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Ever wanted to own your own dairy farm producing milk? Milk sourced from less orthodox places? That would be interesting, wouldn’t it? You’d find that somewhere, probably. But certainly not this farm! This is an all-natural, organic dairy production farm that produces perfectly normal milk for perfectly normal people! So aside from that, become Big Milk and watch the numbers grow!​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-22
Release Date: 2022-01-25
Developer: MaybeMee Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Alpha v0.95
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D Game, Idle, Management, 2DCG, Big tits, Lactation


1. Extract and run.


Alpha v0.95
– FULL BODY (From head to toe!)
– Cow girl greets you (with emotion!)
– More publicly available hairstyles
– Eye color
– Mole, freckle variants
– Various Qol tweaks
– Experimental Compounding system
– Bug fix with milk tank possibly having massive overflow; long dump times
– More

Alpha v0.91
– Fixed potential crash on start-up bug
– Was not happening in the engine while testing, so I missed it. Sorry!

Alpha v0.90
– Global Patron Multiplier Bonus
– New little graphic at the top right
– Gives all players a % bonus to MPS based on total number of patrons
– Currently 5% bonus! (52 awesome folks out there!)
– Reduced “Milk” and “Dump” button sizes
– Possibly making room for additions of other things
– Rearranged background
– Making space for progression additions at a later update
– For the time being, patrons have full control over skin and hair color
– Adjust via HSV sliders
– New hairstyle for patrons
– Added new eye type to character
– Give them a more “sexy” type of look?
– Added more sprite art
– Fixed total time being wiped, caused by manually closing window
– Added more upgrades
– Added golden cow upgrades
– Tweaks to golden cow descriptions
– Updated resolution handling
– No longer possible for lower resolution displays to reach higher window resolutions
– Added weighted probabilities to Golden Cow Effects
– New Golden Cow Effect
– Random owned unit will gain temporary % bonus based on how many are owned

Alpha v0.85
– Golden Cows!
– Clickable objects that give temporary MPS bonuses
– Have sound effect when appearing/clicking
– Share thoughts on the sounds!
– New click noise
– Doesn’t replace milking noise, just for all other clickable buttons
– Game now tracks total playtime
– Updated default resolution to step below display resolution
– 2560×1440 users get 1920×1080, etc.
– New units added
– Updated some existing sprite art
– New upgrades added
– Units far out of reached now locked and obscured a bit more
– Units now faded when unable to purchase
– Added in-game reset button
– Can now reset save in-game without needing to delete folder
– Background changes with code
– Hopefully will be easier to implement menu related stuff
– Further backwards compatibility code
– Can no longer click ‘milk’ and ‘dump’ while menu is open
– Futureproofing for things that might be underneath a menu
– Possibly background barn was not appearing in previous update, now fixed

Alpha v0.75
Cosmetics Part 2 (+Part 1)
– 3 randomized hairstyles in non-patron rotation
– Redesigned Day Night Shader
– Color transitions should look better now
– Milk breasts directly!
– The middle man is gone! Get those milkers with your own two hands!
– Visually apparent when upgrade is purchasable or not
– Tweaked Breasts
– Should be slightly less pointy now?
– Updated Upgrade Icon Art
– No more random background shading, tiered art made
– Updated UI icon sprites
– Informative text now displays when hovering over them
– Background Barn Visual
– As the business grows, so shall the barn!
– Small text and menu tweaks
– Hair Color System
– Hair colors are currently tuned to be more realistic ones
– Planning for ways to “spice” up the variety down the line as progression
– Skin Color System
– Still needs tuning, particularly for yellow/greenish types of skins
– Dealt with a bug causing some sprites to load incorrectly which was the primary issue for preventing older saves working with newer versions
– Future build will start to tackle older save compatibility (Only between minor version changes)
– Fixed bug regarding specific type of hair shading persisting

Developer Notes:

NEW VERSIONS RESULT IN SAVE WIPES. Due to the game being in alpha, newer versions can result in integral changes that would not mesh with previous iterations and would cause headache, so just to make it clear, saves currently are auto-wiped for convenience right now and are not intended to be used in later versions.

– Pump & Dump Mechanic: The max amount of milk you can have is increased by dumping!
– KEYBOUND CONTROLS: ‘esc’ : settings/close menu, ‘shift’ : buy x10, ‘z’ : buy x25, ‘ctrl’ : buy x100
– Save file is stored at C:Users[YOUR NAME HERE]AppDataRoamingClicker_Game | Manipulate data at your own risk!
– Presently if you’d like to “change” the girl’s hair color, delete your save or modify the hue value stored in the save file.
– The game is still in its infancy, but is a clicker game at heart. Please share your thoughts as I’m always looking for general feedback on the look and feel of the game. Thank you for playing!

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