[Ren’Py] Mystic Valley [v0.0.4a] [Mucski]

main_menu copy.png

main_menu copy.png

Your mother died when you were very young, and your father disappeared without a trace when you were 15. You were living in orphanages, when all hopes were lost, you got a mysterious offer … to move in a mansion with 5 beautiful girls.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-24
Release Date: 2022-06-23
Developer: Mucski – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.4a
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, Voyeurism, Sandbox, Humor, Big Tits, Blowjob, Vaginal


1. Extract and run.


– Fixed most of the bugs that plagued 0.0.4
– Old saves will most probably not work anymore, but future saves should be safe. Sorry.

Known Bugs from 0.0.4a:
– Dora bathroom scene is broken because of a typo, ignoring the error will let you continue.

– Compressed
– 2 new Zoe scenes
– 1 new Luna scene + animated lewd
– 1 new Ava scene
– 1 new story scene
– 1 bathroom scene for all the girls (based on schedule)
– 1 new hidden park scene (Mc not involved)
– Cafe location
– Beach location
– Park location
– Lots of bug fixes
– Lots of text correction
– New font
– Increased font size
– New sounds
– Re-rendered 99% of the game
– Changed Sarah to Zoe
– Changed Cora to Dora
– 2 new girls, Amy and Joana (Joana will be added properly into the game later)

Known bugs from 0.0.4:
– Shower Mia looks different than other scenes
– Cover art has a different looking Mia and Ava (different tatto and clothes)
– Dora’s shower scene error with sayer ‘pa’
– Despite Ava having a new scene I forgot to add a trigger for it, thus it’s unplayable
– Luna will crash the game if hovered once availalable events depleted
– Loading old saves or loading in general seems to be broken. As a quick fix you can delete persistent data.
– Tba

– Re-rendered Mia scene
– Changed UI font
– Fixed the known bugs from 0.0.2

– Fixed a bug where game crashed if you did the intro sequence in the wrong order
– Redone the entire in game UI
– Redone the entire game interface
– Re-rendered almost every scene in game so far
– Added a lot of new sound effects and music (removed old ones)
– Brand new map navigation (more polish to be expected in future releases)
– Added Park Scenes (Only as a placeholder)
– You can now view how much money you have in your inventory
– Fixed lots of other minor annoyances, bugs
– Added a day and night scene to every location (in case I forgot some please do tell)
– Other minor but not so minor changes to backend and ui

Sadly … no new scenes

Known Bugs:
– The bench and picture in the hallway when clicked will take you to the lounge
– The poster above the mc’s bed has the wrong tooltip
– Extra unneccessary fade to black effect on bag and characters screen

– Initial release

Developer Notes:

Hey! You! Do you want to help squash bugs or be part of development? Do not hesitate to check out my discord. I am the only developer of this game, and I could use some company, hahahaha!

Also … please be gentle, this is my very first game, I am still getting used to the tools, coding, and everything. :3

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