[Ren’Py] Mist [v0.9] [395games]

F95 Cover.png

F95 Cover.png

You want nothing more than to relax at your late grandfather’s old mountain hut, when you are suddenly surrounded
by a thick unnatural fog. To make it worse, dangerous shadowy monsters lurk in the woods and attack you.
But there is a glimmer of hope. A girl that was able to flee and now lives with you.
The tension is high and survival difficult, but you have to pull through.
Survive, unravel the mystery and forge bonds with the girls you meet in this desperate situation.​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-30
Release Date: 2022-04-29
Developer: 395games PatreonDiscordItch.IoTwitterSteam
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: A Tale of Eden

3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Combat, Monster, RPG, Turn based combat, Teasing, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Masturbation, Loli, Slight Horror, Vaginal Sex, Harem, Creampie, Exploration, Virgin, Sex toys, POV, Paranormal, Male Domination, Drugs, Incest, Monster Girl, Footjob, Mind Control, Milf, Anal Sex.


1- Extract to the desired location.
2- Click on “MIST.exe” to start playing.



New Content:

1. New story content. At least an hour of gameplay.

2. 4 new scenes, one for each girl.

3. New areas, new soundeffects etc.

4. A bunch of new animations.

5. Aswell as a new weapon.

Content changes:

1. Small adjustements to the early game, putting some of Robins earlier struggles before the rework back into the game.

2. Added a function to look at a map while exploring the tunnels.


1. Bugfixes. The usual small stuff that arrives while developing.

2. Grammar and spelling fixes that were pointed out to me.


This update mainly features new content and moves the story along, aswell as introducing new scenes for the girls. There are some bigger things happening in this update, I hope you enjoy it!

New Content

1. The story continues after 0.8.1. About 60 minutes of new gameplay.
2. There are 3 new scenes.
3. New areas, new music, new soundeffects etc.

Content changes
1. I made a few small tweeks to the fishing minigame, making it a bit easier to catch the big fish.
2. And another set of small tweeks to make one of the bigger fights slightly easier.

1. I fixed a bunch of typos you reported on Discord and F95.
2. I also got rid of a few smaller bugs here and there that I can’t really remember.
3. I also implemented a fix to a potential softlock that could occur earlier on in the game with one of Robins scenes if you used a very old save. It is still heavily recommended to not use saves that are too old, but this might still help with it, I can’t say for sure.

*There are two android versions this time.

  • “Android Old” works better on older phones but you only have one save location.
  • “Android New” works only on newer phones and stores your saves in two separate locations.

It’s recommended to make a backup of your saves before installing the new version.

1. Backup your old saves. They should be located in /android/data/mist.game/saves
2. Delete the old version of the game.
3. Then download and install the new one.
4. Return the saves you backed up into the savefile direction mentioned above.


Update 0.8.1 is done and finally brings you a continuation to the story.
New Content:

1. The story continues from where it left off in 0.8. There are about 40-60 minutes of new playtime.
2. There is a new area to explore.
3.And you get to watch 4 new scenes. One for every girl.
4. New options when talking to the girls.
5. And a completely new environment awaits you after the events of 0.8
Content changes:
1. The gallery screen now shows a tip on how to get a scene when you hover over it in it’s locked state.
2. Improvements to the android version of the game. This is also the first time that someone actually made the android port for Me. Estrada777 did the port and it looks a lot better than what I previously made. On topf of that the version is a whole lot smaller. Downloading it should be easy this time around.
1. I fixed a bunch of typos that people reported to me.
2. I changed the way food is consumed at the beginning of a new day. You shouldn’t notice much, but basically the game sometimes took food from you even when it wasn’t enough to feed everyone. Now it shouldn’t do that anymore.
3. I also fixed a bug that made it possible to basically multiply your EXP at a certain point.
4. I also fixed the issue of being able to revisit the rescue scene of noreia and basically repeat that over and over.


New Content:
1. The story continues showing you the first part of the final arc of the game.
2. Several new events when spending time with the girls in the evening.
3. 6 new scenes. More than I ever made in one update before.
4. New animations.
5. And finally Noreia is in the game.
Content changes:
1. I remade the fishing to include a small but simple minigame.
2. I rewrote parts of Lily’s background to fit more fluently into the game. This change is noticeable, but doesn’t require a restart or anything. She is still the exact same character.
3. I remade Robin’s sprites (the talking pictures behind the textbox) with much better lighting than before.
4. I also made small small changes to the soundchannels which you shouldn’t even notice.
1. I implemented a small fix that should make it easier to use older savefiles.
2. I fixed a bunch bugs but can’t remember anything specific right now.
3. And made some corrections to spelling mistakes that were pointed out to me by you guys.
MIST v0.8 mainly focuses on new content so I barely changed anything of what came before, except for bugfixes and spellchecking. Instead you’ll find the continuation to the story and the beginning of the final arc of the game.
I hope you’ll have fun with it.


0.7.2b includes the fix from 0.7.2a and also includes a fix for a bug that prevented you to get an important quest with Mia. Basically resulting in a softlock.


Here is the hotfixed version for the curent patch. 0.7.2a. It should clear the bug that made it impossible to read anything.
And for those who can’t progress in the game. If your old savefile was somewhere in the middle of the existing content, basically before you enter the city, you need to either start a new game or use one of the savefiles I uploaded (you can find them next to the downlaod links). I was able to save backwards compatibility, but only for saves in the later parts of the game. Those who where still in the middle of the gameplay need one of those new saves. Sorry about the inconvenience, but I changed so much that it was difficult to keep everything working. That’s why I uploaded those saves in the first place.


A new version of Ren’Py:

I switched my Renpy version from 7.3.5 to 7.4.5. This was necessary to keep making Android builds. This new version should improve performance, but because new versions are unpredictable it could also introduce a bunch of unforeseen bugs. I’ve done a lot of testing, but I have most likely not removed everything. I am sorry in advance for any errors.

Compatibility Issues:

As 0.7.2 focuses mainly on reworking and tweaking the game, this is the update with the highest chance to break an old save. To avoid that I encourage you to go to your room and sleep once as soon as you load the game. That should make everything work.

In case it doesn’t, I have prepared a zipfile with different saves at different points in the game. You can then just take that save, change your name in your room and you are good to go.

Saves that are definitely broken are the ones that haven’t progressed to the city yet. If you aren’t past the lodge content, you should definitely use one of the saves I am providing or start anew.

I know that this is inconvenient, but implementing all those changes without breaking existing saves is kinda difficult. I tried my best though.

Reworking the early story:

  • I reworked the early quests of the game, up to the lodge. They are now less repetitive and everything moves a tiny bit faster.
  • I reworked Robins early story, changing her character a bit, but she still ends up at the same place as you know her from previous versions. Just the way to get there is different.
  • I also changed Mia’s background very slightly.
  • Along with those changes I had to remake 6 of Robins earlier scenes. Scene Nr.8 in her new gallery is probably my favourite of those.
  • That also means I adjusted and changed some of the dialogue in her earlier scenes that weren’t reworked.
  • And I remade the dialog for some of her early fireplace conversations.
  • As well as her talking options.
  • And I removed some of the early scenes that were replaced by the new and reworked ones.
  • And I changed which of Robins scenes were morale scenes and which were not.

All these changes were made with the goal to lift the early game up to the standards of the later parts. I think the quests are now a bit smoother and less repetitive and your interactions with Robin are more enjoyable and display her personality more accurately. Not even speaking of the improved scenes. I am already looking forward to the feedback on those changes.

Reworking EXP and Stamina:

  • The option to train stamina in the garden has been removed.
  • The skill to reduce your threat level has been removed.
  • You can now increase your stamina by earning exp in combat, as it replaces the threat level skill.
  • The exp system is now introduced much, much more early in the game.
  • The rates at which monsters give exp have been tweaked.
  • The option to farm exp at the lake has been removed.
  • The cap on stamina has been increased from 180 to 200.

The goal of these changes is to make earning exp and raising your skills and stamina more of a gradual development throughout the game instead of a grind. By removing the training in the garden and adding stamina to the skills I am also getting rid of the early minigame roadblock that wasn’t really fun and more of a chore than anything. The exp rates and other factors are still open for tweaking and discussions so I will look at the feedback to see how things are going.

Reworking Exploration:

  • The stamina cost of moving through the dungeons has been significantly reduced.
  • The stamina cost of gathering food has been slightly increased.
  • The stamina cost of interacting or examining has been slightly increased.
  • The threat generated in Dungeons has been slightly reduced.

Along with the changes to the stamina and EXP system, the changes to the cost of stamina have one goal in mind. Making exploration more enjoyable. You can now move more freely through the different dungeons. The higher cost of interacting with objects ensures that you can’t do it all on your first visit, but the lowered movement cost makes it so that you have much more room to play with. This makes things much smoother and get’s rid of situations where you had to repeatedly move in to the same area to do one small task, go back home and repeat. As with everything else I am open for feedback on these changes.

Food changes:

  • The amount of food gathered at the different spots has been tweeked.
  • I removed the old system of getting hungry when running out of food.
  • And added a system in which once you run out of food you are starving, giving you three days to gather something to eat, before you die. Resulting in a game over.

The old food system was just plain boring. To add a bit more to the survival atmosphere of the game you can now go game over when running out of food. Making it a bit more important to keep that ressource in mind. At the same time I’ve tweeked the food rates to ensure that you aren’t being forced to constantly grind for food.

All the other changes:

  • I changed the gallery screen. It now doesn’t separate into morale scenes and normal scenes anymore and instead just shows you the different pages. This was done because I myself wasn’t sure anymore if a scene should be placed under morale or not so I just got rid of it.
  • I also changed Noreias last scene to be shown in the gallery even at earlier saves if you have already watched it. I often heard people asking for this.
  • I also changed the very last animation of the current update to show a new model of the Director with horns attached. I don’t want to spoil anything. The idea came from user “Grim October” . Thank you for the great idea!
  • Along with those changes I also adjusted the warning screen that tells you that you are at the end of the update to more accurately describe that the game is not over yet. Some people seemed to be confused about that.
  • I added a transparency slider to the textbox.
  • Added a slider to some of the choice menus when they wee getting too big to fit on the screen.

New content:

  • I added the option to gaze at the stars with the girls. Which you can do by clicking the new button in the garden when it is night.


  • I fixed a bug that didn’t give you the correct amount of maximum HP, after you cured the curse.
  • Implemented a fix that should get rid of the “x not in list” error.
  • I fixed a bug in the gallery that made the images appear in the wrong place.
  • I fixed the way some of the animations were shown, resulting in a slight moment were you could briefly see an image of the end of the animation before it would play out. This should now be gone.
  • Fixed a bug were Mia’s talking option ” Topic08″ would show the dialogue of another talking option.
  • A bunch of minor fixes and tweaks that I have already forgotten about.


This patch doesn’t feature lot’s of new stuff, but it is definitely packed with content. I encourage everone to try out the new early game or at least watch Robins new scenes in the gallery. Apart from that the tweeks and fixes have made the game a bit more enjoyable in my opinion and even if you don’twant to play the early game again, you will probably see the benefits once I am getting the new content out.


New Content:
1. A bunch of new story content. The tunnels will be completed and you will learn a whole lot about the mist.
2. Three new events when spending time with the girls.
3. 4 new scenes. One with every girl.
4. A whole bunch of new animations.
5. The bathhouse project will be completed.
6. And you will have new events when spending time in said bath.
7. As always some new items.
8. A new weapon aswell.
Content changes:
1. I further tweaked the way videos are displayed, but this is more of a testrun and I’ll see how the feedback is. If everything went right you won’t even notice it.
2. I remade the roomselection screen that lets you hop from room to room. The code is now a bit cleaner and it should prevent a bug that occured on Android that could make it impossible to switch rooms.
3. I changed one of Lily’s events when spending time at the fire.
4. And I changed the way to get invited to her third examination. Now she will actively come to you and tell you that she is ready. I noticed that some people had some difficulty finding this scene.
1. I fixed the bugged roomselection screen.
2. A few small errors that came up.
3. And of course I used your feedback to get rid of typos, but this time I didn’t do it as extensively as usual, as I’ll focus on that in the next update.


1. An arrow in the forest that led nowhere.
2. An issue when entering the tunnels through the city.
3. A bug that could lead to a softlock, if you picked up the reader before you talked with the girls about them.


New Content:
1. A lot of new story content and the first half of the newest area.
2. Two new options to spend time in the evening
3. 4 new scenes.
4. A whole bunch of animations, around 20-25? I didn’t count.
5. A new examination with Lily.
6. A few small additions to the building screen that will get expanded in the next update.
7. As always some new items.
8. And new music aswell. This time I even made the new track for the tunnels by myself. Well, I combined samples and ambient tracks together… But it counts^^
9. A new enemy type.
10. You now have the option to change your name in the bedroom. The button is right under the clock. For those who changed their mind or don’t like the name of someone elses savefile.
Content changes:
1. I completely changed the way I display videos in the game. Now the performance should be a little bit better and you can always skip them without the fear of accidentally going past it. This one took a lot of time but is definitely a big improvement.
2. I remade the warning message when starting the game.
3. And I also remade the credits at the end of the game.
4. I also added a little screen that, every time you go to sleep, shows a little animation of the time passing by. It can be skipped of course.
5. I also improved the gallery screen a little bit, you shouldn’t notice much, but accidental spoilers of the girls should be gone now.
6. I also improved the code of the building screen. Again you shouldn’t notice it, but it makes things easier for me.
7. I changed the lodge mission to be more logical. Before you had to see the kitchen before you could enter the elevator which didn’t make much sense. Now you aren’t forced to see the kitchen anymore.
8. And I also remade the modeselect screen in the beginning of the game to be a bit simpler and cleaner.
1. Stacking attack power by repeatedly morale boosting later in the game shouldn’t work anymore.
2. An accidental loop that made you see an animation with Lily in the lodge over and over was fixed.
3. And I fixed a little issue where a certain quest wasn’t properly removed from the questlog.
4. And I fixed an issue where you could have a scene with Robin when she was injured. Which didn’t make any sense.
5. On top of that many people send me screenshots of typos and errors and I tried to fix as many of them as possible. Some I will do in the next update.
6. There were also other fixes, but I can’t really remember every single one.
0.7 was a lot of work, but it was all necessary. Especially the new video player is, in my opinion, a huge improvement to the entire game. Much simpler and better. For those who want to enjoy the animations, aswell as those who want to go fast.


New Content:

1. A little bit of new story content. A few talks and the first small glimpse at the new area.
2. A few new options to spend time in the evening.
3. 2 new scenes (One with Mia and one with Robin.)
4. A few new dialogue options when talking to the girls.

Content changes:

1. You can now decide to have some “fun” with the girls when you drink the tea. First with Robin and later with Mia aswell. (Lily isn’t included yet.)
2. I remade almost every single animation that still had the old cabin in it. Why almost? I forgot one and only noticed at the end, sorry.
3. I scrapped the old thank you message from Robin and included a new one. This time you don’t need a code to view it. It would get leaked anyway and doesn’t change the message. This time the message is hidden away in your room, just hover over the bookshelf to find it when you’ve reached the end of the update.
4. Parts of the early game with Robin have been rewritten. I didn’t change any of the story outcome, but I made Robin a bit more likeable early on and wrote it so that the first scenes make a little bit more sense. That also means that I scrapped two of her old scenes and remade them. On top of that I changed parts of her dialogue in early scenes and changed the first few events when spending time at the fire.
None of this is huge, so you don’t need to replay everything. I made the change because you can clearly tell that my writing from a year ago is worse than what I do now and I wanted to get it at least a tiny bit better.
5. I changed the way Mia get’s her Morale scenes to make it less confusing (A lengthy troubleshooting session on the discord server made me aware of this issue.)
6. I reverted a change to the gallery that made all unlocks permanent. That quickly got confusing when making a new game and I think starting without all of the images and unlocking them one by one is more fun.


1. A few small bugs got squashed, but nothing major.
2. I also fixed some typos here and there.
3. And I played the game a lot! Just mucking around and looking for any exploits or bugs to break the game. I had to change a few things here and there, but I can’t remember every single thing I did. The end result is that the game is pretty stable right now. Of course there will always be issues that I won’t find, but any softlocks or issues with scenes should be resolved. Fingers crossed.


New Content:

1. First of all, there is new content for the story. New developments and dialogue.
2. There area also a few new areas in both the forest and the city, but nothing big.
3. As usual there are new animations to go with the story.
4. And 4 new scenes, with a combined total of 21 animations. This took a long time.
5. New talking options with all girls.
6. And new options to spend your time with Lily by the fire.
7. As always some new items, but nothing crazy.
8. New soundeffects. Especially in the new scenes. More sloshing and slurping and whatnot.
9. A new enemy type.
10. A new mechanic that intoduces timed events into the game. But nothing overly punishing or difficult. I don’t want to test your dexterity, they are only meant to limit your time to think before taking an action.

Content changes:
1. I completely reworked the outside of the cabin. That means new visuals and new animations. There are still some old animations I didn’t replace, but they will be gone in the next update. It was just too much work to fit it all into this update.
2. And I also reworked the feature to spend time at the fire. You can now revisit old events, even ones that you might have missed earlier and it is much easier to see if something new came up. This should also make it possible to watch one of Robins early scenes that some of you are missing. On top of that it might also help those that are stuck getting the map from Robin. (That bug is difficult and I am still not sure how exaclty it works. This might be it though.)
3. And another rework on top. I remade the talking system. Now it works like the spend time option, where you can acces old topics to talk about and you can see what you have previously read and what you haven’t. This just gives you a little bit more content when you want to interact with one of the girls.
4. And I changed the exp system to now accurately display the moment when you’ve hit max lvl in one of the skills. It will also automatically change to another skill that isn’t max lvl so the exp doesn’t get wasted. I still have to do more changes to the system, but that is it for now.
5. I’ve also changed some of the food gathering rates to make the very early game a bit easier to get into. This is a test to see how it is received. I might revert it later, I’ll see.
6. And some code improvements that you won’t notice but make my life easier.

1. I’ve gotten rid of the annoying “lilyheadheart not found” bug. It was two typos in different places.
2. Bunch of typos were cleaned up.
3. I also added other small fixes that where pointed out on Patreon, on Discord and on F95. But I don’t really remember every single one.

It is finally done. took quite a while, but I am happy with the result. This update might be called 0.6.1, but it is definitely more than just a small update. On top of that it finally concludes the “Lily Ark” if you want to call it that.


Save compatibility:
Should work completely fine.

New Content:
1. A few new tiles for both the city and the forest.
2. New character developments and more story.
3. New animations to go with the story.
4. 3 new scenes in total, featuring 15 animations. I originally wanted to put in an additional one, but it will be coming in the next update as it wouldn’t have made any sense to include it storywise.
5. More sprites for Lily and her full integration into the code.
6. A few new items.
7. New soundeffects.
8. A new enemy type.
9. A new weapon.
10. A “new” room in the house. And the new building project to go along with it.
11. A new plant for the field.

Content changes:
1. I changed the gallery so all unlocks are persistent across playthroughs and stay unlocked. For existing playthroughs you will simply have to rewatch a scene in the gallery to unlock if for new playthroughs. You won’t notice anything but I wasn’t sure how to implement the code otherwise.
2. Slight changes to the exp system. After defeating an enemy you now have a small chance to be randomly awarded more exp.
3. A few minor changes to 0.5’s dialogue.
4. A change to the fight system that allows you to go over the stamina limit with heavy attacks. This is a change that will make the fight system a little bit easier and function more similar to the exploration, where you can move even if you only have 5 stamina left. The change was made because I noticed that the game was sometimes not allowing you to use a heavy attack if you had exactly the amount left to reach 0 stamina. I am not yet sure why it happens, but I have a hunch.

1. Fixed a bug that was giving an error if you hadn’t completed one of the optional quest goals early on in the game.
2. A bunch of minor fixes.
3. Lot’s of grammar and spelling corrections.
4. And I fixed a bug that was making it impossible for some, to spend time with Mia, if they hadn’t talked with Robin about Mia’s breakdown a few updates prior. Really hard to catch that one…


Save compatibility:
Should work completely fine.
New Content:
1. Added a new area to the game. This one is a bit different from what you might be used to.
2. A whole lot of stuff happening in the story. 0.5 will give many answers and probably create just as many questions.
3. 3 new scenes, 1 with Lily and 2 with the fourth and final girl of the game. Trust me, it will make sense once you’ve played 0.5. The 3 scenes have a combined total of 10 animations.
4. 41 new animations to liven up the world. This time more focused on the important parts of the game, the sheer number comes from the length of 0.5.
5. And Girl #4 is introduced into the game. She and Lily are taking the main spots in this update.
6. A few new items.
7. New soundeffects.
8. New music.
9. And the shoddy scene rewatch menu got replaced by a proper gallery. Which still needs some tweeks in future updates, but I don’t think it is buggy, I spent a lot of time testing it.
Content changes:
1. A few slight changes to the menus again.
2. And an additional chance while looking for mushrooms, that could randomly award you a larger amount than usual.
1. I’ve fixed a bunch of broken options in 0.4 that made it possible to escape some of the loops I had planned.
2. Lots and lots of trouble shooting to make sure I wouldn’t fuck up 0.5 as badly as 0.4.
3. I tried to fix as many instances as possible where I switched up save/safe and life/live. I hope that got better.
0.5 is finally done and I am really excited to see your reactions to the update. The story is taking quite a leap in this one and the final girl is coming to the game. A lot is happening and I hope you will have fun with it!


1. Fixed a bug that made training in the early game impossible.
2. Fixed a bug that could potentially softlock the game when failing to find liquor at the lodge.
3. Fixed a typo in the code that crashed the game while exploring the city.
4, Fixed a mistake where you could still spend time with Robin, even though she was indisposed.


Save compatibility:
Should work completely fine.

New Content:
1. Added the beginning of the city. The newest area in the game. For now consisting of 14 tiles.
2. New story developments to advance the plot and get you closer to the girls.
3. 4 new scenes. 1 with Robin and 3 with Mia.
4. 37 new animations to really show you what the characters are doing and what is going on.
5. As well as the first look at girl nr. 3 that will join the cast. And don’t worry, she will get an optional patch for future updates, for those who want that. (You will know what I mean.)
6. New items and a new weapon.
7. New soundeffects.

Content changes:
1. A slight overhaul to the main menu that isn’t completely finished yet.
2. A few changes to the code to better the performance. This is a work in progress as I learn more about optimizing Ren’Py. Something that you probably won’t even notice.

There is always something to be done, but it was nothing big so I can’t remember.

There isn’t much else to say. Have fun with 0.4 and let me know what you thought about it. In the meantime I will start developing the next update.


Save compatibility:
Should work completely fine. If you have any issues, try ignoring the errors or use rollback to see if it will fix it.

New Content:
1. 28 new animations to illustrate how you interact with the world. I went slightly overboard with these, but I like them a lot.
2. 5 new scenes for the girls. (3 Robin, 2 Mia) 10 animations total. these are part of a new system in the game.
3. New Morale system. You can now ask the girls to actually raise your morale to get a temporary boost in stamina. The system has it’s own scenes and you will acquire new options as the game progresses. This is still an early state of this system and more options will be added with time.
4. A new Icon that displays while an animation is running, just so you are warned and don’t click it away before the icon disappears. Can be turned off/on at any time in the preferences.
5. New turntable animations for every single Item in the game. 29 small animations in total.

Content changes:
1. I completely remade every single forest background and a good amount of the lodge as well. We are talking about 20 remade backgrounds.
2. Changes to the UI to make the room selection screen stay open, so you won’t have to click it after every single action.
3. New images added at points where there was too little going on. (For example when searching the wheat, there are now more images.)
4. 4 Animations that played in forested areas have been reworked to fit the new style.
5. Robins scene07 (The one with the slapping) has been completely reworked with new animations and changed text leading up to it and during the animation. This one has annoyed me and many others for quite some time now. The new scene is better and makes more sense.
6. Robins scene08 (When she is working on the field) got improvements to the dialogue.
7. One of the changes I am most excited about. An improved script with the hints of Jacob A, here on Patreon. Now keep in mind that I didn’t give him 100% control of the script and he gave me the revisions in a way that allowed me to really learn from it. So the mistakes that are still in it are most definitely my fault.
8. Changes to the skill system to make it A: a bit weaker, and B: more difficult to grind out. I thought the tutorial message that notified people that there is no need to grind levels would be enough to keep them from it. Maybe I hit my head that day, but I really don’t know why I had that thought.

Honestly? I remember fixing one or two things. But I completely forgot what that was. So probably nothing big.


Save Compatibility:
Everything should work just fine.
New Content:
1. New dialogue and quests, getting the player further into the story.
2. Two new scenes. One with Robin and one with Mia. Overall 7 new animations.
3. A system for basebuilding that will get more content in future updates.
4. The new skill system that let’s you earn EXP through combat.
5. A few new backgrounds including much improved forests.
6. About 12 new animations to illustrate how the player interacts with the world. (2 were removed because they didn’t look so good.) Meaning that there are overall 19 new animations in this update if you include the scenes.
Content changes:
1. Changes to v0.3 to make it more obvious what you need to do and less prone to getting stuck.
2. Slight UI changes to make things a little bit more consistent.
3. A few minor changes to a some sound effects, a few speeling errors here and there. Nothing big.
This update was quite the hassle. Unexpected and very frequent changes to my workschedule thanks to Corona really threw me off this time. Giving me less worktime than I had planned. Sorry if there are any bugs. I did as much testing as possible and I do feel like everything is working, yet I am still just a bit nervous. Have fun with the update!


Save compatibility:
Fully compatible

New Content:
1. New dialogue and quests, getting the player further into the story.
2. Two new scenes. One with Robin and one with Mia.
3. Laid the groundwork for a new system that let’s you increase your stats through fighting (but there isn’t much to see of it yet.)
4. A few new soundeffects.
5. A few new images and a small animation but nothing major.

Content changes:
1. Added an easy mode that can be selected when starting a new game. (As suggested by Jacob A, I decided to add an easy mode to the game. The story and mechanics stay the same but you start with enough food to never worry about it.)
2. Revised a few buttons to make them more obvious.
3. Another complete pass of the entire games dialogue to get slightly more polish.
4. A few minor changes to the early game dialogue and a single image to make the progression with Robin smoother.

1. Corrected a few spelling mistakes.
2. Completely changed the way I show scenes to, hopefully, make it impossible to accidentally skip anything of importance. I’ve tested this a lot so it should work. If it doesn’t, let me know.

Update 0.3 isn’t the biggest i’ve ever made, but it addresses a few issues that have been there for some time now and also progresses the story to an important point. There will be a a lot of new assets needed for the next few updates and I am already working on that in the background.

I am also really happy with the two new scenes, I think they are good.


Save compatibility:
It looks like integrating the new girl made a few things go weird. If you use a really old safe from before version 0.1.3 you might not be able to open the room selection screen. If so, try to enter the forest or lodge. It should work again when you come back.

New Content:
1. New dialogue and quests, getting the player further into the story.
2. A few new backgrounds and areas in the dungeons.
3. Several new items.
4. Two new scenes. One with Robin and one with the new girl.
5. One longer animated movie at the end of the update.
6. And 3 additional small animations.
7. New soundeffects. Especially a bunch of moans and giggles for the new girl.

Content changes:
1. I leveled the volume of all moans and made some loops less noticeable.
2. Changed the status screen and scene replay screen to represent the final number of girls the game will have.
3. I made the room selection button at the left side of the screen slightly bigger, to make it easier to click for android. (This might need further revisions.)


1. Corrected a few spelling mistakes. (Thanks to Casper for pointing a few out.)

When spending time with Mia, the wrong animation plays and you don’t see her. I sadly forgot to insert the right video.
I can’t change that now without a considerable amount of time so that will happen in the next update.

I also uploaded my own Android version this time. I hope it works.
I am really new to Android and am constantly running into small annoying problems. Stuff that can be fixed, but I have to learn about it first.


Saves are compatible.

New Content:
1. New dialogue and quests, getting the player further into the story.
2. A completely new dungeon.
3. Filled with new backgrounds and items.
4. Two new scenes with Robin.
5. One longer animated movie at the end of the update.
7. New soundeffects.
8. New ways to gather food, farming is now possible.
9. A new girl.

Content changes:
1. I decreased the volume of the battle music by a little bit to get it more in line with the rest of the music

1. Corrected a few spelling mistakes.


There is a bug where you will lose a tiny bit of stamina the first time you enter the new dungeon. It isn’t a big problem and only happens once, I just wanted to say that I am aware but haven’t found the cause yet. Still searching though.
Version 0.2 is the most important update till now. It picks up the pace in several areas and also introduces the first new girl. It also changes the tone with the new dungeon and new discoveries regarding the mist.
I am really happy to finally reach this point and can only say that it is getting more and more fun to work on this game by the day.


  • Scene 4, 5, 9 and 10 got new animations.
  • Added slightly animated backgrounds to the house.
  • Tweeks to the garden background.
  • A new map for the dungeon selection.
  • Added small dialogue options.
  • Tweeks to the tone and flow of the story.
  • Changed the wording of a few dialogues and quests to make it more obvious what you are supposed to do.
  • A few small bugfixes.
  • A few spelling mistakes where removed.


  • More dialogue and quests.
  • 6 new screens in the forest dungeon.
  • A bunch of tweeks to the story and the tone of the game. This is part of an ongoing effort that will be finished with the release of the next update. It will also include prettier reworks of old scenes. Two of those are already included.
  • Improved visuals for Robin’s scene02 and scene03
  • New sprites with much better performance.
  • 2 new scenes.
  • New soundeffects and music.
  • Added a new weapon and an animation when you acquire it.
  • Change to the mushroom gathering animation to make it easier to skip for those who got to go fast.
  • Change to the training minigame to make it android compatible and a bit faster.
  • A few small bugfixes
  • A few spelling mistakes where removed.


  • More content, including several new quests, with new backgrounds items and story developments, aswel as 3 new scenes. Around 30 minutes of new gameplay? Everyone plays at a different speed, so I am not sure.
  • Rework of the story up until now, after the feedback for v.0.1 I think it is much better now.
  • Improved visuals for the H-scenes, complete visual overhaul of the forest with much improved lighting.
  • Scene 5 has been replaced to fit the new story progress.
  • New, bigger sprites for Robin, but they will be replaced again in the future with better performing versions. They are currently in the making but I didn’t have the time to finish them.
  • A new animation for gathering mushrooms has been added.
  • Gathering mushrooms now has a 100% success chance, which decreases with every successful find to the lowest value of 50%. Failing to find mushrooms resets the chance back to 100% (This should help lighten the grind some of you where experiencing, without completely removing the mechanic. This game is not supposed to be very grindy, whenever there is an issue like this, I will try to fix it.)
  • All scenes and animations were rendered again in Webm format, which should drastically improve performance.
  • New attack animations have been added.
  • A new and improved questlog to allow more complex quests.
  • A small quality of life change for the room selection screen.

Fan Signatures:

These were made by christoprd thank you for that!




And these were made by me:





Android Notes:

Android version might not install. If so, follow these steps:
1. Make a backup of your saves. They should be located in /android/data/mist.game/saves
2. Delete the old version of the game and then download and install the new one.
3. Return the saves you backed up into the savefile direction mentioned above.
If it still doesn’t work try deleting all the downloaded versions of the game and restart your phone before downloading the new version again.
This is what works on my phone. It might not work for everyone and I am still looking for a better solution, but I don’t know if I’ll find one or when. I apologize for the problem. It was a mistake on my part, I didn’t realize a version mismatch with Ren’Py.
This time the Android version was made by Estrada777 and not me. It is a lot smaller and looks a lot better than what I previously did. Big thanks to him for helping me out!


Patches: Incest

Extras: Save FilesGallery unlockerCheat Mod

Daxter250 thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version/code is not released by developer, download at your own risk.
**See Android Notes

bg mmoralescene06_01.jpg

livingroom night. fire.PNG

bg groupscene01_01.jpg

bg lilyportrait01night.jpg

bg lscene04_02.jpg

bg forest_bathing12.jpg

bg city_tile04.jpg

bg cave_tile07.jpg

bg gasbackroom04.jpg

bg mscene07_03.jpg

bg rmoralescene03_03.jpg

bg rscene16_05.jpg

bg savenoreia16.jpg

bg nscene03_04.jpg

bg garden.png

bg forest_tile10fishing.png

bg lscene06_02.jpg

bg nscene04_03.jpg

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