[Others] California Strip Poker [v1.6] [Eldricus]



A game of strip poker against multiple sexy ladies.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-08
Release Date: 2022-06-08
Developer: Eldricus – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.6
OS: Windows
Language: English

2d game, male protagonist, point & click, stripping, teasing


1. Extract and run.



  • Leah’s green beach outfit is finally complete and supports many different undress orders.
  • Candy has a new finale in the lounge, and she got Denise to help out.
  • Vivian’s bedroom outfit new has a few new poses.
  • The beach ez-render setup in the render toolkit has been fixed to use the correct lighting
  • Added some extra-wide backdrops for beach and bedroom ez-renders to allow more flexible shots
  • Added support for hats in voice effects


  • Fixed missing nipples on Sandra bedroom undressing image
  • Removed redundant floor clothes on fully dressed Candy bedroom floor poses
  • Added 3 new finales: Sandra in the bedroom, Crystal in the bedroom, and Candy+Vivian Cheerleaders
  • Candy+Vivian cheerleaders outfit now has custom voices
  • Added the ability to separate opponents and bonus outfits into different folders (any folder with opponent_
  • Added the ability to use a customized permanent folder for downloaded opponents
  • If the game detects you are located in Russia, the ladies will refuse to undress and make pro-Ukraine comments instead.


  • Fixed no_clone greetings that were still being cloned
  • Categorized “sneakers” as a shoe to get the correct undress sound
  • Added bedroom outfits for Crystal and Sandra
  • Added strip show feature after winning the game
  • Added more audio teasing after losing the game.

New Stuff

  • New abilities buyback and mulligan when down to two players, and tweaked drinking and starting money.
  • Two new Denise finales

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in classic mode where female-avatar players could bet extra money past their last article of clothing
  • Changed the way house fees are collected to prevent players with very low cash from insta-losing on the next round.
  • Fixed the finale button panel to actually show the fourth finale button (no players have > 2 finales yet)
  • Folding after doubling up now only nets you the normal $50 instead of $100
  • Fixed an issue where action prompts were auto-skipped if players had $0 in streamlined mode
  • Fixed some errors in Leah’s nun outfit undress sounds
  • Improved Denise’s maid outfit undress sounds
  • Tweaked some repeating voice dialogue to be more unique across players
  • Prevent game from crashing when unknown player references are in the stats file

Game tweaks:

  • Tweaked the player image logic to still show non-finale player images but at a lower rate than finale players
  • Restricted the card redraw cheat to only once per round, and only after the normal card redraw has occurred
  • If someone else folds after you double up, and you had the best hand, they get their normal $50 and you also get $50
  • Updated the avatar outfit picker to randomly pick from the best-fit outfits, instead of always choosing the first one.
  • No longer showing wildcard pictures in response to game events when avoidable
  • Added a customizable setting to control the minimum number of players required to show a composite (useful when testing )
  • Added a customizable setting to control the volume of the music relative to the sound effects
  • Adjusted starting cash in streamlined mode to depend on number of clothes in outfit <3: $100, 4-5: $50, >6: $0
  • Replaced shield and double-up with the new abilities “mulligan” and “buyback” in 2-player streamlined mode
  • Removed the now-unused kind and ruthless AI traits
  • Hiding players cards after the game is finished
  • Reduced the amount of folding/mulliganing/shielding done by random player AIs
  • In classic mode players can now only pawn 1 garment per round max.
  • Buying drinks now costs based on number of players and has a smaller effect
  • Buying drinks effect no longer wears off over time, and is cumulative when buying more drinks
  • Updated README file with new abilities

Asset updates:

  • Moved a number of modesty images and closeups into wildcard folders, allowing them to still appear after the game ends
  • Re-rendered some old candy santa renders to include her missing pubic hair
  • Added a couple extra images to fill out some of the more sparse candy santa states (no new poses)
  • Re-locked the christmas outfits.
  • Added two new finales for Denise’s maid outfit
  • Added mulligan voice assets for all player


  • Candy’s Candy-Cane outfit has been upgraded with new poses, undressing images, status images, closeups, and not one but two finales!
  • Candy, Crystal and Rosie’s Christmas outfits are unlocked and available from the get-go for this release only.
  • New AI trait: poker-faced players comment much less frequently on the quality of their cards
  • Minor voice lines cleanup
  • Added a no-clone option on certain voice lines so they do not get used when cloning the voice to another player
  • Included the backdrop for Stripe’s upcoming Japanese-themed room


  • Added a YouTube video of the gameplay: https://youtu.be/_GLHEJwPT00
  • Update README.txt command-line instructions to add proper amounts of memory
  • Fixed belt unbuckling sounds to be the right length
  • Updated music volumes to be lower and more consistent across the different tracks
  • Added the ability to clone an existing player’s voice into any new player: opponent.voice.clone=leah


  • Sound! The game has sound now! There is now music as well as sound effects, and both can be toggled on/off as permanent settings.
  • Leah is costumed up for halloween in a warrior-nun outfit. There are only a few poses, but there’s a blasphemous finale. Enjoy.
  • There is a README file packaged with the game to help explain the game rules and how to run it
  • Switched to launch4j to create the CSP.exe file. (no more virus false-positives now)
  • More bug fixes and small tweaks:
    • The game now avoids showing an image of the same player twice in a row when possible
    • Outfit data files can customize the undressing sound effect for each clothing, and pick a custom music for the outfit
    • Candy’s bedroom outfit has been moved back 1 layer to clear up some overlap issues with Vivian
    • Sandra’s witch outfit is temporarily unlocked for halloween. (no need to beat one of her other outfits first to unlock it)
    • Packaged the spooky dungeon location from Stripe into the release

Also Stripe has just contributed a new dungeon scene with 2 new spooky opponents Darni and Verna for halloween. Jinkies! You can find his post here. And I hear Swag will be adding some bonus opponents of his own to the dungeon scene soon

Avatar composites: male avatars will now appear in composite images along with the ladies in most locations. Now you have some almost-literal skin in the game! (Special thanks to Stripe for contributing the composite images for Jong and Jamal!)

Persistent settings: preferred game type and avatars will now be saved into a settings file, so they can be restored the next time you play.

New AI traits: Ruthless and Kind player traits will affect whether they choose to finish you off with a well placed shield if they can afford to. If you’re down to your underwear and you’re facing Rosie, buy that shield before she does!

Updated opponents:

  • Denise’s bedroom pajamas outfit is now fully fleshed out, with extra poses and custom stripping images for all her clothes. Enjoy!
  • Candy an Vivian’s cheerleader outfit now requires beating them both at once to be unlocked.

Bug fixes:

  • Saving and reloading no longer nets you an extra $50
  • Picking a female avatar outfit with extra starting cash no longer gives you extra starting cash
  • Fixed a bug where starting a new game with a female avatar occasionally auto-played your first action (poorly)

New feature: Avatar Selection
The new avatar picker in the opponent selection panel will let you choose from 3 male avatars, as well as any of the female players in the game. Your female avatar can appear in composite game images, and will be limited to three garments.
Special thanks to Stripe for providing the avatar images for Jong and Jamal!
New white lingerie outfit for Candy in the bedroom
Candy has a new sexy white lingerie outfit available in the bedroom. With her most outrageous finale yet!
Bug fixes

  • Redrawing multiple times before the regular draws no longer causes the game t get stuck.
  • Opponent selection around duo outfits has been improved, and can no longer result in the same duo outfit randomly selected twice
  • Fixed a misnumbered folder in Denise’s pajama outfit
  • Composite images will only appear if they feature at least two players.

More contributed opponents!

  • McKenzie by SwagMcSwag
  • Shawna by Stripe
  • The gym and coffee-nook location backgrounds for Swipe’s bonus opponents are both included in the game

Updates to Render Toolkit

  • Added an ez-render scene for the bedroom with a prerendered background, pre-positioned lights, and pre-set camera. Drop in your model and render! No room assets required, easy setup, fast renders!
  • Updated the composite render settings for the bedroom to have better-matching brightness and shadows.
  • Candy’s model updated with new tattoo and public hair


Developer Notes:

Each lady has her own play style, can have multiple outfits, with multiple images for each level of undress, and can undress in a different order each game.


  • Unlock special card faces by winning
  • Click a player’s icon to see their image immediately in the slideshow
  • Click the background to hide the HUD and enjoy the slideshow
  • Use the Bluff, bait, redraw and buy-drink abilities to gain an edge
  • Press the escape key to immediately close the game

Upcoming features:

  • More locations, ladies, outfits
  • Sound effects
  • Voices
  • Adding control over which opponent clothing is removed next
  • Mood tracking
  • Player filters on opponent selection screen
  • Web-playable version
  • Simplified poker stripping game

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