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Episode Release.png

Bullet hell game where the goal is to catch and fuck a variety of girls.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-25
Release Date: 2022-04-09
Developer: Bnbigus PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

2D game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Oral sex, Furry, Parody, Monster girl


1. Extract and run.


Episode 12
Rainbow Dash! Went for something a little more lighthearted since the two final episode are going to be really emotion heavy.

The voice work this time around was done by Wubcake.
2 Episode left, Pinkie Pie and the final; Tangles! As you’ve most likely notice, I’m starting to set up the conflict with Tangles which is why things are getting pretty tense in the office.
As always, let me know if you spot bugs, typos, or simply want to tell me what you think about the game.

Episode 11
-Added the Phobe file to the Story!
-Redesign the character select screen.
-Fixed some typos

Episode 10
-Added the Rarijack file to the Story!
-Fixed some typos

Episode 9
-Added the Poison file to the Story!
-Fixed some typos

Episode 8
-Added the Twilight file to the Story!
-Optimized some backgrounds
-Fixed some typos

Episode 7
-Added the Grace file to the Story!
-Added 3 Animations to the Dark room!
-Fixed some typos

Episode 6
-Added the Chrysalis file to the Story!
-Optimization for smoother play
-Fixed v-sync bug where some computer where running at x2 speed
-Fixed some typos

Episode 5
-Added the Froppy file to the Story!
-Added 3 new patterns to the mini-game
-The Patreon board is now in alphabetical order so you can find yourself easily
-Added 6 scenes to the dark room
-You can now use “E” and “Q” to move between scenes
-Fixed some typos

Episode 4
-Added the Guilmon file to the Story!
-Added shining armor to the Dark rooom
-Added 2 new patterns to the mini-game
-Balancing for the mini-game
-New Music!
-Fixed issue glitch teleport transition
-Fixed some typos
-New cleaner UI
-Categories for the Dark room, still need to add more characters to it
-Got rid of the safe for work option, it was a pain to set up and I doubt anyone uses it that much.
To do
-Add more firing pattern to the bosses
-Dark room stuff

Episode 3
-Added the Fluttershy file to the Story!
-Player loses 30 health when hit instead of 45
-New gameplay system, boss battles!
-Fixed issue with delayed lip sync
-Fixed some typos
-Dialogue box more pretty
-Fixed glitch where the dialogue box would overlap with the fade out effect
-SFW / NSFW toggle now available in the intro disclaimer
To do
Add more firing pattern to the bosses

Ep.2 Patreon Version
Skippable Mini-games


Episode 2, Big Titty Bat!
Featuring Kumbomb as the voice of Rouge, and my first time hiring a proper voice actress!
Hope you guys like it, and don’t forget to give me some feedback on the discord if you want to!
Episode 2 Chanlog
-Added WASD Support for the gameplay
-Added SKIP Button on dialogue scenes
-Added Rouge the bat to the Story
-Added Melissara animation to the Dark room
-Added Lopunny animation to the dark
-Fixed some typos
-Change menu button to quit button
-Changed Tangles model to a new polished version with more expressions
-New facial expressions system
-New Dialogue effect (screen, shake, white fade, audio ques)
-Enemy and player are now 15% faster
-Player now lose 60 points instead of 75 when damaged
-Enemy de-spawn much earlier at the bottom
-Two new enemy type, side shooter and bomb.
-Double the possible enemy formations.
To do
Didn’t have time to add bosses yet. Still need to ad more of the old animation to the dark room.

Ep. 1
First release

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