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Drop Out Saga is a Visual Novel made with Ren’py. You play as a minor mob leader who wishes to leave the organization you work for because of medical complications affecting your mental health, but you’re only allowed to leave it if all other major leaders vote in your favor, allowing you to leave peacefully. In order to sway your bosses, you’re sent to an education facility undercovered as the Headmaster. There, you’re supposed to gather enough material that can be used to blackmail important politicians and cool off the heat your soon to be former employers are having. Most of the game scenes take place at a fictional private rich young adults’ college. There you find the daughters and sons of every politician, bureaucrat, chief of police or aristocrat in the city.​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-30
Release Date: 2022-07-26
Developer: LazyBloodlines Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: 0.2.5 Alpha
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, School Setting, Superpowers, Corruption, Cheating, Oral Sex, Big Tits, Masturbation, Handjob, Exhibitionism, Drugs, Groping, Male Domination, Sexual Harassment, Voyeurism, Graphic violence, Management


1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Dropout.exe” to start playing.


-Added Blackmail Route for Ashley and Lila
-Added a Scene in the College’s Shower
-Improved some renders’ quality

-Added Lila’s Love Route
-Several typos fixed
-Added a “Hint” system in the Office Menu
-Several Bug Fixes
-Improved some renders’ quality
-Several scenes rewritten

-A few dialogue have been rewritten.
-Improved some renders quality
-Better explanation on what the player should do in order to progress the story. (Hint system not working yet.)
-Mac support.

-Improved some renders quality. See THIS for details.
-Fixed Jake’s name sometimes appearing as Roy
-Player can now change MC’s name
-Better explanation of game mechanics and future plans ingame

-First Release

Developer Notes:

Hello! I’m the developer of Dropout Saga, an adult visual novel with RPG and Management elements.
This game is and will always be free to play, do not accept any paid copies! If you like my work and wishes to support my games, it’s greatly appreciated!

You can find updates, hotfixes and more content on my patreon page. Click HERE.

DropOut Saga will be updated two to four times a month with new content.

Plans for the future:
DropOut Saga is still too early in development. As the game grows, more content will be added, including:

  • Story events. Moving the plot forward.
  • Random events. Depending on your relationship with the girls, different scenes may happen while you walk around college.
  • Character events. As you learn about and get closer to characters.
  • Lewd scenes. As your relationships grow into something more physical.
  • Additional characters. Every now and then new characters may be presented in the story with their variations of interactions.
  • Additional fetish content. There are plenty of tags not yet included in the game because we’re not there yet. Check planned tags to know more about this.
  • New mechanics. Adding more management and RPG mechanics.


  • Thre are a few RPG elements I wish to add into the game. Like corruption and inhibition, which I wish to add to the girls. I’d also like the MC to have a few attributes that increases his chances of sucess during interactions and choices in the game. Like charisma when trying to seduce one of the girls. This is still too early in concept.

What? Why the hell would you ask that? lol.
If you want the MC to have a relationship with one of the girls, you probably won’t share them.

If you simply don’t care, then what the hell?

Every girl is supposed have two routes. Love route, which does not mean MC and the girl will fall madly in love. It’s more about they build a relation based on trust and affection with each other. In contrast you have the blackmail route, which MC relation with the girls will be based on fear or/and dominance.

And for these two routes, you can decide 3 approaches, maybe multiple of them.

  • You can increase your relation with one of the girls, and she’ll be more prone to accept doing things with you. Like having sex with you or leaving her boyfriend for you. (If she has one)
  • You can increase her corruption, which makes her more confortable into doing lewder things. A gangbang scene, for instance. A high relation/low corruption girl would like to be with you only and have a low lust/high passion personality.
  • You can decrease her inhibition, which increases probability of doing lewd scenes in public. It would be possible to find Low relation/high corruption/low inhibition girls in sexual intercourse during classes in the bathroom stall, with one or many partners, for instance.

For now, there are 6 girls in the game.

View attachment 1924135

Asuna is a 5’0ft tall girl. She’s more of a teasing type of girl and finds the MC attractive. She likes to tease with no intent to move things forward. She’s single, but not a virgin.

View attachment 1924132

Ash is a punk-rock girl who gets cheated on, and feels safe when the MC keeps this as a secret. She sees the MC as an authority figure and wishes to get revenge on her boyfriend. Slowly she’s building up feelings for the MC. She’s a virgin dispite having a boyfriend.

View attachment 1924133

Lila is a blonde, blue-eyed girl. She’s the mayor’s daughter and the first girl the MC gets to meet.

View attachment 1924143

Jasmin is a pretty tall girl and Julie’s sister. MC catches her with Ashley’s boyfriend and uses this to get closer to her.

View attachment 1924134

Julie’s the youngest of them all and Jasmin’s sister. She respects and fears the MC, being he tall, muscular and an authority. She’s single and a complete virgin. She hasn’t even given her first kiss yet.

My deepest thanks for being interested in my game!

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