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Hole dweller is a sandbox incremental furry porn game!
You are the captain of a caravan, with spare rooms, not to worry there are plenty of cute and hot girls to fill them with.

The game is intentionally unbalanced at the moment shop prices are super low and the love stone gain is up the roof. The game will be balanced once i think it is worth grinding through, use the cheat listed bellow in the meantime​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-11
Release Date: 2022-06-11
Developer: ThighHighGames – SubscribestarPatreonItch.ioTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 20 Hotfix
OS: Windows
Language: English

Sandbox, Furry, Vaginal sex, 2d game, 2DCG, Animated, male protagonist,futa


1. Extract and run.


Release 20


Now characters get parts of their body dirty with cum when you cum on them

Tied doggy added (characters need pervness to do it)

Audie and Jamie (by NovaDuskpaw) apparences have been given a custom head
Palette based on “rat god” from Mad Rat Dead added to humanized bunny #6 and sheep #2

New apperance for bunny #7 based on juddy hopps from zootopia
New apperance for sheep #2 based on kindred spirit from lol
New apperance for fox #9 based on rivet from ratchet and clank
New apperance for fox #10 based on kyuubi from naruto

Clean canvas: Disables characters getting dirty with cum

Made item description text speed way faster

Fixed crystal fruit not upgrading handjob pose
Fixed character unlocks not unlocked when they should

Hotifx 1

Now there is a bar that indicates when pheromone attacks will happen
Birthing sequence now can really be sped up

-Gameplay changes
Some girl thightness has been adjusted

Fixed bug where babies would only get drawn if 2 or more where present on screen
Fixed bug where sheep didn’t have a favorite food
Fixed bug where you would start your game at 0,0
Fixed sheep being able to spawn multiple times
Fixed 1px tall seam on UI when having sex

Release 19

-New content


-An early version of looping has been implemented, for the time being you unlock the loop item shop tab by getting all of the achievements in the game

Atm there are 4 loop items

Nature crown: +100% Grass, Wood, Ice wood and lilypad multiplier
Sea crown: +100% Seashell and sea pearl multiplier
Rocky crown: +100% Rock, Ice stone and fire stone multiplier
Love crown: +100% Love stone and helper multiplier

All of them persist between loops and can also be bought multiple times

Uppon looping most things get reset as if you were playing a new file, think of looping as NG+ or ascension on cookie clicker
You get to keep 5% of your tech and max hp as a bonus to your starting stats

Also don’t take them as a challenge to replay the game 4 times atm, enjoy em but avoid getting burnt out

Now you can ask girls “questions” to get to know them better, you unlock questions by increasing their love stat and other stuff like having girls in the wagon

New palette added for humanized fox girl #6 based on a bronze fox girl

Guilmon, Roxane and cinderance apperances have gotten custom heads

Now text scrolls a bit slower, you can hold LMB or RMB to make it scroll faster
Now pheromone attacks are a bit more fair, you get half a second after the cloud appears where you don’t take damage

-Gameplay changes
The increased gain in love stones when making a girl orgasm has been lowered
Fertility now goes both ways, so if the character impregnating has a fertility boost it will be easier to impregnate
Impregnation chance has been tweaked
Now the fertility bonus you can give a character caps out at 200% (equivalent to giving a girl 8 impregranates)
The fertility bonus for the impregnator also resets whenever it impregnates someone
Heat now increases the margin for the sex minigame by up to 20% if heat is maxed out
Heat now increases the chance for a girl to get pregnant by up to 50% if heat is maxed out

Fixed bug where unlocks weren’t getting unlocked when they should have
Fixed? (couldn’t recreate it) Bug where squad overlay caused crash
Fixed bug where text speed wasn’t being respected
Fixed bug where if you copy X a girl with pheromone attacks you could damage yourself with your own pheromones

-Hotfix 1
Fixed bug where you can put yourself in the squad twice and playing with you in the squad twice crashes the game
Fixed bug that crashes the game if you had girls in your squad after looping and the squad overlay gets drawn
Fixed SCP apperance looks towards camera bug

Fixed a bunch of grammar errors

Vex and krystal apperances now both have a custom head

Now holding LMB for a bit (0.5s) quickly buys items
Now holding LMB for a bit (0.5s) quickly gives stacked items to a girl
Swapped cosmetic items costing lovestones to them costing grass
Now the max number of items that get drawn whenever you are holding a stack is 50 to avoid slowdowns

-Gameplay changes
Removed fertility cap
Tweaked pregnancy chances (again)

Release 18

-New content

Leveling system when drilling has been reworked!
Girls now have 100 levels to go through untill they reach max drilling expertise
Their perks now have been reworked to scale up with each level up
Their multiplier perk gets unlocked at level 50 rather than at level 2
And the required experience for levelup has been tweaked

Bag of holding menu
You can now look at the last 50 babies you’ve made on the bag of holding menu access it via shop

Carrying sex
Frottage (requires both characters to have a dick)

While on squad screen the girl’s level gets drawn even when they are not on your squad
Belly bulge when having giant dick is now a bit bigger

Gave Loppuny,Loona and renamon apperances custom heads

-Bug fixes
Fixed bug where chaos block could break the drilling minigame border
Tweaked sex speed when using 120hz mode so now it shouldn’t be sped up

-Hotfix 1

Fixed bug where you could mimic up on experience and perks when using Copy X on a character
Now if you win on the driller minigame you cannot go into loose state
Now if you get on loose state on the driller minigame but have >0 hp you go back to normal state
Achievements now get properly reset whenever you delete a game
Babies are now properly depth sorted

Release 17

-New content

New character! you can find it ***DEEP DOWN*** into the snow biome

Achievement system
Now stuff you do unlocks cheevos, if you enjoy ticking checkboxes i hope you enjoy em

-Added new apperances

Fox #8 based on braixen from pokemon

Wolf #10 based on mangle from FNAF

Shark #5 based on undyne from undertale
Humanized Shark #5 based on female slark from dota 2

Kobold #5 based on susie from deltarune
Kobold #6 based on salazzle from pokemon

Orange interface (forgot to add it for the fox oops)
Purple interface
Pink lock: Allows to have anal sex without needing to max out vaginal poses

Made it so now there is no day cooldown between finding girls
The garbage collector gets called every time a day ends
Now you can see impregnation progress for the player character
Inmediately dangerous blocks can no longer spawn right next to your starting position

Now you can see how fertile a girl is, if you’re curious whats the formula behind each impregnation here it is

a dice of 900 sides gets thrown and if the resulting number is lower than (girl love stat + 15)*(fertilization percent*0.01)-(times the egg has been impregnated*20)

/////////////////////////////////////// here is how that looks in GML code
var check_margin=(owner.statArr[stats.love]+15)*(owner.fertilityMultiplier+owner.fertilityBonus);

if (instance_exists(owner) && irandom(GAME_STAT_DATA[stats.love, statData.maxValue]*3)<check_margin) fertilizedNum++;

TLDR Get love stat maxed out to ensure pregnancy

Girls now have a fertility multiplier, some girls are more fertile than others
Now whenever a cum/squirt drop hits a wall or cealing it gets destroyed and creates a particle effect instead of sliding arround weirdly
Tweaked how the highlights on the shop menu are rendered to avoid them transparenting the background

Added a safeguard to avoid out of map crashbugs
Fixed bug where villages weren’t buyable if you had too many drill ups before the update
Fixed rain could occur in snowy biomes
Fixed bug that makes it so if you select the nicole skin on the fox limb shading won’t be applied to every other apperance
Fixed bug where knotted line played in incorrect situations
Fixed bug where big dick line played in incorrect situations
Replaced line where shark girl mentions not being able to impregnate you

Hotfix 1

Now both pose ups restore your max health
Text on the squad screen is more responsive

Added 120hz mode! toggleable with “P”
I don’t actually have a 120hz monitor so tell me if it works, it is also fairly untested so i assume some stuff will be wonky when used

Gave sheep her perk (oops)
Corrected the resource sheep multiplies

Fixed bug where if a futa had heated sex and impregnated someone the dialogue would come out messed up
Fixed bug where girl rewards would be wrongly given on futa sex
Fixed villages having a cap of 100

Release 16

-New content
Now canine knots now visually knot girls, girls also have a chance to trigger a special line if you knot them

Using the mushroom/big dick item now bulges girls bellies when penetrating them and makes them give a initial big dick reaction line
and there is a chance of them reacting to it after the first time
(Using white rose restores big dick “virginity”)

Added “barks” small text gfx when having sex
Corrected a couple of grammar errors

Mute: Removes “barks”
Time bomb: Accelerates time for a character

You can now see the pregnancy percent of a character when looking athe their stats

-Gameplay changes
Now whenever a girl gets love points but her love stat is maxed out the love points get turned into love stones
Now each time an egg gets fertilized the chance for that egg to get fertilized again lowers by 6%
Now whenever you unlock sex the speed of sex gets set back to whatever it was when you locked it

Fixed bug where vaginal poses were missing if you tried having sex with genderbend fox

Release 15

-New content
Pregnancy has been roughly implemented, you can now impregnate characters if you have vaginal sex with them,
it takes 10 days for their baby/babies to come out

Impregranate: Increases a girl’s fertility
Robot: Item that serves same purpose as babies gameplaywise without needing to enable impregnation

New apperance for humanized fox girl #6 based on susu from spirit matchmaker
New apperance to kobold #3 based on toriel
Added new palette to player #5
Added wings to kobold’s palette #2

-Gameplay changes
Drill UP upgrade has ben reworked into Village you can create a village with love stones and babies
Lowered the base chance for map events

-Bug fixes
Fixed bug that caused tiles to get unconquered if you finished the drilling minigame in them
Fixed bug where non multibuy items weren’t able to be bought multiple times (like rocket thruster)


-New content
New apperance for wolf #9 Based on SCP 1471

Holding LMB/Spacebar on the birthing sequence speeds it up drastically

-Gameplay changes
Made it so if you have multiple items in your hand and the day is over you get taken out of give item state
Now every drill in your move range increase the resource multiplier on the drilling minigame
Now villages count as 2 drills on the drilling minigame
The payout sequence of the drilling minigame is now way way faster
Increased how many resources are needed for you to get a love point after doing the drilling minigame
Now unlocked sex doesn’t count towards impregnation charges

Fixed bug that made pregnancy belly size increase only work vertically
Fixed bug where villages weren’t adding material blocks to the drilling minigame pool
Fixed bug where if an item has no stock, multi buying it causes it to cost double
Fixed bug where drills don’t cost anything to buy
Fixed? bug that caused the game to crash if you had to save data before

Hotfix 3

-Gameplay changes
Impregranates now also affect the chance of an egg being fertilized

Egg glasses: Enables fertilization view without enabling impregnation

Fully? Fixed bug that allowed you to buy items even if you didn’t have the materials for them
Fixed bug where girls could stay permanently pregnant
Now when you try to multi buy and can’t afford the time the can’t afford effects play
Fixed bug where you could keep some items in your hand if you had multiples of them and used them on characters
Fixed impregnation crash bug

Hotfix 4
New content
New apperance for #6 based on Nicole from gumball

Fixed bug that made it so instead of grabing items you bought a new one if they weren’t multi buy
Now sperm’s distance to the egg is limited so they can’t get out of it

Release 14

-New content
Egg fertilization view (not actual impregnation YET)

Mark of fertility: Enables the egg fertilization view
Copy X: Allows you to shape shift into any of the characters in your wagon
*for the transformations to be consistant a couple of things of the player character transformation stuff were inverted, so if you bootup the new version and you’re not who you were used to be thats why*

Mutual penetration pose
Buttjob pose

Gave the fox girl a male fox head, you can get it by using the gender bend item on her

Using magic mirror on characters will now make their tits min size whenever they turn male
Milk tanks now become transparent when having sex
Tweaked spacing between shop items to allow for a full page without weid spacing at the end
Now biomes have a different background and paralax elements in them
Added map sprites for every species of characters

-Gameplay changes
Girl love stat cap raised to 300
Finishing the drilling minigame now grants with love points to every member on the squad based on how many resources you collected

Fixed bug where you can’t multi buy if the view is zoomed in

Hotfix changes
-New content
Backgrounds have been improved even more each biome has a unique paralax background element
Now it can randomly rain and snow on certain biomes

Added apperance to furry fox girl #5 based on Jamie by NovaDuskpaw

Added slow badge: Keeps sex the minimum speed

-Gameplay changes
Fox girl now likes sweet meat (actually meant this from the start but forgot to set the values….)
Fox girl now gets her pussy removed when genderbend

Made it so if the poses are locked but you have experience in them you still get their stats when pressing F12

Fixed bug where you were player character had a pussy even when it was male
Fixed penis not being visible on girl on buttjob pose
Tweaked camera side tit color on mutual penetration pose
Fixed bug where internal egg view wouldn’t create the 5th egg
Fixed bug where fox girl keeps furry head if genderbend when humanized

Tweaked the animal mirror description

Release 13

-New content

Random map events!
Whenever you finish moving arround the map a random event may occur, there are 6 at the moment

Mating press/Anal press

Star Crystal: Instantly maxes out a girl’s pose
Holy Water: Lowers a character’s heat
Limit breaker: Makes it so body proportions aren’t limited anymore, don’t expect it to look good or not buggy if you go too far, you’ve been warned!!

New apperance for monstergirl fox girl based on vex from lol
New palette for monstergirl wolf girl based on Hellhound from MGE
New apperance for wolf girl based on audie from AC

-Gameplay changes
Reaching the bottom of a tile while drilling now “conquers” it, conquered tiles take half a heart instead of a whole heart
Giving food to your character passes time
Giving food to your character only gives half a heart

The game now saves more often!, to be preccise the game now saves any time time passes and you are on “wagon state”, or any time you enter “wagon state” and a second passes
Bought items that are equipable now auto equip when bought

Corrected the name of the beach room when unlocked
When using fuck permit girls now fuck all rather than going for their “fuck buddy”, they still keep their special line of dialogue when fucking their fuckbuddy
also added facefuck and mating press to the pool of poses they can choose from
Tweaked kinwa agumon pussy color to avoid it from blending with some cocks

Fixed crash bug when selecting empty room on squad select
Disguised spike blocks fixed for real now?!
Fixed belly depth on cowgirl pose
Fixed bug where character proportions got swapped when inverted having futa sex
Fixed bug where if you are fucking a girl and the pose involves her flipping her orientation (looking left) the position will be slightly shifted if the girl was instanciated after the object fucking it was (basically random)

-New content
Added chest block to drilling minigame

Added multi buy to the shop!

Fixed bug where oral poses didn’t cum inflate
Fixed bug where stats got reset if stat boost event triggered press F12 if you were affected by it to set your stats to the proper value
Tweaked a couple of depth values on poses

Release 12

-New Content
Fox girl! you can find her on the beach/sand tiles

Added a new block to the drilling minigame
Chaos block: Uppon breaking, randomizes* the blocktype of adyacent blocks to it so be careful

Prismatic eggplant: Lets you change the dick type of a character
Added a dicktype with it too horsecock

Dog collar: Its a dog collar

-Gameplay changes
Finishing the drilling minigame now passes time
It now takes three times as long to get a room dirty

If you cum inflate girls enough while having anal/oral sex they cum out of their mouths

Added 2 new voice types by @KumBomb

Girls now play a line of dialogue when you add them to your drilling squad

Dick size swapping when having sex with futa should be fixed now
Camera could get slightly shifted on the drilling minigame if you were holding a camera movement key right as it started

-New content

2 new apperances for fox girl
One based on krystal and another based on renamon

-Bug fixes
Fixed bug where fox skill made small drilling levels unbeatable
Fixed dick clipping on blowjob animation
Fixed bug where cami skill made “disguised” spike blocks apear
Fixed bug where if a girl gets an unexistant palette index she turns invisible
Blank slate didn’t reset prismatic eggplant change

Heated futa girls have extra poses when fucking the player
Corrected a couple of grammar errors

Release 11

Girls now care about how clean their rooms are, after a certain point they may loose or gain heat depending on their personality

Moans! girls now have a voice, for the time being they are placeholder moans from this sound pack

Sponge: allows you to cleanup a room
Turbo badge: equipable makes sex faster
Purity room: makes it so a girl can’t get heated
Corruption room: increases girl pervness daily and changes their animation to

Cowgirl position

New appearence for Lia #7 Based on Roxanne

New content
Added rainbow block
Added spiked block

Fixed bug where girl heat can go into negative
Fixed? bug where girls would react to sex after a futa had sex with you

Release #10

-New Content
Drilling minigame!
Get a squad of girls arranged and go drilling to harvest resources, leveling them up and unlocking perks for them

Fuck permit: Allows futas to fuck girls when heated

Magic eggplant now works on the player character

New appearance for cami (#6) based on cinderance

-Gameplay changes
Girls now increase their stats when you levelup their poses just like the player does, making them better drilling characters
and increasing the difficulty of having sex with them a bit as you level them up!

Resource multiplier now multiplies the resource objects created rather than resource ammount given by objects
Tweaked the female tail on face sitting animation
Fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes

-New content
New apperance for kinwa (#3) based on guilmon

-Gameplay changes
Drilling minigame multipliers aren’t affected by drill ups now

There is now a timer when you try to close the game
You can now zoom in and out using the keyboard pressing “Z”
Drill minigame payout is now faster when you have lots of resources

Fixed softlock if a futa girl starts having sex after having heated sex with the player
Finally fixed bug where girls get proportions swapped with the player when having futa sex
Fixed bug where drill ups weren’t applied on your first map move after bootup

Heat now decreases slightly when having regular sex and decreases greatly when having heated sex

Hotfix 2
-Gameplay changes
Added boosting to drilling minigame
Added reward bar to drilling minigame

Depth of holes in drilling minigame is based on biome

Fixed softlock when multiple futas are fully heated

Release #9

-New Content
Face sitting and rimjob position

White rose: Turns girls into virgins
Corkscrew: Slows down cum deflation

Added roomtypes!
Now girl rooms can have a type there is 1 per biome you can unlock them by reaching max love with a girl

-Gameplay changes
Drills are not capped anymore

The camera can now be moved by holding the mousewheel
Moving the camera with keyboard locks move with mouse if you are within the move threashold

The game executable now has an icon
Tweaked sex pose button bounding box, it was slightly misaligned
Improved the internal view once again, there is a slight curve to the internal walls for knots
Also the entrance to the womb is smoother
Made it so if you are heated your dick will show no matter what
Added a special line whenever you use items that have no effect on girls
Corrected a couple of misspellings

Pheromone attacks happen when sex is locked
If a girl lost her virginity and had a knot she would cum blood out of it

Fixed some spelling mistakes and corrected character lines
The milk tank now becomes slightly transparent when having sex to avoid it making the sex bar invisible
Fixed bug where girls only play futa orgasm lines when you cum

Sex minigame can now be controlled with Q/E
Also the sex minigame can now be locked by pressing left shift too

Added extra palette to shark girl based on garchomp

Release #8

-New Content
Shark girl added

Missionary pose
Against wall pose

Extra character edit #6 for wolf girl, based on loona

-Gameplay changes
Girls now tighten while having sex with them
Girls now can do “pheromone attacks” Hold both mouse buttons to not get drained by them

The sex pose menu has been tweaked so it is less cramped vertically

Drew the AI companion, she doesn’t do anything at the moment but later on she will give you tutorials tips n tricks

A bunch, but i actually forgot to type them here hehe……..

Fixed bug were girls lost their virginity if they fucked you as a futa
Fixed anal missionary locked behind doggy pose
Fixed shark girl food prefferences
Fixed bug where penis didn’t change sprite when entering a girls pussy
Some poses have been slightly tweaked to avoid dick clipping

Release #7

Items Magic eggplant: Gives girls a dick turning them into futas

Toggleable item Glass of milk: increases cum output (enables cum inflation)

Sex stuff Anal doggy pose variation

Anal amazon pose variation

Anal internal view

Anal is like the hard mode of sex, damage is double and its way tighter down there.

Futa sex! If a girl has a dick you can ask her to fuck you instead of fucking her

New character skin #5 for Lia (wolf girl) based of renamon

-QOL Volume key (V)

-Misc Removed heart container and crystal eggplant from the shop, i think you can get enough of them by just leveling up girls they will probably be a late game unlock when i balance the game out

-Bugfixes Fixed bug were tutorial sex text stayed squashed on the screen

Released version #6

-New Content

Kobold girl added

Girls can now be virgins, you’ll get a special line the first time you have sex with them

Internal view when having sex

Now the animal mirror can be used on girls to make them look more anime monster girl’ish


Added a high resolution mode option, you can change the game’s resolution by pressing F1,F2,F3 and F4


Girls now have different dialogue when having sex fast

Tweaked the shop description of the animal mirror

Made cami’s palette 5 more special


Fixed Bug where player character got fused with girls if ending a day with heated sex

Fix if you kiss a max heated girl as a night ends the game softlocks

Fix male internal view paletteswaps were wrong by one palette index

Fixed a bug where the game crashed if a girl had heated sex with you.

Released Version #5HOTFIX

Fixed a couple of crashbugs

Released Version #5

-New Content
Pose – Armpitjob Unlocked at pervness 40 and love 40
Pose – Footjob Unlocked at pervness 20 and love 20
Pose – Boobjob
Pose – Amazon

Item – Heart pepper: Increases the heat of whoever consumes it
Item – Animal mirror lets you turn the main character into a wolf
Item – Crystal eggplant: Increases the technique of whoever consumes it
Item – Demonic water: Increases a girl’s pervertedness
Item – Prismatic apple: lets you swap a character’s color palette

Now girls have experience using poses, if you level their poses up you get rewarded with a slight hp upgrade at level 1
and a slight damage upgrade at level 2

The heat stat is now implemented, girls will go in heat overtime and get a unique behaivior when they do so

The resources counters gets pulled off the screen while having sex

UI now shows your Max hp and tech
Mid sex lines will only play if there is no line playing at the moment so initial sex lines
won’t be interrupted by orgasm lines
Patreon screen now scrolls thanks everyone for your support!!

Now the shop gets fully reset when you delete your file without needing to close and open the game
Whenever you start sex it now re-centers both cursors, oops

Released Version #4

-Content Tits size item
Ass size item
Belly size item
Genderbend item for player character
Blowjob animation
Added cum cleaning bot at shop

QOL Added another tab to the shop where cosmetic items will be contained
Max hp increase from heart container is more evident
Now the hp numbers display while having sex
You can now lock the sex bar, the animation will play as normal but you only get rewards for making a girl cum while the bar is unlocked
Delete data button
Upgrades now save properly
Fixed pitch of sex sounds going into negative pitch
Changed the way patreon names get loaded into the game, since the previous method was causing issues

Lowered shop prices A LOT to make it so even if people don’t know the cheatcode its fine
Mouse wheel doesn’t affect menuing anymore
Lowered camera mouse move margin

Released Version #3BugFix

I found a couple of fairly big bugs
Main character could get stuck in a girls room

Added an option to delete savefile in game HOLD BACKSPACE

Released version #3

Wolf girl added (Go to the forest tiles on the right side of the map to find her)
Special sex dialogue for girls if you have both
Added sex hp up item

Game can now be closed by pressing “escape”
Added the ability to move the camera with WASD/Arrows
Having sex no longer locks camera zoom
You can cum earlier by holding space while having sex
You can advance time by pressing space if you are on the “wagon idle” screen (aka not map/sex/shop)
Added a “Saving” text whenever the game saves

The game now has a better saving/loading system on my end, the previous one was quite unscaleable
since it is quite different from the previous one your progress will be reset but don’t worry

I added a TEMPORARY cheatcode, will be removed once i think the game has enough content and is balanced enough
The cheatcode is!

Shop stock doesn’t save
Fixed bug where if you kiss a girl on the last time segment the map screen doesn’t show up
Fixed girls showing up in the command room on top of the player when they join you

Tweaked bunny portrait
Tweaked ingame bunny sprite
Day over screen added

—-Public build changes—–
These are changes i made inbetween the build being patreon only and it being public, so if you’re a patreon you should consider downloading the public build too

Gameplay changes
Items can now be given to the main character, at the moment giving him food gives him an extra
move on the map screen

Lia’s name not displaying on levelup messages
Female hp bar visual size was relative to the player maxhp
Cannot move into volcano area even when proper gear is equipped

Girl names now show up on the UI
Made the heart container have a bit more punch when someone eats it
Tweaked the font a little bit “X and h”
Camera can now be moved slightly more to the right of the caravan
Now sex hp bars get their size limited horizontally since you can infinetly increase hp (you still get the max hp, this is just visual)
Now the holding space during space reduces your hp percentagely, so it will take roughly the same ammount of time no matter your maxhp
Added patreon screen
Game now starts in 2x window scale
Made unimplemented stats invisible, they will be implemented on a future update don’t worry

Released version #2

A small update added keys to change window size (1,2,3,4)

Released version #1

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

The gameplay consists of harvesting resources and girls from the world map! placing drills in biomes getting access to upgrades to get to new biomes, new biomes containing new girls, getting a girl to love you will eventually grant upgrades to make your journey easier.

Length: Around 20 mins at the moment



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