[Ren’Py] Gem Domination [v0.2.3 hotfix] [Team Gem Buster]



As time goes by, Steven realizes the future isn’t what he’d have liked it to be. After traveling around the world, he finds two mysterious gems who promise him another chance, alongside a new mysterious gem power never heard of before. It is up to Steven to decide what to do with his power and rewrite his own story, for better or worse.​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-19
Release Date: 2022-04-19
Developer: ElFatGato Pixiv Patreon SubscribeStarItch.Io / AmazonessKing DiscordPatreonSubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.3 hotfix
OS: Windows , Linux , Mac
Language: English

Male Protagonist, 2DCG, Trainer Game, Dating Sim, Multiple Routes, Oral Sex, Teasing, Male Domination, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Corruption, Harem, Big Ass, Parody



  • Fixed Garnet bush problem when attempting to enter the accessories tab
  • Fixed Garnet not following you under the right conditions
  • Fixed Connie missing from the education center to progress
  • Fixed an error when revisiting chillgirl’s second scene
  • Fixed some errors when replaying scenes on Rose’s TV
  • Fixed some phone menu errors in the location tab and the tasks
  • Fixed Lapis progression where you are asked right away to follow her in corruption
  • Fixed a problem when accessing the OC’s wardrobe
  • Fixed some Rose’s Room wardrobe problems
  • Fixed a lot of grammar mistakes
  • Added a secret guest in the gloryhole


  • Talking with Amethyst past a certain point leads to a crash (Fixed)
  • Talking with Buck gives an error (Fixed)
  • Trying to go on a mission with only one team member gives an error (Fixed)
  • Can’t open the task menu after getting the Ube Donut from Jenny (Fixed)
  • Several grammar mistakes and typos


  • General:
    • 10 new scenes
    • 15 new characters
    • 19 new areas
    • Added Replay system
    • Added Revisit system
    • Added Wardrobe system
    • Added Missions and Level system
    • Added Quest system
    • Added Shop and Inventory system
    • Several small changes and improvements
  • Scenes:
    • 2 new scenes for Amethyst
    • 2 new scenes for Garnet
    • 2 new scenes for Pearl
    • 1 new scene for Titanite
    • 1 new scene for Angelite
  • Characters:
    • Added Connie
    • Added Priyanka
    • Added Pizza Sisters
    • Added Buck and Sourcream, the cool kids
    • Added Greg
    • Added Rose
    • Added 4 female students NPCs
      • Cool Girl
      • Chill Girl
      • Dark Girl
      • Stoner Girl
    • Added 4 male students NPCs
      • Cool Guy
      • Chill Guy
      • Dark Guy
      • Stoner Guy
  • Areas:
    • Gem rooms
      • Burning room
      • Pearl’s room
      • Amethyst’s room
      • Pink room
    • Warp pad locations
      • Temple’s Hand (Laundry)
      • Pearl’s Arena
      • Mask Island
        • Warp Pad
        • Camp
        • Cliff
        • Beach
    • Education Center
      • Front
      • Hall
      • Bathroom
    • Boardwalk
      • Fish Stew Pizza
      • Boardwalk Fries
    • Park
      • Park
      • Bathroom
  • Replay system:
    • You can revisit the scenes you played as if it was the first time.
    • Future additions will include being able to change whatever outfit you want
    • Revisit system:
    • You can also go and repeat the scene with new dialogue based on your progression, and it will be affected by the current clothes of the gems
  • Wardrobe system:
    • Even when you can’t change the gem’s outfit permanently (yet), you can change their outfit temporarily.
  • Missions and Level system:
    • Level up your gems and unlock new scenes!
  • Quest system:
    • Receive quests to advance the plot! With items and everything
  • Shop and Inventory system
    • New and improved system. Be careful, bought items have no use yet!

Demo v0.1
Initial release

Developer Notes:

ElFatGato in collaboration with AmazonessKing bring you Gem Domination, a “What if” Steven Universe game set after the ending of Steven Universe Future. The basic premise is “You can’t fix everything with a hug”. Steven Universe is not a perfect show by any means, which is why we want to retell it our own way, with sex involved, of course, as God probably intends it. The game features the following:

  • Free-roaming in the Universe’s (pun intended) setting, including iconic locations from the show.
  • All the female characters featured in the show will have at least 1 sex scene and involvement in the main plot.
  • Dating/Training system for the main characters.
  • Mini-game to earn currency and trust among the gems.

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