[Ren’Py] Cabin by the Lake [v0.07d] [Nunu]

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When you were younger you were inseparable from the girls you grew up with, but as time past they moved away and you grew apart.
But now you are coming to a reunion, to reconnect and see how you’ve all changed and grown.
Although it might not go well at first, you find yourself back there again, with the power to change how things went.
What will you shape your relations into? Why is the past changing? And how is the reunion repeating?​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-22
Release Date: 2022-04-21
Developer: Nunu – PatreonTwitteritch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.07d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Animated, Sandbox , Big Ass , Big Tits, Breast Expansion, Corruption, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Lactation, Incest, Male Domination, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Spanking, Titfuck, Twins, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Mobile game


1. Extract and run.


0.07d Spies and Suckers

– New dream scene (Sami)
– You can trade the photo with Lina
– Haily will now send you a special tool to help your mission on saturday morning (Automatic scene) if you have the right codename
– You can now report in to Haily on saturday, either at night or midnight.
– Haily can now send you your choice of one of two “useful” items on sunday morning if requested (Automatic scene)
– Haily can give you a small quest to do with Alex, this can be handled in the forest interaction
– You can hypnotise Jenny (And anyone else present) at the garden if she has been corrupted
– If you are having trouble using the pocket watch, perhaps Cassidy can help? She likes yoga and energy and stuff?

– Special stats now have a unique down icon in the guide instead of having a negative symbol
– Alex now doesn’t reference it being her first “oral adventure” if it is not her first “oral adventure” during the moisturizer scene
– Debug unlocks for corruption levels are now level specific instead of all at once
– Haily’s phone number is now kept permanently after you get it from Carla
– Haily’s C0 Scene can be accessed in more places
– Access to a super double secret scene has been temporarily removed pending testing (Bug issues)

Bug Fixes:
– Several minor variable name errors fixed
– Haily’s love counter no longer shows Lina’s love
– A missing chunk of Haily’s scene is now included in the guide
– Fixed Lin’s leg massage scene not ending immediately when it should
– An issue where it will load your save into a specific scene regardless of where you are was resoved
– A multitude of small guide fixes

0.06d Fill Her Up

– On Saturday morning and Sunday Afternoon you can go on a run with Sami
– On Friday night you can call Haily if you are in contact with her
– New Alex scene in the forest after the BJ discussion
– Half a dozen catches for Alex C3 blowjobs added to the guide
– Alternate unlock for Alex C1, At end of run if she is says goodbye and has 8 love
– Alex can now give blowjobs in the forest at C3
– If Alex gives enough blowjobs she will talk to you about it Sunday night (Sets up C4 Progression Scene)
– Added a new Empty scene at the end of sunday if you burnt Alex
– New text message from Lin if you sent Alex to her

– Removed the quick start option from new games, it is redundant with the existing cheat menu
– Added more love and mood to talking to Alex at C0 on saturday night
– Alex’s burnt mechanic now completely disables her if she becomes burnt
– Alex is more willing to perform oral sex and swallow in C3
– Minor updates to several texts depending on actions
– Removed the quick start option from new games, it is redundant with the existing cheat menu

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed The guide in yoga to be better
– Fixed one or two crash bugs
– Fixed an error in the forest blowjob
– Fixed that the new splash screen wasn’t installed

0.05c Hotfix

0.05c Persistence

– The Guide is now Complete
– Completely new end of run menu
– New scene with Sami (Part of talking with Lin)
– Added a scene with Lin, who knows what she wants and isn’t above bargaining. She still has more to say, but there are two new world corruption points up for grabs
– Two new options when to Talking with Lin (1 Requires visiting her at the lake earlier, Also 1 World Corruption)
– Tiny update to talking with Jenny
– Jenny Predator corruption unlock available (No content)
– Tiny addition to Sami Bedcrawl (1 World Corruption)
– Tiny addition to Alex Forest HJ (After Lin’s addition)

– Help section overhaul. Goes into descriptions of how corruption works, the guide and a run down of the various stats the girls have.
– Two corruption points were improperly joined in version 0.02
– Your current day in the guide is now highlighted
– End of run texts have been moved into the new menu and are now permanent unlocks instead of short scenes
– The surprise from last time is now much harder to trigger… but you will probably notice it.
– Made it easier to get Lina’s nerve from Alex’s porn date
– Sami’s bedcrawling is now Jealousy dependent instead of event dependent
– Sitting next to Jenny for the horror movie makes Sami Jealous now

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug that Reset the Titty Monster Achievement every day
– Multiple guide fixes
– Fixed a crash bug where you can’t get a handy from alex in the forest without getting a “kiss” from Lin
– Fixed some of lin’s lines where she talked about the wrong person
– Fixed an Infinte corruption bug when kissing Lin
– Fixed some less than clear guide instructions to do with asking Jenny about prey
– Fixed being unable to get two love with Lisa if Alex was at C2
– Fixed a bug where one of Alex’s photo options was unreachable

0.04c 69 Sub Special

– Added Sami Horror movie to the guide
– Added Jenny Horror movie to the guide
– Added several more minor scenes to the guide (6 Scenes remaining, 3 minor, 3 major)
– Added minor story scene
– Added Hide button to the UI, it’s on everything but it’s for mobile so you can hide the textbox
– Android compatibility
– Minor Journal update to walk through the rest of Alex C2
– Added Alex Moisturizer to the guide
– Dream scene featuring Alex, Haily and several fetishes you’ve been waiting on
– Added debug cheat for revealing the entire guide
– Added debug cheat to show a button that can end the run at any stage (will eventually turn into feature but it’s buggy)
– The Scene Guide now starts (roughly) looking at where you are up too in the weekend
– Added several small/no choice scenes to the guide
– Alex can now give a BJ when you sleep with her

– Tiny change to requirements of sunday titty monster scene (2 love instead of corruption 1… which was required anyway)
– Disabled the Item buy menu, it’s just cluttering things up for now
– I wanted to see who reads patch notes so I put a password on the debug cheats, the password is “icanread”
– Slight change to the variables for Alex’s Sleep Date BJ to make it more responsive to other run variables
– Minor layout changes for increased mobile compatibility
– Complete Re-architecture of the underlying systems of the main guide
– Redid the requirements for getting a bj during the moisturizer scene.

Bug Fixes:
– The end run button now only appears if you have the end run button set to appear
– Many undocumented ones
– Fixed several crash bugs in the guide
– Fixed a missing hornyness bypass in alex’s shower scene
– Dozens of minor guide fixes

0.03e Graph Paper

– Added the in game complete guide for most scenes (This one line is like 4 weeks worth of work)
– Added map screen and scene navigator to the guide
– Added a scene where you can give Haily ANY photo you find during the run (Unlocks corruption level 1)
– Jenny’s garden scene has been added to the guide
– Can ask Jenny for a photo for Haily while she is reading
– Can ask Sami for a photo for Haily while she at the lake
– Can ask Alex for a photo for Haily while she at the forest
– Did the first pass luckstone guide for Haily C1
– Alex moisturizer scene, allows for the gain of both Past deeds (C2 replacement for Day 2 Bedroom visit) (Can trigger lina’s watching date)(Increased starting love) and Corruption Level 3
– Alex Forest scene if you soiled Lina the night before
– Alex dream scene (Taking her virginity)
– First half of Alex moisturizer scene
– Alex can send two new pictures at the end of loop (Makes friends with Lina, and Testing breast massaging)

If you are using a save from a previous patreon build, your save’s guide may be broken. Added an unbreak save button at end of cycle to deal with the issue, this will cost you your previous guidebook progress… but the game wont risk crashing anytime you use the guidebook

– Alex can now always be touched on saturday night at C1
– Getting Alex to pose topless while taking photos of her now gives corruption
– Slight modification to mentioning haily while asking alex for photos
– Made it so you can still access Sami on sunday if you have haily’s number
– Added actual buttons to close and navigate the guide rather than just click to dismiss
– Guide now keeps track of chosen choices as well as discovered choices
– Added a tiny scene for when corruption levels are unlocked so it’s really clear whats happening
– Dates are no longer mutualy exclusive

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed bug where asking alex for a photo for masturbation would error
– Minor fixes to some guide content not displaying properly
– Fixes to some corruption points not displaying properly
– Fixed an unfinished end of scene in sunday breakfast
– Fixed a bug where Sami’s footjob made Alex love you more
– Haily’s end of run message is now properly centered
– Alex Dream can be left without causing errors
– Added the missing peek corruption to the guide
– Redid description for the titty monster achievement so it is more clear
– Updated many instances of old code that will greatly increase stability
– Fixed a bug that caused the car ride to play twice at the start of every loop

0.02b Return of the Titty Monster:

These changes are since last public release, hence it includes 0.02a and 0.02b.
– Added Alex Forest Handjob / Boobjob Scene
– Added Lina spying scene (Post Alex Shower)
– Added Carla Generic Scene
– Added Haily Texting Scene (Get her number from Carla)
– Alex C2 influences Day 2 Breakfast significantly (New Option)
– Alex C2 influences Day 2 Shower significantly
– Alex C2 end of run Selfie (Pants that fit)
– Added stub option in Alex Sleep Date for future C2 events
– Alex C2 influences several other events slightly
– Added a catch for fighting the titty monster twice
– Added option to start where previous version ended (Probably Works Entierly)
– Added wait button on map screen to skip this time period
– Added progress tracker to Alex, Jenny, Lina and Sami’s Bios (This is a temporary feature while something better is built)
– Added “Luckstone” hint system, it can be purchased in the end of loop menu (Currently should be functional but a little jank (Pseudo-False Positives) due to forward compatibility with other systems that don’t exist yet)

– Haily will no longer message you if you have already talked to her
– Renamed some corruption points for clarity
– Sami Groping corruption can now be gotten in more Sami groping scenes
– Sami bedcrawl corruption can now be gotten in more Sami bedcrawling scenes
– Alex only takes her pants off to masturbate when watching porn
– Changed description of loop 1 in the intro so people know this isn’t a kinetic novel
– Internal consistency pass (More for me than you, this can only break things)

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed Lina gaining two Nerve when kissing Jenny
– Fixed bug where you could gain unlimited corruption with Carla and Lin at the Lake
– Fixed a bug where two corruptions were not merged correctly
– Fixed some grammatical errors
– 22 Corruption achievement now works if you have more than 22 corruption
– Fixed two of Lina’s Nerve point gains not triggering correctly
– Fixed Alex’s handjob corruption gain not triggering correctly
– Fixed Alex’s fetishes not showing up correctly in the progress viewer
– Fixed some other misplaced hints and triggers, I wasn’t counting when I did them
– Variety of spelling and grammatical fixes

0.01a: First Release:
– Allows for a complete run-through of the primary loop.
– Alex has completed Corruption Levels 0 & 1, totaling 8 scenes and about 20k words.
– Includes a guide to Alex C0/1
– Jenny has a complete Corruption Level 0

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