[Ren’Py] Lust Age [v0.9.1 Public] [Keisi]



Welcome to Lust Age young aspirant! Here you will find all kinds of girls who want to meet you (no kidding!). But… What is Lust Age Keisi? I’m glad you asked me, aspirant!
Lust Age it’s a FREE adult VN Dating-Sim-Sandbox game with RPG aspects and features.

You? you are… You! You can be anything you want. Choose from different professions that will define your role in the story and boost your stats with exclusive permanent benefits.
You’re a normal guy living a normal life (boring!), you have a perverted friend (that sounds good!), but fate has something very special for you… Become the new champion of Gold Valley, a place inhabited and ruled exclusively by women who want to meet the new aspiring champion… You! (Where do you say I have to sign to move there?) Earn the trust of the people and make them all fall in love with you!

Interactive world: Explore 4 locations.
3 main girls and 4 secondary girls.
SFX and BGM for a better experience!
Normal and hard mode.
Different quality of life features (map, journal/quest system).
Do you want to repeat an unlocked scene? Talk to your girl and ask her!
Girls with different types of attractive bodies and own personality always with her perverted side (you are in LUST age)!
+ 25 achievements (each achievement is rewarded with an exclusive image!).
+ 3000 renders (scenes, poses, backgrounds).
+ 120 animated scenes (lewd scenes, girls introductions, poses).

Thread Updated: 2022-06-17
Release Date: 2022-06-17
Developer: Keisi F95zone PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: LA’s short Game – 0.9.1 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English / Spanish

3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Harem, Dating sim, Lesbian, Creampie, Ahegao, Big tits, Oral sex, Titfuck, Sandbox, rpg, achievements, Koikatsu party, Tsundere, Elves, Vaginal sex, Teasing, Stripping.


1. Extract and run.


v0.9.1 Public
Time to make a bugfixes version that fix several critical bugs, especially in hard mode:

  • The colours of the dildos are now displayed correctly (name vs colour).
  • If a girl is pregnant and you try to do a task/quest (triggered by going to a specific place) it now goes to the next time of day (or next day) and magically takes you to your room.
  • If a girl is pregnant, you will not be able to see the dildos events.
  • In the job menus, jobs are no longer repeated in easy mode.
  • The Mona’s shop upgrade interface should look correct.
  • You should no longer have 0 resistance when starting a new fight with the Moonstars after upgrading Lust’s perk. If that was your case, just go face a Moonstar and it should be fixed.
  • Added missing dialogue to Anna, Mara, and Maria’s toy menu.
  • If Myra is angry, you can talk to her to give her the gift at any time of the day if you haven’t unlocked access to her room yet (hard mode).
  • Removed interaction with the bathroom door if you don’t have the pee fetish enabled (general).
  • Applied new grammar revisions and fixed various dialogue crashes.
  • Fixed several minor bugs in easy mode.



A code cleanup has been done when loading a game. If you have a game started 3 months ago or more, you should download version v0.8.6, load the game, save, and download the new version. If you don’t do this, you will have to start a new game as your game might be buggy because of this!


Do you like to be focused on reading and not worrying about getting materials or farming? This mode is for you.

Start a new game or transfer an existing one to this difficulty to focus on the story:

  • Everything costs gold.
  • No materials.
  • A balanced economy to avoid repetitive tasks.
  • Girls level up every time you spend time with them.

Among other things designed to make you focus on the story.

RPG aspects that are kept necessary for the story:

  • Stats.
  • Specialization/profession (roleplay).
  • Rank system.
  • Mini-games (optional).
  • Moon Essences.
  • Investments.
  • Buildings.

NOTE: You receive x2 in Moon Essences, your stats, and gold permanently.

All other RPG aspects are disabled and what is kept has a symbolic price so you don’t have to worry about anything. Achievements are also kept on.


It’s about time to make the hard mode the way it was meant to be, hard.

A complete rework of how this mode has been done:

  • By default, you no longer gain x2 in gold or girl stats.
  • Rollback is enabled and you can save at any time.
  • New difficulties and benefits added.

Difficulties (cannot be disabled)

Mood system

From now on girls will have different moods depending on how much time you spend on them. If you decide to ignore a girl for a certain amount of time… She will get angry and won’t want to spend time with you. You will have to figure out how to get her to stop being angry. Lisapi will help you with that.

If you spend time with the girls, they will gain mood points (rng). As they get more mood points, you will gain extra points in all their stats.

Pregnancy as a punishment (100% optional)

This “punishment” is enabled by default in this mode in new games and can’t be disabled, or can it?

Pregnancy works as follows:

  • There is a 50% chance to impregnate any main girl (only main girls and in this version only Anna and Yuna).
  • When a girl gets pregnant, you won’t be able to do any girl tasks or quests (punishment).
  • To avoid this, birth control methods are enabled which will give you a buff of a certain duration, depending on which one you craft. With this buff, you can safely have sex with any girl.
  • The pregnancy cycle is 7 days, after that there will be a few days where the girl will need rest and will not want sex. During that time there is no punishment and you can spend time with her.
  • For the curious ones, you can visit the pregnant girl when she is in her room in two phases: With a little belly, full belly. Additionally. you can spend time with them during this period.
  • For those who like to give love to a pregnant girl, you can have sex in two phases: Belly not visible (normal sex), full belly (different scene with belly visible and changed dialogues).

If this fetish is not your thing at all you have the possibility to disable it completely when the time comes in the story or if you have a game started, it comes disabled by default.


  • Brave tokens. This currency is obtained by spending time with the main girls and can be used in the Bravery shop.
  • Bravery shop: A shop where you can use tokens to unlock spicy options exclusive to this mode for a modest price. It is focused on spicy stuff with the main girls and fetishes. NOTE: It does not unlock new quests or anything related to the main story.
  • Disable the rollback: There is a possibility to disable the rollback and additionally, you can only save in your room. If you choose this option, you will receive a buff: x2 gold on all jobs and x2 Moon Essences. NOTE: If you enable it, you won’t be able to disable it again in the current game, so think carefully.
  • Keep Pregnancy Fetish enabled: If you decide to keep it enabled and play the hard mode as designed, you will receive a buff: +1 extra Bravery coin every time you spend time with the girls. NOTE: You are not forced to watch the pregnant girls if you don’t happen to have the pregnancy prevention buff because you can turn on/off watching pregnancy-related images and scenes at any time.
  • Hard mode category in the achievements. Get extra achievements!

For anything related to all the hard mode changes, talk to Lisapi and look for the “Miscellaneous” option.

Note that started games have everything disabled, so be sure to talk to Lisapi if you want to enable any benefits.


A final revision has been made to this mode and it is now more balanced than before. All the requirements needed for anything related to crafting, building, upgrades, etc. have been reduced considerably (about 75-85% of reduction).

If you prefer the original values, hard mode is for you!


Don’t want to start another game again to see what’s interesting on other difficulties? Now you can transfer your game at any time to another difficulty but you will only get one chance to do so.

NOTE: Once you transfer your game, you will not be able to transfer your game to another difficulty.


To make almost any active benefit you have more visual, a buff bar has been added which will appear depending on the active buff.

This feature will be included in the other difficulties in the future.


From now on investments have been changed and will no longer be so “annoying”.

From now on, talk to the Accountant to make a one-time payment and have her invest in the long term. This way you will receive a fixed daily profit and it will be stored in the storage of the Manor.

Visit her to withdraw your profit in case you need materials/gold and don’t want to get it yourself.

NOTE: Talk to her the first time so she can explain everything in detail.


Autosave has been enabled every time you sleep.

General changes (all difficulties):


  • Mona: lvl 7


  • Two new main quests added.


  • Added the next step of “How to train your Moonstar”.
  • Added a new wild Moonstar (gloom, tier 1 and 2).


  • Minor visual changes have been made to some renders during old main quests such as Mabel and Anna’s “sandwich”.
  • From now on, if Anna is your girlfriend, the opening scene in the hot springs will be different.
  • Mona’s level 2 has been redone with the correct lighting.
  • The same will apply to her level 3 in the future.
  • New area available inside the Moon Lake.
  • Added 2 achievements.
  • The rock, paper, scissors mini-game has been rebalanced so that the girls don’t cheat so often.
  • As a consequence of the new hard mode changes, the “Pussygrind” has been removed and you will only be able to see the “Hard mode” section of the achievements if you play on hard. In compensation, use this code to get Lisapi to give you back some of the materials you used to unlock the achievements: GIVEMYMONBACK.

Fetishes (pregnancy):

  • On both Easy and Normal you can enable the pregnancy fetish and see everything related to this fetish. It works the same as on hard but the girls’ cd is reduced. Trick: Enable and disable the fetish to avoid the cd once the girl is pregnant. Available: Anna and Yuna.
  • Added in the bios of all girls if they want to get pregnant or not, so in the future, you will know when they will be able to get pregnant.
  • In Easy/Normal mode there are no contraceptives, so if you don’t want to get any girl pregnant, keep the fetish disabled.
  • Added repeatable events related to pregnancy (sex).


  • Everything was found and reported in previous versions + BETA.

General changes (hard mode):


  • Brave Coins: 75


  • Original material and gold requirements for everything remain the same.
  • Reduced the number of Moon Essences you get.
  • The rock, paper, scissors mini-game is kept almost as it was originally but has been balanced so that the frequency of girls cheating is not so abusive.
  • Added gifts to craft: Visit Mona, Glenda, and Tali to craft them. Feel free to craft the ducky toy to increase the girls’ mood points cap.
  • The girls’ mood is set to half by default to prevent them from getting angry as soon as you load the game.
  • If you start a game from scratch, Yuna will never get angry until you meet Mona and Glenda.
  • Added 2 achievements.
  • Added +15 unlockable options in the Bravery shop.


  • Added 4 repeatable pee events in the Bravery shop.
  • Added 2 unlockable options in the Bravery shop related to feet (images).

Ancestral Hearts: Preview (hard mode only)

  • Added a preview of this new feature. Finish the main quests in this version to unlock the chance to get Heart Shards when facing the peculiar Moonstars.
  • Meet the requirements and forge this ancestral Heart with exclusive benefits!

LA’s short Game
Welcome to LA’s first-anniversary short game!
It’s a short game in which you can do the following things with Lisapi, Tali, Glenda, and Yuna:

  • Pose in her underwear.
  • Pose naked.
  • A quickie.
  • With Glenda, there is an extra option (pee and feet).

Each girl except Lisapi has a little dedication to the Kings according to their favorite girl.


Well, well, what do we have here? Yes, a bugfixes version. I was going to let it go until the next version as it “only” affected Maria but after some research, it turns out that it affects Myra, Maria, and Tali. More in detail:
– If you start a new game, save, load… The calculation for the trust points you get with the above-mentioned girls goes crazy and gives you negative trust and it turns out that it never adds up to trust. It would be “nothing” if it wasn’t that you need to level up Tali and Myra to a certain level in order to continue the story so it’s a pretty critical bug.
– I’ve taken the chance to update the changelog and add some revisions I was making to Anna’s level 3 and Mara’s level 2 (dialogues).
– Now to avoid confusion, when Lisapi tells you that you have to unlock a new job, she reminds you to do it through the perks.
NOTE: If you started a new game and saved… that game is broken and you have to download this version. If you haven’t played the new intro and don’t plan to do so until future versions, you don’t need to download it.


Changelog v0.8.5


Welcome to the new intro! A much more fluid and dynamic introduction.

OLD INTRO (renders remains unchanged)

  • When your mark awakes and you meet Lisapi.
  • When you meet Maria, Yuna, and you move to the Manor.


  • It introduces the world of LA and all the plot in a different way respecting the original plot.
  • The “show” between me and Lisapi has been deleted.
  • Changed the way the name, profession, and difficulty are chosen.
  • Now Lisapi is given a little more mystery through dreams.
  • You no longer start with 50/0 gold depending on difficulty. During the intro, you can earn an unspecified amount of money (RNG).
  • During the intro, there is a dynamic tutorial on exploratory vision (context is given to this “power”) and gathering in the forest.
  • Introduced a new system: Some actions give rewards (stats increase).
  • Added more interaction with Patricia in order to get to know her better before moving to Gold Valley, including spicy content.


90% of the dialogues have been rewritten and the remaining 10% revised:

  • The introduction.
  • First hours of play. < Note: Some dialogues still need to be revised in depth in order to have “perfect” English.


Welcome to the new look of LA!

90% of the game icons have been replaced. The remaining 10% have been retextured.


From now on you will have at your disposal a backpack to control the amount of materials/items you have with a single click.


In the backpack, you can choose your favourite girl to have a summary of her tasks, stats and you will be able to know where she is at all times.

After choosing, click on “location” to go to where she is.


From now on you will be able to make your adventure much easier thanks to the perks system. Gather the requirements and get great benefits!


With the new perks, you have the possibility to unlock different crafting with the following girls: Mona, Glenda, and Maria.

Glenda: Carpentry
Mona: Tailoring
Maria: Painting

Each girl will help you to craft unique items!


Complete the quest “The Storm” and “First Contact” to unlock this new feature.

Find out what happened at Moon Lake and you’ll have the chance to adopt your first Moonstar, so choose wisely!


Alongside these new mystical creatures, you can help Yuna to gather information and learn more about the Moonstars, including spicy backgrounds!


After finishing the quest “First Contact” you will have the chance to face these mystical creatures that have been corrupted, don’t waste your time and purify them all!


From now on you will be able to unlock three new mini-games related to the following jobs: Tailor (Mona), Lumberjack (Glenda), Waiter (Arwen).

Complete these mini-games to get extra money and materials!


Explore this location and its three zones in search of different basic materials!

In order to explore this area, you need to have unlocked Glenda and access it from Lumber Mt.


Check out the new look of the stats section.

You will now be able to see the description of the specialization passives at any time without having to wait until you are at the required level.

New caps

  • Arwen: Lvl 5
  • Glenda: Lvl 7
  • Suna: Lvl 3
  • All your stats: 40
  • Specialization: Lvl 25
  • Moon essence: 50


  • Added 2 new main quests
  • The quest “New home” has been modified a bit to make it make more sense and now works a bit like a tutorial: You will now have to spend time with Yuna at least 3 times, raise her trust to level 2, complete her task, and sleep at night. Additionally, you can explore the Manor (to find Yuna’s achievement) and bathe. At night you will have a dialogue with yourself and it will lead to the next part of the quest where you must go to the Refuge and talk to Maria.


  • Added the first step in “How to train your Moonstar”.
  • Added a total of 10 Moonstars to the compendium (6 main, 4 wild).


  • New secondary girl is available.
  • Added 3 achievements.
  • Added the first tools: Axe, Backpack, Potion Holder.
  • Added rarities to items: Basic (white), Normal (green), and Rare (blue).
  • Added a total of 10 new materials.
  • New features and QoL (interface) to make your adventure easier.
  • Added new sfx for minigames, crafting system, and other menus.
  • Due to all the new materials added and the new area to collect materials, the amount you get in the jobs has been balanced.
  • The gold you get in all jobs and mini-games has been adjusted.
  • The amount of materials and gold required to build the tavern and alchemy shop have been lowered significantly.
  • New places to explore in Gold Valley.
  • From now on, if you do not have the feet fetish enabled, cards related to this fetish will be displayed with a warning and will not be shown.
  • Related to the previous point, from now on all fun options with girls related to feet will have a distinctive icon.
  • Job points have been removed and replaced with perks. You will have to unlock the jobs again (for free if you have already unlocked them).
  • Glenda, Mona, Mabel, Anna, Yuna, and Mara should now give you proof of trust at every level instead of every two levels.
  • Added new Patreon code to replace the current one.


Added feet backgrounds for Moonstars and Lisapi in the specialization section.


  • Everything was reported in the beta and EA.
  • The day system should now work correctly in any game.
  • Set the day to Monday 8th to balance the calendar.
  • The problem with overleveling girls is checked and fixed. If you decided to overlevel a girl voluntarily before 0.7.2 you must load a previous game where the girl is not overleveled or start a new game.

Hello darkness my old friend… 5am uploading a bugfixes version, yes.

After several reports I have decided to thoroughly investigate a game-breaking bug that I thought was a random bug from some save-file that for some reason had some variable bugged, I was very wrong.

All this is caused by the big change I have made in this version: The new experience table.

I spent several days checking everything to make sure it all worked correctly. I didn’t take into account a very silly detail that has broken the game (it only affects Yuna).

Changelog v0.7.1

  • Yuna no longer breaks main quests at the start of a game (trust level 5 or lower).
  • Added a barrier so that girls don’t level up when choosing options that add trust during dialogues. This mechanic now applies correctly as it was originally meant to be used to gain points in case you choose a bad option.
  • Instead, if you always choose the right options, the stat (trust) will stay at X/X without over-leveling or leveling up.
  • To level up (for example being 3/3) you simply spend time with the girl once and she will level up.
  • This only affects players who started a new game or have Yuna at lvl trust -5 or have not yet completed the main quest “The Awakening”, right after Mara moves in with you.
  • If you are just on the quest that asks you to level Yuna to level 5, loading the game should solve the problem.
  • If you have just started playing the game, it would be advisable to start a new game just in case.
  • If you have Yuna at lvl 5 but have not yet reached the quest that asks you to level her to lvl 5, continue the story, and when it asks you to level her to level 5, save -> load. That should fix the problem.
  • Also, I recommend that everyone who is not on endcontent download the bugfixes.

There is a known bug: Sometimes after a bad decision, in the girl’s panel, the exp is negative because it doesn’t update for some reason that I have to investigate (it should show 0/X). It’s a visual bug since she actually has 0 experience and when spending time with the girl the value is updated.

I’m really sorry and thanks for your understanding.

Note: To know the changes of this version, read the changelog of v0.7 ingame .


Changelog 0.7.0

New caps

  • Maria/Tali: Lvl 5 (all stats)
  • Gold: 10000
  • Flowers: 300
  • Potions: 5 (see below)
  • Affinity: 15


  • Added 2 new main quests

Rework: Presplash

  • The images of the previous versions have been removed (Lisapi + weird sounds warning).
  • Instead, there is one of Lisapi warning about 18+.
  • From now on the main language of the game is English.
  • If you want to play in Spanish you will have to use the new button in the main menu to change the language. It works the same as before but it has been changed to a new place and to an icon instead of two options.

Rework: Achievements

  • The achievements section has been remodeled and adapted to the current interface.
  • The way to navigate has changed.
  • Temporarily the achievements will only be available in English.
  • All achievement sections now add up to the total achievements, except for the “community” section which still has a separate counter.

Balanced: Girls’ experience table

  • The experience table of all girls’ stats has been balanced. From now on they require less experience but at each new level, the experience will return to 0.
  • The experience requirement of the stats has been adapted according to the personality of the girls. For example, Yuna requires the least experience in all stats.

New crafting: Potions

  • As a consequence of the new experience table, from now on, Tali makes her knowledge of alchemy available for you to craft different potions: Comfort, Passion, and Lust Potion.
  • Each potion grants experience in a certain stat depending on the potion you craft. Craft a potion, give it to a girl and she’ll gain experience!

New feature: Exploratory vision

  • From now on you will have a new icon (triangle) at your disposal.
  • This icon can be used to see for a few seconds the objects you can interact with. Exploratory vision has two upgrades (talk to Lisapi to know the requirements).
  • With the first upgrade, you will be able to see the exploration achievements of any location if there are any.
  • The second upgrade will make your life more comfortable as you will see the exploration achievements by simply visiting the location without needing to activate the vision.

Animated locations and interactions

  • Your room has been animated at night/midnight.

From now on there is a possibility for the sky to change (any time of the day) in the following rooms:

  • Your room.
  • Tali and Maria’s room.


  • Added 2 achievements.
  • General QoL (interface).
  • From now on when you spend time with Yuna, Anna or Mara there is a 50% chance to obtain love points (requirement: Be your girlfriends).
  • The base amount of gold and materials in all jobs has been increased.
  • The base amount of investments has been increased. Note: For this to be effective you must cancel all investments and invest again.


  • Added an achievement.
  • Redone the image of the achievement “Socks party”.


  • Added an achievement.


  • All were reported and found in the previous version.


New caps

Alina/Myra: Lvl 5 (all the stats)


Added three new main quests

NEW INTERACTIONS (girls’ rooms + Lisapi)

From now on when entering the girls’ rooms there is a new transition. You no longer need to associate carpets with the girls! Just interact with the door to find out who the room belongs to!


Note: The panels change according to the trust and sexiness of each girl.



The Gold Valley map has been redesigned and new functionalities have been added!


Finish the quest “Fast as light” to unlock fast travel. This will allow you to go anywhere in Gold Valley with just one click!

New animated places

Hot springs (all times of the day).

The bath part of the refuge.

Train lust power: Rescued girls

From now on you can train with the rescued girls! Limited to once a day with each of them, you can get 3 points in total per day with them.

Place unlocked: Alina/Myra’s room in the morning

Complete the quest “it’s not what it looks like” to unlock the access to their room in the morning!

From now on you will be able to spend time with them in the morning.


From now on it’s possible to see the paintings in the management room and in Maria’s room!

Separate fetish: Feet

From the quest “It’s not what it looks like” Lisapi will let you know if you want to enable this new fetish or disable it. The reason for separating this fetish is the same as pee: To give more freedom in adding content related to this fetish. If you disable it you won’t see anything related to feet (extra content) and if there is any event or quest related to feet Lisapi will warn you to go directly to the end.

Note: Repeatable events will be unlocked anyway as they allow you to earn points in different stats at different times of the day.


  • Added 2 new achievements
  • QoL in general (interface)
  • Removed the code “IMAPUSSY”. From now on talk to Lisapi to activate the code (infinite uses). Added a new consequence every time you use it. Note: patrons should continue to use the code without consequences.
  • The 100 patrons painting is available! Talk to Lisapi -> Special -> see the painting. You will see the painting + a short dialogue.
  • Changed some transitions during the intro and during some quests (new ones added)
  • Revised all dialogues and applied all the corresponding corrections
  • Redone the part when you meet Yuna (renders)


  • Added an exclusive Myra panel when you visit her at night (door interaction).


  • Everything was reported during the BETA + EAs.


– Yuna: Lvl 6 (all the stats)
– Anna and Mara: Lvl 7 (all the stats)
– Affinity points: 15 (see below)
– Added two main quests (related directly to girls trust)
– Added a biography section to have more space to add more details about the girls.
– Added details about all the girls. More details will be added as requirements are met.
– From now on as you create a closer bond with girls through their trust levels, girls will confess their love for you and become your girlfriends.
– Consequently, you will be able to choose an extra bonus point.
– Additionally, they will call you in an affectionate way whenever you spend time with them and on their levels.
– From now on, every time a girl confesses her love for you and becomes your girlfriend, you unlock the option to sleep with the girls in their rooms.
– When you sleep with the girls, you will wake up in their room. If you sleep with them naked, they will say good morning to you in a special way.
– Would you like to know more about your favorite girl? Now you can!
– Raise Yuna’s love level to 6 and unlock a new task: Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Yuna.
– After completing the task, you will unlock this new mini-game for Yuna, Mara, and Anna, but be careful! The girls will try to cheat so you won’t win so easily.
Note: In order to play with Anna and Mara you have to meet certain requirements in their love and trust stats. Play with them when they are in their rooms and gain affinity points. AFFINITY POINTS
– From now on you can get to know more details about the girls thanks to affinity points. Gain enough points and learn new things about them!
– Welcome to seasons in LA! From now on the day system has changed a bit:
– It will now be divided into seasons (4) with 28 days long each one. Now the day counter will only show the days of that season and not the total number of days.
– You can see the birthday of the girls and weekend events. Note: Currently it has no further use but it is to have all the seasonal events and other events in general ready to go in the future.
– Added 3 new achievements –
QoL in general (interface)
– Added flower investment
– Added affinity points to “IMAPUSSY” code
– Added a new consequence to the “IMAPUSSY” code (irreversible!)
– Changed the amount of random materials you receive (5-10).
– Reworked some renders of Mabel in the intro and when you meet her in the central plaza.
– Reworked all the renders of Maria in the first quests.
– Because now the interface is more intuitive in general I decided to remove Lisapi’s tutorial.
– Due to some problems in both languages I have temporarily disabled the color change in Mara and Tali’s menus.
Everything was reported during the beta + EAs.


New caps

New main girls: Lvl 3

Lust power: 25 points



Two new girls (see below)


Added three new main quests


Added a new material:

  • Flowers

Crafting system

Added crafting system for alchemy! Unlock the new girl, spend time with her to teach you how to collect flowers and craft toys for your girls!


Talk to the girls at a certain time of the day with them (in their room) to see the new option.

Thanks to alchemy, you can now make three types of toys: green, pink and blue.

You can give any toy to any girl (ininite times), but they have their favourite…

Discover their favourite and you will be rewarded with 5 sexiness points and unlock the option to watch them use their favourite toy!

Events available (limited to 1 per girl):

  • Yuna
  • Anna
  • Mara

Toys cap:

  • You can have a maximum of 5 of each color

Girls you can give toys to:

  • All the main girls (including the new ones) with the exception of Alina and Myra

New interface

From now on everything will be more intuitive.

New backgrounds interface (girls)

Now the cards will change according to the level of trust and sexiness (in case of secondary girls only trust). Spend time with the girls and discover the different card types!

Did you get lost? Don’t worry, from now on every time you go somewhere the name of the place will appear for a few seconds!


  • Added 7 new achievements
  • New location: The old alchemy shop
  • Changed 95% of icons to HD quality
  • QoL in general (interface)
  • Added dirty talk for new girls, Mara, Anna and Yuna in their repeatable events. It’s based on their sexiness level, so the higher it is the naughtier they will be!
  • Removed old Patreon codes.

Pee fetish

  • Added new girls in the bathroom.
  • Added achievements section exclusive to this fetish
  • Added the first two achievements (exploration)
  • Added a pee counter for all girls (sex adventures)

Bug fixes

All reported during the beta + EA.

New main girls

Meet Talibah, a desert cat girl who dedicates her life to alchemy! Restore the alchemy store and Tali will join your harem (main quest)!

Meet Maria… who doesn’t know Maria? Complete the quest “Maria’s Promise” and find out for yourself what happens…


New caps

  • New main girls: Lvl 3
  • Sara: Lvl 5
  • Stats: 20 points



  • New two girls (see below)
  • Added sexiness background for each girl


  • New secondary girl: Arwen (see below)
  • Added the backgrounds corresponding to each level of the secondary girl.


  • Added two new main quests


Added the first two materials:

  • Fabric
  • Log

Building system

  • Added the building system! From now on you will be able to build (according to the story), upgrade and invest in different buildings in Gold Valley!


  • Added class specializations! Complete the task that Maria has prepared for you and get your new specialization!
  • From now on, jobs will give you experience instead of points and it will be a level system (short levels)
  • You will be able to unlock a new passive every few levels
  • Exclusive passives according to your specialization


Added the first minigame! Play “strip twenty-one” with the mysterious girl in the tavern. Win gold and make her strip! It’s a win-win!
Note: In the future the cards will be customizable and you will be able to play against your favorite girls.


  • Changed the place to check your rank and the whole interface.
  • Now there is a tower icon in the icon menu. From there you can check your proof of trust and your rank!

Lust power

  • If you get 15 points you will be able to see the secondary girls in their underwear
  • If you get 20 points, you will be able to see the girls of the tavern + secondary naked


  • Added 9 new achievements
  • New location: The gold Town tavern
  • Minor interface changes
  • Reworked some animations of the secondary girls
  • Now the quests that ask to sleep at night, can be at night or latenight.
  • No love backgrounds have been added to the new main girls. The bg system is going to change and I’m leaving it ready.
  • Small change in the questlog (visual)
  • Now you can open and close history with “Z”
  • Added a small save icon next to the gold/materials icon


  • Revised the intro dialogues. Removed some redundant dialogues that are explained later in the story
  • Removed some (few) unnecessary dialogues for the plot of the story
  • Redone all the renders of the meeting with Lisapi and Aynia. Now the general scene is more fluid both in dialogues and renders level

Duration: 30-45min (will increase or decrease depending on your reading speed).

Intro summary

  • A summary of the intro has been made with the most important factors/plot and the main characters of the story

Duration: 10-15min (will increase or decrease depending on your reading speed)


  • Added extra option
  • Added 2 achievements


  • Made several pending changes: Textbox is now more transparent, menus look correct and minor changes to the interface


  • Added feet fetish

Added the first “phases” of the pee fetish:

  • Lisapi will ask you if you want to enable the content of this fetish or not right when the fetish is introduced

Bug fixes

  • All bugs found and reported during the first EA

New main girls*

Meet Myra and Alina, the cursed “twins”. Restore the tavern and meet these two peculiar girls who will move in with you!
New secondary girl
Meet Arwen, the head waitress of the tavern. Restore the tavern and work with her as a waiter!

*Extra note: As I have been doing with the new girls, I must make a disclaimer and clarify that the “twins” are not blood twins… they are neither the same age nor belong to the same family, etc. You will know their whole story when you meet them!


New caps

  • Main girls: Lvl 5
  • Secondary girls: Lvl 5
  • Stats and professions: 15 points (strength and dexterity 20 points)



  • Added a new background for sexiness stat to each girl
  • Added a new extra background for Mara (sexiness)
  • Now you can choose a background and it will be permanently changed every time you enter the girl’s panel (until you change it manually)


  • New secondary girl: Sara (see below)
  • Added the corresponding backgrounds for each level of the secondary girls


  • Added a new main quest
  • Added a new rank quest
  • Added the first side quest (unlocked upon completion of the new rank quest)


  • New stat: Lust power (cap points: 10)
  • Added 13 new achievements
  • Minor interface changes
  • Reworked how backgrounds work
  • Now you can sleep whenever you want
  • Removed the rank of all the main girls (trust). The utility that was going to have is complemented with the rest of the stats
  • Removed the backgrounds of the main girls (trust). They will be replaced by backgrounds with the outfits that the girls will be able to get/buy (future content)
  • From now, new quests will no longer have optional objectives. Note: In the future there will be quests with optional objectives but with some kind of extra reward.
  • Enabled romantic and dirty talk: From now, when you reach a certain level of sexiness and love with girls, some dialogs will change! This will be reflected in text with different color (according to stat). NOTE: At the moment it’s only implemented in Anna’s level 5 but it’s planned to be gradually implemented for all girls in their levels and repeatable.
  • Now the sound of the doors inside the manor should only sound once (when entering for the first time and not at every interaction inside the rooms)
  • Now you can close any menu/screen with a right click!
  • Some interface changes
  • Added a changelog button on the home screen.
  • Now you can go to your room at any time thanks to the icon next to the skip time icon
  • Additionally, you can go to your room directly from the map
  • Added to the patrons in the board of your room (your room -> closets -> board)
  • Some interface changes
  • Added a changelog button on the home screen
  • Now you can go to your room at any time thanks to the icon next to the skip time icon
  • Additionally, you can go to your room directly from the map
  • Added to the patrons in the board of your room (your room -> closets -> board)
  • I keep checking the broken English/Engrish


  • Added 2 new achievements
  • Added 2 new options with Lisapi (unlocked during the new quest)
  • From now, every time you are in your room, the save menu should open by default instead of the load menu.
  • Solved the problem of missing backgrounds


  • Revised some broken English (very broken).
  • Working with the proofreader to improve the grammar of the introduction
  • Changed some words so that they are correctly understood in English
  • Now tailoring should give the benefit correctly (gave extra trust points instead of extra gold)
  • Now the rank benefits should be displayed correctly
  • For some reason, sometimes the menus font didn’t correspond with the general text, now should be displayed correctly
  • Now when you reach Mara level 3 (trust) the correct amount of experience should be displayed
  • If you play in hardmode and decide to load a normal mode game, now the rollback and save option should be activated correctly.
  • Fixed all the bugs found in the first EA.

New secondary girl

Meet Sara, a new girl you will be able to meet and spend time with once you finish the side quest!

v0.1.1 bugfixes

After the weekend reviewing bugs that you have been reporting to me, I have been doing some fixes.
– The quest log should no longer crash the game in the last parts of the main quest.
– If you decide to turn around when you meet Anna and she’s changing clothes, it no longer returns you to the main screen.
– Changed some words and phrases to make them more understandable in English.
– No more “FOR the gods”.
– Changed some words that were misspelled in the intro (no more broken English, or it shouldn’t).
– Changed some profession words to their correct word.
Thanks to all for the reports! More news about the next version soon!

v0.1.0 release

Developer Notes:

If you are worried about those “cursed” categories or no-no for you… Don’t worry!
Things that will NEVER be included in any project:
❌ Cuck(insert category here)
❌ No other men sex involved
❌ No infidelity/adultery (I know, it’s the same as NTR, just to make it clear)
❌ No rape
❌ No mind control/corruption
❌ No futa
No Bestiality
Handholding (in love stat) and handholding sex will be added (how dare you!)

All the content is and will be vanilla with a mix of love, harem love, kink and fun! And most important of all, any perversion will be consented by the girls and you, no forcing or manipulating. So don’t worry, Lust Age (or any future projects) are far from those kinds of categories***

***Please, I respect all men of culture, but those categories are not my cup of tea.

I removed the humiliation tag and the “other extreme fetishes” tag.

Why? Are you going to include humiliation from now?
Not really, but as you know some girls are dominant and every time I think of new scenes, it brings me headaches to do it in a way that there is no possibility that someone might consider it a humiliation and decide to make reference to the tag. You know that LA follows and will follow the wholesome line but with a lot of naughty things. In this case, I want to clarify that in general, there will be scenes where there will be domination by the girls or maybe by the MC.
This you should already know as it’s included in the tags and will be skippable and soft. The same will go for anything related to pee and anything that might be considered not to everyone’s taste.

This comes after several conversations about what can be considered humiliation and what not. My final conclusion, is that it depends on the person who sees it. In my case as a player, I am very “demanding” and “picky” that at the slightest sign of something I don’t like, I discard the game 100% (with small exceptions). So this is what will happen with LA, I will be picky about everything that can be considered out of the ordinary. But I insist, I will always keep the same wholesome line.

But now that I am going to add the feet fetish for example, I have started to think of ideas and 50% of them contain something that could be considered humiliation for certain people (feet-lick to give an example). So before I keep giving myself headaches and endlessly debating with myself whether or not it can be considered something humiliating, I will add some of those ideas that I discarded, but following the line that LA follows. My idea with any content is that it should be kinky but with humor, wholesome and hot. Either with normal, hentai or brazzers logic.

So I will put pee, domination and “humiliation” in the same bag:

  • They will be skippable or optional for whoever may consider it unsuitable for their preferences.
  • It will never go to any extreme or hardcore situation.
  • I will always take care to keep myself within limits.
  • Anything will always be consented by the participants.
  • There will always be a little “plot twist” in the scene to finally end in something naughty and with all participants enjoying and giving pleasure among all. The plot twist will always follow a hentai logic without being absurd.
  • If I come up with achievements for these things, I will put it in a different and hidden category that you will only be able to see if you give your consent to Lisapi.
  • Most important of all: It will always be soft stuff.
  • I insist again as a last point: If I’m not able to make a scene wholesome, I’ll discard it and think of something else. Spanking? That might be fun. Drinking “girl beer”? sip (just kidding). Treating a girl like a whore/object? ❌

Here, consent, respect and love for each other comes first!
Why explain all this? Well, in case someone may have doubts about why during the game there are some warnings of this kind. So if someone has doubts, here is the explanation in detail of what is ingame, where are the limits and what you can expect in the future.

Main no adult categories included:
Leveling system (girls)
Stats (class/professions)
And more!

Main adult categories included:
Listed above
Pervert girls (everywhere)

And more will be included in the future (you can go to my Patreon or Discord if you want to know more details about features and fetishes)!

Hello dear F95 community. This is my first version (hopefully of many) of Lust Age.
It has taken me months of work to have a first version finished and sincerely, I never expected that becoming a developer would require so much effort and hours of work… So if you are a developer and you read this message, you have my respects.

I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Lust Age, I have a lot of plans and ideas.
I’m also a little nervous about this first release…. I’ve checked and replayed I don’t know how many times to make sure everything is stable (obviously sure there are typos I’ve overlooked). I just hope that now people who download it will be able to play without problems… Every computer is different.

I really appreciate the help provided here in the developers section. I haven’t opened any topic because all my doubts had already been asked by someone else before, fortunately for me.

You can ask me any question here or in my Discord, wherever you prefer.
If you find any bug or serious spelling mistake, please, post it here or in my Discord in the bugs channel.

Any criticism will be welcome. But please: If you take your time to play and test the game and finally you don’t like it, don’t comment/review “I don’t like it”, “the story is… meh”. I would appreciate if you also take your time to write a comment or a review, I will take the time to answer you and take note. So, maybe you don’t like this version, but thanks to your feedback, maybe you will like the next one.
Although I have the final say on the decisions of the project, I want to hear from anyone who has something to say about Lust Age and what can be improved or included.

Others: How to play on Android

LA’s short Game

Others: ANDROID*

* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.















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