[Ren’Py] 2044 [v0.2] [onionbros]


In the dystopian world of 2044, your journey will take you from a hopeless graduate to a thriving businessman. In this process you will meet, hire and corrupt countless women who will serve you and your plans.

The year is 2044. The world is ruled by MetaCorp, an elitist corporation that seized control during global economic and political turmoil in the 2020s. Its members, consisting of many former CEOs and presidents, are now commonly known as Toppers. Only 1% of the world’s population are members of the top, while the rest live in poverty under the constant surveillance of MetaCorp. In an effort to avoid civil war, MetaCorp offers a universal basic income to all people that barely covers the cost of living. Most people are unemployed and live their life digitally, as the real world offers them no real opportunities to grow. One of the only known ways to join the toppers is the GAT, a General Assessment Test, that every young adult must take at the age of 20 before they finish their education.

This is where your story starts.

Thread Updated: 2022-05-03
Release Date: 2022-05-03
Developer: onionbros PatreonDiscordBuyMeACoffee
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real Porn, Big Ass, Interracial, Dance, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, BDSM, Corruption, Humiliation, Blackmail


Extract and run.



  • 16 new events starting the quest lines of Riley, Mandy & Holly
  • Numerous new open world dialogue options
  • 7 new outfits
  • 10 new locations within 4 new places.
  • 1 new character
  • 4 new items
  • 4 new clothes for the player


  • Characters now automatically show the right outfit at the right time in the world and in the chat menu, even taking into account their respective heights.
  • UI improved
  • Improved shop menu that is used to purchase the above items.
  • 3 new mini games (side hustle, improve INT, improve STR)
  • Added auto-save
  • Added discretion warning

Other changes:

  • Comic style reduced, and completely removed for characters.
  • Changed one of the playable faces.
  • Events can now be triggered more easily (most events are not longer tied to a specific day)
  • Events that require money, can now only be started if the player has sufficient money.
  • New messages will now show even more clearly.
  • The pace of new messages when reading phone chats was reduced, helping readability.
  • Bug that showed duplicate locations and characters when switching between daytime and night-time was fixed.
  • Removed “Think” as a mechanic. Instead the player now simply thinks in an event.
  • Various minor bug-fixes and improvements.


  • Continuation of main story
  • Introduction of landlady
  • First business trip, including introduction to scouting and player stats
  • Several new events
  • 6 new characters
  • Several new outfits
  • Several new location


  • Added international travel system
  • Added player clothes (gear) system
  • Added scouting system
  • Added basic shop
  • Player stats introduced, with limited use
  • Free roam HUD reworked

Other changes:

  • Remy is now Rachel
  • Switched to cartoon style (easy change back if unpopular)
  • Message system now works with hint system (player is notified when he needs to read a message to proceed)
  • Various other improvements.


  • Introduction events, including simple character select.
  • 5 events for Remy, several outfits
  • 1 event for Mandy
  • 2 Main Story events


  • Location system with free roam. Events and actions are possible according to locations.
  • Daytime system, with unique character routines
  • Phone message system
  • Unique design and user interface
  • Player and girl stats (to be used in future updates)

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