[Ren’Py] Brazen Sonnet [v2.1] [Tribe]



This is a love story about how you found a woman washed up near a river who lost her memory and the trials the two of you face after returning to mend her life back together. As you are exposed to the elements of her past things become much more complicated. Following the introduction of the story it will be up to you as the player to navigate these dangerous challenges while preserving your love. Many people will need to die and most won’t even know the reason why.

Please check dev notes for info on NTR, Rape, and Femdom tags.​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-07
Release Date: 2022-05-06
Developer: Tribe PatreonDiscord
Censored: Yes (JAV)
Version: 2.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Sex Under the Necessity, Rape (Reverse Rape), Snuff, NTR (Unavoidable), Cheating, Romance, Male Protagonist, Hypnosis, Vaginal Sex, Animated, Real Porn, Profanity


1. Extract
2. Run


Returning players should know that my attempts to implement mechanics didn’t go as planned. There are choices that alter the path of the game but interaction is still minimal. Sorry for the delays.

About 30 minutes of additional content, excluding scenes that have been re-written.

A plethora of cosmetic improvements/changes.

2 scenes were removed, 3 scenes were added, and 1 scene was expanded in the intro.
The first scene removed involved the explanation of a mechanic that no longer exists within the game.
The second was a scene with Claire and Sentinel doing something naughty. It was determined that this scene undermined one of the primary goals of this game and gave people the wrong impression about the relationship between the two of them. (Thanks JB08)
Shout-out to salizor for helping me find a major bug in the story!

– Claire was toned down quite a bit, but do not think she has changed. The stakes had to rise for the MC when I noticed he wasn’t under any real threat by the end. Claire’s attitude had to be changed to fit the, now life-threatening, results of his encounter. If left alone, Claire’s outbursts would just be pure cringe. Her dialogue has been changed in almost every scene following day -7.
I also wanted to point out the reasoning because I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I toned her down to make her appeal to a broader audience. This isn’t me getting soft on you. Every LI will have specific flaws, and Claire is no exception. However, she’d never put her feelings before your health… Right?

Intro 1.1
– You can now rename Claire (wife)
– Significantly reduced file size
– Grammar fixes etc.

Intro Beta 1.0
Initial release

Developer Notes:

This project’s objective is to create a fun and interactive game that questions the norms that seemingly default into it’s predecessors. Time and time again I’ve read that “this NTR game is unique” for “X” reason. Well this time is different. I may have dug my hole a little too deep, however, utilizing censored content to ensure that the actresses were fresh but we can work with that… I’ve spent a great deal of time having conversations with those that are apposed to NTR. My findings are that some have had real-life experiences that make enjoying NTR impossible, some just plain don’t like it, but close to half of the people I spoke to find it redundant and shallow. My greatest motivator is to avoid making an “NTR Game” and, instead, make a “Game with NTR”… you know, like a game that’s interesting and fun? We’ll just have to see about that.


Is the NTR avoidable?
No. You’d have to play to see what I mean but it would literally break the story.

What kind of NTR is in the game?
The female treats unfaithfulness with a double-standard. At this point of the game it is unclear how she perceives her own actions.
The game treats her unfaithfulness dismissively and has no bearing on how she feels about the MC.
The MC (player) would not accept cheating despite his feelings for his wife and, as far as the story is concerned, a faithful man.
There is no humiliation, shame, or cuckold content associated with the MC.
The MC is perceived to be generally handsome, capable, and of sound mind.

How is the content delivered?
In the intro the NTR content is just accepted as part of what would naturally take place given the circumstances. (Best I can do without spoilers) Sometimes it is depicted with a single media file just to point out that the event took place. The content doesn’t stop to elaborate on the details. Following the intro the content will be in the form of rapid-fire media and misdirection. Detailed interaction with text involving men other than yourself will mostly be avoidable. The idea is to create an environment where NTR fans can dig in and neutrals can breeze over the content without losing any value concerning gameplay and story.


The rape content in this game only consists of Reverse Rape at this time. Non-consensual sex where a woman is the recipient is not depicted in this game. This is to make you aware of the type of content, not to excuse the tag.


This tag exists mostly for the Reverse Rape content. There are scenes that will depict what people would normally expect from female domination but this game does not focus on the femdom fetish specifically. There is no shortage of females acting dominantly, but if you’re here specifically for female domination themed content, said content will be scarce.

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