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You have to play as Sarah, this is a woman of 35 years old, she is very beautiful and almost everyone you meet wants to fuck her!
In this version of the game there are events: 1 house 2 at the entrance 1 in the area 2 at work 3 at school 2 in the gym 3 associated with the club
(A list of characters and the number of events with them have been added to the game)
there are also three different places of work (office, brothel, school)
added hunger and the ability to eat
To avoid errors in the game, use the player that is in the game folder

Thread Updated: 2022-07-17
Release Date: 2022-07-17
Developer: SaraGames Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian

Simulator, All Sex, Real porn, MILF, Sandbox, School setting, Male domination, Female protagonist


1. Extract and run.


In the new update, you will have the opportunity to live with Henry! Your relationship does not stand still and he will offer you to move in with him, but he does not limit your freedom and you can also live at home. Henry lives downtown, his house is fully functional and will expand further. Your first visit will be accompanied by a surprise! There are also 2 new scenes in his house! I will not reveal all the cards and keep the intrigue, I will only say that one scene is in the bathroom and the other is in one of the rooms.

I created a new sex system! It includes different options and possibilities that depend on the NPC with which the scene will take place!

A modeling agency has opened in the center where models are needed for shooting in a bikini! Only sports girls are needed for this job!

A trainer has been added to the gym who will train you and not only lol.

Also, if you work in a modeling agency, an unexpected meeting awaits you! (The end of this little plot is sex)

You have to go through my favorite event, Katya (math teacher), Grisha (student sportsman), Alex (the main bully of the school) will participate in it! After your reputation in the school goes down very low and the whole school will know what a “bad teacher” you are, you will have an interesting dialogue with Katya with an unexpected continuation!
Also added a separate event with Alex!
Also, rumors about you have reached the principal of the school and a serious conversation awaits you and Sarah will need to do everything not to lose her job at school, but the choice is hers!

In this update you will meet 4 new characters
– Harry, a school nerd in depression, the principal of the school gave you the task to work with him after school. 2 events
– Roy, Shakur’s friend, he is very dangerous, you can meet him in the club if you are well acquainted with Shakur. Rumor has it that Roy likes girls who dance well! 2 events
– Katya, a teacher of mathematics, they say she has an affair with one of the schoolchildren!
– Alex is the main bully of the school. He sometimes smokes in the school toilet.
Also, if you behave “badly” at school, everyone will know about it (reputation added)
And in the city center a dance school has opened where you can learn to twerk (She appears after meeting Roy)
And some more minor edits
I recommend using the player left in the archive with the game

Initial release

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