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A Tale of One City is a sandbox game with many characters to interact and locations to visit and explore. The game has some RPG elements as well that you will get to build up your stats and gain perks as well. With more stats and perks, more opportunity will be open to players.
The Story takes place in a coastal city, where a young man who just graduated a college is about to start his career as a business man. Business career aside, the city is full of potential for this young man’s adventure.

* NTR contents are not much (in the very beginning few events) and will be skippable

Update (v1.6 public / v1.7 patreon) released!
Big Summer Update coming soon!
+ Check out our new discord channel

Thread Updated: 2022-07-28
Release Date: 2022-07-28
Developer: Project Blossom PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.6
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Real porn, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Animated, Big tits, Corruption, Groping, Incest, MILF, Oral sex, Prostitution, Sandbox, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism


1. Extract and run.


v1.6 public

1. Story

(1) Company
– 3 events
– 1 new sub character

(2) Rachel
– 4 events

(3) Jenna
– 4 events

(4) Mrs. Miller
– 3 events

(5) Mysterious man
– 1 event

2. Rewards

(1) 3 new Date events (via address app in phone menu)
– Jen, Tori, and Jenna

(2) 1 repeatable event for Tori in garage.

(3) 1 repeatable event for Jenna in her store.

3. Etc.

(1) Added 3 mini-game skills to VIP tier.
(Once we add a new property in the game, they’ll be moved to Regular tier)

(2) Gallery up-to-date

(3) Fixed some vague hints

(4) Small bug-fixes

(5) Added MAC version

v1.5 public
1. Story and rewards

(1) Company
– 6 events
– 1 new sub-character!
– Company part of the story is finally starting to unfold!

(2) Tori
– 2 events
– + 2 repeatable events (Tori’s room at noon / after sunset)

(3) Jenna
– 4 events
– 1st part of her story is getting near the end.

(4) Jen
– 1 event
– + 2 repeatable events (MC’s room daytime / Jen’s bathroom)

(5) Kimmy
– 2 events

(6) Emily
– 2 events

(7) Rachel
– 1 event

2. Renewal

(1) GUI Improvement
– Profile panels replaced

(2) More dialogues for talk commands
– Jen, Cherry, Kyley, and Kimmy

(3) More sound effects

(4) Grind reduction
– easier triggers for events

(5) Refreshed files to prevent future bugs

3. Etc.

(1) Gallery is now back fully functioning (All the events up to date – except Company events)

(2) Save Compatible – from v1.4 saves

(3) Lots and lots of bug-fixes!!



1. Story overhaul

1) Whole Cherry story has been completely redone. (Changed 11 events and added 3)
– I think it’s safe to say that you won’t be disappointed.

2) Whole Tori story has been completely redone (Changed 13 events)
– This one as well, we’ve put much time on it as these two characters are like intro to our

3) Rewriting of other story parts as well
– added more images + changed and revised scripts in other main characters stories

4) Faster pace and reduced grind
– No more dull repeated same events to proceed to next step.
– Much less grind for requirements to events
– Now minimum requirements to see other character’s event

5) We’ve added sound effect and bgm to all existing story events.

2. Save Compatible
= From now on, you’ll be able to keep your save (No need to start over all the time!)

3. Minigame Skippable
= We’ve added skip option to all the story-related battles now!

4. Talk system renewal
– It is not fully implemented yet (Only Jen, and few of Tori, Chloe, and Kimmy talks)
– We’ll add more variations gradually including phases to reflect the changing
– Phases for each characters will be 2 to 4 in general.

5. GUI Improvement
– All the maps revamped!

6. QoL Improvement
– Hint tab now includes sub-characters as well
– Hints now give more precise information

7. Traits added to main characters
– 2 types of traits for each characters
– Some are given from the start while others you’ll discover by proceeding the events

+ We’ve moved some of the upper tier cheat benefits to lower benefits and added one benefit to VIP tier. We’ll add more in coming updates as we’ve promised.

*New contents for v1.4

Jen 3 story events to finish first part of her story!
– You can finally unlock her repeatable events
– 2 in her room (before and after sunset) and 1 in your room
– 1 random event in the park (Use walk button to see the event – random chance)


1. Story
1) House part
a) Jen route – 12 events
b) Chloe – 5 events
c) Kyley – 3 events

2) Company part
– Emily – 1 short event

3) Introducing date system
– You can access to this via new address app in the smartphone menu.
– Currently, only Eve and May’s date events has been implemented (1 each so far)
– Date event is repeatable event with reward scenes
– More will be added in the future. (Different dates on locations for each characters)

2. Skills and bonuses
Buff system added
– You can get buff (few debuff) from 34 actions (ex: relax, drink coffee, and etc.)
– Mostly on basic battle stats but few actions buff job accomplishment (give additional +1 bonus)

3. GUI Improvement
– Improved smartphone menu
– Improved Repeatable sex event controller menu

4. etc.
– more sound effect and bgm added
– added traits to main characters
– added new battle tutorials
– added short store closed images

5. Bug fix
– All the perk system related bugs fixed

* Mini-game Skip: Mini-game Skip option is added to all the story-minigames.
* Save-Compatiblity: It has been implemented in v.1.4 since it has to go with Renewal project (It will be available in Public version in May update)

1. Story
1) Company part
– Main route – 9 events (including 1 story pick up battle and 1 sex battle)
– Eve – 2 events

2) Alumni part
– New main character Ella is introduced (MC’s ex) – 2 events
– Jenna – 5 events (1 important event at the end of the updated contents)
– Cherry – 2 events (1 sex battle)
– Mysterious man perk 3 event

3) Sub characters
– Rana (at the club) – 1 pick up battle and reward
– Cami (at the beach) – 1 pick up battle and reward

2. Skills and bonuses
1) Pick up battle
– 2 new skills (you’ll get them in Mysterious Perk 3)
– Deck will be increased to 3 slots (Mysterious Perk 3)
– 1 Fixed skill slot

2) Sex battle
– 21 new skills introduced
– 6 occasions give stat and skill bonuses
– new initiative system

3. Sound system
– We’ve implemented sound effect and BGM in the story events for the first time!
– added more sound effect and back ground sound to several locations.

4. Miscellaneous
– Battle difficulties tweaked
– Cap system rearranged
– minor bug fixes

v1.1 hotfix
– easier difficulties for 3 battles (Ms. Jackson’s first battle, beach battle, and park)
– First promotion event bug fixed
– Livingroom watch TV bug fixed
– all other bugs reported other than the above bugs are from using old save
– we are currently working on save-compatible issue

v1.1 (Big Winter Vacation update)
1. New Battle system (Pick Up battle)

– It’s a turn based battle where you get to draw cards each turn and play.

– You’ll get to increase your deck, and acquire skills and traits through story progress, random event, gaining perks, and battle achievements.

– There are 4 stages so far (Club, Bar, Beach, Park)
Different types of opponents provides different set of skills and reward clips.

– Sex battle is implemented in v1.2

2. Story Progress

= Since we’ve finally implemented the battle system, we now have no reason to hold the
progress of the story. This month’s update starts to unfold the Company route story.

(1) Company route

– Company Main = 12 events including 1 story battle (sub-character)

– Kimmy =1 event

– Emily =1 event

– Rachel = 1 event

– The receptionist = 1 event

– Eve = 1 event and 1 repeatable event

(2) Other routes

– Jen = 1 small event

– Kyley = 4 events

– Mrs. Miller = 4 events

3. Perks

– added 3 perks in People Skill and Intelligence (including skills and stat bonuses)

4. Implementation of sound system

= we’ve had long planned to add this and finally we started the work during this update.
We’ve already added lots of background sound and effects to the game, and we’ll be able to
fill the most of the part of the game except the story by February or March.

And, we’ve added sound effect in the new battle system as well.

5. Scene replays

= We expanded the memory function of the game (in the beach house) which lets you
replay the finished events. (So far, Jen, Chloe, Tori, Cherry, and Kyley part is completed)

6. Bug fixes and QoL enhancement

– We included job accomplishment in the hint

– Wrong hints on Tori route fixed

– Wrong hint on Myterious power fixed

– Gym image bug fixed

– Problem regarding perks when using cheat has been fixed

– Stat bug in cheat panel fixed

1. Chloe (Housemate A) contents
– 7 story events (event 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
– 1 repeatable event

2. Kyley (Cherry’s Daughter) contents
– 5 story events (event 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

3. All the know bugs in the previous versions are fixed

1. More Jen (Landowner’s wife )
– added 1 event (event 18)
– also 2 repeatable events

2. Mrs. Miller (Neighbor) contents
– added 4 events (event 3, 4, 5, 6)

3. Jenna (MC’s friend) contents
– added 2 events (event 5, 6)


*Beginning of Company route
– Starting 8 storyline events

– Introduce 1 sub-character (who is a client of the company)


1) More Jen contents
– extended her story a bit more
– 2 repeatable scenes for her
2)Contents for another sub-character (in the ice cream parlor)
– added a quest-line for the character
– added a repeatable event


1) Main Character Storyline
Jen’s event 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

2) Sub-Character Storyline
Dr. Reed’s event 1, 2 and one repeatable scene
Cafe Waitress’ event and one repeatable scene
Cabin Keeper’s event 1, 2, 3 and one repeatable scene
– Hiker 1 (Natty)’s event and one repeatable scene
– Co-worker in the finance dep. (Eve)’s event 1, 2
Receptionist’s event 1

3) Added Beach House
– 3 new repeatable scenes with Tori

4) Random Encounter Event (Pickup)
– Hiking encounter event added in the mountain

5) Other small features or changes
– Watch Webcam show (PC in MC’s room)
– Bug fixes

6) New polished Cheat Panels
– You can use Save Unlock in the top of the panel (Don’t use the old save! START a NEW GAME)


1) Main Character Storyline
– Jen’s event 3, 4, 5, 6 (6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5)
– Kyley’s event 3, 4, 5, 6
– Cherry’s event 10
– Jenna’s event 3, 4

2) Added 13 new Sub-Characters
– Librarian’s event 1, 2 and one repeatable scene
– Clerk at Electronic shop event 1 and one repeatable scene
– New co-worker in the finance department
– Receptionist – Waitress at Dale street diner
– Supermarket clerk
– Cafe waitress
– Ice cream parlour server
– 5 people in the beach

3) Random Encounter Event (Pickup)
– in the Park
– in the Beach
– Car-related

4) Added Character Progress Viewer
– In the Profile Main page (next to quit button)

5) Changes in GUI
– Added character’s face in their related commands

6) Other small changes
– Moved ‘Check out girls’ events to be randomly played in other commands (Jog, Swim)
– Added Attractiveness items to the supermarket
– Bugfixes

v0.46 (Bugfix)
– Help with Website Bug fixed

v0.45 (August 7th~8th)
(Including removing grinds and etc)

– It reduced some grinds and time-consuming elements that the pace of the game is faster.
– Many of the early events require less conditions.
– Base starting max-energy is increased from 5 to 7.
– There are 2 more time slots added (Early Evening // Midnight)
Random events that are unlocked for Cherry and Tori is now completed
(added scenes and dialogues)
– Adding some of missing pics and videos to the game
– Finished some base work for v0.5
– Added wardrobe and base clothes

v.0.4 (First Part of Big Summer Update!)

• Random Sex Event (For those characters that you made through sex)
– So far, two characters (Cherry, Tori)
– Different locations (Mostly in the house)
– A lot of new scenes
• Tori ‘s story and repeatable events are added
– Basic storyline done
– 6 Repeatable sex sequence in 5 different locations (3 of them are patreon contents)
1) mc’s room
2) living room
3) bathroom
4) 2 in the kitchen (lunch / dinner)
5) Tori’s room
• QoL & Hint system !!
– Character’s locations are shown on map (City / Street / Inside)
– Hint system provided in two ways
1) In dialogue screen (at the end of every event)
2) Hint button provides all the hints in one screen
– Tutorial added at the beginning of the game
• Story events added
– Other than Tori, 7 characters got new story event (one per each)
– Jen, Chloe, Mrs. Miller, Rachel, Emily, Kyley, Jenna
• New Dialogue system!
– Now major characters have their face icon in the top left of dialogue box
– Several different expressions are provided with the feature
– Font style and size are renewed for better readability
•Event script revised
– Overall Quality has been improved
– Typo and grammar error fixed
– Fixed for lewd patch / patch itself is updated as well
• Sexual skill and perk added (Patreon contents)
– special benefit is provided (more contents will be added)
– Strip Club added
– Added more videos and pics to events and commands
– Some of the video has been replaced to ones with better resolution
– Balance Tweaks (starting money, stat, and grind elements)
– Sound Volume control is now fixed and works perfect.
– Bug Fixes

– Fixed Cherry kitchen interaction bug and few minor bugs

• Cherry’s repeatable events are added. (Basic storyline is done but more contents will be added in the future updates)
– Kitchen at lunch
– Kitchen at dinner
– Backyard
– Livingroom
– Bathroom

• Tori’s story-line is added. (3/4 of basic storyline is done)
• Added Kimmy’s storyline (Including the player’s first promotion event – intelligence perk added as well)
• Added and polished events in company activities
• QoL improvement (Now you can see where characters are at with one click!)
• Added Patreon features (Cheats / Bonuses / Fast Travel to certain locations / etc.)
• Design aspect of game is improved (Mostly font changes)
• Tweaked numerous settings to reduce grind (stats, starting amount of money, event requirements, and etc.)
• Rewriting scripts for better quality (still in progress so far -we expect it to be finished by next update)
• Introducing store features (Only supermaket and few items are added so far)
• Other trivial improvements and bug-fixes.

– Bug Fixes

• Cherry’s story-line and repeatable event is added.
• Tori’s story-line is added.
• Brothel and its contents are added.
• Added basic structure of check-out girls events and bathroom event
• Added videos or pics to empty events.
• Fixed Jen event bugs.
• Fixed bug with save-load.
• Other trivial improvements and bug-fixes.

Tips in #75 post on page 4

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Development Plan: (changed 9/24)
1. 1st focus for the future updates will the company route
– add how the MC climb up the ladder using his wits and abilities (including sexual one for sure


– add means to earn money: we are aware that the game currently lacks means to earn money, especially considering how expensive some of the stuffs are.
it took some time as previous two updates focused on adding basic contents, and we are still building a last system we need for
the game.
– the story of the route will involve many characters in the company and more

2. Contents for other characters
– some of the characters still severely lack contents even though they are part of the main ones.

3. Characters with different themes and fetishes
– Some of those main characters (which barely has contents) are to be written in a way to fill different fetishes of players.
– Ex-gf, Chloe, Emily, and other characters will be a bit different to other characters in a way MC has to get to them.

Development Plan: (changed 7/24)

Update (0.5) – August Update (Second part of Big Summer Update)

Major features planned for v0.5;

• Introducing New System (Battle)
– Pickup
– Sex
– Skills and items related to the system

• Introducing cars
– You can save energy and time to travel
– Cars give stats to MC
– Some events in the future would require cars to unlock
– You can go to mountain and see unique events in the location

• Introducing shop system
– Department store and other shops
– Items that increase stats or help managing energy
– Purchasable cloth items will be introduced

More Story Progress
– More Company story-line

• Introducing Real Estate
– Purchasable real estate
– Events and Scenes will be added

Development Plan: (changed 6/28)

Update (0.4) – July Update (Big Update)
Since we had to delay our development schedule due to my health issues and rush out the v0.3,
we had to postpone certain contents to v0.4. So this upcoming update will be a Big one.

v0.4 will focus on 4 things that are;

• Expanding storylines of characters in the house
– Finishing Tori’s basic storyline + Repeatable scenes
– More Jen storyline
– A little bit of Chloe’s storyline

• More for Company route
– More Kimmy storyline
– Progress on Emily’s storyline
– Beginning of Rachel’s storyline
– More random scenes and activities
– Perks related to career progress

QoL Overhaul (Very Important)
– By changing the design, it will be much easier to see where characters are at.
– Hint and guide system to enhance gameplay experience

• Rewriting and polishing scripts
We have heard quite a few complaints regarding the games script and decided to put much time to improve them.
– Revising the entire script to enhance its quality
– Font size and arrangement to make it less of a chore to read text.
– Basic typos and etc

# Other additional contents are to be added, but we haven’t decided which should come first yet.

For the Next two summer updates (v0.5 & 0.6),
we are going to add cars, different types of stores and items
Regarding character contents, we will finish couple of character’s storyline and repeatable scenes

It is too early to fix exact order to add those contents just yet, but these will be major elements that are included in the updates.

What is fixed so far for the 2 updates are :

Update (0.5) – August Update
• Introducing of real estate feature (and related events and scenes)
• Some neighbor storyline
• More company questline

Update (0.6) – September Update
• Introducing cars and related scenes and events (Or adding more of them if it is implemented in v0.5)
• Adding more real estate related scenes and events

– These are least things to do for the two updates that we are likely to add more in them.

Development Plan: (changed 3/11) – obsolete

Initial release (0.1)

Update (0.2) – within few days
– more random events
– add missing background pictures and media files
– expand Cherry’s storyline
– add brothel and its repeatable events
– expand Tory’s storyline

Update (0.3) – April update
– add strip club
– expand Jen’s storyline
– add store system
– add more main character storylines

Update (0.4) – May update
– expand more main character storylines

Update (0.5) – Beginning of Summer Udpate
– Big Update (cars ,estates, and additional skill and perk system) + more

Update (0.6)
– expand main character storylines
– add more main characters and their storylines
– add more sub-events

The above roadmap is scheduled in conservative fashion that the contents update might come sooner than they are planned.

So far, we have 11 characters in the game, and we are going to expand the storylines of those existing characters
while putting 4 more characters before the end of coming summer.

Other than those main characters, you will be able to meet random or sub characters as the storyline unfolds.

Thank you all.


Patches: Incest

Extra: Walkthrough/Tips

* This unofficial port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.




























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