[Ren’Py] Fantasy Inn [v0.1.6] [Outbreak Inn]



Welcome to Fantasy Inn. In this management RPG you need to help magical waifus to improve your relationships with them. Fight monsters (sexy and not), find treasures and expand your domain! Please note that fighting and management is still in development and will be drastically changed within next updates! Girls roster for now: Chandra, the dragon lady. Mia, the little fairy. Raven, the Vampire lady. June, the waitress. And Sasha, the barbarian!
New girls and quests on their way!​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-01
Release Date: 2022-07-01
Developer: Outbreak Inn PatreonDiscord ServerF95zoneTwitterLinktrItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Waifu Outbreak

2dcg, adventure, ahegao, big tits, character creation, combat, fantasy, harem, interracial, male protagonist, management, monster girl, loli, rpg, Mobile Game, Sandbox, Nudity, teasing, PoV, Humor, creampie, female domination, turn based combat


1. Extract and run.


So here’s what’s new:
– A new scene with a waitress and a start of a bigger quest line.
– More changes to balance (please give us feedback if you play the release)
– Changed shop prices and items

– Changed character stats system
– Added leveling, skill points and experience
You can spend those to improve your stamina, hp, attack or def.
– Rebalancing includes: enemy stats, looting chance and loot overall.

– new quests for Sasha;
– a new scene with her;
– more minor improvements.

– A new vampire lady scene;
– More fixes.

– A new elimination quest from vampire lady;
– Her new lewd scene;
– Minor fixes of our previous mistakes.

– refurbished the fighting system yet again:
skill system (will improve it more later)
fighting is more jrpg-like
stamina is consumed by skills only
defense and simple attacks don’t require stamina
after depleting stamina the MC doesn’t escape the fight
balance improved;
– added a new waifu:
barbarian trainer with her little side-story
She can now train you to gain some strength. Look for a little meadow near the Inn on the map;
– some fixes and improvements here and there, including graphics and coding.
New waitress June quest
New June scene too
Added another room to the Inn management
Minor fighting balance changes
Graphics fixes
Code fixes

Developer Notes:

“Hi, as some of you may know last few months were a shitstorm for our little development team! But we’re back on track (kinda) and we’re working on more updates. The artist is drawing nudes, the coder is coding shit and me is writing and all the other stuff too! Thanks everyone for your patience again, we value you as a family.”

Updated to 0.1.4
Thank you for your patience! We’ve managed to add a new scene. Still working on some other aspects though.

Updated to 0.1.3
The next update will include another vampire lady scene and hopefully some character creation changes. Hang tight!

Fantasy Inn 0.1.2 is finally here!
Sorry for the long wait. I think the next update will be there sooner.
The next update will include a next part of the vampire root, so don’t go anywhere!

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