[Ren’Py] Lust Hunter [v0.5.5] [Lust Madness]



The world was full of lusts, everyone had sex until the witches came and took all the lust for themselves. You need to fill all beings with lust and exorcise witches.

Open world map:
There is no more small map. Now the location is huge, and it will be constantly updated. The location with which you can interact is in the center, from which you can go to neighboring locations. A system of camps will be used to quickly move around the world. When you find a new camp, you have the opportunity to immediately move to it. There is only one camp in the first version of the game.
You can take quests to get coins. You can take an unlimited number of quests available to you. The quest ends right on the map, you must click on the flashing quest and click сcompleted.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-30
Release Date: 2022-06-28
Developer: Lust Madness Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.5
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English

2d game, 3dcg, advenrure, animated, fantasy, RPG, dom/sub, female protagonist, male protagonist, futa/trans protagonist, monster, monster girl, crafting, sandbox,
vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, footjob, scissors, titsjob, anal fisting, vaginal fisting, deepthroat, handjob, prostitution, swallowed cum, cunnilingus, anilingus,lesbian, gay, cum on face, cum on tits, cum on abdomen, squirted, card battles


1. Extract and run.


2 new bonus outfits for futa, realfuta, female, and male in patrons church
16 new animations:
4 animations for male vs male
3 animtaions for female
9 animations for futa and real futa
Now you can sell all you items in the shop
Improvement sell interface added slider bar
Now you can use combo from combo list without drag and drop
Many UI improvement
Bugfix with seduce increase
Bugfix with calculate relationship points
Some other bugfixes that I don’t remember anymore

New gender of exist enemy Orc’s Futa
27 new animations:
5 animations for male
9 animtaions for female
13 animations for futa and real futa
Added auto-save option. The game is saved automatically in battle and after completing quests
1 new quest in the tavern
Ready to complete are displayed at the top of the list of quests
Increase game stability
Bugfix with ingame counters
Bugfix with quest 42
Small bugfixes

17 animations for male
3 animations for futa and real futa
1 new quest by Mirana
You can now save up to 5 decks of cards.
4 new enemies can be caught and imprisoned (satyr female, futa and male, muscular futa)
Bugfix with Hunting and Catcheing quests
Small bugfixes

New story-eventwith NPC from Shop place
You can invite a new NPC into your home
12 new animations:
6 animations for futa and real futa
6 animations for male
2 new costumes for female, futa, real futa and male (for Hunter 3 tier inly)
Bugfix with some clothes
Bugfix with quest 44

New relationship with NPC from Shop place
Ingame Knowledge test
14 new animations fro female, futa and realfuta
Improve card attack in combat when enemy have invicible
Bugfix with animations ralfuta and Mirana at home
Bugfix with realfuta kam
Bugfix with servants enemy doesn’t die
Bugfix with quest #14
Something small bugfix

New playable character: Real Futa
34 new animations:
21 remaking animations for real futa
9 for futa
2 for female
2 for male
3 new quests in the tavern
Now show Enemies drop in the enemy desc
Fix Droprate and balance
Something bugfix

14 new animations:
10 for futa
3 for female
1 for male
New everymonth outfits for Hunter 3 tier
New gender of exist enemy – muscular futa
New dance animations for Mirana in the home
Ability to discard items in the inventory
buggfix with prison for several players
bugfix with lost special items (frozen slime key is return)
bugfix issue with full inventory

13 new animations for male
6 for futa enemy
6 for female enemy
1 for male enemy (gay)
New event for Mirana! Small story with several animations
New home place – bed
7 new animations with Mirana on home bed
Now save is available for all players
Ability to separate items in the home chest

New realationship system! Interact with the NPC!
New ability – oil body (use Oil for this)
New Kams: kam inside ass and kam on foot
20 new animations!
13 new animations for futa
7 new animations for female
Bug fix with door for Cheer Cliff location
Bug fix with public hair view
Some more bug fixes

New enemies Harpy (female and futa) with animations
24 new animations!
9 new animations for female
9 new animations for futa
6 new animations for male
New outfits for female, futa and male
New big locations SHeer cliffs
2 new quests in the Tavern
New items
Minor interface improvements
Bug fix with the display of genitals for female
Bug fix with access to town square events
Bugfix for coins event in town square
I did something else but already forgot what

v0.4.5 $5 Tier
12 new animations!
4 new animations for female
8 new animations for futa
New kam types (kam inside mouth and kam inside pussy) for all enemies
New kam scenes
Fixed bug with page number in Gaffer Choo quests in the Tavern
Fixed bug with animations in prison for nymph female


  • 28 new animations!
  • 16 new animations for female (14 female vs futa, 2 female vs female)
  • 9 new animations for futa (9 futa vs futa)
  • 3 new animations for male (3 male vs female)
  • There are 219 animations in total in the game!
  • Fix bug with Orc male spawning if only female enemies were selected
  • Fixed bug with wrong animations with Satyr female for male lick


  • Big Upgraded map navigations. Now you will always be where to complete the quest.
  • Added many in-game tutorials.
  • Added 2 cloth for female and futa and 3 cloth for male (For Hunter 3 tier or higher)
  • 2 new animation for female/futa for Satyr futa
  • 1 new animations for futa and flydick queen futa
  • 2 new high framerate animation for female/futa for Satyr futa
  • 2 new animations for male (satyr futa and flydick queen futa)
  • Added display of your Hunter Rank
  • Fixed a bug with events in the village square
  • Fixed a bug with the inability to complete the completed quest

v0.4.0 Public

  • New fullbody latex suit for female and futa
  • Tons of new body hair customizations in tavern
  • New animations for futa and male enemy
  • 1 new gatchering quest in tavern
  • 1 new item
  • New dialogs with enemy after battles
  • Bugfix with dissapier items when inventory overflow
  • Bugfix with inventory overflow
  • Bugfix with shop in android version

v0.3.9 Public

  • New NPC in the Tavern! Rat Haircutter
  • Now the barbershop isn’t in the Church of patrons, but in the Tavern
  • Added the ability to wear hair and beard at the same time for male
  • Added ability to change color with some hairstyle
  • Added 4 new hairstyle with different colors
  • Improved some hairstyles.
  • Added 4 new clothes (2 for female/futa and 2 for male)
  • Some hairstyles have become public, some hairstyles are only available for patrons.
  • Bugfix with apply strenght bonus in a battle


  • 4 pieces new clothes for male (Santa suit) in Patrons Church
  • New items in the store. You can buy and unlock recipes in the combo list!
  • New animations for open golden chest
  • The Christmas quest has been improved for male and futa
  • New beard for male in Patrons Church
  • 1 new presents suit for female, male and futa
  • Add new navigation menu options in patrons church
  • Big bugfix with Slaying type quest. Now the counter of enemies isn’t reset when leaving the location.
  • Bugfix with mirana battles
  • Bugfix for Massblow and other cards that deal damage to multiple enemies
  • Bugfix for Cards that deal damage and get armor at the same time

v0.3.7 Public

  • New big locations: Snow Forest
  • New enemy SnowMan
  • 3 new animations with snowman
  • 2 new combo for crafting
  • 7 new items
  • 2 new outfits (8 clothes part) in Patrons Church
  • 3 new quests in the Tavern (2 by Gaffer Choo and 1 by Mirana)
  • You can build a Snow man everywhere like a bear trap!
  • The system for sorting clothes in the wardrobe has been improved
  • Improved the dialogue with the Nun in the Patrons Church
  • Now quests in the quest list can be hidde

v0.3.6 Public

  • 22 remaded animations for Nymph
  • New types of clothing – battplag
  • Added 1 new battplag with stamina ability
  • New show butt button in home wardrobe place
  • Bugfix with hairstyle list in Patrons Church
  • Fixing the problem with the game freezing after auth
  • Bugfix issue

v0.3.5 Public

  • 20 remaded animations for Forest Fairy
  • 1 new Animation for forest fairy for futa
  • 2 new Animation for Female Orc (for female and futa)
  • New pathfound path type
  • New suit raised HP by 200 for female, futa and male
  • Bugfix with door in forest location
  • Bugfix with muscular female Grid overfull issue
  • Bugfix with nymph animation missing error

v0.3.4 Public
14 remaded animations for Satyr male
2 new outfit in patrons church
1 new quest in the tavern
New modifiers for clothing
Added ingame changelog version
Bugfix with mushroomqueen quest

v0.3.3 Public

  • 24 remaded animations for Satyr male
  • 2 new outfit
  • 13 new cloth for female and futa
  • New sort in home wardrobe
  • Bugfix with turn issue
  • Bugfix

v0.3.2 Public

  • New enemy – Dom widow
  • 3 new animations for dom widow
  • 22 remaded animations for Muscular female
  • 1 new quest
  • 2 new locations
  • Unique battle with a new enemy
  • New items
  • Bugfix with some cloth
  • Bugfix with locations

v0.3.1 Public

  • New NPC – Lumberjack
  • 2 new quests
  • Beard for male
  • 1 new locations with animations
  • New feature with dynamic change of the landscape in the location
  • 6 new outfit (october bonus for Hunter 3 tier or higher)
  • New location selection menu
  • New modifiers for clothing (+40hp and +50%gold)
  • bugfix with sound

v0.3.0 Public

  • New enemy Nymph futa
  • 4 new animations (1 for male, 1 for female and 2 for futa)
  • 3 new high frame animations in prison for nymph futa
  • 3 New outfit
  • 10 new cards for battle
  • Now you can by new cards from Mirana in the village tavern.
  • New cards type – passive cards
  • Cards sorting, minor improves and something else
  • Bugfix with orc female

v0.2.9 Public

  • New enemy! Slimegirl
  • 6 new animations (2 for male, 2 for female and 2 for futa)
  • 4 New quests! Slay slimegirl and upper your HR
  • 11 new outfits (in patron church)
  • 3 new place in Mysterious cave location
  • 5 new items
  • 2 new sex skills
  • Slightly adjusted the balance of the cards
  • Bugfix Quest (slay 15 flydick)
  • Small improvement

v0.2.8 Public
New enemy! Mushroom queen futa
5 new animations (1 for male, 1 for female and 3 for futa)
New hair!
New clothes (Tifa’s boots)
New statistics! Now you can see the number of available animations in the game, as well as the number of open animations for each enemy, and the number of times they have been used.
Bugfix (prison)
Bugfix (with enter to patrons church, need re-auth)

v0.2.7 Public
Added preview in the clothes shop!
13 new clothes (4 for male, 9 for female and futa)
New clothes abilities
Now enemies can strip you in battleNow, when changing sex in the church of patrons, you do not lose skills
Bugfix and simple improvement

v0.2.6 Public

  • New biggest location: Cave Maze!
  • 5 new quests
  • 2 event in locations: Slut Statue and Wall of Whores
  • 6 new animations: 2 for female, 3 for futa ,3 for male
  • 1 new card
  • 10 new items
  • 1 new combo
  • 1 new hair
  • 4 new outfit for female and futa
  • The combat system has been improved, now you can fight against several enemies at the same time.
  • Bugfix and simple improvement

v0.2.5 Public
2 new futa enemy!
2 new animation futa with futa
5 new clothes
Unlocked all types for all playable characters! Now you can be dom for female and sub for male
1 new quest
1 new hair (redhead)

v0.2.4 Public

  • New created NPC system for Golden Hunters
  • 7 new part of clothes (1 for female, 1 for futa and 5 for male)
  • New sex animations with muscular female in prison
  • New place: King place. You will be able to talk to NPCs created by other players
  • compressed the game 3 times! 1.3 gb to 0.45gb
  • New report bug system
  • Bugfix

v0.2.3 Public

  • New enemy! Mushrooms Queen
  • New set clothes for patrons (Fatima set)
  • New sex animations for male, female and futa
  • New items
  • 2 new quests in tavern!
  • New location in Mystery cave
  • Bugfix (When you can’t take all items after battle)
  • Bugfix (tactics)

v0.2.2 Public

  • 7 new animations for male
  • New clothes for patrons
  • New special clothes only for Hunter 3 tier or higher (In patrons church)
  • Your hunter trophy in game
  • Bugfix (when you select without cam)

v0.2.1 Public

  • Use potions in a battle
  • New items
  • New combos
  • Adjust the balance of enemies! Smoother gradual increase in difficulty
  • 6 new clothing for male, female and futa
  • 1 New clothing for patrons only
  • New features in inventory. Stack items
  • Bugfix

v0.2.0 Public

  • Top patrons rating
  • New battle mode: CATCH enemy MODE
  • New location: Prison
  • 4 New quests in Tavern
  • 1 new Mirana’s quest (in Tavern)
  • New ability: build a beartrap in the map and increace your chance to catch enemy
  • 3 new sex animations in a prison (with Nymph)
  • New card: Catch card
  • Bugfix spam error
  • Many small changes


  • Top patrons rating
  • New battle mode: CATCH enemy MODE
  • New location: Prison
  • 4 New quests in Tavern
  • 1 new Mirana’s quest (in Tavern)
  • New ability: build a beartrap in the map and increace your chance to catch enemy
  • 3 new sex animations in a prison (with Nymph)
  • New card: Catch card
  • Bugfix spam error
  • Many small changes

v0.1.9 Public

  • Cum update! Now you can cum after the battle
  • New animations for Nymph and male
  • New exclusive clothing suits for Hunter 3 tier or higher
  • 96 new images with enemy cum
  • New clothing in a shop (Katarina’s set)
  • New item in the shop
  • New quest in a tavern
  • Invisible improvements to the game engine
  • A few small changes

v0.1.8 Public

  • MUSIC and SOUNDS everywhere
  • New NPC Rascal
  • 2 New quests in tavern and 1 mini quest with cloth seller
  • New location – Mysterious cave
  • New items
  • Fixed several bugs
  • A few small changes
  • Full save support from 0.1.4* version!

v0.1.7 Public

  • New playable character: MALE
  • New enemy FlydickQueen and Orc female
  • 16 new animation (with 3 gay animations [skippable])
  • Save game everywhere
  • Change gender in Patrons Church
  • 13 new male clothing
  • New function for Hunter 2 and hunter 3 tier
  • A few small changes
  • Full save support from 0.1.4* version!



  • 6 new animation(4 for female, 2 for futa)
  • New quest in Patron Church
  • New mini-event with herb-seller in shop
  • Added a map in locations. Now you know where you are.
  • 2 new items
  • 2 new combo
  • Bugs fixes
  • A few small changes
  • Full save support from 0.1.4* version!

In-game integration with patreon.
New enemy Satyr female
8 new animation(4 for female, 4 fo futa)
New urgent quest. Slay the Orc. You can increase the HR (Hunter rank)
Church patron code is no longer needed
Bugs fixes
A few small changes
Full save support from in 0.1.4* version!


  • New area in locations (Cave maze)
  • New town square system! Now events don’t disappear when you walk around the square.
  • New animated sex scene with Orc enemy
  • Now you can see the image of the enemy on the map.
  • Bug fixes when you complete a quest and the item does not disappear
  • Bugs fixed
  • A few small changes


  • 12 news areas in locations
  • 1 new quest (Follow the footsteps)
  • New cloth modifier system.
  • 45+ new cloth modifiers. Each item now has its own abilities
  • You can now remove cards!
  • You can now expand clothing!
  • New progressive scale for discovering sex with opponents
  • Town square temporarily unavailable
  • Now you see a img of the item when you gathering it
  • Bugs fixed
  • A few small changes


  • New areas in locations
  • New object Golden chest with cool reward
  • New secret area in cave
  • New quest with Muscular female
  • 22 new sex animations with Muscular female
  • A few small changes


  • Add new enemy icon
  • Fix red chest issue
  • Fix animations bug with dissapier body part
  • Fix battle with forest fairy. Now non-playable cards are removed from the deck after combat
  • Fix issue in Christmas event
  • Fix issue with last quests

Initial Release

Developer Notes:


  • 3 Playable character: male, female and futa
    12 enemies (3 male, 7 female, 2 futa)
    Card Battles with Enemy! Collect card and build your best deck
    Over 100 animations in a game!
    Dom/sub skills tree
    Over 25 quests in rpgm-like world
    Crafting. Over 40 items that you can combine and create new items
    Dozens of clothes you can wear however you like. Combine clothes to activate abilities
    Catch enemy mode! Put the enemy in jail and do what you want with him!
    Online Top player rating
  • Patrons Church code: 778899


Extras: Save ModPatreon Unlock Mod

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.
Thanks to XcombinationX for share







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screen_sex_0000_Layer 9.jpg

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screen_sex_0002_Layer 7.jpg

screen_sex_0003_Layer 5.jpg

screen_sex_0004_Layer 4.jpg

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