[Others] [Completed] Midori in a Pinch: Pixel Art Uncharted Territory [Final] [Pinkgold]

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  • [Others] [Completed] Midori in a Pinch: Pixel Art Uncharted Territory [Final] [Pinkgold]



The incident occurred the summer Midori’s hair reached her waist!
Can she survive the enemy’s erotic attacks, and escape the school?
An undercover girl in uncharted territory!

A retro pixel-art (style) action game.
Touching enemies results in instant H-animations!
There are 12 stages in total, with specialized H-animations for each enemy character!

Gallery included.
13 H-animation scenes x 3 clothing variations = 39 total
x3 clothing variations = 39 different variations to unlock,
in addition to opening, ending, and stage clear scenes for a total of 14 scenes.

Unlimited continues!
We highly recommend playing this game with a gamepad!
Easy Mode included!

Midori’s normal attack range
is small,
so using the Jump Kick, which lets you
dodge enemies while attacking, is effective!
It’s especially essential in the later stages!

You can also kick again even after kicking once
while you are still airborn.
Make good use of the Jump Kick!

You can change the direction
of where you spray the Fire Extinguisher
while spraying!
The Fire Extinguisher can only be used in certain places,
but it is a very powerful weapon.
Remember to put it to good use!

If Midori can get on top of an enemy,
she will automatically jump!
Use this when you’re cornered to forcibly get out of the situation!

Midori won’t be defeated by simply coming into contact
with the enemy. As long as their hands aren’t shining,
you can still dodge their attacks!
Enemies that appear in later stages
will punch as soon as they’re out of the door,
so tread carefully!

Getting overrun by enemies will put you down for the count,
but you can rapidly press the left/right movement keys to recover.

That said, you should still do your best not to let them get the drop on you!

Thread Updated: 2022-06-03
Release Date: 2022-04-07
Developer: Pinkgold DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

pixel, vaginal, rape, oral sex, school, bukkake, creampie, female protagonist, big tits, big ass


1. Extract and run.

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