to 60

-Added fucking options to the masturbation skill, click on a background NPC to start fucking
(for now, there are only female NPCs, but the animation is for a male, this is temporary.)
-Added heart particle effects to orgasms
-Added 6 new sprites:
Lily Cheer
Noire Cheer
Standing fuck 1,2,3 and cum

-Added skill training, which is free but stress expensive, an encore event can be triggered to recover half of the stress lost at the expense of money.
-Added lace street
-Changed the button on the pause screen.

-Added perk/lewdities system, that gives various buffs
-Added the lustiverse shop room
-Added the lustiverse: Lily’s concious room
-Added dream object
-Fixed bug: now consumable count should save and load now
-Added comments, now Lily will say stuff during some job events
Added a lot of lines to her dialogue.
-Added luck factor to some events, now the chance for good events is doubled when you have good luck.
-Added luck factor to coins.
-Added a few flavor texts to backgrounds.
-Don’t type “justmonika” while playing.
-Fixed bug where if the cumming animation ended, encore animations wouldn’t play.
-Some events are now unlocked behind the respective job EXP.
-It will now notify when you’ve unlocked a new event.
-Only applies to signwaver, hooker, and pornstar jobs.
-Crowds will now not go over/behind Lily when doing a job.
-Fixed bug: Tutorial crashing
-Also fixed bug where sleeping in the tutorial would give debt
-Also fixed bug where Stress wouldn’t be 0 in the tutorial
-Also fixed bug where tutorial wouldn’t end.
-Normalized effect_text to make it more even and less glitchy.
-Added functions GiveSkill, GiveInt, and GiveCharm, but no related item.
-Nerfed the Stress gained from not getting paid on the hooker job from 55 to 15.

-Hotfix: Game CTD when pressing locked options
-Fixed bug where the lesbian shoot in the pornstar job didn’t consume any energy
-Fixed text claiming erroneous stats on the lesbian kiss scene.
-Fixed bug where a WIP sprite appeared instead of Ollie’s sprite, also fixed positioning.
-Fixed bug where 2 already written conversations wouldn’t be added to the crowd conversation list
-Fixed mistake where Lily’s tail would not appear on the 2nd part of the lapdance scene.
-Fixed crowdconversationgeneric6 finishing earlier than intended

-Adjusted Textboxes, now they’ll fully display the text when clicked once, and go to the next line when clicked again (instead of just going to the next line without letting you read the full line.) Just like a VN
-Added Rest button, lowers stress and advances time.
-Reworked rent, it will now create debt when below the pay line, but debt will cap at 100
-Fixed bug where stripper fuck on pole wouldn’t give money
-Fixed bug where lap dance anal wouldn’t give money
-Wrote and added introduction conversation to pornstar job.
-Added lesbian scene to pornstar job
-Changed code on masturbating on pole to accomodate job system update
-Added a small minigame for a bonus when playing certain jobs
-please do not type “f95zone” while playing the game.
-Added stress lost text on the pole dance fuck event
-Added a daily loss of stats every day, from 0 to 45 when reaching a certain lewd level.
-Added a conversation to Lucy when in the mansion.
-Flipped Conversation sprite
-Changed initial Max Stress from 300 to 200
-Stress lost is now readable when doing the signwaver job.
-Modified crowd code, now it’ll give at least one relevant hint if available.
-Lowered Stress needed to upgrade MaxStress from 200+MaxStress to MaxStress + 10% of MaxStress.
-Added a public sex button it’s still a beta mechanic.
-Added yurikiss sprite, and added Ollie – Yurikiss aftercare extra event to pornstar.
-Fixed letter size issue on the use item section of the pause screen.

-Reworked the job system to allow caps and multipliers.
-reworked the texts to accommodate the system.
-added caps to sexual stats, 100, 500, 1000, and 2000, which will improve with certain events.l
-added the following items
Coconut Oil
-added items to the shop list.
-Added PornstarEXP stat, and added to the Save/Load code.
-Added a crowd to the strip club dance floor.
-Fixed bug where cleanup blowjob sprite wouldn’t change after pounding
-Fixed CTD bug regarding crowds.
-Nerfed Coffee Cake price to 80.
-Buffed Matcha tea price to 120.
-Fixed bug where the signwaver job incorrectly used HookerEXP instead of SignEXP when calculating money value.
-Fixed bug where the signwaver job’s frontal blowjob event didn’t scale.
-jobs that now include crowds in the background.
-Crowds now layer behind Lily, and become more transparent when you mouse hover over them.
This is a temporary change, as the perspective is kinda wonky
-Bug fix: Examination bubbles will now dissapear at late night-time along with the crowds.
-Added 2 crowd conversation hints, and increased the chance that they might appear when conditions haven’t been met.
These are the hooker outfit hint, and the mansion hint.

Fix to game breaking bug.


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

The game features funny dialogue, sexy animations, amusing visual gags, and Sexual Content:
Major: Sluttification, Skimpy Clothing, Prostitution. Minor: BDSM, Lesbianism, Drunk Sex, Princess, Vampire, Bimbo, Nerd, Gloryhole.

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