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Hello this is HelotGames.
I am a single person dedicated to creating adult games.
Examination Day is my only current title, and it is only in early access right now.

The story:
One day you get a call from the school’s headmaster who explains that because of a recent economical crisis, the school has to keep as many students from graduating as possible. Therefore he instructs you to “distract” the girls taking their examination (by various means). In the beginning the girls will be very scared of you, and not be very corrupt, however over time, as you keep them from graduating, they will get more and more used to being “distracted“. This has it’s positives and negatives. In the game you have a bunch of choices when it comes to “distraction“, one of those being literally to steal the panties of the girls. Anyway, good luck Head Teacher.

About Examination Day:
Examination Day is a sandbox/corruption/school game, where you play as the Head Teacher of an only-girls high school. The game is heavily inspired by some other games which I definitely recommend checking out!:
The headmaster
Professional School
As the game is in very early access at the time being, the game can be considered a demo. There is not a lot of content yet, however, I already have a bunch of ideas for game mechanics that can/will be implemented in the future.
That being said, I am only one person who has to take care of private stuff as well, meaning that updates on the game may vary from time to time, however, I aim to release a new update every three weeks if possible until I consider the game done.

Thread Updated: 2022-05-10
Release Date: 2022-05-09
Developer: HelotGames Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Corruption, Creampie, Groping, Humiliation, Male domination, Male protagonist, Management, Pov, Rape, Real porn, School setting, Sexual harassment, Simulator, Spanking, Strategy, Teasing, Text based, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex


1. Extract and run.


v0.1.3 Demo:

  • Reputation system for the player.
  • A weekly PTA meeting where the player can unlock new rules on fridays.
  • Various clothing rules.
  • Various underwear rules.
  • Average corruption of whole class display.
  • Average inhibition of whole class display.
  • A small window before the exam start, where the player can see which girl is obeying rules and who is not. (Displays after first rule is set.)
  • Choices for punishing disobeying girls before the exam starts.
  • Choices for rewarding obeying girls before the exam starts.
  • A small variety of displaying gifs when the player rewards/punishes girls before the exam.
  • Losing condition if the player reaches 0 reputation.
  • Choice at the start of the game for another amount of starting girls.
  • The options tease asshole and tease clit when a girl wears a micro skirt.


  • The logic of which girls are gonna attend the exam. After all the girls have been up, the list of the girls will randomize, so it is not the same girls everytime.
  • Tutorial to explain a bit about the PTA meeting and the reputation.
  • Tutorial to explain that the less clothes a girl has on, the more powerful options the player will have.
  • A quick mention about reputation in the introduction text.


  • Finally fixed textual descriptions for when girls are alone in the classroom (They will not worry about their fellow classmates seeing them while being alone)
  • Finally fixed CTRL glitch, which should no longer reset the game under any circumstances.
  • Fixed textual descriptions for sex addicts; addicts will no longer be unhappy about sexual options.
  • Crash when a player reaches 33 panties in their pantystash. It should instead now explain that the stash is full, and therefore the player cannot take the panties with them.


  • Redundant Zip-files which were not used, and only caused the game to unnecessarily be bigger in size.

v0.1.3.1 Demo:

  • The possibility of praising students who potentially are not wearing the correct set of underwear.


  • Distraction description sometimes being lower than they are supposed to
  • Pantystash soft-breaking in 0.1.3
  • Spanking punishment of disobeying students (Clothing and underwear rules)
  • Game crashing when selecting slutty underwear rule


  • Huge thanks to Marc0815 from Patreon for discovering these bugs and reporting them to me. The game was initially undertested, which had its issues, but Marc really helped fixing these!

v0.1.2 Demo:

  • Faces for the girls on the exam screen (Huge thanks to Ninoss, check out his mod, WTM)
  • Differences in girl’s bodies, so now girl can have a set of different kinds of bodyparts when stripped (Huge thanks to Ninoss, check out his mod, WTM)
  • Visuals regarding HP, answer progress and correct answers (Huge thanks to Ninoss, check out his mod, WTM)
  • Visuals regarding how many girls are left in the class (Huge thanks to Ninoss, check out his mod, WTM)
  • Visual chances for pulling down girl’s clothes.
  • Preparation stat for the girls. The girls now get more prepared for the exam each time they retake it.
  • Sex addict mechanic. The girls can now become addicted to sex after their corruption reaches a certain threshold. Sex addicts do are not able to complete the exam.
  • Events for sex addicts in the class, raising their own as well as the other girls’ arousal.
  • Different levels for sex addicts, the higher their level, the more addicted they are.
  • A wincondition if the player reaches 15 sex addicts.
  • A “Do nothing” button if the player wants to not do anything on a turn of the exam.
  • Creampie effect, which now damages girls a lot!


  • Difficulty logic. Now changes the amount of questions the girl has to get right, rather than the amount of rounds the exam consists of.
  • Random stat changes to only affect girls who just attended the exam rather than all girls in the class.
  • The overall rounds to 15 from 12 and correct answers from 5 to 5, 6 and 7, depending on the difficulty.
  • Capped the amount of girls in class to 20 from otherwise endless.
  • More things to be dependant on difficulty, making easy mode easier, hard mode harder and normal stay roughly the same in terms of difficulty
  • Number of starting girls to 10
  • Max hp to grow with a random amount instead of 50.
  • Girls cuming takes a percentage based damage of their max hp instead of flat 75, making it a bit better for the player in the late game


  • Balanced the chances of pulling down clothes on a girl to be more in favor of the player overall.
  • CTRL glitch from crashing the game – now skips text as intended in most cases.
  • Information about whose panties are taken after the exam is done.
  • Intelligence from endlessly growing. Will now change a little bit over time, but generally only increase if it’s low to begin with.
  • Player being able to pull up a dress while the girl has something on, covering the dress.
  • Player being able to give a girl without panties on a wedgie.

Known issues:

  • In some cases, CTRL might still close the game, if the player attempts to skip when there is no text to skip. If anyone knows how to fix this, please contact me :)
  • Sex addicts does sometimes not like to be fucked. This is only a textual description error, and behind that they do actually enjoy it. Will be fixed in the next patch.

v0.1.1 Demo:

  • Tutorial, explaining the basic important stats and numbers.
  • Difficulty setting. Players can now choose between easy, normal and hard.
  • Different text colors, dictating the severity of a stat.
  • Stat overviews for the girls, which can be accessed by clicking on their name during the exam.
  • Setting screen which can be accessed during evenings.
  • Skip intro option, allowing players to skip the intro if they wish.
  • Information setting displaying girl’s stats as numbers instead of text if the player wishes.
  • Visuals for exactly how the different attacks on the girls affect them (which types of damage they deal).
  • Patreon screen for specific patrons.


  • General text size in the game.
  • The answering questions logic to a percent based logic instead.
  • The wording “Start fucking” to “Fuck” for better understanding.
  • round variable to examRound


  • Humiliation texts when the girl is the only one left.
  • Randomness when a girl dresses up for the exam. It is now much less likely that a girl will dress up slutty while having low inhibition.
  • Randomness during answering questions. Answering questions is now much more dependent on intelligence and distraction, rather than randomness.
  • Overall balancing of stats, seems to be more forgiving to the player on both easy and normal mode.
  • girls answering questions while orgasming. A girl can now no longer progress on the exam while she is having an orgasm.
  • Some reported crashes
  • Some minor bugs and inconsistencies

v0.1 Demo:
Proof of concept is done and game should be fully functional without gamebreaking bugs.

Developer Notes:

Please note that this game is still a demo and that it is in extremely early access. I will do my best to improve the game over time, but as I hope you all agree on, private life and private matters comes first. I will try my best to release a new update around every 3 or 4 weeks. No promises though.


WTM (Way Too Modded version):
Ninoss has created a mod for my game! This mod includes way more content, and some visuals. I really recommend checking it out here

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