[Ren’Py] Horton Bay Stories – Jake [v0.2.1.3] [Lumphorn Games]



Welcome to our first game set in the town of Horton Bay!
Our main character, Jake (or nickname of your choosing) Rogers, finds himself at the end of his final school year and ready to head off to his local university along with his long term girlfriend and best mate.
That is until everything gets turned on it’s head and forces him to change his plans!
Now with seemingly few options, he decides to travel to the other side of the country to the coastal town of Horton Bay, where he can start fresh and try to rebuild a new life for himself!

He’ll forge new relationships, whether they be good friends, romantic interests, adulterous affairs or simply some good old, no-strings casual sex!
He’ll explore the town and meet interesting new people. Get himself a job and an education. Even find himself getting caught up in the middle of a ruthless crime war!

But most importantly, he gets to start the first chapter of the Horton Bay Stories!

Thank you for your interest and we hope you’ll like it enough to stick around for more!

Thread Updated: 2022-06-16
Release Date: 2022-06-14
Developer: Lumphorn Games – Buy Me A CoffeeDiscordSubscribestarPatreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Group Sex, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Lesbian, Masturbation, Multiple Penetration, NTR(Optional), Oral Sex, Prostitution, Rape(Avoidable), Sexual Harassment, Sleep Sex, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Point and Click, Sandbox (Avoidable), School Setting, Twins, Milf, Dating Sim


1. Extract and run.


Fixed: If Marcy becomes pregnant, her relationship status will now reflect this correctly.
Fixed: Memory leak during shower scene with Adel.
Fixed: Didi’s age now correctly shows 38 instead of 28.
Fixed: Can no longer read “Random Magazine” in your bedroom during or before the first objective causing time to skip and breaking progression.
Fixed: Spying on Christine while she sleeps during the morning will no longer lock you out of her room for the rest of the day.
Changed: Updated to Renpy version 7.4.11
Changed: When staying at the Motel, Marcy’s scene with Bruce will now advance on the third visit instead of the fourth.
Changed: Remade Bethany’s character model.
Changed: Reduced the relationship requirement between Adel and Thomas to trigger pub date.
Changed: With Cheat mode ON – During the final scene of Episode 2, you can now view all 3 of the girl’s scenes (assuming conditions have been met).
Changed: Morality requirement is now 90 down from 100 to offer Marcy your sofa the first time (subsequent times have no morality requirement).
Added: Several memory cache dumps in various locations in order to combat crashes due to memory shortage for some players.
Added: Each day, Marcy now has a 50% chance to text you, asking to stay over 00:00 – Your Bedroom (requires allowing her to sleep on your sofa).
Added: 1 new collectible photo.
Added: 4 new collectible videos (currently NTR path only).
Added: Invite Marcy to share your bed when she stays over (requires 9 attraction points).
Added: Can now apologise to Claire to continue her arc if you didn’t comfort her after the pub in Episode 1 – Uni corridor (Arts Wing) 09:00 to 13:00 weekdays (requires >120 morals).
Added: Hanging out with Amber and Marley – Beach (Ocean) 16:00
Added: New Location – Secrets Sex Shop.
Added: Unlocked next stage in Adel’s relationship arc.
Added: Gemma asks for help with her rent payment.
Added: If Gemma currently owes you money, she’ll keep a note of how much in her diary (Requires her debt being greater than £100 at least once).
Added: 4 new NTR scenes for Gemma if she can’t make her rent (NTR path only).
Added: Gemma pays you back what you’re owed – Your Bedroom, Midnight Friday (Requires Gemma owing you money).
Updated Walkthrough.

Fixed: CTD Error when buying music book from bookstore.
Fixed: CTD Error when showering with Gemma at the weekend.
Fixed: Correct animations now play when taking Gemma to see Nigel for the rent event at the pub.
Fixed: Should no longer see looping animations freeze after 1 cycle.
Fixed: Nigel’s missed rent event now triggers at the correct time.
Fixed: Missing headers on many .webp files
Fixed: Spelling and grammar errors.
Changed: Added Bank Balance to phone stats screen.
Changed: Updated the Town map.
Added: You can now access your bank account and earn daily interest by speaking to a teller or using an atm (interest rates are subject to change).
Added: Invite Regan and Lana back to your place (Requires at least one massage given to Regan at Gym)- Skatepark 15:00.
Added: New collectible photograph.
Added: Can now sell more photos to Justin at the Bookshop.
Added: Chat with Gemma about her new problem – Upstairs Hallway in the morning (Main Story).
Added: Jackson needs a re-up (Main Story).
Added: Bring Adel her phone at work (Main Story).
Added: Confronting Jackson (Main Story).
Added: Event with Regan at the Gym showers (requires 4 attraction points).
Added: Event with Adel and Thomas at the Pub – 21:00 (Requires Adel having accepted Thomas’ invitation earlier in the day).
Added: New location – Lumptech Biolabs.
Added: Jake visits Lumptech Biolabs (Main Story).
Added: Facing the Music with Miss Smithers (Main Story).
Updated Walkthrough

Fixed: Code error during private dances at the Nightclub causing issues with relationship gains.
Fixed: Font in the phone, locations and objectives screens back to DejaVuSans.
Fixed: Missing code when meeting Samantha and Jenny for the first time in the nightclub.
Fixed: Several dialogue errors.
Fixed: Missing netcam images of bathroom encounters.
Fixed: When going back to the bathroom after already finding someone inside during the same hour, the game no longer breaks.
Fixed: When bathing with Christine and having more than 10 attraction points, it is no longer a requirement to also have started her massage sessions.
Fixed: When Christine or Gemma are using the toilet and their attraction points are 10 or more, you no longer get the “In Dev” message.
Fixed: Missing image during Adel’s bank vault scene (non-corrupted path).
Changed: If you were kind to Claire after the incident at the pub during Ep1, her arc will advance a little faster at the hot tub (21:00 backyard).
Changed: If you haven’t unlocked Adel’s new job before finishing Episode 2, the scene will now automatically unlock in Episode 3. However if her attraction points are not high enough to unlock the next stage in her arc (9), you will need to visit her on the boardwalk at a later time to do so.
Added: Christine’s scene in the Episode 2 finale.
Added: More content to Gemma’s shower scene at your house.
Added: Random encounters in the University girl’s toilet stalls (during Uni hours).
Added: More content with Gemma and Claire – Hot Tub 21:00 (requires sitting with Gemma and having had conversation with her about pills).
Added: Samantha’s private dance events – Nightclub 00:00
Added: Netcam images on your PC (Requires unlocking the cameras around your house) – Weekdays only for now.
Added: New event with Regan, Lana, Connor and Greg – Skatepark 15:00.
Updated Walkthrough

Fixed: Switching fonts now happens a little faster (Credit to GetOutOfMyLab for the code tweak).
Fixed: During the weekends, knocking on the girls’ doors no longer breaks the navigation screen.
Fixed: Game breaking bug when visiting the Motel.
Fixed: (temp) Missing image when viewing the bathroom webcam in the mornings before checking the bathroom door. Instead of a blank screen you’ll simply see an empty room for now. This will be fixed properly at a later date.
Fixed: Removed some lines of text when visiting Christine’s room that no longer serve a purpose.
Fixed: During the weekend mornings, while knocking on Adel or Gemma’s door, the correct message will now show telling you which one of them is in the bathroom.
Fixed: During weekend mornings, Christine, Gemma and Adel will now properly show up as being in the bathroom at 06:00, 07:00 and 08:00 respectively.
Fixed: Nigel’s missed rent event no longer triggers after having done it the first time if you’ve paid rent that week.
Changed: SMS system reworked. Contacts will now only display after you’ve sent or received messages to or from that person, keeping the screen a lot cleaner. New message icon also now works as intended.
Changed: When starting the quest to find Doc Jones’ keys, there is now an extra hint in the quest log to save some confusion about how to proceed.
Added: Can now give contraceptives to Gemma when chatting to her at home.
Added: Phone call with Carly (both NTR and non-NTR versions) – Main Story.
Added: New photo collectibles.
Added: 4 Possible endings to Episode 2:
– Alone.
– Gemma scene (requires having had the conversation about her pills).
– Adel scene (requires having gone to her job interview with her).
Note: Some of Adel’s content also requires that you had sex with her at the party during Episode 1, but this is optional.
– Christine scene (In Development).
Added: Dialogue Font toggle in preferences menu. (Defaults to DejaVuSans, can be toggled back to the original for those who want it.)
Added: Dialogue Font size toggle in preferences menu. (Medium is the default value.)
Added: You can now find a random magazine on the bookshelf in your bedroom to help build intelligence earlier in the game.
Added: Option to postpone the ending of Episode 2 and remain in Free Roam mode to allow the player to build more stats before the event.
Updated walkthrough.

Fixed: Compass now disappears as intended when talking to Maddy on the beach at 11:00
Fixed: Several dialogue errors
Fixed: If Morals are at 0, gym massage scenes will now play out as intended.
Fixed: If Morals stat goes out of range, will now reset to upper or lower limit respectively.
Fixed: Rhea’s location portrait will now show on the town map as intended.
Changed: Mika’s Friendship point requirement down from 5 to 2 in order to advance the first part of her arc.
Changed: After being invited to Mika’s place to watch TV once, you will now skip the initial conversation outside your house at 15:00.
Added: Can now sell Joints to the campers at the beach for profit – Secluded Cove 21:00 to 02:00.
Added: Meet Roy and his family at his house in the evening.
Added: Meeting Marley. – Amber’s bedroom 21:00 to 02:00 OR during Meet Roy at his house event.
Added: Mika air hockey event at the Arcade – 15:00 Front of your house (Requires 4 Attraction points).
Added: Extended scene with Mika at her house after visiting the Arcade with her at least once – 15:00 Front of your house.
Added: More content to Working Out with Gemma in the evening – Gemma’s Room 22:00 (requires having had the conversation about pills in the bathroom).
Added: Library Interior. The Library will now unlock on the map by either walking inside or speaking to Annie while serving her at the Bookshop.
Added: Studying with Rhea at the Library – 15:00 to 17:00 weekdays in the Study Area.

Fixed: Skipping text while using the PC in your room no longer breaks the game.
Fixed: Skipping text in the livingroom during the party in Ep1 no longer breaks the game.
Fixed: It is no longer possible to continue the main story before having met all the girls in the house at the start.
Changed: If you chose not to activate the hidden cameras and later change your mind, you can now activate them at any time instead of waiting for Morals to drop.
Added: More content to Jenny’s private dance – Nightclub 23:00
Added: Next stage in advancing Adel’s relationship arc. (Requires previously buying the toy for her, having at least 9 attraction points and completing the main story up to unlocking the night club.)
Added: Next stage in advancing Gemma’s relationship arc. (Requires having beaten her in the race, having at least 9 attraction points and completing the main story up to unlocking the night club.)
Added: Next stage in advancing Christine’s relationship arc. (Requires having previously helped her to bed while she was drunk, having at least 9 attraction points and completing the main story up to unlocking the cinema. Possible sharing route depending on Lucas relationship. – NTR On)
Added: Chat with Abigail at Burger Baps about what she did at the party (will lead to Abigail arc at a later date).
Added: Speak to Christine at work (Main Story).
Added: Pie and Francis meeting (Main Story).
Added: MC’s first task for Pie (Main Story).
Added: Meet Adel for ice cream on the boardwalk.
Added: More Gemma excercising content – Backyard 08:00
Added: Adel’s first day at work – Potential NTR depending on how you’ve treated her previously (NTR On).
Added: Cinema Interior.
Added: After meeting Bear, drugs are available to buy from him – Cinema Coffee Shop 18:00 – 23:00
Added: Bowling Arcade Interior
Updated the Walkthrough.


Fixed: During the party in Episode 1, if you choose not to give Molly the joint, it will now be added to your inventory as intended, (If your save file is past this point and you kept the joint, you can add one to your inventory with cheat mode enabled.)
Fixed: Petrol Station now unlocks on the map after entering for the first time.
Fixed: Can no longer have sex with Lillie after class if you haven’t progressed in her story to that point.
Added: Continuation of Episode 2 – MC finds himself getting into a potentially dangerous situation with a new acquaintance! (Main Story)
Added: Night Club available after unlocking via the main story.
Added: New music for the Nightclub
Added: Ladies Night (Male Strippers) event – Nightclub Booth Seats 18:00, 19:00, 20:00
Added: Suki getting ready – Nightclub Changing Rooms 20:00
Added: Suki dancing event – Nightclub Stage 21:00
Added: Jenny getting ready – Nightclub Changing Rooms 21:00
Added: Suki Private Lapdance event – Nightclub Hallway 22:00
Added: Samantha getting ready – Nightclub Changing Rooms 22:00
Added: Jenny dancing event – Nightclub Stage 22:00
Added: Samantha dancing event – Nightclub Stage 23:00
Added: Jenny Private Lapdance event – Nightclub Hallway 23:00 (WIP)
Added: Can buy drinks at the bar in the night club.
Added: Can buy Rolling Papers from the Petrol Station.
Added: Information for several characters in the NPC Guide (found on the objectives screen – WIP).
Added: New event at the Secluded Cove on the Beach from 21:00 – 02:00 (WIP).
Updated Walkthrough.


Fixed: Reading from the bookshelf in your bedroom no longer breaks when intelligence gets too high.
Fixed: Reading massage books from the bookshelf in your bedroom now grants massage skill as intended.
Fixed: Broken Marley image in relationships phone app.
Fixed: Living Room TV no longer lets you skip time during Day 1 morning, preventing the first few objectives from working.
Fixed: Broken code that prevented players from starting Episode 2 content when they continued in free roam after Episode 1 finished. If your Objectives screen tells you “Episode 2 Coming Soon!”, go to your bedroom to continue the story.
Added: Objective to find Didi at the Gym – If you haven’t started Ep2 yet, this quest begins when you speak to the Uni receptionist for the first time. If you’ve already begun Ep2, the quest will auto start when you next visit the Gym.
Added: New job at the Gym – Masseur
Added: Didi massage event – Gym.
Added: Marie massage event – Gym.
Added: Hailey massage event – Gym.
Added: Yua massage event – Gym.
Added: Regan massage event – Gym.
Added: Betty massage event – Gym.
Added: Mickey massage event – Gym.
Added: New app to the phone – Jobs. Record of where and when you work.
Added: 7 random sauna events – Gym. (WIP)
Added: Lucy yoga event – Gym 17:00.
Added: Can now work out in the gym – Weights Room 08:00 – 22:00
Added: When working out at the GYM, you can now build your fitness level to 14.
Added: Gym interior quickmap.
Added: Shower available at the gym during opening hours (08:00-22:00).
Added: Crystal event – Pub Toilet 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
Added: Shower available at the beach (Public Toilets, Beach Carpark).
Added: New menu to the relationships app showing stats including Current Max Attraction points, Vaginal sex count, Anal sex count, Blowjob count, Handjob count, Creampie count and the girl’s current partner if she’s in a relationship.
Added: Foundation code and basic UI for the NPC Guide – Accessible from the Objectives screen. (WIP)
Added: When at your house, you can now see which room everyone is in by looking at the map screen (simple text prompt for now), and also in the relationships app.
Updated the Walkthrough.
Note: A new save is NOT required, however the sex stats will only start counting from this point forward. Any sexual interactions from old saves will NOT show up. Also, the Current Max Attraction points are relevant to however far you are in a character’s personal arc. For example: Before beating Gemma in the race around the park, her max points will be 4. After beating her, they will go up to 9. The objectives menu will soon be updated with an NPC guide to give more detailed information on exactly how to progress with each character.


Fixed: Looping/Crashing bug while using the skip function. (Hotfix 0.1.1a)
Fixed: Missing image in Gemma’s room at night.
Fixed: When on the quest to find Dr. Jones, the boardwalk will now unlock when you walk to it after speaking to Brenda. (For some people the location was not unlocking during the conversation with her as it should.)
Fixed: ‘Do Not Disturb’ variables have been de-activated during the party. This was stopping some people from entering the girl’s bedrooms during the event.
Fixed: Replaced glitchy animations of Marcy at the motel.
Fixed: Removed Compass from the screen when entering into dialogue with various NPC’s.
Fixed: Can no longer leave the bookshop before asking about the job during Episode 1.
Fixed: Taking a Bath or Shower at 23:00 no longer breaks navigation in the hallway.
Changed: Choice menu buttons are a little larger for touch screen users.
Added: First chapter of Episode 2 – University.
Added: Repeatable Lillie event (after Art Class).
Added: Can now give contraceptives to Lillie after Art Class.
Added: Event with Mika (15:00 – Outside your house).
Added: Event at Salty’s Beach Bar (Evening.)
Added: Gym interior.
Added: Public Toilets interior (Beach Carpark).
Added: Petrol Station interior.
Updated the Walkthrough.

v0.1.1a (Hotfix)

Stops endless loops and/or crashes when using the skip function. Extract archive.rpa and copy into the /game folder, overwriting the old file.


Fixed: Error when covering Christine with her blanket as she sleeps.
Fixed: Walking to the pub and entering will now unlock the location. Also now stops you from jumping into a specific area of the pub using the quickmap when closed.
Fixed: On the Town Map, NPC’s are now correctly shown at locations when hovering over a fast travel button.
Fixed: SMS screens now work (functionality to be added soon.)
Fixed: Objectives button now working while phone or map screen active.
Fixed: Activate Spycam quest log integer will no longer go out of range.
Fixed: When exchanging the Doc Jones video for the toy, the correct animation will play.
Changed: During the prologue, going to find the girls to ask more about Rupert is now automatic. Simply choose who to speak to first.
Changed: During Ep1, after the pub you can now stop Jackson before he has sex with Claire, even if NTR is on.
Changed: Editted some of the pop up notifications to be more specific.
Changed: Made a start on replacing a few renders that needed some work. WIP
Changed: Made minor adjustments to Christine’s face. Mainly around the mouth. (For future renders)
Changed: Removed Crystal’s ‘excessive’ makeup and gave her a slight tan. (For future renders)
Changed: Changed colour of Fast Travel buttons to be more visible when unlocked.
Changed: New side portraits for Crystal, Adel, Lillie, Christine, Gemma, Nigel, Roland and Louise.
Changed: With NTR OFF, Lucas no longer has sex with Christine while spying on them at night with hidden camera.
Changed: With NTR OFF, you will no longer have to watch Jackson have his way with the skater girls during Episode 1.
Changed: With NTR OFF, you no longer have to watch Rupert’s perverted daydream about your house mates.
Changed: When making coffee for Christine and Lucas. If NTR is OFF, no matter which options you choose, they will not have sex.
Updated: Walkthrough notes. (found in root directory)
Added: NTR check before intro begins.
Added: Go Home button to the top UI. Takes you to your bedroom.
Added: When Cheat Mode is ON, +1 Hour button added to clock.
Added: Alternative scenes during Francis’ intro, where he and Stephan do not fuck Gabrielle and Mei when NTR is OFF.
Added: Alternative video of Marion during Doctor Jones’ quest when NTR is OFF.
Added: Alternative scene for Lucas and Abigail during the party with NTR OFF.
Added: Alternative scene for meeting Marion during clinic visit with NTR OFF.
Added: Alternative collectible videos of Lucas and Abi during the party when NTR is OFF.
Added: Alternative collectible video of Christine at night when NTR is OFF.
Added: New collectible video
Added: Alternative intro when NTR is OFF. This includes – Abrahms no longer thinks about how he’s been fucking Carly and Jenna – ‘Tamer’ version of Jenna/Abrahms scene (wasn’t exactly NTR before, but he at least won’t be fucking her in this version) – Carly no longer fucks Matty – Narrative remains similar to the original just with a slight twist.
Added: Alternate bio’s for several characters while NTR is OFF.
Added: Louise event – 09:00 weekdays, Back Yard. (Up to 9 Affection points)
Added: Can now give contraceptives and morning after pill to Lillie (currently only at Skate Park 14:00 – more locations to be added later).
Added: Lillie event – 14:00 Skate Park (Up to 9 Affection points).
Added: Compass when navigating the town (also acts as a button taking you directly to town map).
Added: ‘You Are Here’ locator on the map. Shows up even if you haven’t unlocked your current location.
Added: Ticket Clerk in the Nightclub. (Still not legitimately available, but for those who use cheats, you can at least look around inside.)
Added: Marcy event – 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 Townhall (Up to 5 Affection points) – If you’ve messed with Marcy’s Affection points in cheat mode, you WILL break her story arc.
Added: Two bonus Marcy scenes (NTR ON)
Added: Scrollable list of unlocked location buttons to the map (Easier to press for Android users).
We would have liked to have made a start on the Episode 2 content aswell this month, however we were without a rendering machine for 2 weeks and didn’t get the time. It’s top priority for the next update though.
Known Issues:
If you find that certain animations are not looping correctly, saving and reloading the game fixes it. Not sure why this happens, but I’m looking into it.
A couple of the new animations (Marcy and Abi) need to be re-rendered, but don’t have time this update. Will be fixed for the next one.

Initial Release v0.1.0
190 animations
3600 still frames
~ 5000 lines of dialogue
~ 4 hours of gameplay

Developer Notes:

Apologies for the unfinished event this month. The scenes with Carly took an insane amount of time to render out, leaving me with very little time to complete the rest of what I had planned.
If you have been focussing on Gemma’s or Adel’s arc, or you haven’t been working on any of your house mates’ relationships, you can still complete Episode 2 as intended. However if you’re focussing on Christine, you will need to wait for next month’s update to view her scene.
The final scene for each of the girls does not affect their general progression however. So you can still play out which ever scene you like to continue the game as usual.
Next update we’ll be tieing off as many loose ends as we can fit in from previous content in preparation for starting Episode 3.

Thanks again for your interest in our first game!
Lumphorn Games is a Husband/Wife team and we’ve been working on the idea of Horton Bay for a few years at this point, and it’s been through several iterations, however this is our first public release.
We’ve built the actual town ourselves from scratch and also composed and produced all of the music you’ll find in game.
There are a few scenes where we’ve used assets from the Daz store, such as the locations in the intro, the characters themselves and maybe a third of the props in the game. But it’s mostly our own work.
The town is about 40% complete at the time of writing this, which is enough for the purposes of this game. However we’ll be continuing to exand it throughout the course of Jake, and all of the stories to follow – of which I hope to be many. We already have outlines for several more games that we’ll focus on, as this one comes to an end.

The first release of Jake contains not only the prologue, but also the entire first episode! We’ve done this for a few reasons:
Firstly, we wanted to actually give you guys something to play! For me, there’s nothing worse than finding a game that you’re interested in and have it stop after 30 minutes of playtime.
Secondly, we wanted to prove that we’re serious about the scope that we’re promising. This is no small feat and we realise that. At the time of me writing this there are currently 57 locations and over 100 NPC’s in the game! That’s a lot of story to cover! And that brings us to the third point . . .
We wanted to prove to OURSELVES that we could do it. The amount of work has been insane and we’ve done it with very little acknowledgment or reward. And after it all, we still want to carry on!

For the first few releases, you’ll notice that the streets and various locations are a little . . . empty. But that will change as we move forward. Shops will open, people will be going about their lives and the town will generally feel more ‘lived in’.
The goal is to have a wide range of activities for any given hour of any day, but that takes time.
This is especially apparent during the weekends. For now, there isn’t a lot going on during Saturday and Sunday while in free roam. The main reason for that is because the first weekend is taken up entirely by the events of episode 1 and by the time you reach the second weekend you’ll likely have already played out most of the content from the first release. There are some events that can only be seen after a few weeks in game, but not many yet. But filling up the weekends is definitely near the top of our priority list!

I’d also like to quickly mention a couple of things:

NTR – Is it avoidable? Yep. Not only that, but you can also turn it off so you won’t even see it by accident. However, I will say this – Turning off NTR won’t just stop everyone else in the game from having sex. If you decide that you want to make another guy’s girlfriend your love interest, that’s fine . . . but he’s still going to fuck his girl!
For the most part, we’ve tried to keep the NTR elements as consequences of the choices you make. Or at least the true cuckolding side of it. I don’t particularly like using the term ‘NTR’ as a blanket description as it has a wide scale of meanings and implications, but there are already one or two discussions on here about that subject!

Sandbox – Why? Well, why not? I know a lot of people dislike sandbox games and that’s fine. So we’ve made concessions for that, the same as we have for NTR.
If you don’t like the sandbox elements of the game, you can simply not play them, at least for the most part.
We’ve made this game a hybrid of sorts, where the main story plays out just like any other VN. Linear-ish story with choices that influence the outcomes.
However, there’s also all of the side stories! And that’s where the sandbox comes into play. You don’t have to play them if you don’t want to.
Personally, I enjoy both Sandbox and NTR in games. I like the freedom to play my own way and to have consequences for the choices I make. But I also get it that a lot of people don’t. So we’ve given you, the player, a choice.

Does this mean we have to wait for months on end to get new content? – No. Granted, each episode will certainly take more than a month to make. But we’ll try our best to put out at least one update a month (barring disaster) and if we can’t, we’ll also do our best to let you know why and when you might expect one.
Even if an entire episode is incomplete, you’ll still get to see whatever progress we’re making as time goes by. Plus you’ll still have any new free roam content regardless of the completion of any givn main story episode.

Others: Android* –

Extras: Promo Video

JMC2821 thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.






















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