[Ren’Py] Another Chance [v1.20.1] [TimeWizardStudios]



The story stars a 20-something waste of space going nowhere fast. Through a series of mysterious circumstances, our protagonist is granted Another Chance at life!

A point-and-click adventure, dating sim, and visual novel — all in one!
An engaging and rewarding stat system
A progressive quest experience with a one-of-a-kind free roam game mechanic
Wander the halls of Newfall High, filled with nothing but the sultriest, sweetest, sexiest, aged 18 and above and not biologically-related school students and teachers

Witty and laugh-out-loud funny writing
Multiple choice story progression
Mysteries, puzzles, and spooky happenings
Item mechanics! Combine, Consume, and Use your way to freedom!
Interact with and Investigate along the way!
40+ planned locations
20+ kooky characters
Money, Inventory, Morality, Energy, Dating and other systems galore
And so much more!

Thread Updated: 2022-06-10
Release Date: 2022-06-08
Developer: TimeWizardStudios PatreonItch.ioDiscordTwitterInstagramWebsiteProgress Tracker
Censored: No
Version: 1.20.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

2dcg, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Voyeurism, Sandbox, Romance, School Setting, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Handjob, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Pegging, Masturbation, Sex toys, Milf, Tentacle Rape, Humiliation, Blackmail, Schoolgirl, Virgin, Tomboy, Deepthroat, Fisting, Ahegao, BDSM, Blowjob.


1. Extract and run.



  • Added Flora’s Squid Game quest
  • Added a Flora vine fight special scene
  • Added a Flora hug + kiss special scene
  • Added a Flora blowjob special scene
  • Added a Flora sex special scene
  • Added a location: roof landing
  • Added a vine fight minigame

New features
Added Isabelle’s Chops and Nocs quest
Added an Isabelle special scene
Added a location: music classroom
Technical changes
Updated most of the images in the chapter select menu
Revamped the chapter select menu to ask the player about all choices made up to that point before they jump in
Fixed bugs
The player would not be able to progress King of Sweets after having finished Stolen Hearts
The player could get softlocked in Twisted Desire should Isabelle be hidden due to Gathering Storm

New features

  • Added Jacklyn’s King of Sweets quest
  • Added a Jacklyn handjob + blowjob special scene

Fixed bugs

  • The player could play through both Buried Truths and Gathering Storm even after having disabled romance with Isabelle
  • The player could talk/flirt with Lindsey and Isabelle even after having disabled romance with them
  • Attempting to enter the women’s bathroom at 8 PM in The Glowing Spider Eggs on the same day the player agreed to meet Isabelle in the forest glade at sunset to bury the box of chocolates in Buried Truths would cause some shenanigans
  • The player could be blocked from entering the Nurse’s office by Flora/Maxine even when required during the challenge with Kate in Twisted Desire
  • The Poolside Story quest guide would wrongly tell the player that they needed to combine the glass shard with the charger cable to progress

V1.17 (2nd March 2022 Update):-
[Hooking Up]
– Updated the game version to 1.17
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added Anal Insertion scene for Maxine
– Added the anal insertion scene to the phone gallery
– Added the assets for Maxine’s confident, skeptical, maxine sad, thinking and laughing poses
– Added 3 new Maxine free roam sprites (computer classroom, cafeteria, and forest glade)
– Added a dialogue sprite and a contact icon for Ria
– Added 2 achievements (The Only Nymph & An Early Goodnight)
– Added 4 lamps to the school entrance with lit up variants during night time
– Added investigate and interact lines to the patch of dirt interactable in the forest glade
– Added a sound effect (twig snapping)

Bug Fixes
– Reworked the “digging up the car tire” scene in Buried Truths due to the possible interaction with Hooking Up
– Reworked the demon Maya scene in Table Manners to look better
– Fixed an issue where some phases in The Missing Tapes would prevent the player from interacting with the bedroom computer
– Fixed an issue where faling “Loser to the Rescue” quest would not revert mc[“turn_off_location_transitions”] to false
– Changed Jacklyn standing in the school entrance during The Statement from an alternative location to a forced one

V1.16 (4th February 2022 Update):-
[Twisted Desire]
– Updated the game version to 1.16
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added the Nurse Blowjob scene and the MC Spanking scene with animation
– Added both the MC Spanking scene and Nurse Blowjob scene to the phone gallery
– Added a quick start image for Twisted Desire
– Added Isabelle’s free roam sprite in the admin wing and Kate’s free roam sprite in the arts wing
– Added increasing shades of red for each cheerleader in the MC Spanking scene
– Added one sound effect (paddle_hit)
– Added a special interaction where the player has to complete Maxine’s nude puzzle to get one of Twisted Desire’s endings

– Added nude modeling in the art classroom from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM as an possible alternate location for Kate

Miscellaneous stuff Bug fixes
– Redid some of the phone hints and quest guide
– Finally changed the game’s window icon
– Reworked the credits screen to match the Patreon and Itch.io pages
– Reworked the “voice call in progress” screen to look better
– Removed the ability to interact with the to-do list in the player locker until we decide what to do with it
– Fixed two typos in Mrs. L’s yoga scene from The Missing Tapes
– Fixed a few issues with Kate’s free roam sprite in the gym and added her cheerleader undies variant

V1.15 (15th December 2021 Update):-
[Gathering Storm]
– Updated the game version to 1.15
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added Isabelle’s sex scene and animated it
– Added the Isabelle’s sex scene to the phone gallery
– Added 1 achievement (Cat Whisperer)
– Added two sound effects (notification and bedsheet)
– Added inventory images for Isabelle’s glasses and Isabelle’s panties
– Added stat requirements to some of the dialogue choices (and added the love and lust icons to the final one)

Bug Fixes
– Changed the requirement for “[flora], what’s really going on?” in “The Statement” quest from 25 Flora love points to having done the love route in “Tiny Thirsty Tree” quest
– Fixed an issue where Lindsey would take her jacket off after the player carries her to the Nurse’s office during the tour, but never actually put it back
– Fixed an issue where ordering the two packages (gigglypuff seeds from “Potted Weeds” quest & magnet from “The Ley of the Land” quest) at the same time would give the player two magnets instead of one of each item
– Updated Lindsey’s shadow in the stairs crash scene in “Nothing Wrong With Me” quest to look better
– Updated Isabelle, Flora and Maxine’s daily schedule to make use of their recently added free roam sprites
– Updated the strike book’s choice menu to make it clearer that the player can only redeem one strike at the moment

V1.14 (31st October 2021 Update):-
[Twisted Fate]
– Updated the game version to 1.14
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added Kate’s pantyshot scene
– Added 1 acheivement (Call Me, Beep Me!)
– Added a sound effect (cheerleaders tying the MC down)
– Added Kate’s Punishment to the phone gallery
– Added the grill_perspective_girls scene
– Changed Kate’s socks in the cheerleader_feet scene from clean to dirty
– Changed Twisted Fate’s image on the Chapter Select screen
– Tried to improve the visuals/audio for pretty much all scenes (slamming the gym door in Kate’s face, Lacey bringing Kate the skipping ropes, Kate’s cronies tying the MC down, fight scene (success & failure), the MC running away from Kate, The MC rolling over to show Kate his erection, the MC nodding to Kate/Isabelle, the MC shaking his head to Kate, the MC hiding from Kate by blending into the background, the MC climbing up the pile of shoes to hide inside the air duct, the MC passing out from overexertion, the MC spitting out Kate’s sock)
– Redid most of the quest hints and the quest guide

Bug Fixes
> Fixed a few typos
> Fixed an issue where the player could get softlocked in Nothing Wrong With Me by not respecting Lindsey’s privacy while she’s naked in the art classroom
> Fixed an issue where the player could get softlocked in Loser to the Rescue by making their presence known to the Nurse instead of pulling back the curtain
> Deleted two unused files in the arts wing to avoid confusion
> Fixed a clipping issue with the skipping rope on Kate’s confident and neutral sprites

V1.13 (1st October 2021 Update):-
[The Lay of Land]
– Updated the game version to 1.13
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added the Jacklyn’s handjob scene
– Added Jacklyn’s handjob scene to the phone gallery
– Updated The Ley of the Land’s quick start with the required variables, stats and items
– Added the ability to start The Ley of the Land by questing Maxine in the gym
– Added a different final position for the basketball interactable should the player hit the shot
– Changed it so the Ley Line Locator kicks the player out of the screen once it becomes uncharged
– Added the option to access/exit the Ley Line Locator by interacting with it in the inventory
– Added the option to order one of the magnets from the leftmost computer in the computer room
– Changed it so the last magnet is only revealed after consuming the mysterious package
– Changed the Ley Line Locator namebox color to gray and renamed it from just “LLL” to “Ley Line Locator”
– Blocked the Ley Line Locator button from displaying on the HUD while the player is at either of the lockers
– Fixed a few typos and dialogue sprites not being hidden with dissolve
– Changed a bunch of dialogue sprites to reduce pose transitions and thus look more natural
– Reworked the interaction between the pocket mirror and the saucer-eyed doll to look better
– Added a sound effect (electrical whirr/sound of a UFO zooming by)
– Redid most of the quest hints
– Redid most of the quest guide

MISCELLANEOUS stuff and Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where having more than 3 coffee cups in No True Scotswoman meant you couldn’t place them on the student’s desk
– Fixed an issue where some of the quick starts would finish both “X over Y” quests instead of failing one of them
– Fixed an issue where wrong items wouldn’t get greyed out when used on the fuse box (with the correct one being the Ley Line Locator)
– Fixed an issue where the player could get infinite charger cables from the box of cables in the computer room
– Fixed an issue where the player could get the Ley Line Locator to negative charges and thus avoid the need of recharging it
– Fixed an issue where the leyline in the sports wing would not display an investigate line
– Fixed an issue where the leyline in the admin wing would not display an interact line
– Fixed an issue where using the Ley Line Locator in the computer room would display the screen with a missing background
– Fixed size inconsistencies between the Ley Line Locator screen images with and without the magnet

V1.12 (2nd September 2021 Update):-
[Table Manner]
– Updated the game version to 1.12
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added Fingering and Cunninlingus scenes for Jo
– Added Jo’s Assignment to the phone gallery
– Added a quest guide for Table Manners
– Added four inventory items (Cat Tail, Letter for Jo, Wet Tissue and Mop)
– Added two sound effects (fast whoosh and nylon rip)
– Added a quick start for Table Manners
– Added Table Manners to the unstarted quests
– Changed the pieces of laundry (both wet and dry) to separate images instead of a single merged one for each
– Added the cheerleader outfit to all 4 Kate dialogue sprites
– Created characters for Casey, Lacey and Stacy
– Added the cheerleader outfit (+ paddle) to Casey’s, Lacey’s and Stacy’s dialogue sprites
– Added contact icons for Casey, Lacey, Stacy and Maya
– Added a pink namebox frame for Maya

MISCELLANEOUS stuff and Bug Fixes
– Changed the order of some buttons in the game menu to match the main menu ones
– Updated Flora’s annoyed expression when she’s texting
– Updated inventory icons for the Mysterious Coin and Secret Key
– Reworked the “Moments of Corruption/Glory” interactions to make the unlocks add up
– Fixed an issue where Mrs. L would keep her bikini after the player watched the HOT 6 tape
– Updated the bedroom computer interactable
– Updated the secret note inventory icon (+ made it an actual interactable)
– Updated the ball of yarn inventory icon
– Fixed an issue where interacting with the supply closet multiple times in Poolside Story’s phase_4_confetti would give the player infinite old artworks
– Fixed an issue where Jacklyn would have the squid pin equipped while modeling nude
– Removed the ‘Quick’ button from the load game screen

V1.11 (1st August 2021 Update):-
[The Glowing Spider Eggs]

– Updated the game version to 1.11
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added the Lindsey’s bathroom peeping scene
– Added the scene to the phone gallery
– Added the “Here, Kitty Kitty”, “Silver Tongue”, “The Right Kind of Bust” and “Top Hat” achievements
– Added “The Glowing Spider Eggs” to the chapter select menu
– Added a variation of Maxine’s newspaper with the Lindsey photo
– Re-added Maxine’s talk and flirt lines
– Added a custom dialogue for trying to combine the colored paper with the beaver pelt/carcass
– Added different investigate/interact lines for a few clubroom interactables after advancing/finishing The Glowing Spider Eggs
– Added the ability to turn the computer room screens on/off by interacting with them

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where the player could craft “two sticks” twice and get softlocked
– Fixed an issue where taking something from the lunch box once would dull its icon permanently
– Fixed an issue where taking something from the student desk once would dull its icon permanently
– Removed finishing Tour de School as a condition to start Oxygen for Oxymoron
– Changed it so you can now also throw the monkey wrench, can of soup, baseball, baseball bat or umbrella at the gym light to get the glass shard
– Added an embarrassed variation of Lindsey’s free roam sprite in the art classroom
– Fixed an issue where having character names on inventory items would mess up the parsing
– Added the option to pollute the stream in Operation B.O.B. using spray bottles
– Changed all instances of Spinach being outside the clubroom to alternate locations instead of forced locations
– Added phone contact icons to Cyberia and the Guard
– Changed it so the chairs in the art classroom are now five seperate objects instead of a single merged one
– Fixed an issue where Flora would be hidden for the rest of the day even if the player got the love ending in Tiny Thirsty Tree
– Fixed an issue where the player would now have to close the inventory in order to prompt a dialogue after combining some specific items
– Fixed all remaining choice menus (346 total)
– Fixed an issue in Stolen Hearts where talking to the Guard twice would have you both act like the first conversation never happened
– Fixed an issue in No True Scotswoman where giving Flora a 2nd haggis lunch box and then asking for the reward would prompt the same dialogue for beating her at the cup game
– Reworked the cup game scene in No True Scotswoman to look better (check it out!)
– Changed a bunch of dialogue sprites to reduce poses transitioning too much and thus look more natural
– Replaced the makeshift easel’s “dialogue sprite” with a better quality one
– Fixed an issue where the Nurse’s dialogue sprite would have two right hands in the ‘caught masturbating’ scene
– Fixed an issue where the player would get teleported back home after entering the women’s bathroom at 8 PM in The Glowing Spider Eggs
– Fixed an issue where old saves would not show the girls’ dialogue sprites with newly added outfits
– Added a dialogue sprite for the guard
– Added the two “hiding from the guard” special scenes
– Added the towel as an equippable piece of clothing for Lindsey
– Added the glowing “spider eggs” special scene
– Added a night overlay for the sports wing and the women’s bathroom

V1.10 (2nd July 2021 Update):-
[Strawberries, Cherries and Part Two of Mrs L’s Missing Tapes]

– Updated the game version to 1.10
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added Maxine’s nude photo and Mrs.L’s Picture
– Added a modal telling the player that they’ve unlocked flirting with Maxine once “Strawberries, Cherries” is finished
– Added “Strawberries, Cherries” to the chapter select menu
– Redid most of the quest guide for “The Missing Tapes”
– Updated the image for “The Missing Tapes” in the chapter select menu
– Updated the credits screen
– Changed quite a few of the sprite expressions during dialogue in “The Missing Tapes”

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where calling the Nurse in “Buried Truths” would then jump to Kate’s lines instead of returning
– Replaced the [interact] action with the [go] one for all available and unavailable location interactables
– Blocked the Jacklyn date from happening during the Kate dream event
– Added a fifth stick to avoid players from getting softlocked if they craft the shovel before finishing “Fully Booked”
– Made the pathfinding to the gym in the Kate dream event a little easier
– Fixed an issue where the player could take the gym ladder even before getting locked in the homeroom
– Blocked the player from being able to advance time until “Day 1, Take 2” is finished
– Fixed an issue where having both “No True Scotswoman” and “Buried Truths” active at the same time would lock Isabelle in the homeroom, but have the game think she’s at the forest glade
– Fixed an issue where lifting the glass dome covering the admin wing plant during “Tiny Thirsty Tree” would remove its actions permanently
– Fixed an issue where the player could get softlocked by finishing “Nothing Wrong With Me” before “Stolen Hearts”

V1.9 (1st June 2021 Update):-
[Nothing Wrong With Me]

– Updated the game version to 1.9
– Updated the main menu sprite and backgrounds
– Added new quest Nothing Wrong With Me
– Added 5 new scenes with Lindsey (Hugging, Kissing, Wardrobe Malfunction and a Naked scene)
– Added 5 new gallery scenes
– Added the Teddy Bear achievement (unlocked by getting hugged twice by Lindsey)

Miscellaneous stuff and Bug fixes
– Updated the box of tissues’ inventory image
– Updated Kate, Isabelle and Maxine’s free roam sprites in the first hall
– Added a variaton of Flora’s phone contact icon with the bandaid to use during “Tiny Thirsty Tree”
– Fixed an issue where picking up Maxine’s paper in the clubroom and waiting until 7 PM would teleport the player home and allow them to keep it
– Fixed an issue where the player was able to quest Spinach while she’s out during “Search & Rescue”
– Fixed an issue where having “Unstarted Quests” selected would point an arrow to the rope even during “Search & Rescue” (where Spinach is locked in the art closet)
– Added descriptions for the modals that pop-up when starting and finishing “Hide and Seek”
– Added the options to consume the cup of coffee and also to refill it via the coffee machine in the cafeteria
– Added an interaction that makes Kate leave the sports wing (should she be there) when the player clicks on the first shoes to avoid having her obstruct the pile of shoes
– Blocked Kate from showing up in the sports wing if time passes while the player is stacking the shoes
– Fixed an issue where the Nurse’s office door would have the [interact] icon instead of the [go] one during a few quests
– Fixed an issue where the quick start for “Loser to the Rescue” would not give give the player enough strength to carry Lindsey
– Added a modal telling the player that all other quests are locked while “Tiny Thirsty Tree” is active and also disabled all buttons in the quest guide screen besides “Off” and “Tiny Thirsty Tree”
– Fixed an issue where having “Unstarted Quests” selected would point an arrow to Mrs. L even though she has no quests available
– Removed the saucer-eyed doll from the clubroom
– Reworked the bed scene with Flora in “Tiny Thirsty Tree” to reduce the amount of times she smiles
– Fixed an issue where consuming drinks would dull their icons
– Added a modal telling the player that they have reached the end of “The Missing Tapes” for now

V1.8 (May 2nd 2021 Update):-
[Tiny Thirsty Tree]

– Updated the game version to 1.8
– Added new quest Tiny Thirsty Tree
– This update comes with 3 brand new Flora scenes (one penetration scene, one hugging scene and last one is a cute scene with the MC)
– Added all 3 scenese in the phone gallery
– Added a new location to the game (Maxine’s Secret Club Room)

Miscellaneous stuff and Bug fixes
– Fixed some grammar stuff
– Fixed a few sprite movement/transition issues
– Fixed an issue where some of the interactables’ pop-ups were being shown outside of the screen
– Added the option to consume spray bottles
– Added the option to refill empty bottles in the aquarium even outside of “Tiny Thirsty Tree”
– Added “Punked” as a pre-requisite for starting “Tiny Thirsty Tree”
– Added two more items (Banana milk & Catch 34) to the quick start for “Tiny Thirsty Tree”
– Changed a few of the quest guide hints to give the player an easier understanding of what to do
– Replaced some of the interactables’ actions with different ones (e.g., [interact] >> [take], [quest] >> [gift])
– Fixed an issue where fading the screen to black would flash the textbox for a second
– Renamed all 10 sugar cube interactables from “Sugar” to “Sugar Cube” and replaced their [interact] action with the [take] one
– Changed it so any sugar cube not taken by the player will be hidden after Flora finishes baking the cake
– Fixed an issue where the kitchen shelf would have no actions during “Tiny Thirsty Tree”
– Reworked the fetching phase to make all requests happen as soon as the player completes the previous one and changes location, all on a single day
– Fixed an issue where giving Flora strawberry juice wouldn’t give you the empty bottle back
– Fixed an issue where the ground floor exits — except to the admin wing — weren’t getting locked when required
– Moved Flora’s free roam sprite in the admin wing to ensure the vines are grabbing her right leg
– Removed the actions for the plant in the admin wing after the player lifts the glass
– Added the [take] action for the stethoscope and the pen in the nurse’s office
– Fixed an issue where choosing to take away the teddy bear from the vine in the nurse’s office wouldn’t actually hide it
– Removed Flora’s shirt from the preview scene of her being assaulted by the vines to match the free roam sprite
– Fixed an issue where both the tree and Flora’s free roam sprite in the nurse’s office would stay on the screen even after the tree runs away
– Added a missing description for finishing “Tiny Thirsty Tree”
– Made the poster, teddy bear, stethoscope and pen all return to the nurse’s office after finishing “Tiny Thirsty Tree”

V1.7 (1st April 2021 Update):-
[The Statement]

– Updated the game version to 1.7
– Added new quest The Statement
– Added Jacklyn’s Anal sex and Pegging scene
– Added Jacklyn’s Anal sex and Pegging scene to the phone gallery
– Added 2 new acheivements ( Taken Down a Peg and Breaking All the Rules)

Bug fixes
– Fixed a lot of pesky bugs, like the ladder bug and the nurse not plowing the field bug.
– Fixed some more grammar stuff
– Fixed a few more sprite movement/transition issues
– Replaced the [interact] action with the [take] one for all 41 dollar bill interactables
– Replaced the bus stop’s [interact] action with the [go] one
– Fixed an issue where interacting with certain interactables wouldn’t dull their icons
– Fixed an issue where entering the nurse’s office would dull its icon — unlike all other locations
– Fixed an issue in “Poolside Story” where the player would give Isabelle the decorations but keep the confetti to himself
– Fixed an issue in “Punked” where talking to Jacklyn between 4-6 PM would make it so the player had to leave the school entrance and then come back to prompt the meeting with Flora
– Remade the phone contact icons and changed their position on notifications from (0.5,0.5) to (0.4,0.4) to make it look better
– Edited the X-ray text in Tips & Tricks to now mention the Chads along with the Incels

[Poolside Story]
– Updated the game version to 1.6
– Added new quest Poolside Story
– Added Mrs.L’s Handjob scene
– Added Mrs.L’s Handjob scene to the phone gallery

Bug fixes
– Fixed a couple of bugs, like the big dollar crash of the last update.


Another Chance 1.5:
This update has two major parts.
First, is the new quest that will be standard with each of our monthly updates, with this month’s being Buried Truths, a quest for Isabelle’s love path.

This quest might not be as saucy as some of our other quests, but what it lacks in tits it makes up in emotional maturity. But don’t worry! The sauce is coming back real soon. Our next few quests will definitely by plenty sinful. Some of our livestream watchers might have gotten a peek already! (P.S. we stream game creation every weekday from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. EST, come watch).

But secondly, I dedicated this update to being a bug-fixing / QOL improvement update and tried to fix as many errors as I could. I played this game up, down, left, right, in, and out and must have fixed over 50 bugs if not more. This is not to say I can guarantee this version is completely bug free. I am sure some of you will manage to unleash such an unholy amalgamation of mouse clicks and key strokes that will unearth bugs never before even imagined. But we are getting closer to that. I really want this game to be something special, and I think with each update we are nearing that goal.

A semblance of a changelog:

  • New Buried Truths quest with one new gallery scene.
  • Fixed extreme slowdown and lagginess of main menu when you opened the game.
  • Reworked pretty much all quest guides to be more pleasing and intuitive. Making it a lot easier to find unstarted quests.
  • Made opening the school locker a little easier.
  • Added more dollars around the school.
  • Fixed text kerning that affected all text over two sentences.
  • Fixed Jo running around naked after drinking her tea.
  • Fixed game crashes, softlocks, and many, many more bugs.

V1.4 (26th December 2020 Update):-
[Potted Weeds, Operation B.O.B. and Art Through Suffering]
– Added 3 new quests, 2 main quests and 1 side quest
– Added the Nurse exhibition scene and Jo’s Fingering and Cunninlingus scene
– Added 2 new Gallery scenes (Nurse Plow and Jo Drugged)
– One New Achievement (Flying High Again)
– Added new expression for some characters.
– Added missing lines to inventory items.
– Added ability to sleep at any time of the day.
– Added Chapter Select to pause menu.
– Added a lot more secrets.
– Added day and night versions of backgrounds.
– Added secret locker location.

Miscellaneous stuff and Bug fixes
– “Stolen Hearts” quests Mrs.L Mop Mast scene updated to look a lot better.
– Made advancing time transition faster
– All backgrounds reupadated, fixed minor graphical glitches.
– Maxine now has a free roam sprite
– Inventory no longer disappears after interacting or investigating an item, saving lots of click.
– Fixed bug in the Kate dream quest if you tried to jack it in the morning.
– Fixed phone contacts bug.
– Fixed Item capitalization.

X-Ray Mode updated!
Fixed X-Ray mode not turning on when Caps Lock was enabled.
Now Patreons have the ability to switch between underwear x-ray and full nude x-ray.
Two new Achievements (Burned Notice + Goose Goes, Hank!)
One new Quest with Two Mrs. L scenes (Stolen Hearts)
One new side scene – The Nurse’s First Strike.
New character introduced – Maxine!
A few miscellaneous items added throughout the school.
Multiple items throughout the school updated with new lines.
Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes and small improvements.
Fixed books being in incorrect capitalization when used as an item.
Stolen Hearts quickstart and both scenes in Gallery.
Made all quickstarts unlocked from the start

v1.1.1 changelog

– A crapload of fun and engaging quests spread out over 10 new locations, featuring 8 fully implemented characters!
– Several beautifully drawn CG scenes featuring your favorite nubile girls in their most vulnerable states. Over 10 brand new scenes!
– Explore Newfall High! Roam freely around our new locations, go on adventures, play mini-games, gather clues, solve puzzles, and sow those wild oats!
– A metric fuck-amount of items and objects with hilarious and poignant lines!
– A robust inventory system, allowing you to pick up items, use em, combine them, chuck ’em, fuck ’em, and then shove ’em up your butt!
– Fucking X-ray glasses!!!! (sold separately)

First release

Admin Commands:

mc.money = xxx
mc.intellect = xxx
mc.strength = xxx
mc.charisma = xxx
mc.lust = xxx
mc.love = xxx
just change xxx to any number

Developer Notes:

Time Wizard Studios
My journey started when I made this post on the Lemmasoft Forums, convinced of how easy it would be to make a lewd RenPy game. Well, 3 years and $15,000 dollars later, I can finally conclude that, actually, it is not that easy.

But nevertheless, here we are! Before we get to the big reveal though, let me take you a little back.

When I discovered this genre of gaming all those years ago, I was instantly hooked. I was having a blast playing and exploring the newly emerging market of Western Adult Games. But in the back of my mind, I knew I could make something better. So, I downloaded RenPy and got to work.

Who knew that my scheduled daily fap session would set me on track to change my life forever.

I wanted to create something that was more than just a hentai game. I wanted to immerse myself in the game. To wander around the setting, entering and exiting locations as I pleased. To have these backgrounds be filled with girls that I could talk or flirt with. To find items littered around each location, items that I could interact with, pick up, combine, give, or just plain investigate. To solve puzzles and mysteries, embark on quests, play mini-games, raise stats, and collect money. All while periodically getting my rocks off to doe-eyed cuties.

So, I am very excited to show you the first release of our brand new interactive Adult Point-&-Click Adventure Game, meets Dating Simulator, meets Visual Novel — Another Chance!

The Future
That concludes my little town cry. For most of the developmental time, I was working from the shadows, but now I am very excited to become a regular poster in this community. The game is currently free, you can download and play the latest version, and if tickles your fancy, check out the Patreon.
But truthfully, that is not what is most important to me. Really, I just want to foster this community. I feel a strong sense of acceptance and belonging from forums like this. So, above all else, play the game or not, enjoy it or hate it, support or freeload — in any case, you’re welcome to join me on the Discord!


Extras: Fan SignWalkthroughGame VariablesX-rayGallery Unlocker*

thanks to Syerate for the link!
*This unofficial port/version/code is not released by developer, download at your own risk.









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