[Others] Strive: Conquest [v0.6.1 Bugfix] [Maverik]



A tech demo of sequel for Strive for Power. This game represents core changes and mechanics of the second game, but does not represent main gameplay focus or content and should be treated as rough ideas.

-A whole new set of gameplay management, crafting and item mechanics.
-Dozens of classes with unique traits and abilities.
-Procedurally generated areas and dungeons

Thread Updated: 2022-03-08
Release Date: 2022-03-04
Developer: Maverik PatreonItch.ioDiscordWiki
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.1 Bugfix
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Prequel: Strive for Power

2DCG, Anal sex, Character creation, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Footjob, Futa, Futa protagonist, Group sex, Handjob, Male protagonist, Management, Monster girl, Oral sex, RPG, Slave, Text-based, Titfuck, Turn-based combat, Vaginal sex


1. Extract and run.


Added second arc story
Gnomes now have +10 wits bonus
Added and rebalanced “Stables” Upgrade
Some class requirements have been rebalanced
Stat requirements for class unlocks will require pure stats with no bonuses now
Starting Character’s growth factor is now set to 5 and normal factors can be increased to 6
6 in factor gives a special bonus now
Slightly lowered Lilia’s base stats
Lowered stat growth from combat skill usage
Timed and Special Events in town now will display in different color
Multiple mod editor fixes
Selling unique characters for repeatable quests will require confirmation now
Fixed mindbreak route for Annastasia giving wrong character and CG

0.6.0b Patch
Fixed bug causing events not to trigger when advancing multiple time periods at once
Fixed some sidequests not working correctly
Fixed certain skill errors
Fixed some gui errors

Some Daisy’s followup events will take longer to occur
Fixed character cap not allowing to advance turn when not going over it
Fixed rought wood gathering upgrade only giving 1 worker slot instead of 2
Fixed a certain new character not being recruitable
Fixed saving not working correctly

Strive Conquest 0.6.0
Fully implemented Aire’s new sidequest
Added a couple new recruitable characters

Growth factor is no longer tied to race and has higher cost now
Rebalanced time system: Now day has 4 turns instead of 24 hours
Many social skills had their duration and cooldown revamped
Rebalanced craft and upgrade time for most items and upgrades
Rebalanced travel time
Dating and sex now has certain amount of charges based on charm/sex factors of master and recharged every 7 days
Dating for single character can only be perfomed once a day (does not prevent dating other characters if you still have charges)
Autosave is triggered every 5 days instead of 1
Buffed boss hp
Rebalanced some of the combat skills: most single target damage skills buffed while AoE nerfed
Further reduced obedience gain

Flight can be learned by any character with wings (except for harpy) and is no longer obtained from valkyrie class
Further reduced default obedience gain from skills
Fixed Aire’s recruitment option if she was missed during civil arc questline
Fixed multiple event related bugs and mistypes
Fixed some instances when locations broken returning characters on deletion


  • Assassinate and Holy Lance are no longer learnable
  • Flight skill of Valkyrie is boosted to 65 Evasion from 25, duration down to 3 turns from 4
  • Fixed jungle encounters sometime generating with 0 enemies causing instant win
  • Fixed some errors with character creation patterns
  • Fixed an error caused by food consumption going past 6
  • Fixed console spam and corrected some UI behavior
  • Fixed gear errors when importing from older versions
  • Fixed multiple scene/quest bugs
  • Fixed some GUI bugs
  • Fixed excessive console warnings

Obedience is now displayed as percentage
Default obedience gain is reduced by 25%
Now enemies can spawn with a rare traits which increase some of their stats, xp and item rewards
Great Seduce cooldown reduced from 4 to 2 days, Seduce cooldown reduced from 3 to 1
Alchemist class is now unlocked from the start while caster is locked by guild points
Archmage requires both Apprentice and Scholar to learn instead of requiring Caster
Assassinate now has 3 charges per day instead of 1
Firebomb base damage increased from 1.1 to 1.4
All obedience gains with skills is reduced by 25% for now
Slave delivery quest will not generate on a first week
Slightly rebalanced some enemy stats
Fixed clock going into 24 hours
Fixed food consumption tooltip not updating runtime
Fixed succubus lust drain skill not consuming mana on use
Fixed gauntlets crafting
Fixed some exploration issues

0.5.3a Released
Elven capital is no longer accessible until main story allowing to go there
Added recipe for gauntlets and worker gloves to crafts
Added bandages to Aliron and villages shops and fighters guild
Nerfed obsidian reputation price from 100 to 60
Added Energy gem to mages reputation shop
Slightly changed speed bonuses provided by some classes
Reduced Builder Tools upgrade cost at all levels
Fixed food consumption not updating when applied extra rations
Fixed Amelia’s scene not clearing properly
Fixed Daisy’s sprite not reflecting quest stage
Fixed quest dungeons causing crashes
Fixed crafting time for maid headband
Fixed tooltip for shop items
Presumably fixed instances when story quests wouldn’t progress correctly

Added “Bath” Upgrade: characters resting at mansion will slowly regain obedience
Added more information to food consumption tooltip
Added an option to switch Daisy’s sprite if purchased her alternative clothes
Added new subquest for Amelia with a scene
Added Relatives table to character info
Base work task production is reduced by 15% (makes unskilled workers slightly worse)
Stat bonus effect for task production is increased by 40% (make skilled workers a lot better)
Stat bonus effect for food production slightly nerfed
Slightly reduced prostitution gold income
Lowered number of classes random characters receive on average on higher levels
Slightly increased Advanced Armor material costs
Tailor task is now affected by Hunting Knife as crafting tool
Reduced some early upgrade prices
Mansion slave tooltip now shows max stat including bonus
All food by characters is now consumed at 12 pm
Stable speed boost per level increased from 20% to 30%
Fixed food being consumed by characters twice as fast
Fixed Aire generating with incorrect age which led to omitted description
Fixed Kurdan generating with random skin
Fixed smith/tailor/alchemy start at 2 workers instead of 1
Fixed some missing descriptions
Fixed autosave not storing the progress of following hour

Fixed instance of a bug in duncan-fred questline
Fixed main questline not triggering at milford siege
Fixed item tooltip getting out of the screen
Fixed gold from combat not adding to player’s money
Fixed removing characters from mansion keeping them at task counters

Fixed resource gathering at remote locations occasionally not allowing to gather anything
Fixed sexual traits not being toggleable after being unlocked
Fixed class unlocking incorrectly in some cases

Resource gathering at Mansion now has limited slots but more options
Added new upgrades for unlocking new resource gathering from Mansion
Crafting and upgrading jobs now also have limited slots which increase with upgrade level
Bone resource collecting now benefit from hunting knife
Added hotkey support to combat
Added contraceptive option which prevents impregnation
Redone some parts of character info
Redone task assignement menu
Fixed halfkin tanuki having no growth factor in its data
Fixed some scenes not displaying correctly
Fixed Kurdan having incorrect hair length
Fixed some issues caused by importing


  • Fixed multiple assignment issues
  • Fixed wrong upgrade description
  • Fixed mac version
  • Fixed some item tooltip inconsistencies
  • Fixed some locations not being forgettable when they should be


  • Redone Daisy’s questline
  • Added upgrade to increase exotic trader slave quality
  • Added upgrade to increase number of sex interactions per day
  • Impregnation text now states if character could’ve been impregnated or not and why
  • Changed upgrade price for Alchemy level 3
  • Added 3 more levels to luxury room upgrade
  • Shrine events now have illustrations
  • Life and energy shard drop rates reduced
  • Rebel’s hideout is now much better guarded
  • Increased speed for some animations
  • Event acquired items for story characters will also be equipped now (bracelet)
  • Fixed Daisy and Anastasia’s sprites being paler than they should be
  • Fixed multiturn skip taking too much time to calculate
  • Fixed loot window sometimes showing 0 as loot number
  • Fixed ballista having melee attack instead of ranged
  • Fixed easy quest being in hard quest pool in fighter guild
  • Fixed some erroneous descriptions
  • Fixed offering altars option not translating selected character name
  • Fixed tribal elves jungle even actually spawning dark elf instead
  • Fixed dryads not being in rare race pool
  • Fixed true succubus not receiving bonus exp from sex
  • Fixed gauntlets not having effects

Reduced time requirement for Assignment tasks
Spoiler alt-enslavement option is now available for futa
Fixed princess not being findable if you didn’t interrogate Aire
Lowered total requirement for enslavement route which made it impossible to perform without aire from 11 to 8
Added wiki link to main menu and fixed itch.io link
Added dungeon type to travel menu
Fixed stats going over 6 in rare occasion
Fixed some scene issues
Fixed some quest requirements
Fixed an issue with power tattoo applying to legs


  • Fixed some buff tooltips and misspells
  • Fixed a rare bug when timed event was cancelled when it was running with another timed event
  • Fixed game becoming slow on the closing until system restart/reinstall


  • Blizzard now costs mana
  • Blizzard now only slows enemies with 30% chance
  • Fixed some issues with shrines and chests causing errors
  • Fixed clock showing in inventory
  • Fixed some new skills
  • Fixed traps doing damage to negative numbers


  • Writ of exemption and Enslave no longer apply to unique characters
  • Added some additional dialogue options based on master’s class
  • Certain story character will have their stats adjusted based on player’s decisions
  • Fixed an issue when sometimes characters didn’t get assigned to task correctly
  • Fixed final guards at the siege not being fightable
  • Fixed elven capital questline not completing properly in some cases
  • Fixed wip scenes not having an option to hide foreground
  • Fixed lich intimidation check


  • Added civil war story arc
  • Added an option to start from after the prologue
  • Characters now can be generated with sexual skills (based on their virginity/classes)
  • Added many missing icons for skills and enemies
  • Some enemies have been slightly buffed
  • Rebel enemies have been made considerably stronger
  • Added some new CGs (including main story)
  • Added a few class dialogue checks
  • Main menu won’t show characters you haven’t met yet
  • Travel menu has been reworked
  • Fixed many other bugs


Fixed occasional issues with item disassembling
Fixed fire depths giving crashes
Fixed slaves having only penalties

Added pregnancy descriptions and debuff
Breed sow class now lightens pregnancy penalty instead of reducing pregnancy duration time
Added an option to use bonus description text field notes
Fixed some issues during character creation
Items during craft show in alphabetic order
Fixed some scene errors
Fixed some window errors when there was nothing to purchase

Added pregnancy descriptions and debuff
Breed sow class now lightens pregnancy penalty instead of reducing pregnancy duration time
Added an option to use bonus description text field for notes
Fixed some issues during character creation
Items during craft show in alphabetic order
Fixed some scene errors
Fixed some window errors when there was nothing to purchase

Many minor GUI fixes
Fixed Xari quest not updating correctly
Optimized some framework performance


Added some additional clarity for upgrade material tooltip
Fixed repeatability of church quest
Fixed slave requrest descriptions to represent factor values as words when set so
Fixed seethrough underwear not being craftable
Fixed random fairy event showing wrong description
Fixed tribal elves not being breedable with other races
Fixed lamia race lacking short names causing some issues
Fixed bald hair having length description
Fixed oblivion potion
Fixed writ of exemption still relying on submision forcalculations
Fixed multiple GUI issues


Dating system slightly revamped
Obedience system revamped
Added tutorial
Added cheat menu (password is same for Strive 1)
Added reputation shops to guilds
Added new small quest/event sequence
Added new illustrations for some events
Added oblivion potion mechanics
Added Entangle skill for Dryads
Added option to forget locations from mansion
Sex traits are now initially hidden for hired characters. They can be learned during dating
Pheromones can now be used in mansion
Some classes are now unlocked with reputation and quests
Pregnancy duration increased from 5 to 30 days.
Slightly buffed human’s racial stats
Dialogue options responsible for seduction now check on sex factor instead of charm factor
Nerfed bandages output 3 -> 2
Nerfed First Aid heal value 35% -> 30%
Daisy now have fixed sex traits
Fixed guild slaves not benefitting from quality upgrades
Fixed Spirit:Turtle not working correctly
Fixed ranged attacks not requiring bow
Fixed First Aid Tooltip
Fixed some console errors
Fixed fairy racial skill not restoring correct amount of hp
Fixed exotic slave trader event not adding properly at the game’s start
Fixed class unlock animation not using correct character name


Added multiple GUI animations to some actions
Added new random events: New chest lock type traps, mimics, finding random resources, encounters
Added effect duration in tooltip for combat
Added race name to labels in hiring menu
Added exotic race slave trader shop every 2 weeks starting day 7 (requires new game)
Recruited characters won’t automatically travel to mansion anymore
Forcefully recruited characters will receive new debuff preventing them from gaining obedience from positive skills
Characters won’t participate in fight at 0 obedience
Breeder class is renamed to Breed Sow and now can be unlocked. Stats and reqs changed
Slightly readjusted Aliron’s slave race rates (Humans are more common than halfkins; elves are more common in general and rare races are equially as common as elves for slave market)
Fairies lose some stats but gain a racial healing skill
Main stats now grow slower at higher levels (starting at 40 base)
Kobold females now generate with smaller breast size
Trap events now deal percent damage
Drows have been renamed to dark elves
Slave escape chance is now present and depends on charcter’s authority and obedience (can escape if defiant and obdience < 15). Chance is based on timid factor
Food starvation debuff reworked
Defeat in combat now applies debuff preventing from participating in combat for 3 days (ticks faster when using rest)
Travel menu opens locations by default
Fixed craft menu opening on smithing even if its locked
Fixed inactive enemies not being deleted properly in some situtations
Fixed buffs not displaying in slave info
Fixed hp/mp not displaying in dungeon locations

New game heavily recommended.

Multiple fixes to tasks and travelling
Fixed work rules not working correctly
Some fixes to the GUI
Added a few more variations to some dating actions
Fixed some path issues for linux/mac users (thanks to lowtech)


Added a bit of variations to some dating descriptions
Added ‘bald’ hair length
Kobold males now generate as bald
Elf and Drow males now can generate with long hair
Taurus females and futa now only generate with tits average and above
Fixed created characters not acquiring correct food preferences
Fixed fighter subquest bug when attacking lich before talking
Fixed character travelling and occupation settings
Fixed resources not being consumed on upgrade purchase
Fixed dungeons not providing gathering rate speed bonus after clearing
Fixed some abuses related to sex scene


Fixed sex skills being shared by characters
Fixed birth sequence crashing
Fixed enemy hunt quests not counting kills after game load
Fixed ongoing actions not being cancellable
Fixed characters not returning when location is being forgotten
Fixed quest locations not being turnable after completion
Fixed main quest bugs including lich and xari encounters
Fixed liked/disliked food not being displayed correctly


Added unique icons for new class spells
Added buffs to character info panel
Fixed lust growing over the cap
Fixed submission/loyalty decaying too fast
Fixed spells in dungeon not working
Fixed upgrades breaking on game reload
Fixed character’s classes not opening on right click
Fixed outside time not synching with mansion time
Fixed resources displaying in elven capital
Fixed craft items and categories being available without upgrades
Fixed some bugs with item unequip
Fixed dating limit per day not functioning
Fixed sell item price being 100%
Fixed enemy hunt quests not counting kills
Fixed dungeon completion quests not registering their completion
Fixed many smaller issues


Fixed prostitution task not working
Fixed sex interaction being bugged
Fixed being able to select slave type on master creation
Fixed slave type not applying to slave on creation
Fixed quest locations not being usable
Fixed characters not being returned to mansion in some cases
Fixed wrong stats displayed on characters
Fixed some resources not being gatherable


Strive: Conquest v0.3 Release. GUI rework, Exploration Rework, Dating system added, Classes rebalanced

Changes: GUI Rework
90% of GUI has been reworked for better usability. Some of the changes are temporal and some screens weren’t finished yet. Otherwise I hope you will have a better time with the new stuff.

Exploration/World resource rework
Most of the resources are now gathered from locations. Dungeons can no longer be roamed but will reveal some limited resources on completion. Settlements can no longer be used for events (previous events will be added back later). Items can be used and equipped from anywhere.

Dating system
Similar to the meet system from the first game, but with a couple new additions. It will be expanded with time.

v0.2.1a demo
0.2.1a update released Fixed chest events stacking (and possibly some others)
Fixed mages election quest not completing properly
Fixed unlock of the traits which has been already unlocked
Fixed village events to meet slavers being unreasonably high

v0.2.1 Demo
Added sex trait system:
Sex traits can now be unlocked during interactions.
Dislikes can now be removed from interactions.
The chance is affected by character’s Sex Factor.
Sex traits are toggled as active/inactive from Details menu.
Sex Factor increase number of active traits.
Slave delivery quests will no longer request slaves of the sex with a very low chance in settings (<=10%)
Fixed crafting list not updating correctly in some cases
Fixed tail plug/pet suit combo not working
Fixed some errors in election quest finish
Fixed characters not properly clearning in other areas in some cases
Fixed same location appearing on the list of possible locations when it was selected
Fixed default slave bodyparts for non-human races always being the same
Fixed fighter quest encounter not finishing properly in some cases
Fixed mage election quest completing right on acquiring
Fixed non-story modes not disabling story event
Fixed portrait/body selection menu not updating properly

Fixed saves storing social skill texts they didn’t need
Fixed impregnation overwriting previous pregnancy
Fixed election quest not removing loan events
Fixed seen dialogues not reverting on restart
Fixed inability of males to impregnate



v0.2a Demo

0.2.0 (requires new save)
Added save info Added slave delivery quests
Added couple new weapons
Added new item which changes slave status to peon
Added Guilds leaders sprites Added background animations
Added prologue election quest lines Added a few new tutorial entries
Added experience gain display on victory screen
Slightly revamped some racial and class bonuses
Rebalanced many enemy damage hp and resists, also made enemies generally slower
Revamped def stats on gear and fixed incorrect calculations
Dungeon chests now feature lockpicking mechanic
Engineer class gets
Trap disarming trait Starting slave classes in story mode are now restricted to selected guild Master can now start with Rogue class instead of Harlot
Seen questions won’t be showing as options anymore
High tier enemies have more elemental resists Master’s charm now increase repeatable quests gold and reputation rewards Corrected item drop chances (previously chances were reversed so less common items appeared more often and more common items were rare)
Travelling now costs obedience for characters
Same equippable items now stack Resting characters regenerate hp/mp 3 times faster
Made enemy names more readable
Fixed quests allowing to turn in equipped items
Fixed critical strike for aoe spells multiplying damage
Fixed non-group locations having issues when returning characters
Fixed failed quests with active locations not returning characters from those
Fixed a number of small visual issues
Fixed slaves during character creation having wrong type
Fixed blindfold action causing issues in interaction sequence
Fixed born slaves not having assigned class correctly
Fixed some sex traits giving extra XP when they shouldn’t
Fixed game allowing to create more characters on new game after cancelling it
Fixed guilds having 2 quests instead of 1 on world generation
Fixed visual errors when hp gauges weren’t initially full

Updated to 0.2.0a version
Fixed main story line not progressing correctly
Fixed a couple of missing and broken quests
Fixed Praise having wrong syntax in some place and probably causing crashes
Fixed quest log not showing correct item parts for modular item creation quests
Fixed quest log not showing reputation bonus from master’s charm correctly
Fixed item stacking not working correctly when the only stackable item was equipped

v0.1.6 Demo

  • Added tutorial entry for leveling
  • Added item selection when completing non-material turn in quests
  • Added spider enemies to goblin caves
  • Added 2 new drugs to alchemy level 3 and slightly improved sex drug
  • Added dagger and hunting knife items
  • Guild quests now start at 1 quest per guild
  • Guild quests and slaves update every 7 days
  • Added dynamic gold reward for items quests
  • All guild quests are now accessed from main city menu
  • Tools no longer have ATK stat
  • Added tool slot
  • Corrected Character portrait resolution at slave panel
  • Revamped Submission trait and added dominant trait, also added categorization for some actions to be clarified as dom/sub actions
  • Old submissive effect now is called “Doormat”
  • Subdue is made easier (now only requires same physics factor as victim)
  • Fixed protect skill crashing the game
  • Fixed some recruit events soft locking player when your character pool is full
  • Fixed quests not generating static gear rewards
  • Fixed crits having normal damage
  • Fixed a bug causing caster to drop in stats instead of target when submission was maxed before loyalty
  • Fixed abuse skill not working
  • Fixed some items not crafting properly
  • Fixed charm effect breaking the game on reload
  • Fixed characters recalled to mansion still being in location group

v0.3b Demo

  • Fixed Fairies not being able to actually unlock druid class
  • Fixed quests timing out 5 times as quick
  • Fixed master commenting on getting enough experience (and possible other events)
  • Fixed productivity mods not actually affecting productivity
  • Fixed ‘has_any_profession’ requirement not being checked correctly for some classes
  • Fixed enemies not droping gold and some loot table crashes
  • Fixed materials not showing in the loot after combat
  • Fixed monster hunt quest type counting enemy for two

v0.3a Demo

  • Fixed slavers fight win event not clearing properly
  • Fixed small console error regarding tooltip on item purchase
  • Fixed obedience not being rounded in some places
  • Fixed a bug causing characters to not return to their assignment on return

v0.3 Demo

  • Reworked social skill system and work mechanics
  • Silk farm upgrade remade into Cloth upgrade
  • Fairies have increased hp factor and can also learn Druid class now
  • Added more resource types and parts to shops
  • ‘Slave’ type has been slightly reworked
  • Characters will remember their job assignement when return to mansion
  • Shortstack characters now have an exclusive effect
  • Fixed some skills from bugging the combat
  • Fixed some skills not restoring charges
  • Fixed locations not being deleted on quest failing
  • Fixed characters not losing penis virginity during sex
  • Fixed some dungeon events not working correctly
  • Fixed social skills diplaying wrong names for speech lines
  • Fixed event options causing stats to be set instead of increased

v0.2.0a Demo

  • Increased charm growth from using social skills
  • Fixed an issue when on game start window might have spawned too high on screen
  • Fixed weared items being consumed by crafting
  • Fixed bugs with captured slave from elven lands
  • Fixed skill cooldowns not refreshing after combat
  • Fixed stats panel showing incorrect critical mod
  • Fixed soft lock on defeat in events

v0.2 Demo

  • Added class information panel
  • Added more settlement and dungeon events
  • Redesigned repeatable quest structure and added more repeatable quests
  • Added slave personalities and random chat
  • Added option to use some healing skills from exploration screen
  • Redesigned shops to have limited amount of items
  • Restricted races to regions with other races being available in events for now
  • Multiple combat and exploration fixes
  • Fixed a severe issue with saving
  • Fixed tutorial window issues
  • Fixed interaction menu bug

v0.1 Demo

First release

Cheat Code:

In game cheat code = fkfynroh

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