[Others] The Agnietta ~Healer and the Cursed Dungeon~ [v0.95] [B-flat]



Demyra the healer is on a mission to purify the Agnietta Cursed Dungeon. Along the way, she may encounter all sorts of lust-filled demons looking for a pure virgin to impregnate. Will Demyra escape all the traps in the dungeon just waiting for an innocent girl to be their victim?
2D hack ‘n slash game with a female character fighting monsters in caves.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-30
Release Date: 2022-06-23
Developer: B-flat Patreon BlogDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.95
OS: Windows
Language: Chinese, English

2d game, 2dcg, adventure, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, combat, corruption, creampie, exhibitionism, fantasy, female protagonist, groping, monster, multiple penetration, oral sex, pregnancy, tentacles, vaginal sex, slugs, facehuggers, clothes ripping, combat struggle, hypnosis, birth, lactation, yuri/lesbian (implied), semen pools, voiced, English (WIP).


1. Extract and run.


※Update content: The plot that inside the big gate of the central goddess statue
Boss fight: Stoneman 2
The CG scene of defeating from the boss fight
New passive skill: the power of shadow core
Fixed bugs
EN translation

  • Added a single CG (such as the preview image of this article), without any conditions, you could watch it directly on the second page of the gallery.
  • Fixed the problem of game error after Shadow CG.
  • Fixed the problem that the menu cannot be opened somtime.
  • Fixed the problem of black screen after using teleportation ring.
  • Fixed the area judgment of melee attacks.
  • Reduced the number of CG triggers required to obtain the skill “Shadow Dash”.
  • Fixed the problem that the brainwashing tentacle could not trigger the reverse movement.
  • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.90.0
  • Complete overhaul of the English text: fixing typos, grammar, and linebreak issues, thanks to DarkMoonTranslations. (hes gonna read this :KEK: )


  • New area: Withered Depths CG of Demyra getting stuck in a tight, cramped cave…
  • Added new attack graphics when Demyra is crawling. (bolt and slash)
  • Added hotkey: F5 quick save, F9 quick load
  • Added new item: Goddess’ bell.
  • Added NPC dialogue discussing the Goddess.
  • Added small Stoneman sidequest involving the Goddess.
  • All-new English translation revision.


  • New equipment: Tentacle Nipple Chain
  • New equipment and tentacle suits related drawing are updated.
  • All drawing updates related to new equipment.
  • The stone guy’s quests related to new equipment.
  • Two new states associated with breasts.
  • New System: Milking System
  • New Area: Capra Secret Village
  • Special play: holding leash and training
  • Shower attack CG event
  • New Item: Magic Container
  • Fixed Demyra allowing the use of sewing kits in certain states


  • Demyra finally reaches the depths of the Cursed Corridor!
  • The beginning of the finale of the Stoneman plotline!
  • Stoneman story boss fight! Defeat CG.
  • New Ending Bonus Passive Skill: Freedom from Bondage
  • New Ending Bonus Active Skill: Conscious Desires
  • New Item: Magic purple crystal. Improve in-game loading speed.
  • Bugfix: Save game corruption.
  • New F2 Cheat function task auto-completion: Tentacle niple chain.

Beta 0.90
Priest BOSS Battle
Phara’s side quest end
New Skill: Shadow Dash
New Skill: (Making spell charging faster)
New Item: Teleport Ring
Two sets of CG related to Phara
One CG for the side quest ending
Side ending: they became xlaves
English translation of all texts before Beta 0.88
English translation of all texts for the CG scene in Beta 0.90
BUG repair and system optimisation

Beta 0.88.0
The left half of the Crused Corridor
2nd state of the shadow monster
A CG related to shadow
The update of the corresponding painting
The cheat of automatic complete the side quest
English translation of all texts before Beta 0.86
BUG repair and system optimisation

Beta 0.86.0
The right half of the Cursed Corridor
Added a new mode to the stuck dream
A new parasitic system
A CG related to Anita
A new skill
A new trap
The change of a monster’s form and the corresponding painting
A side quest
A new refining item

Fixed the error that occurred when reading the achievement file. This error may lead to the wrong CG, some events not triggered correctly.
Fixed some cases where the menu cannot be opened
Fixed the elevator cannot start from bottom to top
English translation of all texts before Beta 0.82.1


  • After CG or teleportation, the game will crush and the menu cannot be opened.
  • If you ask the Gargoyle to “remove equipment” while having the anal plug and not the tentacle suit on, all UIs disappear and the game basically crashes.
  • When you get stuck with a prompt window and can’t do anything after obtaining Gondul’s Fury. Can’t open the menu to equip the skill and tab doesn’t have it as a quick equip.
  • After you’ve gotten the Succubus ending, every time you go into the “stuck room”, the scene for the succubus plays with the UI for the room over the CG.


  • New story: the failed escape event in the underground maze
  • New full-body drawings
  • New scene: Altar of the Goatman Priest
  • New CG: Sacrifice
  • New CG: Succubus
  • New ending: the ending of the succubus
  • New clearance reward: Passive skill “The Fallen Prestige”
  • The magic array of the underground maze can restore HP now
  • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.80
  • BUG repair and system optimisation


  • New NPC: Phara
  • New side story: the relics
  • New main story: escape from the underground maze
  • New posture: arms binder
  • New full-body drawings corresponding to new posture
  • New trap: invisible tentacle ropes
  • New scene: Abyssal Cage (Inside the big gate), underground maze
  • New enemy: the goatman priest
  • New CG Event: the tentacle seedbed event with the brainwash and tentacle suit.
  • Improving the loading speed of the status bar
  • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.78
  • BUG repair and system optimisation


  • The appearance of the tentacle pantie has been modified
  • The tentacle pantie now divided into two states: inserting and rubbing
  • New full-body drawings corresponding to the equipment
  • New side story: goatman capture experiment – part 2
  • New CG Event: blow-job & tit-job for goatman event
  • Adding the function of the dreaming (Now you can summon the invisible worm and the parasite here)
  • Add some fetish options: pantyhose will not disappear when naked, pregnancy is prohibited, always show butt view , always show cross-sectional view.
  • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.77
  • BUG repair and system optimisation


  • Fixed the problem that the side story from the stone guy was triggered incorrectly
  • Fixed the problem that magic bolt would not explode sometimes
  • The tentacle panties will no longer make Demyra pregnant
  • Fixed the problem that the treasure room sometimes will cause an error black screen
  • Fixed the problem that the spawn location of monsters in the Sealed Fire Land Altar was wrong
  • Fixed the problem that Demyra after being raped by a goat man to return HP to zero, if there is a tentacle suit on her body, the figure will be incorrect sometime

※New equipment: tentacle pantie
※New side story: A chest that respond to the desire
※New side story: goatman capture experiment
※New CG Event: blow job for goatman event
※New skill: capture
※New full-body drawings corresponding to new equipment
※Adding the function of the dreaming
※Partial New scene: Abyssal Cage (Lower-half)
※English translation of all texts before Beta 0.73
※BUG repair and system optimisation


  • New enemy: Black shadow
  • New CG Event: tentacle suit event
  • New full-body drawings corresponding to the new enemies
  • New full-body drawings corresponding to the Mimic when Demyra wears tentacle suit
  • Menu reading speed has been greatly improved
  • Adding the function of the dreaming, now you can wear the tentacle suit in there
  • Partial New scene: Abyssal Cage (Upper-half)
  • Some old CGs were modified some little problems
  • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.70
  • BUG repair and system optimisation

v0.7 Beta
-New equipment: tentacle suit
-Tentacle suit-related take-on and take-off plot
-New enemy: Invisible worm
-New CG Event: Invisible worm parasite event
-Womb parasite system
-New full-body drawings corresponding to the new enemies
-Fixed: Now the goatman can knock Demyra up
-New enemy: baby goatman
-Partial New scene: Abyssal Cage
-New scene: Semen path
-English translation of all texts before Beta 0.67
-BUG repair and system optimisation

Developer Notes:

Developer B-flat is making a top down action h-game, similar to the classic Y series or a bit like the older 2D Zeldas. It uses pixel art for the action and REALLY good portrait art on the side (a bit like Violated Heroine or Wings of Roldea). The developer put a lot of effort into making the portrait art change for her various statuses, such as various stages of clothes ripping, pregnancy, hypnosis, etc…

This is a really good game and the developer is a nice guy working hard on it, so I’m supporting as best I can. He releases demos for the public while Patreons get the uncensored updates and translations. He has to employ voice actors and new artists since there’s always new content being made monthly!

There are various fullscreen CGs with very minor animation that appear with encountering different monsters–but not necessarily for gameovers like most games, instead this one gives the ability to struggle to escape after “losing” in combat. Sometimes she can escape even though she’s been impregnated…



Demyra, a demure, devine healer.
Young and full of powerful magic, she is a bit naive and inexperienced but accepts the challenge of the Cursed Dungeon. While she is very kindhearted and innocent, this often makes her a target for lustful monsters and creatures who want to defile her purity…

Anita, her ghostly advisor.
She offers advice and assistance to Demyra, saving her game and helping her overcome the traps and puzzles. If only she spent more time on research and less time staring at Demyra’s breasts…

-Esc – Menu. Standard lists of items, sexual status, save, load, character information, etc.
-Arrow keys – Movement in 8 directions.
-Space bar – Talk/Use item/object. Can be used to struggle to escape monsters.
-F – Can also be used to escape monsters.
-Z – Longrange MP-based magic attack (can be upgraded). Shoots in all 8 cardinal directions and has a splash radius.
-C – Shortrange melee attack, uses some stamina and can stun enemies. Only in 4 directions, but has an arc like a Zelda sword swing.
-Shift – Sprint, drains stamina.
-V – Crawl. Useful for small holes and tunnels. Can’t attack while on all 4, though.
-Tab – Change magic spells, listed by icon at the bottom of the screen. Demyra starts off with are healing and magic panties protection. Healing has a short 3 second charge time, so watch out if you use it in combat! Magic panties protection prevents monsters from tearing them off, which is very useful for trying to protect her virginity. There are other spells being added to the game, such as a Magic Sword, which has a HUGE arc that kills weak monsters easily.
-X – Cast spell that was picked with Tab.
-A – Drink mana potion. MP can also be restored by killing monsters and breaking crates and pots, but potions are much faster. Orgasms also seem to help Demyra recover magic faster…
-S – Sewing kit. This will repair her clothing, which has 3-4 levels of damage before she’s totally naked and vulnerable. It has a charge up time like a healing spell too, so don’t use it during combat.
-D – Drink a Sedative potion, reducing her lust/orgasm bar so she won’t get forced to climax.

Use F1 to reassign controls.





Whotfisthis thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version/code is not released by developer, download at your own risk.










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