[Ren’Py] Coed Conquest [v0.9] [despiteful]


In COED Conquest you play as the university student Chad (Renamable) Gibson! You will begin your journey as a new student attending the world renown university in the center of the capital of education and science, ‘Paradise City’. Not only did you get into the top university, you also qualified for a very special study program!
In the program, instead of studying and taking tests, you will have to build your own business empire from scratch! You will have to start out small, taking low paying part time jobs, until you can afford to take over! Sounds hard? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this endeavor! Every student in the program got a personal secretary that will aid you! And there is also the mysterious girl you met on your first day at campus!

Do you think you can focus on your academic career and build your empire? Don’t underestimate the challenge, it is easy to get distracted in ‘Paradise City’ with almost a quarter of the population of the city being fellow college students! There is always a hot girl just around the corner!

Currently 11 full heroines to conquer!
A ton of side characters you will be able to enjoy in between!

Thread Updated: 2022-05-05
Release Date: 2022-05-05
Developer: despiteful – F95zonePatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Windows
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Oral sex, Prostitution, Sex toys, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Dating sim, Management, Sandbox, School setting, Group sex , Harem, Interracial, Lesbian, Multiple penetration, Teasing, Twins, Female domination


1. Extract and run.


New Scenes added to multiple existing characters!

Added music and sfx to new scenes!

Updated Amanda and Miranda Scenes!

New content:
– New Heroine Tiffany! Meet the new cutie right at Campus!
– Peeping Events at Kate’s Bedroom”
– The Police Officer has now three hidden naughty scenes!
New features:
– Forced Triggers, have stuff happen to you after you enter a main location!
– New Namebox and Custom Colours/Designs (Will be extended over time)
– Discounts at various stores, not much sense to pay full price at your own stores!
– Girls with Dress Sprites will wear them at the Nightclub! (That’s basically just Tiffany…)
Bug Fixes and Changes:
– Various Language and Grammar Updates!
– Haley shouldn’t show up in Uptown anymore!

v0.7.2 and 0.7.1:
– Bugfixes

New content:
– Three New Heroines! Finish ‘Urban Adventures Quest’ after Kate and Jenny Route to unlock them!
– Existing Heroines can show up at new locations related to the new content!
– Kate, Jenny and Abigail got some new outfits depending on their location!
– Theresa Route reworked! Images redone and or additional ones added!
New features:
– ‘Quest complete’ now has a proper Turn in button, you won’t miss that one!
– Various buttons replaced as I switched to affinity designer!
– Kates happy sprite… Is now a tiny bit less happy… Maybe I will bring the crazy one back for something elsein the future!
– The officer is now female and got her own Sprites! Replay her old scenes, or discover her in the new content!
– The Commander got his own Sprites! Replay the cafe story, or play the new content to see him again!
– There is now a quest for the gentlemen lounge! A lot of people missed it were confused on how to unlock the last girl!
– New Features to earn money! The tower will finally be the center of your business empire! Invest in real estate, buy a marketing plan, or gamble on the stock market!
– Items in Shop now indicate if you already are at max capacaty for the item! Number of owned items will be displayed otherwise!
Bug Fixes and Changes:
– Images compressed without much loss, getting us comfortable below 1GB!
– A lot of new language fixes!
– Replay mode should now correctly stay with you after loading!
– Replaced various location renders that didn’t quite fit!
– Text changes to anything related to skill, should now be more clear and less bloaty! (Guys, why didn’t anyone tell me that Malus isn’t really a word before! lol)

New content:
– Haley x Maria Quest! Finish both their routes to unlock!
– Haley route got its naughty scenes redone!
– Haley finally got an end of route selfie quest!
New features:
– Replaymode is here! Watch your favourite naughty scenes as often as you like!
– Satisfaction was reworked! You will be able to Upgrade your character with it! (This is a long term system, don’t grind it out now!)
– The Skill overview now displays the role bonus!
– The stat screen has some additional information for you!
Bug Fixes and Changes:
– Loads of language correction thanks to “Riku Light” who is supporting me with feedback while he plays through the game!
– Fixed multiple bugs where the gentlemen loungue wasn’t working for older saves!
– I updated renpy… Let’s hope this won’t have unintended consequences…

New content:
– Gym is finally here! Get yourself a personal Trainer License and add a Sauna!
– Sophie Route unlocked! The girl really needs a personal trainer to help her out!
– Jenny Route Rework! Every Naughty Scene has additional images, or was completely replaced!
– Three new Naughty Selfie Rewards!
New features:
– First Preparation for the big Satisfaction Update (Notify me if Satisfaction gain causes errors for you!)
– Location based Clothing System, Girls are now able to change clothes based on Location (Implemented for Gym -> Sophie/Jenny)
– New Encounter System implemented and used for the new Route! No more failing if you mess up one Skill check in future Quests! (For the most part


– Added Library Use related reward items!
– Added Library Use book to the bookstore!
Bug Fixes and Changes:
– Retconned the fate of Siegismund and the Van Eitel family! (End of the Tower acquisition Q-Line)

New content:
– Maria Route Is Here! Unlock 7 Scenes with her!
– ‘Cute Enigma’ Mini Event Added! Unlock 7 Extra Scenes!
– Kate Route Scenes Remastered (A lot More Pics per Scene)!
– More Selfie Reward Quests!
– Reworked Abigail Introduction (+ More Remastered Pics)
New features:
– No Resource Mode! Don’t like managing resources? I’ve got you! Enjoy the normal gameplay without worrying about food and stuff!
– You are now able to skip the two scenes involving another male character!
Bug Fixes and Changes:
– Increased points gain for Cheerleader, Library and Lecturehall Events!
– Fixed a bug that prevented the gentlemen lounge from showing up in the workplace tab after starting the acquisition questline!
– Various Language fixes
– Most Images are now webp to reduce the size of the game!

New content:
– The Gentlemen Lounge (Stripclub) can now be upgraded to Level 3! It uses the new upgrade mechanic!
– The Alex route is finally ready!
– Hire three strippers for the Gentlemen Lounge and have loads of fun training them!
– Quest System Implemented! Everything that isn’t mainstory, heroine or business progression will end up here!
– Quest for reaching 100 affection with Kate and Jenny respectively added!
– Quest for completing the jogging event added!
New features:
– You can now rename your MC!
– Foundation for save compatability was implemented (This version will still most likely break your saves)!
– One less click to reach your destination! Clicking the location name in the submapscreen instantly gets you there!
– Items and upgrades can now give you multi rolls! Multi rolls reroll a failed diceroll without failing the encounter!
– Button to quickly hide the Interface added (Hot key ‘h’ also works)!
– Interface got a small upgrade!
– Questlog for Side Quests and Long Time Goals added! These will reward you with great items to easily turn RNG in your favour!
Bug Fixes and Changes:
– Loads of language fixes!
– Denoised some of my older images!
– Various other stuff that you guys told me about! Keep the bug reports coming!

Bug Fixes and Changes:
– Items are more affordable now!
– Stamina and Hunger cost of skills greatly reduced!
– Ability to work at the nightclub is now only activated after obtaining the club!
– fixed a bug where gwyneth and maria show up despite not having content
– fixed a bug where gaming wasn’t upgraded in the full meditation
– fixed a wrong location in the Kate route
– hid debug text in multiple situations
– lowered the difficulty of skill checks in many places of the game
– adjusted wages in all businesses to be in better balance with the weekly earnings

New content:
– The nightclub allows you too get laid, unlock 9 new scenes!
– The cheerleaders are ready for Chad! Unlock 13 new scenes!
– The lecture system was redone! Meet the twin sisters Amanda and Miranda (6 Scenes)
– The library got more interesting, study to earn more scenes (3 Scenes)
– The canteen is finally open and introduces a more fun workplace system! Also 3 more scenes for you guys!
– Jogging got more interesting, can you win the race and earn 3 more scenes?
– The hitting on girls feature was updated with 3 new CG going along with the scenes!
– Window shopping now gives you easy access to satisfaction and two new scenes!
– Added a second voyeur spot!
– Voyeur scenes added for multiple girls according to your game progress!

New features:
– Rollback is Back!! (Text can be rollbacked again!) There are still some restrictions, that maybe can be adapted further, but for general gameplay it should be fine!
– The bonus to skills is now displayed in the skill menu!
– There is now a stat screen, showing you your ressource regeneration and costs!
– With the new point based events comes an overview screen for them!
– There is now an explanation for items in the tutorial! (+ a free item)
– You can sleep in your room to restore stamina!

Developer Notes:

v0.8 UPDATE:
This update brings a full 10 stage heroine route on top off general gameplay improvements! Read the changelog above for details!

v0.7 UPDATE:
It’s been some time!
The new update adds new systems and three new heroines; accordingly, it took way more time than I anticipated it would!
New content is gated behind finishing Kate and Jenny Route!
Next update should bring some additional early content!

v0.6 UPDATE:
Main feature of the update is the ability to replay old content! You have to have progressed the Kate route to unlock it!
Besides that, I remade most renders of Haley’s route, to get them to the same level as new content!
Additionally, the first Patreon voted Event is here! Haley and Maria are going to interact with each other if you got bot their respective routes finished!

v0.5 UPDATE:
Besides adding a new route and slightly retconning the story, this update has a rework of the renders in the Jenny Route!
There is also a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes, the satisfaction update was prepared which will give you something useful todo with the stat starting with 0.6. More complex events and encounters are now possible without having to start over with one failed skillcheck, this will be the direction going forward!

I’m also working hard on a scene replay mode which will also enter the game in 0.6!

v0.4 UPDATE:
Finally, I had the time and patients to finish the Maria Route! Due to the other band members it was a lot more work than i originally intended! Writing and rendering for this update was a great learning experience, especially on how to make better Renders and where to use them.
Going forward there will be a lot more of them per scene, some of them also not in an erotic context to make the story feel more alive!
I also started in the same breath with reworking the old routes.. The amount and quality just aren’t up to my new standard any more and I fear it will drive people away! The process of updating all of the old stuff will take a while.. This update features all new renders for the KATE Route!

The start of the Abigail route was also re-rendered and the scene rewritten once more.. Not risking being fucked by patreon there!
Also PATREON! I finally created an account! Maybe It will make me afford some extra commission work like music and UI elements ect!

v0.3 UPDATE:
The Gentlemen Lounge and the Alex route are finally ready! Additionally I also put in the ground work for save compatibility in future updates!
The new questlog will provide me with the opportunity to give you guys tasks outside of the main heroine and story routes!
The new multi roll items that will greatly turn rng in your Favour! In this update items in the selfie category will have those! Try finishing the Kate and Jenny route to get one of this powerful items!

v0.2 UPDATE:
I’m proudly presenting Version 0.2! Including loads of new non story based events to enhance the core gameplay! I listened to your feedback and greatly decreased the grindiness of the gameplay loop! You won’t have to eat/restore stamina almost everyday and higher starting values in your skills should make your experience leveling them more straight forward!

Welcome to my first game! For about a year I have been working on it, and finally I have something that I feel is worth sharing with you guys!
I’m not an English native speaker, which will most likely become painfully obvious especially in the section of the games dialogue I wrote when I was just starting out! I went over the main dialogues and tried to fix the horrible language that was obvious to me, but I’m sure I missed a lot of the side event and business event text..
To the game itself:
It is a dating sim where you have 4 resources to manage: Money to buy stuff! Hunger and Stamina to make you spend a part of it! And Satisfaction to upgrade your skills!
There is a Cheatmode easily accessible in the ingame phone menu, this will make you succeed in every challenge, and removes every little bit of grind!
Be Aware that this is a Beta, and the game feels a bit too empty in the beginning, since you have only access to two different girls when starting out!
I already have made a development thread were I will share my progress in the future! I also would love to have hear your ideas about content you would like to see in this game!
If you decided to test my game, I would love if you could give me your opinion on the progression speed! Do you get to little affection? Maybe even too much? Does the money you earn feel impactful? Are you always starved for money/or another resource?

NTR Warning/Explanation:

With 0.3 the Stripclub/Brothel were implemented, while it isn’t shown it is implied that the girls do stuff with customers. Besides that, there are two scenes with another male in the game, both not involving a love interest, both skipable with 0.4
I don’t have any plans to put in real NTR content.


* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

















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