[Ren’Py] Greener Pastures [v0.12] [arcaos]



In a world where cute monster girls are the norm, who wouldn’t want to get out and enjoy the scenery? Unfortunately, a tragic event has left the main character alone with his family farm and a pile of bills to pay off. But when the sinister organization Fornication Under Careful Control (F.U.C.C.) begins quarantining all monster girls for supposedly lewd behavior, his farm becomes the perfect hiding spot for these girls on the run. Can you keep the farm in working order while also sheltering these girls? Will you get into wacky hijinks with your new living companions? Will any of them end up pregnant?​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-14
Release Date: 2022-06-14
Developer: arcaos PatreonItch.ioDiscordSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Lesbian, Monster Girl, Handjob, Lactation, Harem, Sandbox, Humor, Female Domination, Milf, Oral Sex, Teasing, Big Tits, Corruption, Titfuck, Groping, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Urination, Virgin, Voyeurism, Mobile Game, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Pregnancy, Male Domination, Spanking, Group Sex, Footjob


1. Extract and run.


Things got a little serious back there, but it’s back to fun for a bit. Ariana has expanded Terri’s Bunker-Nursery to include an emergency BDSM Room. Every girl with scenes gets a pregnant and non-pregnant event when they’re lewd enough. Here are the girls who get BDSM events in this patch, the remaining four will be in v0.13:

-Lily and Serena can now become pregnant.
-5 Serena Scenes
-4 Lily Scenes
-2 Sophia scenes, including her wakeup event with Serena
-In case you missed the bugfix patch v0.11.1, Headpats have been added to the game
-Lily has some results of her semen research to share
-One new daydream
-And definitely nothing else…

QOL Changes:
-In case you missed the bugfix patch v0.11.1, icons have been added to the status menu to show who’s in the bathroom, who’s pregnant, and how many times they’ve had their head patted
-Misc bug/grammar fixes


The long awaited and most anticipated feature is now in the game: Head pats.
-Added a head pat option for any collared girl
-Updated the status menu to indicate if a girl is pregnant, in the bathroom, and how many times you’ve patted their head
-Added a bug fix for the rare instance of a soft lock. The affected files will get rolled back a few scenes to ensure things happen in the correct order. The game will remember your kids.


A boring person might call this the “Threesome update.” I prefer to call it the Monster-Girl Mash.
-4 Ariana Scenes (She can now become pregnant)
-4 Milibelle Scenes (She can now become pregnant)
-3 Sophia Scenes (our little girl is growing up :’) )
-The girls are all planning a dinner for you! (2 Scenes)
-Additional security scenes
-One tiny story moment if several girls aren’t pregnant

QOL Changes:
-Fixed a scaling issue with some animations, they now have more in frame
-Fixed an issue where rollbacks could lock players out of some scenes. In order to fix this, some scenes from v0.10 will replay once in legacy files.
-Added a scroll bar to the security footage screen
-Did some work to reduce file size
-Misc bug/grammar fixes


Hoe hoe hoe! There are some monster girls getting their stockings stuffed in this release. Fall asleep and give the girls a white (and sticky) Christmas. (Yes, this bit is a little late.)
-3 Sophia Scenes
-Lily, Milibelle, Penny, and Ariana will now wake you up. They pair off in two fun scenes.
-3 Penny scene (She can finally become pregnant)
-1 Pregnancy filled Christmas special
-Terri has been catching some naughty things on her security cameras. If you progress enough story content, she’ll share various scenes with you.
-Added a system to the bunker where you’ll run into a girl checking on her kids, if she’s had any.
-Some new items have been added to the store to accommodate new quests
-And definitely nothing else.
QOL Changes:
-Many render replacements for the old MC model
-Added a notification system to let you know if you’ve unlocked a new Sabrina Sparklez video
-Fixed a rare issue where duo wakeups could be triggered despite one of them being pregnant
-Fixed an issue where you could chat with pregnant versions of characters who weren’t actually pregnant
-Fixed a lock causes by disabling pregnancies
-Fixed some very grainy gallery images
-Fixed a few incorrect gallery scenes
-Fixed an issue where a missing shovel was not missing
-Misc grammar/bug fixes


Uh oh, there’s a pregnancy outbreak on the farm! Why weren’t you using birth control? All girls who get pregnant will receive pregnant variations of their repeat scenes and wakeup events. (if you opt in to pregnancy content)
-3 Lily Scenes (Collar)
-1 Penny scene
-1 Ariana scene
-3 Tabitha Scenes. She can now become pregnant
-3 Terri Scenes. She can now become pregnant
-1 Scene to introduce the nursery
-1 minor story scene
-Sabrina Sparklez has also released a very special video, don’t miss it! (You’ll need to have seen the others)
-Girls that become pregnant have scenes to introduce their pregnancy and childbirth.
-When you have kids, you can visit them as daydream scenes. Added additional buttons if you want to be a good father.
-Added a heat suppressant toggle for each girl who’s at their final lewd stage in case you want to avoid them constantly asking to get knocked up.

QOL Changes
-Fixed an incorrect frame in one of Penny’s scenes
-Fixed a few bugs related to selfie points.
-Misc Bug Fixes


Is this a farm or a frat party because these collars are poppin! Three girls are acquiring this coveted symbol in the release, and there’s a lot of repeat content to go with it!
-3 Penny Scenes (Collar)
-4 Serena Scenes (Collar)
-1 Milibelle Scene
-2 Lily Scenes
-3 Ariana Scenes (Collar; She has a bit of foot content for her repeat events related to her usual domination-based fetishes)

QOL Changes:
-Updated the hint system to clarify when an event is being gated until the following day.
-Fixed an issue where some legacy saves got locked with Serena progress
-Fixed an issue where a certain plot event wasn’t affecting Sophia’s appearance when you walk in on her naked
-Clarified a hint around Milibelle’s quest for tofu
-Fixed one selfie not unlocking in the gallery
-Fixed Terri’s skinship events not awarding horny points
-Added an asterisk to indicate new repeat scenes for girls
-Added a button so you can join my lovely Discord


-Removed the puppy twins porno per Patreon
-Updated the exit splash
-Updated Terri’s collared sprites to better fit her outfit progression
-Misc bug/grammar fixes


Things are getting hot on the farm, no wonder everyone’s outfits are getting so skimpy! And yet, a chill runs up your spine? Could some terrifying monster girls be stalking you this Halloween?

-2 Serena Scenes (It’s time for her dinner date)
-3 Lily Scenes (She’s gone up a corruption level)
-3 Sophia Scenes (So has she)
-3 Milibelle Scenes (she now has a collar)
-The MC has also been getting spooky dreams lately. Dunno what’s up with that.
-Players with Pregnancy Enabled are in for a very special Daydream. 4 other daydreams scenes added as well.

QOL Changes:
-Fixed an issue where players could skip one of Terri’s scenes if they had a collar ready for her. It will now be unlocked in their gallery if they performed this sequence-break.
-Sophia and Lily’s “Walk in on nudity” wasn’t available last release. It has been enabled.
-Expanded the lewd noise library. Every scene has been tweaked to include a wider variety of noises for the main girls.
-More replacements for earlier renders with the old MC model.
-Added hearts to H scenes to enhance the text
-Misc Bug fixes. A commonly reported one was several girls having inaccessible chat lines.


Dinner events for everyone! Well, three girls. Yes Penny fans, it’s finally time for our little bunny girl to get it in.
-2 Terri Scenes (She’s now also gone to level 3 corruption, you know the drill…)
-2 Ariana Scenes
-2 Milibelle Scenes
-2 Penny Scenes
-4 Lily Scenes
-4 Sophia Scenes
-1 Tabitha Scene
-After a small wait, Sabrina Sparklez has released a new video! (Only available if Tabitha has her collar)
-The selfie feature has been implemented. Collared girls now have horny points that you earn from repeat events and story events. They’ll send a selfie every 3 points, up to 12.
-You’ve begun daydreaming about knocking the girls up, how strange….

***I am including dialogue choices for the player to let them roleplay how submissive towards Ariana they want to be. This won’t affect the sex scenes, the decisions have no long term effects, and as always the more “hardcore” femdom will be found in her repeat scenes. The choices are there for the players who don’t want their character to feel overly submissive to her.

QOL Changes:
-Added scroll bars to room menus to accommodate the increasing quantity of options
-Increased the size of the skinship buttons
-More bug fixes around the hint system
-Fixes to the Pet Name System


Thank you all for giving this game a shot! I know the graphics aren’t top notch but I’m glad the characters have drawn you in. And now that I have so many more players, many more bugs have been found…
-Fixed a soft lock that can occur in Terri’s bunker quest
-Fixed an issue where Ariana and Lily would break into your home and use your bathroom before you invite them into the house
-Added a “Quantity Owned” interface to items that you can buy multiples of
-Fixed a some incorrect gallery labels. Sophia’s gallery was missing a joke!!! Outrageous! 0/10, would not recommend
-Fixed some issues with events not unlocking gallery scenes. Players that had previously unlocked some scenes should see them now.
-Fixed an issue where the chat sprites had a black edge in the compressed versions
-Added a set of chat sprites for when you change a girl’s titles
-Added a new opening movie
-Fixed an issue where you could ask for repeat blowjobs from Lily before getting your first one
-Added a transparency slider to the text window
-Fixed an issue where clicking on a not yet unlocked room would hide the navigation interface
-The girls will no longer strip naked immediately after an activity with them, despite you still being in the room
-Added the fetish variables to the preferences so you can toggle them before viewing gallery scenes
-Added sprites to the gallery to indicate which scenes are locked due to a specific fetish
-Fixed an issue where using the advance time button while in the store would hide the navigation screen
-Misc text edits/UI tweaks


Alright, we’ve drawn our full house so let’s play!
-Sophia and Lily each get 4 scenes for their intro sequences, as well as introductory repeat scenes.
-Serena gets 5 scenes and a new outfit, repeat scenes, etc.
-Terri gets 4 scenes
-Tabitha gets 1 scene
-She is now at the 3rd level of corruption, so enjoy her new tier of repeat scenes (Four repeat scenes, plus a bathroom update).
-As part of her newfound depravity closeness to you, she’ll let you assign a new title to call you by and you can give her a pet name.
-Added a new skinship system! Go to the living room during each time period and a random assortment of girls will be available to engage with. Their actions depend on story progress. If the girl is lewd enough, she’ll invite you back to her room for a remix of her repeat events.
-6 new daydream events (One is only available if pregnancy is enabled)

QOL Changes:
-More replacements to old MC renders (One of these is a new animation for Milibelle’s first milking)
-Greatly improved the visibility of the game menus
-Changed the font and dialogue size to improve visibility
-Fixed an issue where multiple unique daydream events would play in sequence if you hit certain story thresholds.
-Fixed some issues with the hint system to improve clarity, especially around the Tabitha’s Tasty Tart quest.
-Misc bug fixes


Surprise! Lily and Sophia will start getting individual scenes in v0.5 (seriously), so this release is more about setting up for them.
-2 Tabitha Scenes
-6 Terri Scenes (Yup, she gets a lot of catchup content this release)
-2 Penny Scenes
-2 Milibelle Scenes
-2 Ariana Scenes
-1 Serena Scene (Not H, sorry)
-2 Scenes to get Lily and Sophia formally into the harem house. You can now visit them and chat.
-An addition to these, Terri, Penny, Milibelle, and Ariana all get more lewd and get new outfits. Their repeat scenes/bathroom events now reflect this (That’s 4 naughty scenes each).
-1 Daydream for Terri since her story is far enough along now.
-Added a “walk in on nudity” random event system for any girl whom you’ve already caught naked once in the story. They’ll become more receptive to it as their story progresses….
-Reworked the chat system and fixed the various bugs/continuity errors. Added a system to show if a girl has unseen chat lines. It won’t work perfectly on legacy saves until you reach a new chat milestone in the new content.

QOL Changes:
-Cleaned up a few of the early game bathroom scenes.
-Changed the triggers of a lot of passive events to prevent continuity errors. (ie a girl changes outfits in a scene, now she’ll show up and act accordingly rather than waiting a day)
-MC got a second face lift. Created over 200 renders to remove the old version from early game. More such replacements to come.
-Added a button and tutorial for a fetish menu to simplify skippable fetishes. Not all of these fetishes are present in the game yet, but I’m being proactive.
-Added a time skip button for the psychopaths who don’t feel like chatting with the girls
-Converted images to keep the game file size manageable.
-Various bug fixes


No new girls this release, just a collection of scenes for the existing girls as the lewdity ramps up. Three girls are finally getting it in, yay!
-Penny, Milibelle, Ariana each get four scenes
-Tabitha gets three
-Terri and Serena get two
-One more Sabrina Sparklez video. This one will require you to have seen the other 3 first.
-Four new daydream events if you progress far enough in a girl’s story…
Note: Yes I did add the urination tag with this release, but all pee scenes are skippable. There will be a prompt before the first one and a toggle in the player’s room that lets you turn it on and off. This will also disable future bathroom peeking scenes and it should be pretty obvious which ones.

QOL Changes:
-More UI Tweaks, Increasing Visibility, etc (credit to user cuckoo4cocoapuffs for showing me Ren’Py outline. Yes, I’m that bad at this.)
-Made the game a bit more friendly to the heavy use of the skip button.
-Reshot the first meeting with F.U.C.C. and tweaked a few other scenes. More transitions to improve the “pacing” of the dialogue.
-Increased the money for working to $11/session to make the game more forgiving to mistaken purchases or players who want to skip the daydream sequences.
-This build was made with an updated version of Ren’Py. Let me know if you encounter any issues…


6/8 girls are now available and the two new ones are getting five preliminary scenes and bonus events just like the first four did.

Penny, Ariana, and Milibelle each get two scenes (One H scene each)
Tabitha gets three scenes. (Her repeat and bathroom events also seem to be changing with her wardrobe. How odd.)
Sabrina Sparklez has released a new video.

QOL Changes:
Tweaked the MC’s model per community feedback. (Expect future tweaks for the earlier scenes)
Added a scene gallery. (All Legacy Saves will unlock all previous scenes after completing a new story event.)
Lerned watt a gramar cheker are.
Made some UI Tweaks


Introduction to the main story and 4/8 girls available

Each girl has:
-5 preliminary story chapters
-1 bathroom scene
-1 repeatable scene and a collection of chat lines that change with the girl’s story.

One character has 4 scenes of additional progress to preview the direction everyone will be taking.

For those of you looking for a quick H Scene, the MC has been saving links to his favorite porn star, Sabrina Sparklez, on his computer. Expect her guest roster to expand over time.

Developer Notes:

Regarding NTR

In short, there is no NTR in the game or planned to be. The only penis seen is the MC’s. The only other male characters are various levels of bigots towards monster girls so by wooing the main cast you’re basically undermining them.

There is the option to watch lesbian porn as a side action. Some would consider this NTR and you can be certain that you can skip it without it having an impact on the story.

Later in the game, some members of the harem will discover that they’re bi (or reveal themselves to be) which case you will encounter lesbian acts. Sometimes that’s the lead into a threesome, sometimes you spy on them in the act, and other times it’s just implied in throwaway dialogue. All of it is meant to be part of the loving family harem vibe that the story goes for and isn’t framed to evoke any jealousy. It’s designed as corruption content as all the girls open up sexually with you and the other members of the harem.

Skippable Fetishes

These are the tags that are skippable in game:
Urination, Pregnancy, Girl on Guy Rimming (I don’t think there’s a tag for this)

Female domination is partially skippable. One character uses more slightly kinky dialogue than the others and gets a tiny bit more physical in standard story sex scenes. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I suggest avoiding her repeatable scenes as by clicking them she’s assuming more enthusiastic consent…

Open to feedback if other content needs to get quarantined….













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