[Ren’Py] Maeve’s Academy [v0.1.1] [Hatchet Games]

Maeve Academy Portada.png

Maeve Academy Portada.png

The H.G. Academy, a once-renowned magic academy of centuries ago, is currently declining. You are a boy who left the human realm with his best friend to go to this academy in the magical realm because you are the first man in history with the talent to perform magic. The magical realm is a mystic land with many new experiences for you, and full of girls without the slightest idea of what a “man” is. However, upon arrival at the academy, the lack of teachers, students, or any glorious magic is painfully evident. With only a director, a nurse, and a teacher, the academy makes every effort it can to get its footing and be able to teach magic as it is said it once was. But today, in the magical realm, no one is interested in magic. It is considered now to be old-fashioned and wild. However, you will be the help the academy needs; together with the director Maeve, you will be able to gather students, equipment, magic, magical objects, and teachers to return magic to its former glory.​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-15
Release Date: 2022-05-14
Developer: Hatchet Games – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.1
OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac
Language: English

2DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Handjob, Harem, Humor, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, PoV, Romance, Sandbox, School Setting, Virgin


1. Extract and run.


– Typos and mistakes in writing are now fixed.

– Small changes to the First Class Event and the Event where you get the school map.

– Options for sleeping added. Now you can “Rest” and pass to the next hour.

– The image button for Céline’s Handjob Replay Scene is fixed.

– Jade’s Underwear is slightly edited.

– The gameplay has been reworked. Love & Lust Points System totally removed, for a grinding free experience.

– An improved World Building.

– Events/Quests are partially/completely redone.

– Scenes improved. Scenes are now animated/animatic.

– 2 New Adult Scenes. Animated/Animatic as well.

– Maeve’s Design & Personality Reworked.

– Angelika’s Design Reworked.

– MC’s Design Improved & Reworked. Now he looks more ‘boyish’.

– Customization/Wardrobe Feature Added for Main Character.

– ‘The Gentleman’ and ‘Casual Outfit’ were added as initial outfits.

– Three New characters.

– Duel MiniGame slightly improved.

– Added Gallery per Character.

– Characters now blink.

– Font slightly changed.

– UI heavily improved.

– Redone Locations. 6 locations in total.

– Changed Interactions for girls. ‘Talk’, ‘Actions’, ‘Outfits’. (Keep in mind girls don’t have outfits added yet.).

– Added a small prologue.

– New Track Selection. 15 new tracks.

– After sleeping, the navigation song will change (2 tracks), thus avoiding the feeling of repetition.

– Kiss Scene with Céline TEMPORARILY removed, don’t worry, it’ll eventually come better and reworked on the next updates.

Initial Demo Release.

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