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ISOR aka In Service of Retia

Ryu(default name) is an ordinary guy who gets involved in not so ordinary things. Working as a bartender and living a somewhat monotone and idle life with his sister and mother he rarely sees due to her work obligations.

One night Ryu finds himself in a peculiar dream that turns to be something far more life changing. From an idle life he is involved and brought into a world of fantasy and conflict.

Question is, will he manage to juggle between the two worlds and two different ways of life, whilst in service of a goddess who’s only concern is her restoration to power and domination?​

Thread Updated: 2022-08-02
Release Date: 2022-08-01
Developer: Mystic CRO F95zonePatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.7
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other games: Long Way Home

3DCG, Sandbox, Male Protagonist, Romance, Big Tits, Oral Sex, Animated, Incest, Milf, Teasing, Virgin, Fantasy, Harem, Titfuck, Monster Girl, Religion, Loli, Vaginal Sex

Planned Tags:
Pregnancy, Corruption, Voyeurism, (Maybe more)


1. Extract and run.


v0.7 –
* Fixed some of the reported things.
* Went back and changed some sentences and the usual grammar shit. (Much love Kurumi)
* Chapter 5 Story Content(Free Roam part)

v0.6 –

  • Chapter 5 Story Content Start
  • Fixed all the grammar issues reported to me so far
  • All reported bugs so far fixed!
  • Big Quality improvement! (Equipment got upgraded! Yay!)
  • Renders are now 1600 x 900
  • – Side Note on this: Some scenes MAY -NOT- fully be shown due to sudden increase in resolution, as the game was initially intended for 720 and was made as such.
  • – Then again what you sometimes notice is very minor and can be forgiven for quality upgrades I’d dare say!
  • Added sex scene control (Basically some buttons so you can go back and forth and finish when you want)

v0.5 –

  • I’ll be frank, I have no idea. I have lost the changelog for this one, but I’m well aware I was doing a Patreon Poll on which there was 3 updates and Patreon content was added along with some characters from patreon requests!

v0.4 – Public Build – Sup?

  • 432 New Renders! Nearly triple content from usual updates! – Continue the story
  • Typo fixes
  • Some GUI changes
  • Refer to Developer Notes to see the difference between Public and Patreon build, which is a LOT.

v0.3 – Public Build – What’s up?

  • 172 New Renders
  • Continue the story!
  • Went back to Intro to make sure player is notified if he saw all the content for that part.
  • Fixed the issue where Etune’s sex scene would go away if the player doesn’t investigate the noises at doors the first time.
  • Went back to Intro and changed few things, should also be notified when you’ve seen all there is from that part.
  • Added OP at start of Chapter 2
  • If you spend Sunday with Azumi, it skips Monday morning, and takes you directly to Monday midday (Fixed)
  • Reworked Etune sex scene and animation. :InsertChefKissHere:

v0.2 – Public Build – What does it contain?

  • Quest Log added per feedbacks and requests from players.
  • Edited the buttons on map in normal world area for more visibility per feedback.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Content from Patreon Build from v0.1 is now available
  • Chapter 1 Available
  • Chapter 1 Free Roam scenes and events.

Initial Release – What does it contain?

  • Intro of the story.
  • Free roam mode with events and scenes.

Developer Notes:

Important notice: https://mystic-cro.itch.io/isor/devlog/352802/v04-and-after

I’d also like to quote myself here after receiving a post – “Locked behind a paywall! Not worth playing!” I’ll simply quote my answer.

I wouldn’t go that far about it. The difference is primarily in delayed releases. When I update to v0.2 you’ll get the Patreon content that you didn’t get in v0.1. So that’s the difference. The delay. Which I think is fair to those who actually decide to support it.

There may be Patreon only content in future, but it won’t affect the overall length of the game. But that should be to specific requests someone may have.

If you can’t understand the time and effort that goes into making these things, that is not my problem.

Quick Q&A:

  • Q: Update when?
  • A: As fast as it can be done. I dislike delaying if I can help it..
  • Q: I wanna know how to unlock all the scenes in free roam!
  • A: If you can’t figure it out, feel free to tag me and ask me. I’ll be gentle with you.

  • Q: Is that a … a LOLI?! FBI?!
  • A: Nice try, she’s over three hundred years old.

  • Q: I don’t like this and that, and that here.
  • A: I miss the part where that’s my problem. Things that can be improved WILL be improved. But I am not here to satisfy everyone’s desires. Deal with it.

  • Q: Insert thousand questions here.
  • A: Just hop on my discord or something and pester me there. And get le sneak peeks of updates!

Difference between Public & Patreon build per update:
Note: This doesn’t mean paywall, this means delays per update. What you miss in v0.1 you’ll get in v0.2 and so forth.

v0.4 Difference:

  • Additional dating and other scenes with Rin.
  • Additional scenes with Etune.
  • Repeatable sex scenes with Rin once unlocked, player can request for Rin to spend the night with him.
  • Repeatable Threesome! Player can request that both Rin and Etune spend the night with him! Wink, wink.

v0.3 Difference:

  • As per usual, Patreons get additional scenes and sex scenes.

v0.2 Difference:

  • Additional Sex scene with Etune. (Happens after last “Half Demon” quest update.)
  • Additional Two Scenes with Rinyara (Happens after last “Grim Reaper” quest update.)
  • Additional Three Scenes with Iara (Happens after last “The Mistress” quest update.)

v0.1 Difference:

  • 2 Extra Scenes with sister.
  • Player can jerk off at his sister during night if he has previous conditions fulfilled.
  • Sex Scene with Machi if the player dated her.


  • Ambir – Programming aid.
  • Kasami Lee who is a wonderful Editor and deals with my typo horrors and horrid sentences.<3

– Kasami works on multiple projects and is available for hire! Worth every penny I’d say.
You can find Kasami at her Discord: Hire Kasami
Current Projects she has ongoing if you’re interested: Kasami’s Trello

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