[Ren’Py] Escort Agency 2 [v0.15] [Firenzo]



You are a young man (25 years old), who has decided to transform the hotel that your father left you in disastrous conditions, into an Escort Agency, will you succeed?
You have 11 playable periods for each day, a smartphone with 14 ringtones to choose from, 13 fully functional icons including the ability to change the name and relationship of the main characters.​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-15
Release Date: 2022-07-15
Developer: Firenzo PatreonDiscordF95zone
Censored: No
Version: 0.15
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Game: My Normal FamilyNephilim

3DCG, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, footjob, threesome, handjob, pissing, male protagonist, harem, interracial, masturbation, milf, oralsex, romance, spanking, teasing, titfuck, vaginalsex, voyeurism, bdsm, cheating, female domination, incest, sandbox, sextoys.


1. Extract and run.


New escort Kelly
Bridget becomes your sex toys
Kate becomes sex toys.
90 New videos
1615 total sex videos in the whole game.

New Escort girl Diana
New improvement Gym
New Yoga instructor Kate
Sex on the beach with Janet
Threesome Bridget/Mary
93 new videos
1525 total videos.

New Audi car for Vicky (Aunt)
Trip with Chris to Niagara Falls
Vicky and Chris becomes SexToys
Threesome Betty/Wendy
113 new videos
1432 total videos in the wole game.

2 new escorts, Zoe from music shop and Grace from Audi Car Store.
88 new videos
New improvement Swimming Pool with webcam.
New Audi car bought by MC for Emily.
Emily and Betty becomes your SexToys.
1319 total videos in the whole game.

New escort Jenny (from Mall/Bar)
70 new videos
New Hotel improvement garage
New Map/Audicar dealer
New Ferrari bought by MC
New Audi car bought by MC for Susy
1231 total videos in the whole game.

New escort Ann (from flowers store)
60 new videos
1161 total videos in the whole game.

From this version on the game will no more suggest you what to do, so you’re free to go around finding what to do by yourself.
There’s a new icon on your phone called S.O.S. This icon will be your help in game from now on. Choose your female mentor and ask her what to do.
New escort Cindy (from Supermarket).
New gorgeous maid Betty.
New Improvement Self Service.
141 new videos this version.
1101 total videos in the whole game.

New character Nina become your new escort.
10 new sex scenes (129 new videos)

New character Amy, Mary(Perfume shop) become your new escort.
Improved Infirmary.
10 new sex scenes (146 new videos)
With this version I have changed the introduction and the Change Name System.

New characters Agnes, Huang Hou and Valery(from sexshop)
Agnes, Valery and Rosy become your escort.
Improvement indoor park enabled.
13 new sex scenes (149 new videos)
As usual end version saves and scores are included (First Label)

Bonita and Molly come work for you.
First real sex with Chris/Mom
Improvement Massage room enabled.
15 new sex scenes (151 new videos)
As usual end version saves and scores are included (First Label)

Wendy becomes your SexToys, from Gallery/Video you can dress/undress her.
11 new sex scenes (138 new videos)
Total 4 versions videos 385


11 new sex scenes (85 new videos)
Total 3 versions videos 247

1. Since I can’t know at what time of the day you saved, every time you start a new version from your save, please skip a day.
You don’t need to follow this walkthrough anymore, stars or character mini icon will guide you as a mod.
If something doesn’t work it means that your save is corrupted so please use the save that I provide with the game (first folder) at the end of each version or start the game from scratch.
2. Shower
3. Morning, You can continue giving money to Mom in dining room until Mom Love 50, after which Mom’s icon will disappear. If Mom’s icon is not there skip time once.
4. Late Morning, Visit Bridget (Hotel)
5. Noon Outside/solarium meet Kate (sex scene) 9 videos
6. Early Afternoon, Outside/Sauna meet Janet (Sex scene) 15 videos
7. Afternoon Emily call you.
8. Late Afternoon, go Livingroom, speak with Mom.
9. Evening, Zia/Livingroom (Sex scene) 4 videos
10. Late Evening, skip time
11. night get a call from Lucy
12. Late Night go Hotel/Wendy room (Sex Scene) 7 videos
Next Day
13. Shower get mom visit (sex scene) 4 videos
14. Morning, Mom money or skip time.
15. Late Morning, Emily room (sex scene).9 videos
16. Noon, Frank house, Gayla (sex scene).6 videos
17. Early Afternoon, skip time twice.
18. Late Afternoon, Mom/Living room.
19. Evening Sex shop, buy porn-dvd, go to Aunt house (Sex scene). 11 videos
20. Home, skip time once
21. Night, Get a call from Red Moon
22. Late night, get a call from mom. (sex scene) 4 videos
Next Day
23. Buy room for Lucy.
24. Morning, Mom money or skip time.
25. Late Morning, have breakfast with Janet (sex scene) 7 videos
26. Noon, go sex shop. buy a whip for Red Moon.
27. Home, skip time till night.
28. Night go Night Club, give whip to Red Moon. (Sex scene) 9 videos
29. Sleep.
Next day
30. Shower
31. Save game, end version 0.3


Some events are chained not with the day number but with the time day. Follow this path.
1. Shower
2. Visit Emily (Morning/Hotel)
3. Chat with Janet (Late Morning/Dining)
4. Get a call from Bridget (Noon/Your room)
Next day
5. Shower
6. Have breakfast with Mom (Morning/Dining)
7. Get a call from Emily (Late Morning/Your room)
8. Chat with Kate (Noon/Dining)
9. Visit Janet room (Early Afternoon)
10. Visit Kate room (Afternoon)
11. Go Outside/Gym (Late Afternoon) (Sex scene 8 videos)
12. Get a call from Kate (Evening/your room)
13. Visit Mom room (Night) (Sex scene 4 videos)
14. Map/Night Club Talk to Frank (Late Night)
15. Talk to Red Moon
16. Get a night visit from Kate (sex scene 9 videos)
Next Day
17. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
18. Go Sex Shop, buy what Red Moon ask you.(Rope)
19. Go Vicky house. (Skip time to Noon/Terri room) (Sex scene 11 videos)
20. Vicky house. (Early afternoon/Pool) (Sex scene 17 videos)
21. Map/Supercar (Afternoon/Information) (Sex scene 4 videos)
22. Go home, pass time till Late Evening.
23. Livingroom (Mom tv) (Sex scene 1 video)
24. Night Club (Night/Give Rope to Red Moon)
25. Visit Wendy (Late Night/Hotel) (Sex scene 6 videos)
Next Day
26. Shower
27. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
28. Visit Emily (Late Morning/Hotel) (Sex scene 7 videos)
29. Go Sex Shop, buy what Red Moon ask you.(Handcuff)
30. Go Mall (Supermarket/Buy Wine)
31. Home, pass time till Night.
32. Night Club (Night time/Give handcuff to Red Moon)
33. Visit Mom room (Late Night) (Sex scene 4 videos)
Next day
34. Shower
35. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
36. Go Sex Shop, buy what Red Moon ask you.(Whip)
37. Pass time till night.
38. Night Club (Night time/Give Whip to Red Moon)
Next day
39. Shower
40. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
41. Go Sex Shop, buy what Red Moon ask you.(Whip)
42. Pass time till night.
43. Night Club (Night time/Give Whip to Red Moon)
Next day
44. Shower
45. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
46. Go Sex Shop, buy what Red Moon ask you.(leather handcuffs)
47. Pass time till night.
48. Night Club (Night time/Give leather handcuffs to Red Moon)
Next day
49. Shower
50. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
51. Go Sex Shop, buy what Red Moon ask you.(dildo)
52. Pass time till night.
53. Night Club (Night time/Give dildo to Red Moon)
54. Go home, get a call from Redmoon.
Next Day
55. Shower
56. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
57. Call Bridget (Sex scene 5 videos)
Next Day
58. Buy room for Bridget
59. Shower
60. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
61. Skip day.
Next Day
62. Shower
63. Give Mom money (Morning/Dining, Optional)
64. Save game. End version 0.2

Changelog 0.1
Day 1
1. Every Early morning spy all the 3 home girls till their mini icon disappear.
3. Get Mom contact phone (Morning/Dining)
4. Get Janet contact phone (Late morning/dining)
5. Get Kate contact phone (Noon/Dining)
6. Go park to increase Agi (Early Afternoon/Park)
7. Go Mall, buy gun (Afternoon/Mall/Weapon store)
8. Chat to weapon store girl (Emily)
9. Buy herbs for Emily (Late afternoon/Herbs store)
10. Give herb to Emily, get her phone number.
11 Chat with one, your choice, of the Mall girls. Buy the gift they ask for and bring it to them to get them phone number.
12. Night, the mall close. Go home.
13. Skip day sleep.
Next day
14. Early morning, continue spy your girls. (If you fail increase agi at park)
15. Visit Susy (Morning/Hotel/Susy room)
16. Go park, increase agi.
17. Go mall to chat whit girls and give them gift.
18. Night, the mall close.
19. Go Night club, save frank to being robbed.
20. Go home sleep.
Next day
21. Early morning, continue spy your girls.
22. Get a call from Susy (Morning)
23. Go park, increase agi.
24. Go Frank house, have sex with Gayla, get $10000 from Frank.
25. Go mall to chat whit girls and give them gift till you get all their contact phone.
26. Night, the mall close. Go home. Sleep.
Next day
27. Early morning, continue spy your girls.
28. Go park, increase agi, continue all days till your agi is 100.
29. Call Emily, invite to restaurant (sex scene)
Next day
30. Buy room for Emily.
31. Early morning, continue spy your girls.
32. Park increase agi.
32. Go mall continue chat with girls.
33. Night, go home increase time
34. Late night go Hotel/Wendy (Sex scene)
Next day
35. Early morning, continue spy your girls.
36. Park increase agi.
37. Go mall continue chat with girls.
38. Go home sleep.
Next day
39. Early morning, continue spy your girls.
40. Park increase agi.
41. Go mall continue chat with girls. (you should have all the contacts today)
42. Go Supercar Dealer/Information, meet Bonita (sex scene)
43. Go home, skip time till Late night.
44. Late Night, Go Hotel/Wendy (Sex scene)
Next day
45. Early morning, continue spy your girls.
46. Morning, go Hotel/Susy room (Sex scene)
47. Now you have to complete all home girls spying, when you have 100 agi you will no more fail spying, so skip days, spy girls at Early morning, go park to increase agi if you need.
48.When you are done spying on all 3 women in your house, Mom sends you a text message.
49. Automatically you’ll meet Vichy and Terry.
50. Automatically you’ll see some sex scene with Terry and vicky.
51. Your home save game end version 0.1

Developer Notes:

This is a sandbox game, this means you can go anywhere you want in the various rooms or maps but if you want to progress your score, FROM YOUR ROOM, follow the mini character icons or the stars on the maps.
When you no longer have mini icons to follow it means the version is finished.
Each version I will provide you a end version save and the correct score status to achieve.
Please don’t use the console, the whole hint system (stars and character minicons) will be compromised. You don’t need more money than the game gives you and you can’t buy what is not implemented yet.

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