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Why? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? What… did I do…? Who… am I? You open your eyes with no recollection of the past. Soon you find yourself in a ridiculous situation and everything seems like a big joke. As you reach adulthood one thing slowly becomes clearer and clearer: the joke isn’t funny anymore.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-01
Release Date: 2021-12–31
Developer: Elrath Creations – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.6.B1
OS: Windows, Linux and Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Ahegao, BDSM, Creampie, Humiliation, Male Domination, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Monster, Point & Click, PoV, School setting, Superpowers, Turn-based combat


1. Extract and run.



  • 5 new main events! Maple watch is changing.
  • 2 new glimpses: Signs of The Unknown.
  • 3 new character events: Focused on Lilith, but mixed with Filine, Amber and Bell.
  • 2 new H-scenes: 1 for Lilith and 1 for Amber.
  • 1 new news article.
  • 2 small talk events with Sophia.
  • 1 small call event with Bella.
  • 1 small call event with JoeMama.
  • 1 new conversation event with Alice & Aiela
  • 1 updated conversation event with Alice & Aiela
  • 2 new conversations with Amber & Bell
  • 1 new small talk dialogue for Amber
  • Other than that I also fixed some bugs.


  • Fixed assassin event IO error


  • Main story continuation
  • Filine & Lilith’s story continuation
  • Added talk events with multiple characters
  • Graphics overhaul starting from after the introduction
  • Updated main menu


Main Story:

  • Truth Revealed does not add anyone to the N- or H-screen until a certain event happened.
  • Rules regarding what love/hate and comfort/fear does will be explained.
    • Comfort/fear gain removed at the intro scenes.
  • Changed the time travel event a bit.
    • Increased the quality of Filine’s boobs.
    • Added a short event when entering the house looking for energy.
  • Added the last story elements of the intro. Yes, the intro is finally over.
    • GNN.
    • A new ally?
    • Plot twist.
    • JoeMama.
    • Amber & Bell
    • New college uniforms
    • End objective of the game
  • Added an event with Sahaquiel and Alice
  • Added an event with Filine & Lilith
  • Added an event with ???
  • Unlocked ??? stat

Bg events:

  • Added 3 bg events for Amber & Bell
  • Added 1 bg events for Amber, Bell & Sahaquiel
  • Added 1 bg event for Filine
  • Added 1 bg event for Lilith


  • Added a (repeatable) H-event with Filine
  • Added a H-event with Lilith

Vivid connect:

  • Added a social media app called Vivid Connect
  • Allows you to read news articles published by the faction ‘The Holy Trinity council’
  • Allows you to post your own… posts! Or respond to a post.
    • Characters can react to the post; either by a comment, message, “irl” etc
    • The post can influence how characters think about you
    • Every post includes a picture, you can click on it to enlarge it. The same goes for profile pictures.
    • You can also ‘react’ with an emoticon like a like (no pun intended). However, it does not influence how characters think about you or trigger any kind of reaction. It is just there because everybody likes to click on buttons, right?


  • Characters can message you. If the message includes a picture you can click on it to enlarge it.


  • Call others or get called. Truth be told, it does not have any content yet. The functionalities are programmed in advance to ensure compatibility. Which later on did not seem to be needed, but that is technical mumbo jumbo.


  • Phone displays the date and time.
  • Command console should feel smoother.
  • Improved some of the code.

In quotation marks because it is arguable not a sandbox.

  • The ‘Sandbox’ is divided into 3 main parts:
    • The main map like Maple Watch
    • A location in the main map like the dorms
    • Sublocations in the location like the living room
  • (Almost) every character has his own schedule that can permanently change based on the game flow.
    • Because it can be annoying to check every location to see if person X is there, the map displays who is at which location.
    • Schedule can also temporary change based on events.
    • Characters can be missing or unavailable.
    • Every romanceable character is animated when talking to them
    • Every romanceable character has his own events or shared events. The same goes for combinations, e.g. Amber & Bell. These depends on a multitude of variables, e.g. location, time, events, love etc.
    • The same goes when talking to a character or group of characters. For example, a certain dialogue option is not available in the morning. I am working on making this more transparent.
  • Each location may contain dynamic ‘background events’. These are events that play automatically on the background. You can decide to just ignore it, interrupt or intervene. Background events change as the game progresses.
  • The day is divided into 4 times: morning, midday, evening and night. The week is divided in the standard 7 days. The year is divided into 4 months: Howlite, Cerulean, Arcadia and Obsidian.
  • Each main map displays who is in control of it by a corresponding percentage.
  • The player has to go to college every weekday in the morning.

Save game compatibility
Starting from version 0.1.4.B1 saves have a 100% compatibility with future versions. Before that, the compatibility is around 65%. Unless I broke something. Again.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the bug where continue is not clickable.

Things I failed to fix:

  • My life, hopes & dreams.



  • Fixed a crash after the battle at the bridge
  • Fixed a (engine related) bug where disabled stuff are enabled again after reload

Things I failed to fix:

  • My life.



  • Added a new mechanic
  • Added new character
  • Added introduction scene of said character
  • Added a new main story scene

Beta v0.15

The game is now out on itch.io!
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Because I changed Sahaquiel’s scene, the engine (ren’py) may fail to find a rollback point if you saved during the H part.

Major changes:

  • Changed Sahaquiel’s H scene. Subsequently, dialogue concerning that event are also changed.
  • It is now possible to make choices that will affect your relationship with romanceable characters negatively.
  • Story is no longer only comedy, but now also contains some sensitive and darker context.


  • As said, sahaquiel has a new scene but also lost one.
  • 2 new characters.
  • Turn-based-combat.
  • New special place.
  • New ability for MC.
  • Choices are now based on stats, abilities, story events and choices made in the past by the player.

Beta v0.1

Initial release

Developer Notes:

The (pretty long) introduction part of the game still has the ‘old’ graphics. The graphics in the preview will start after the introduction. The 2 H-scenes in the intro are also removed. As a last note: the humor of the game seems to be a big hit or miss. The start of the game is filled with it, but they get fewer and fewer as the game progresses.
If you liked the game please consider becoming a patron or donating on itch.io. But most importantly, enjoy the game!

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