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Hole dweller is a sandbox incremental furry porn game!
You are the captain of a caravan, with spare rooms, not to worry there are plenty of cute and hot girls to fill them with.

The game is intentionally unbalanced at the moment shop prices are super low and the love stone gain is up the roof. The game will be balanced once i think it is worth grinding through, use the cheat listed bellow in the meantime​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-16
Release Date: 2022-07-16
Developer: ThighHighGames – SubscribestarPatreonItch.ioTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 22
OS: Windows
Language: English

Sandbox, Furry, Vaginal sex, 2d game, 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Futa/trans, Titfuck, Oral sex, Creampie, Pregnancy


1. Extract and run.


Release 22

Release 21 180/360
-New content
New character
Rumor says there has been someone hunting monsters DEEP in the mountains

Fertility collar: Doubles a girl’s fertility
Magic quarter: Gives you one more shot at impregnating a girl while she is impregnated

New apperances
Sheep #4 based on woolo from pokemon
Kobold #8 based on isabelle from AC
Kobold #7 based on goth isabelle
Snake #7 based on seviper form
Humanized wolf #7 based on the goblin mox (Razdan’s OC)

-Gameplay changes
Lowered enemy block spawn rate
Enemy blocks can’t spawn at the start of the drilling minigame
Character skills no longer recover ATK meter
Added a tiny quirk to sex with sheepcubbus

Fixed bug where the back hair sprite was badly depthsorted during facesitting animation
Fixed bug where using character skills softlocks the game
Fixed bug where heated sex made resources not be shown on the map screen
Now you cannot change window size when fighting to prevent a bug where the cursor could get out of the window
Fixed bug where deleted characters could still ocupy the squad list making it impossible to add character to your squad even if it visually looked empty

Release 22

-New content
Tied facefuck variant

Added 28 new questions in total

New apperances
Humanized bunny #8 based on blanche (lolhappy’s OC)

Fixed bug where giving fertility collar to snake crashes game
Internal egg view now properly clamps the heart number to 50, before if an egg was fertilized more than 50 times hearts would be directionally offset incorrectly

-Gameplay changes
Now whenever a sperm fertilizes an egg there is a chance it fertilizes it more than once, the chance increases based on the character’s fertility, making it so fertility boost scale indefinetly rather than eventually basically getting capped
Sex now takes longer to get faster

Internal egg hearts become smaller the more they are drawn
Internal egg hearts are sligtly more animated
Belly and tit sprites get a slight outline drawn on them making them blend less with the character
Made fast buy a bit faster
The dialogue box now doesn’t get drawn when on the sex pose menu

Release 21

Combat has been introduced to the drilling minigame
When in combat you can capture enemies to turn them into stat increasing gems if you beat the minigame

-Gameplay changes
Along with it every character has gotten a combat skill, said skill also scales up along with their level

Squad overlay heads now get their ears drawn
Character skill information is now drawn in a prettier way

An icon now draws on the bottom right corner that indicates what map event is currently active

Fixed bug where a corrupted savefile would keep crashing the game, the game now deletes the file if this occurs
Fixed bug where cum would get transfered between characters when finishing having futa sex
Added safeguard code that will destroy all sheep if more than one exists
Fixed bug that made it so if you had characters on your squad list they would still be in your list after you loop the game making it so you couldn’t add new ones

-Hotfix 1

-New content
You can ascend characters giving them a permanent XP and pose stat gain bonus
for now you have to mostly max out their poses, max out their love stat and get them to drilling level 50 to be able to ascend them
you can ascend them indefinetly there is also a tiny reaction line from characters when you ascend them
Girls can now take the players virginity and have a reaction line for it

New apperances
Shark #6 based on vaporeon
Humanized bunny girl #7 based on StatusGear’s OC (Natalie)

You can now speed up impregnation eggs by holding LMB

Fixed bug where the cursor could get locked outside of the game window if you had the window size to x1 scale
QOL Your cursor gets locked inside of the game window while in combat
Fixed bug where if you use copy X your character skill would be overwritten
Made it so if a girl has all poses maxed out you won’t be able to give her another one
Fixed cum overlay transfering between characters during normal sex

Hotfix 2
Now when dying blocks get fully scaled up rather than getting halfway there
Fixed bug where final block can have an enemy inside of it
Added safeguard code to avoid having to die if you enter a combat encounter at the same time you break the final block

The cursor gets locked within the game window while in combat

Hotfix 3
-Gameplay changes
Now you start with a base of 80 ATK making it so you can use character skills without leveling up
Enemies now also drop XP gems uppon death on top of giving XP when dying catch em to get extra XP

Fixed bug where characters wouldn’t be able to attack if they where in a room that played an animation
Fixed softlock when capturing enemies
Fixed enemies having wrong palette assigned to them

Holding LMB/RMB when a combat encounter starts speeds up the “intro”
Holding LMB/RMB now speeds up map event notifications

Made the squad member XP bar visually longer

Past changelogs

Developer Notes:

The gameplay consists of harvesting resources and girls from the world map! placing drills in biomes getting access to upgrades to get to new biomes, new biomes containing new girls, getting a girl to love you will eventually grant upgrades to make your journey easier.

Length: Depends what you go for the game can be looped indefinetly, looping it once probably takes a couple of hours your first time through, getting all poses with a girl would take like 20 mins or so



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