[Ren’Py] Champion of Realms [v0.68 Public] [Zimon]



In a world born of chaos, the ancient gods separated their offspring in hopes of avoiding apocalyptic conflict. They created three distinct, temporal dimensions for each of their respective children, entrusting the crucial task of their children’s survival to one being: the Champion.
For eons, this Champion has watched over the three dimensions. But now, the Champion has vanished without a trace.
The Protagonist, despite his best efforts, is forced to take part in a deadly competition to decide the future Champion… and the fates of all. Will he survive? Or will he be crushed under the weight of fate?
Fortunately, he won’t be alone in this harrowing adventure. Several trustworthy and noticeably beautiful allies will forge this path beside him. Together, surely they can surpass the toughest challenges, and experience the most succulent of pleasures.
What are you waiting for? The adventure awaits…​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-05
Release Date: 2022-05-06
Developer: Zimon
Censored: No
Version: 0.68 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

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1 – Extract and run


v0.68 Public:

What’s new in this version:

Two new events for the guild

One new event for the Farmer Girl

One new event for the Fashonista

Remade the first Asme’s love event, check it in the tracker

Four errors of the past:

Two in the house, one in Mainstreet, the last one in the peak

Erika’s sleeping room in the lab

New places:

In this update, you will find the Costume shop(outlet), the ranch(outside unison), and the farmer’s store.

New music:

Rightly so, new girls mean new musical themes, I hope you enjoy them!

New languages:

Partially supports Spanish and Italian

The UI is still incomplete, but the dialogues should work

Fishing Minigame:

Right now you can fish in the pond in the forest, but for now, only one fish will be added to your inventory, let’s test if it will work everywhere, also on android.

Trophy Zone:

There are now new fan art and new trophies to buy

New Cleos BG:

Now Cleos got her first alternative bg, this one is unlocked during the story

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the Iza crash, caused by Hell, the missing Card, and more…

The rollback work has been changed in some screens, which should no longer cause problems during transitions. The rollback is not deactivated but will stop at certain key points so as not to create screen mixes. This was happening at some points in the maps, if it happens elsewhere please let me know

Work of the month:

I have prepared costumes for the girls to buy in the next build, which can be worn at home.

I was planning to do a lot of lewds, but a pinch of wholesome doesn’t hurt.

I also decided to give the ‘Morning Asmedia’ treatment to other girls as well, I will leave the choice up to you via voting

v0.67 Public
What’s new in this version:

A new event for Asmedia: Wanted ambush

Two new events for Tailè: Limit exceeded, Calming the embers

A new event for Heramael: Etheria debilitation

Two new events for Maeve: Going back, Missing city

Two new Story events: Training begins, Managing the flow

Hug Hell:

Yes, now our little Hell will get lots of hugs too!

April’s code:

Use the code ‘Fish’ in the chamber to re-see the special surprise


You can now set a textbox using the options

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the inconsistencies like replay loop, the missing living screen, and more…

Work of the month:

Girls’ models retouched

Sakure revamped, new Dragon model

New Patreon Reward for everyone

Errors of the past actions incoming

v0.66 Public

What’s new in this version:

A new event for Tsukiko: Connections with the moon

A new event for Hell: Learning to be polite

A new event for Izanami: Seeking the seal

New Alarms Clock:

Now also Izanami and Hell got their version of the alarm clock.

Horny Hell:

Refuse to take care of her, you will see her status becoming “Horny”, and after that… expect a visit during the night.

Drunk Asmedia:

Picking the menu with alcohol in the restaurant can trigger it, and the hand other than slipping on the alcohol can slip somewhere else.

Special Sunday:

A new method of spending time with girls with quick events is the Sunday special.

Hug the girls:

Spend time with them to hug them. All of them expect Hell got their hug.

Special Surprise:

There is also a special surprise in this new build, hidden in the game, and nope, it’s not a new code.

Who knows if you can be able to find it…


The way the tracker works has been changed, now all girls are placed in the same sections.

Also, the tracker will show the girls gradually as they are unlocked and not immediately.


The gallery will also show repeatable lewd scenes, so you will find new slots for Hera, Tsu, and Estia.

Aneko’s card:

Aneko’s card now is clickable.

Iza’s UI:

Fixed some problems with the action menu of Iza.

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the inconsistencies like Sheila in the train, event tracker errors, fast time disabled until I find a fix and more…

Work of the month:

MC’s face got improved.

All the girls got new shaders that should improve their appearance.

Many of the girls have undergone structural adjustments, one of the most visible being Iza’s head, now less ‘bulb’.

Fixes after Early:

In addition to all the bugs that have been fixed, the clock is now working again without crashes and in a different way.

Wherever you are, you can use the fast time change without any problems.

Unison’s map now changes with the time.

Fixed sayer asme.

Fish now is implemented better and works with no problems.

map_town2/3 is there.

Sunday sheila fixed.

Estia and hera alarms were fixed.

Iza UI with spooning.

Drunk asme scene fixed

Gallery save version fixed

Bugfix 0.65 fix:
Maeve’s card

v0.65 Public
What’s new in this version:

A new side event: Shopping with the devil

A new side event: Estia Enlarger

Quickie for Asmedia, Cleos, and Sheila

CoR TV, try it in the living room

Station transition for the city

Isabel’s Work new renders

Changes in animation for Tailè and Isabel

New buttons in the cards for Sheila and Cleos

New Feature for changeable card bg and notes for hobby and girl’s liking, use the new buttons

Tracker Added Neon

New Icons and Menu

Aneko time changer, if you have already unlocked her, use Maeve feature to unlock the time changer

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the interaction of Hera in the Lab, event tracker errors, replaced the blocked card with a bigger one, and more…

v0.64 Public
What’s new in this version:

4 new main story events
2 new events for Estia
1 event for Neon
Asmedia lewd in the kitchen, 4 positions you can choose during the act
Heramael is again found in the Lab in the afternoon, with her boobsjob, completely redone with added pov cam.
Newly updated dialogues for Isabel Rose’s Dept and Heramael The real guy by
The trophy zone has been completed

v0.63 Public

What’s new in this version:

Game overs have been added, with their own animation, for now only in three particular places in the game. They will be improved in the future by creating renderings for them.

For those of you who don’t know how to click on quests, I’ve added a quick tutorial, so you’ll understand what to do in case you get lost.

Now, the unlocking of maps will be done through story progression, to reduce the random wandering of players

Stats have been reworked, ready for their new use

The game’s main menu now changes based on story progression, and you can choose your favorite once unlocked by Maeve.

A similar thing has been applied to the stats menu

The quest for Asmedia on the Peak has been made more intuitive

The same thing for Cleos and Dangers Lurking ones, now you will know when the girls content has reached the unlock of that quest

Fixed inconsistencies with the book Genesis

In the old Asmedia room some video files were missing, now they are present again

Some placeholders remained on screen, fixed those too

Cleos and Asmedia stories have been updated in their menus

All lewd costumes in the girls’ menus are now blocked by progression.

There have been several improvements to the Signals, renamed Quests to end the confusion of several players

Neon has received her final design

Highlighters have been added in some places to improve comprehension

Changed the font of the character names, no one will be confused to call Izanami Kanami anymore

Menu fluidity has been improved

Coming soon new unlock animations for cards, already present in game one for Asmedia, but an even more beautiful version is in the works

Changed the wing symbol of Asmedia and the puddle symbol of Heramael, replaced by a Caduceus

From now on the events of Hell will not be triggered continuously in the bedroom, added an icon to continue in his quests

Added a bugfix in Maeve’s menu for Cleos’ quest “A thousand lives”, click it and the pic will disappear

A new event that is chronologically placed during the quest “The Call” for Maeve

New room in the house, Maeve’s room

Fixed a mixed alarm error with Cleos and Asmedia

Fixed also an issue with the clock in the void

Fixed Cleos’ interactive, it could happen that those scenes remained on-screen slowing the game

There’s more, but these are the most important things

v0.62 Public

What’s new in this version:

New updated prologue with new renders and a new start

Two new alarms: Cleos Lewd Alarm and Sheila Lewd Alarm

Sheila Repeatable Scenes: Reverse Assjob, Embraced Lotus, Missionary

Costumes are coming to the game, and Sheila will be the first one with her Maid Outfit

Asmedia Good mornings and Good Nights, now you can sleep with her or do a special interactive Boobsjob

New features and changes:

Pov Improved for Sheila’s scenes

Dialogues improved:

First Cleos Event

Repeatable Asmedia Lewd

Heramael’s Ashamed Event

New parts of the prologue

Removed the bed icon in the old hub, to sleep use the real bed

Sleep system of the old hub improved

Changed the bg of the old portal house

All the girls got the screen of an lv up

Now the stats of the girls can be increased

Abyss Book is replaced by Genesis, some stories changes for this

Changed the names of some music, in case of error, just ignore

Renpy update with new universals apk, be careful when updating the android version

Bugs and grammar fixed:

Fixed an error showing the placeholders of the girls during the events

Fixed an error in the sleep system

Fixed the functioning of some icons of Back

v0.61 Public
What’s new in this version:
5 new story events, including a big one
New event for Maeve
New music

New features and changes:
New dialogues added for:

  • The peak with Asmedia
  • The first lewd with Asmedia
  • The night meeting with Estia
  • The first college meeting with Estia

Bugs and grammar fixed:

  • Fixed some errors in the cards
  • Fixed some error interactions with Cleos and Sheila
  • Fixes Sheila Back button in the flat

v0.60 Public

What’s new in this version:
You will find 5 events for the girls:

  • Tsukiko
  • Asmedia
  • Tailè
  • Estia
  • Heramael

More than 5 story events
New card
New music and sounds
New menu

New features and changes:
New dialogues added for:

  • All the initial prologue
  • Asmedia up to the story of her past
  • Hera until the experiment with the potion
  • Izanami until his duel
  • The first meeting with Estia
  • The first meeting with Cleos

Bugs and grammar fixed:


What’s new in this version:
New main story
New event for Tsukiko
New event for Sheila
New event for Isabel
The summer event is here, activate it from the meeting room
Now you can find Cleos in your room
Now you can peek at Sheila when she is in your room
Now you can find Estia during the night in the living room (I corrupted the pic, I know, my fault)
A new card appeared in the compendium
A new job is available (a quick one for now)
New music and sounds

New features and changes:
Graphic change for the main menu
The nav menu is back as before
The Bridge Events are removed
Added the receptor crystal, will allow you to perform different actions inside your room. With it, you can go to Maeve, Hell, and call the girls for the night
The portal has been moved to the nav and has changed shape
Added the ability to sleep for the next day.
Now you will sleep “using the bed”(lol)
The quest “The Call” got fixed, now the events will turn green
Cleos’ book quest is easier to find
Asmedia Peak is easier to find

Bugs and grammar fixed:
The menu error has been fixed, in case you find any other, please let me know.
Fixed a bug that removed the menus


What’s new in this version:
Main story event
Isabel’s event
Izanami’s Event

New features and changes:
All game converted to VP8, more fluidity and less CPU usage for older devices and smartphones
Exile Nav changed
UI fix
Choice fix

Bugs and grammar fixed:
Bugs fixed
Night Street error


Asmedia’s Tailjob
Cleos’ Tightjob
Cleos’ Buttdown
Cleos’ new horny


What’s new in this version:
3 new lewds for the interactive Cleos
A variant in the sofa and a new one with a variant
Hell’s room is finally here
The Core room is now accessible
New music
Changed the steps in the dialogues with the girls inside the rooms, i.e. from now on you will no longer be kicked out using the “Back”
Fixed bugs :
“Ufo” audio distorted
Sheila bridge not disappearing
“sheila_sex_jump” error
Sheila gallery error
Hints problems


What’s new in this version:
Main story event
Hell’s event
Isabel’s event
Tailè’s Event
2 events for Sheila
Sheila’s lewd
2x new Cleos interactive sex.
New features and changes:
Bridge events
Bugs and grammar fixed:
Bugs fixed
Red Gem Problem


Cleos Interactive Lewds: Combination of 17 lewds: Footjob, handjob, oral, doggy, lotus, analsex, and more… with auto mode and choice mode.
Hera Date Test
New features and changes:
Cards Fixed
Bugs and grammar fixed:
Fixed Bugs and Grammar


What’s new in this version:
New story event for Izanami
New story event for Sheila
New main story event
New features and changes:
Changed the time passing screen
Added new cards for girls
Added an “old” code that now can be found in-game
Added a new code
Bugs and grammar fix:
Fixed Sheila talk
Corrected grammatical errors
House lvup
and more…


Secret Codes:

Crab, Moto, Dance

New ratings/reviews have been disabled for this game thread, due to review manipulation from the developer (read more)





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